Authors note:

I recommend that you read Yuko’s Punishment and Yuko’s Punishment 1, 2 & 3 first before reading this next installment.

It was now three months since her last ordeal in the conference room at work. Three months since her last humiliating experience with her boss and ten businessmen. Even now, as she enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning in bed, just the thought of what she had done that afternoon at the office made her blush and feel embarrassed.

However the main cause of her acute embarrassment was the fact of having to admit that each time her mind flashed back to the events in the conference room it made her feel aroused. Lying there in bed alone that Sunday morning, images and memories flashed through her head of the ten businessmen taking turns to use her mouth and ejaculate all over her head filled her mind. Guilty excitement filled her senses as she thrust her hand between her open thighs to seek out the wetness and get some relief.

Later that evening she received an email from her boss to tell her of a business trip he wanted her to undertake. Despite her boss’s delight in sexually humiliating her from time to time she knew that she was a conscientious capable assistant.

This fact was confirmed by her boss’s email which told her he had booked her on a flight to London, business class, and a room in an up market hotel, and wanted her to deputize for him at an important conference. He explained that he would arrange for all the relevant documents to be emailed later.

Attached to the email was a return ‘E’ ticket and confirmation of the hotel reservation.

She had attended many meetings to discus this forth coming conference and now felt very flattered and honored that her boss had asked her to attend on his behalf.

Yuko spent the next week preparing and packing a case in preparation for her flight.

The flight was comfortable and she was soon checking into the hotel. She was impressed by her room which her boss had already upgraded to a suite.

As she unpacked her clothes she felt that she had achieved a good position in the company and felt determined to prove her self at the conference and hence impress her boss and demonstrate that she was a good business woman.

The following morning after a room service breakfast and a long shower Yuko prepared for the day at the conference. She chose some simple white underwear and sheer fifteen denier tights under a very conservative dark blue business suit; knee length skirt, matching jacket and a plain white blouse buttoned up to her neck.

Yuko checked her self in the mirror and felt happy that she had achieved the look she was after which was that of a smart young professional business woman.

She felt nervous as she pulled on a pair of low two inch heeled shoes, left the room clutching a large briefcase and headed for the elevator. She felt confident that her nervousness would soon go once she was in the conference room and chairing the meeting.

As she waited for the elevator she felt a cold shudder run through her body as she heard a male voice behind her ask, “Yuko?”

She recognized it immediately as her old boss from the UK office. The same boss who had been instrumental in her initial humiliation and punishment.

She turned to face him and to confirm that it was him.

“Hi Yuko,” he said cheerfully, I thought I recognized you. What are you doing back here in the UK?”

“I’m chairing a global conference on behalf of my boss in Japan,” she replied rather proudly, trying to remain calm and dignified. “So what are you doing here, I thought you left the company a while back?”

“I did,” he replied, “but I was invited back to act as a consultant for one of your delegates.”

She heard the elevator ‘ding’ to announce its arrival and waited for the doors to open. As they slid open her old boss said, “After you, Yuko.” She entered the elevator thinking how gentlemanly her old boss was being until, as the doors closed, he said, I only let you go first so that I could check out your backside.” As he spoke he slapped her bottom firmly, causing her to wince at the indignity of his actions.

While the elevator was descending he said, “I’m thinking that in your new managerial role you would prefer your adventurous past to remain a secret?”

Yuko just gazed down at her feet as she replied, “Please, I just want to move on and make a success of my career.”

Her old boss chuckled, reveling in the situation. “I’ll keep your secret quiet,” he said, “but it will cost you.”

“Anything,” Yuko pleaded, “just tell me how much and I’ll arrange it.”

He chuckled again as the elevator slowed and stopped. “I don’t want any money from you Yuko I just want the use of your body for my pleasure.”

As the doors slid open he grabbed her hand saying, “Come with me.”

She felt she had no choice as he led her down a deserted and dimly lit corridor to some gentlemen’s toilets.

He pushed the door open and then pulled her inside.

“Please,” she begged, I must not be late and cannot afford the time to return to my room if I need to change my clothes.”

“Don’t worry Yuko; all you’ll need to do is re-apply your lipstick provided that you swallow like a good obedient girl. Now unzip me.”

She placed the brief case on one of the wash stands and then reluctantly reached for the zip on his trousers. She paused briefly, but knowing that she had little choice if she was to avoid everyone in the conference hearing about her sordid past, she pulled it down and then delved inside his trousers and underpants and pulled out his penis.

She felt terrified that at any moment someone might walk in and find them but knew that any objection would be pointless.

She soon had her small hand wrapped around his manhood and pulled it free from his clothing.

“Now suck it Yuko and make sure you do not leave any mess on my trousers.”

She stooped down until her head was level with his crotch. She could both feel and see that he was fully erect. Her fingers barely reached around the thick shaft. Pulling his foreskin back she then opened her mouth and licked the head before taking the first inch inside. She tasted the familiar saltiness immediately and knew that the quicker she got on with it the quicker she could leave and go to the conference.

As she gripped the shaft with her lips she felt his hands briefly caress her ears before gripping the back of her head and forcing toward him. She quickly and repeatedly swallowed to try and avoid the gagging reflex as her old boss proceeded to fuck her head.

He was thrusting into her mouth, forcing her nose to squash against his pubic hair. She could sense that he would not take long as his thrusts increased in speed and she felt his body tensing. She felt the familiar pulsating of his shaft in her mouth as a brief warning of the sudden flood of semen as he ejaculated into her throat.

She withdrew her mouth a little as he released his grip on her head and sucked hard on him, making sure she drained every drop. Finally she pulled back a little further and cleaned the remaining seepage with her tongue.

“MMMmm, you have improved with time Yuko,” he said, “Your Japanese boss must be giving you plenty of practice.”

She looked up at him from her crouched position and saw the mean look in his eyes. She hated him for having just humiliated her like that. He made her feel cheap having just used her for his selfish pleasure but her body told a different story. She felt disgusted as the taste of his spunk lingered in her mouth but her nipples felt erect and alive. She felt used and abused as she licked him clean but could feel a growing wetness between her legs.

He then wiped the sticky head of his softening penis over her nose and lips before putting it away and zipping up his trousers. “You have my silence Yuko,” he said, causing her to a momentary sigh of relief, before adding, “for now.”

Chuckling to him self he then finished checking his trousers and left.

Yuko quickly grabbed her brief case and, checking that the coast was clear, quickly walked across to the ladies toilet. Upon entering she opened the brief case to retrieve a small make up bag as she checked her self in the mirror. Other than her lipstick being smudged and a few runs in her eye makeup caused when her eyes had watered while she tried to suppress her gagging reflex, she looked fine.

She fixed her eye makeup and lipstick and, realizing that the whole experience had only lasted ten minutes, she then tried to push the experience to the back of her mind as she set off for the conference rooms in the grounds of the hotel.

Throughout the conference she succeeded in ignoring the stares from her old boss and felt that she had conducted the conference competently as the chair person. One of her biggest fears before entering the conference room was that there might be other delegates that she recognized from the old UK office but as she settled in front of them all and glanced around at their faces the only one she recognized was her old boss. She felt relief as she started the proceedings, confident that at last she might be able to concentrate on her career.

Later, as she wound up the proceedings she looked forward to the gala dinner that was to be held later; a time to mix with the other delegates and perhaps forge some new business relationships to boost her career.

Yuko gathered up her papers, placed them in her brief case and made her way back to her suite.

She had only been back in her room for a few moments when the door bell rang.

She cursed under her breath and went to the door.

“Sorry to trouble you,” said a large scruffy looking guy dressed in working overalls and carrying a tool box, but our security systems are reporting a possible problem relating to your room. If it is convenient we need to quickly come inside and check.”

Yuko glanced at the man and his equally large colleague before replying, “Well OK, if you are quick then I suppose it will be OK. I have to get ready for an important dinner later this evening so please come in but I say again, please be quick.”

The two men entered the room, the last one closing the door behind him.

“So what is this security problem?” she enquired.

As she spoke the first and largest of the men reached for the TV remote and switched on the TV. “We have security cameras covering most of the hotel miss, and we spotted something earlier that could affect you. If you wait a minute I’ll bring up the security channel on your TV and we can check.”

Yuko watched, slightly puzzled as the maintenance guy entered a channel number and then a password via the TV remote control.

The large screen TV then showed a clear view of one of the corridors in the hotel.

He pressed a few more buttons causing the scene to change and then Yuko suddenly froze.

There on the screen was a recording showing her entering the men’s toilets with her old boss.

The scene then switched to the inside of the toilet. Yuko glanced at the two men and felt her self start to panic. In one swift pre-rehearsed move the two men grabbed her, pulled her over to her bed and then forced her to sit between them.

“What do you think your doing!” she protested, wriggling and fighting to free her self. She realized that to fight was useless. The men were leering at her and forcing her to look at the TV as the recording of this morning’s encounter with her old boss replayed on the screen.

Yuko watched with horror and a feeling of helplessness at the image of her self on the TV, getting out her old bosses penis and then stooping down in front of him to take him into her mouth.

The TV was still showing the recording of her earlier ordeal as the men started to rip off her clothes.

“No! No! You bastards, stop!” she protested already knowing that she was powerless to stop them.

She both heard and felt the buttons fly from her jacket as one of them held her and the other one just gripped the front and ripped it open. Her jacket was soon tossed onto the floor. She then felt his strong hands grip the neck line of her blouse and gasped as he just ripped it off her; the buttons flew across the room and the fabric tore and ripped easily. The men then swapped roles. As the other man now held her wriggling body the first one grabbed at the hem of her skirt. She heard the loud ripping noise as he tore it from the hem all the way up to her waist. It was now little more than a scrap of cloth as he finally ripped it from her body leaving her wearing just her bra, pantyhose and panties.

She still struggled as one of them held her whilst the other went to his tool box.

Yuko’s eyes were now wide with expectation and terror as she watched him come back toward her with four lengths of rope in his hands.

First they tied her legs; a rope around each ankle tied to opposite feet of the bed. With her legs tied and stretched wide open it made her struggling very difficult. Next they tied both her arms above her head and to each corner of the bed leaving her spread semi naked in the shape of a cross.

She stopped struggling and just looked at them defiantly as they leered back at her.

“I thought you wanted us to be quick,” the first guy said, “we’ll be as quick as we can and it will help if you stop struggling.” He then grabbed at her bra, pulling it violently away from her body. She could feel the fabric refusing to yield as it dug painfully into the flesh of her back and shoulders stretching away from her body to partially expose each breast.

She shouted, “No, please don’t hurt me,” when she saw the other man had fetched a knife from the tool box. As he approached she felt beads of sweat break out all over body. She watched him grinning at her as he approached and then with a few swift cuts she felt the pain of the bra digging into her vanish as it was reduced to scraps of useless fabric and tossed away onto the floor.

Each of them then grabbed a breast, squeezing them painfully and then, gripping her nipples between finger and thumb, they pinched her hard causing her to cry out.

“We were told that you liked it a little rough,” said one of them, “maybe we should now kiss them better.”

Yuko tried to ignore the aroused feelings in her body as they released their painful grip on her nipples. She then suppressed a sigh as they both surprised her by dipping their heads onto her breasts to lick her swollen and painful buds.

The gentleness did not last. After a few licks they moved down and she felt a hand grip the waistband of her panties which she had worn over her pantyhose. The panties were nowhere near as strong as her bra and with a strong powerful tug she felt them being ripped from her body.

She could almost physically feel their lustful gazes as though they were actually running their hands all over her. The only thing protecting what was left of her modesty was the fine nylon of her 15 denier pantyhose. She gasped as the one who had just ripped off her panties thrust his hand, palm upwards, into her crotch, pressing the fine nylon against the delicate moist folds of her labia. She felt him cupping her engorged lips in the palm of his hand knowing that he could now feel her wetness.

Her cheeks flushed crimson with shame as he announced to his colleague, “she’s wet! Her lovely little Asian cunt is soaking wet!”

“Let me feel,” said the other one as he pushed the other’s hand away and pressed his own inquisitive fingers into the wet nylon between her wide open legs.

She felt the pressure of the nylon against her tender lips as he pressed it partially into her wetness with his fingers. She whimpered as the pressure built in intensity as he pushed harder and harder trying to forcing more of the fine nylon into her wetness with his finger. He paused and she found her self gazing into his lust filled eyes. He stared into her eyes as he added a second finger and she then felt both moving in a sawing action up and down her nylon covered wet slit.

She saw the glint in his eye as he suddenly pressed both fingers hard against the resisting nylon. She felt the pain in her pussy lips as they were crushed by the nylon and then she howled with both the relief and the sudden invasion of her vagina as the nylon finally gave way and the maintenance man’s two fingers slid completely into her up to his knuckles.

She lay there impaled on his two fingers, feeling his knuckles pressed hard against her tender, engorged lips and his fingers moving deep inside her.

Any hint of her struggling had now stopped as he withdrew his fingers, gripped the frayed edges of the hole he had just made and tore the pantyhose further to expose all of the flesh between her thighs.

Yuko was now fully exposed as she watched the two of them hastily unfasten the flies of their overalls.

She gasped as they both pulled out huge erections knowing that they would both soon be forcing them selves inside her.

The first man was soon climbing on top of her and groping between her thighs. She felt the head of his huge cock nudge against her wet opening.

The air rushed out of her lungs when, without any further warning the guy thrust the whole length of his huge penis up inside her. It felt initially painful as her small Asian vagina was forced to stretch around and accommodate this large invader. The pain was short lived as he started to thrust selfishly into her. She then felt ashamed to realize that she was starting to thrust back against him.

It was quite obvious he was just seeking his own animal satisfaction as he pounded into her relentlessly.

Knowing that the other guy was waiting his turn just seemed to add to Yuko’s torment of trying to suppress her own arousal. She could feel her previously abused and swollen nipples tingling with desire as the man thrust between her legs. His whole weight was now on top of her and she could feel his hot urgent breath in her ear. It felt as though he was trying to split her in half with his huge cock as he pressed it into her as deep as he could get. With each pussy stretching thrust she felt her clit, aroused and swelling, being stimulated.

As he huskily breathed in her ear, “I hope you’re on the fucking pill,” Yuko’s body arched and thrashed on the bed and her screams of pleasure echoed around the room. Before her climax had subsided she felt his cock swell and throb inside her before releasing a gush of hot cum.

Embarrassed by her feelings she felt disappointed as he pulled out from her leaving her feeling empty.

The feelings were short lived as the other man took his place. He briefly and roughly squeezed both breasts as he positioned the head of his big erection against her puffy and dripping lips. She felt his weight on her as he released her breasts and, with one big powerful thrust entered her completely.

Again she felt her self being stretched to accommodate his manhood and then gasped again as he reached beneath her, gripped her buttocks and pushed a finger into her anus.

She protested, but only half heartedly as he quickly used her for his own pleasure, pushing his finger deep into her rectum as he erupted deep inside her vagina.

Once he had ejaculated he withdrew and wiped the head of his dripping penis over her thigh.

They were both staring between her stretched open thighs as she felt their collective cum trickling from her.

The whole of her body was still tingling with arousal and she pleaded, no, please don’t as both of them reached between her legs. She felt one of them briefly dip his finger into her dripping hole and then swiftly push it up her anus. The other started to flick her clitoris with the tip of his finger. She knew that another orgasm was not far away and as they took turns to finger fuck her anus and play with her clit she closed her eyes and submitted to her overwhelming desire for relief.

She felt both shame and embarrassment as the pair of them made her cum two more times referring to her as a horny Asian bitch as they abused both holes between her thighs with their fingers.

Finally they stopped, both of them grinning as one said, “I think that has solved the problem miss, you had better get showered and ready for your gala dinner this evening. They then untied her, zipped up their overalls and left her alone in her room.

Yuko lay on the bed for a while her ripped pantyhose still clinging to her legs and thighs but torn and shredded between her legs.

She reached down between her legs and touched her tender lips. They felt swollen but not as tender or sore as she had expected. She realized she was still aroused and for a moment felt tempted to pleasure her self once more using her fingers. She checked the time. There were still two hours before the Gala dinner and, as the hostess she knew she had to get some rest and then be ready in plenty of time.

She climbed off of the bed and removed the ruined pantyhose. She gathered up the remains of her ripped and torn clothes and then tossed them into the waste bin.

She glanced at the TV screen and saw the security movie repeating over and over at the point where her old boss had ejaculated into her throat. The two security guys had obviously left that as there farewell reminder. She turned off the TV, went to the bathroom and ran a deep hot bath.

She tried to relax in the hot bath but her mind was in turmoil. Earlier that day her old boss had effectively blackmailed her in order to force her to suck him off. Any normal woman would have run screaming and reported him but Yuko didn’t. Later the two guys had entered her room and roughly raped her. Again any normal woman would have called the police but she didn’t.

Feeling dirty and ashamed she could not resist sliding her hand down over belly and then down between her legs as she replayed the events of the day in her head. Subconsciously checking that her pubis and labia were baby smooth and hair free as always these days, she watched and felt her nipples stiffen and tingle as she remembered the maintenance guy’s huge cock stretching her as he entered her. Her finger tips were already dancing over her labia and seeking out her clit as she replayed the scene where they had literally ripped off her clothes and abused her. She felt the wonderful and familiar sensations start to radiate through her body both physically and mentally as she shuddered in the hot water with another orgasm.

She lay there for a while, exhausted and for the moment satisfied. Later she awoke with a start. The water felt cold as she realized she must have dozed off.

She quickly got out of the bath. Dried her self and then, seeing she still had a comfortable amount of time left before the gala dinner, she started to dress for the evening ahead.

Before she had left Japan her boss had stressed the importance of how elegantly she must be dressed for the gala dinner because she was the representing him and was the hostess. He had given her a generous allowance to go and buy a very expensive silk evening gown and shoes.

Yuko went to the wardrobe and took out the gown. She held it up and admired the fine patterned crimson red silk of the Kimono style dress, excited by the prospect of wearing such a beautiful and exquisite evening gown.

She had also bought a matching set of red silk underwear together with some fifteen denier sheer black hold up stockings.

She pushed the events of the day into the back of her mind as she started to get dressed.

She pulled on the red silk panties enjoying the luxury feel of the fine silk against her hairless pussy and then put on the bra. The soft silk cups were not under-wired or padded and so left her pert B cup breasts looking quite natural with a delicately small cleavage and slightly upward and outward facing nipples.

Finally she pulled on the stockings, rolling them carefully up and over her knees until the supporting thicker band was positioned high on each thigh. Before putting on the dress she checked her reflection in a full length mirror. She turned one way and then the other, feeling sexy but at the same time happy in the knowledge that the long gown would cover her and only she would know what was under it.

Finally she put on the dress. It had a long zip fastener on the back. Having fully opened the zip she stepped into the dress placed her arms into each sleeve and then, reaching behind, she pulled the zip right up to the top of the high neck line.

Yuko had loved the dress from the moment she had seen it the shop. Now, as she checked her self out in the full length mirror she felt pleased with her choice. The sleeves were three quarter length and the bodice reached right up to her slender neck. The hem of the skirt section was ankle length with open slits on each side reaching to just past the knee. The fine silk hugged her body, revealing the slim but curvy shape of her body beneath. As she walked across the room to fetch her shoes she felt the tightness of the skirt restricting her stride to very short but elegant steps. The shoes were red satin sling backs with a heel of about three inches; fashionable and definitely elegant.

She kept her make up simple but elegant with red lipstick and just a hint of eye shadow and mascara.

Finally realizing that time had passed quicker than she imagined she picked up her clutch bag, gave one last glance in the mirror, left her room and made her way to the private room which the hotel had reserved for the conference gala dinner which was on the first floor.

As she entered the room Yuko took a glass of champagne from a waiter and then looked around at the other delegates that had already arrived. There would be thirty in total, mostly men and two women.

She walked across and greeted them thinking how handsome all of the men looked dressed formally in dinner jackets and black bow ties.

Gradually the room filled and all of the delegates were there. Although she had chaired the conference her old boss took her to one side and said he was willing to make the welcome speech. Yuko readily agreed, pleased to avoid her self-conscious shyness of addressing the people again.

The room was quite intimate but large enough to accommodate three tables of ten people comfortably.

As they all took their places Yuko found her self seated with her old boss and eight other men. The all chatted to her politely but she was aware of them all trying to subtly check her out.

Her old boss stood and called for silence before saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, On behalf of the company I would like to welcome you all to our gala dinner. I think you will all agree that Yuko here did a great job of chairing the conference.”

Yuko blushed and glanced down shyly as the room burst into a round of applause.

Her old boss continued, “After the meal I will be holding an auction of various items to raise money for charity. I hope you are all feeling generous as it is for a very good cause, but more about that later after we have enjoyed our meal.”

The delegates applauded and then the waiters started to serve the meal.

The meal was delicious and for the first time that day Yuko was starting to feel relaxed.

As they were drinking their coffee her old boss stood and asked for silence.

“Before I start the auction I would like to show you all a video recording which I hope will encourage you all to be as generous as possible.”

Yuko was puzzled. This was the first time any mention had been made of an auction or video and she wondered what the charity was.

He then continued, “Yuko, I’ll need your help with the auction so will you please go and stand between the three tables.”

The three tables had been arranged in a triangle leaving an area in the centre.

Yuko felt eager to be involved, to help raise money for a good cause and help raise the company image. She left her chair and walked to the centre of the group. She was never at ease in front of people because of her inherent shyness but after chairing the conference earlier she felt that she had found a new self confidence.

Her old boss continued, “Ladies and gentlemen I’m sure you will all agree that the dress Yuko is wearing this evening looks exquisite. The company chairman back in Tokyo purchased the dress for Yuko specifically for this evening’s event and left me instructions that it should be first item to be auctioned.”

Yuko felt disappointed that she would not be keeping the beautiful dress for her self but consoled her self with the fact that it would be going for a good cause.

Continuing he said, now if you would all please watch the video I’m sure that afterwards we can raise a lot of cash.

The lights in the room dimmed and a large projection screen lowered almost silently from the ceiling, Yuko felt keen to watch and learn about the charity that her company was supporting.

The screen came to life and suddenly Yuko came close to bringing up the meal she had just eaten. She felt frozen to the spot as she and all of her conference colleagues watched her in the men’s toilet, stooped down in front of her old boss sucking his erect penis. The video had been cut to last just twenty seconds or so and quickly ended leaving the audience in no doubt that he had just ejaculated into her throat and that she had swallowed the lot.

Yuko felt her body tremble as she wished the floor would open and swallow her whole. Any relief from her acute embarrassment was short lived as within seconds of the toilet scene closing another even more explicit scene started.

There on the screen for all to see was Yuko. Completely naked except for her torn tights and tied spread eagled to a bed. In the hushed silence of the room Yuko watched and re-lived the moment in her head as the two maintenance men crudely fingered her fully exposed pussy and anus. She cringed with acute shame while her screams of pleasure filled the room as the two men made her cum. Like the last video, this one had also been cut short and suddenly the screen was receding back to the ceiling and the lights were coming back to full brightness.

Yuko just stood there motionless; her cheeks flushed crimson red, gazing down at her feet knowing that all eyes in the room were on her.

She could feel the expectant excitement in the room as her old boss continued, “Ladies and gentlemen I think that you will all agree that despite her shy exterior, Yuko is a very sexy and accommodating lady. You have all previously seen the full length video of Yuko’s punishment that I distributed before applying to take part in this fake conference. I have instructions from our company chairman that after the auction of the dress Yuko is available for what he has called, the sex orgy of the year during which she will be available for any of your sexual desires.”

Yuko was almost deafened by the loud instantaneous applause as the delegates made their delight at the prospect of her complete humiliation very obvious.

“Perhaps two of you ladies could help me with the auction by assisting Yuko,” her old boss said.

Yuko raised her head a little to see the two female delegates eagerly moving toward her and then joining her in the centre space between the tables. Yuko glanced at each of them noting their appearance. Both were attractive and slim, taller than her but with short cropped hair. One had dark haired whilst the other was obviously died red.

“Thank you ladies, now let’s start the auction.”

Who’ll start me at £500 for the dress?

500, thank you sir. 600 anywhere.

As the auction progressed with the price quickly ramping up the two short haired ladies encouraged Yuko to slowly turn around so that everyone could see her from different angles. As they turned her one of them forced her chin up making her face the delegates instead of gazing down at her feet.

The price was already at £1200 and as her old boss continued his selling pitch saying, “any advance on 1200, for this beautiful figure hugging dress,” Yuko tensed as the red haired lady ran her hand boldly over her from her neck down over her breasts to the gentle swell of her belly as if to show how it hugged her figure.

The auction was getting louder as the bids kept coming until the price reached £2100.

Yuko listened as her old boss continued, “Is there any advance on £2100,” going once, going twice, sold to the man at the back.”

The delegates cheered loudly and then the noise in the room slowly subdued to complete silence. Yuko felt a little sad that she would not be able to keep the fabulous silk dress but consoled her self by the fact that it had raised a reasonable amount of money for charity. She looked around at the delegates gathered together in the room. She sensed a mood of anticipation and could not help but notice how the men nearest to her were quite openly appraising her with their eyes roaming over her from head to toe. Suddenly she froze as her old boss said, “Ladies, please take off Yuko’s dress so we can give it to its proud new owner.”

Yuko tried to protest and get away but the two women held her firmly. She then felt the zipper being swiftly pulled all the way down.

She tried to suppress the now contradictory but familiar feelings of shame and arousal as the two women eased first one arm and then the other from her dress before finally pulling it from her completely.

The room erupted with loud cheering as the silk dress was passed to the highest bidder leaving Yuko, staring down at her feet dressed in just her red silk bra and panties together with her sheer fifteen denier hold ups.

Without looking up she could feel every pair of eyes looking at her and, with a strong submissive feeling of defeat, knew that her latest ordeal had only just begun.

One of the women lifted her chin again, forcing her to look at the men all around.

Her old boss then called for silence. The room was now completely quiet as he said, “As you have all seen from the video taken this morning, Yuko is very good at sucking cock as well as chairing a conference. I know that all of you have also seen the video of her punishment when she worked in the UK office and judging by your reactions here I know you are all keen to sample Yuko’s skills for your selves.

Before I give her to you I think you would all appreciate seeing what delights she has waiting for us to both see and use so I will now auction the bra and then the panties which match the beautiful silk dress.”

Yuko listened to the enthusiastic noise of the crowd as they bid for her bra. The price was already at £1200. She waited with nervous anticipation knowing that in the next few minutes her breasts would be displayed to the delegates.

“Any advance on £1200; £1500, thank you sir.

Yuko felt her body starting to tingle with arousal and at the same time deep shame that she should react in such a way.

“£1600; any more? Going once, going twice; sold to the gentleman on my right.”

Yuko felt her cheeks flush deeper as one of the women reached behind and swiftly unfastened the bra. “Time to show us all your tits,” she said with a slightly threatening tone to her voice.

Yuko winced as one of the women held her whilst the other pulled off her bra.

Her natural reaction was to try and cover her self but the women quickly grabbed her hands and held them behind her back.

She winced as both women painfully pinched her nipples, pulling them outward and upward as though trying to pull them off. When her nipples were released, Yuko felt ashamed again as they looked both erect and aroused and at the same time her breasts tingled with pleasure.

Again one of the women forced Yuko’s chin up to make her look at the lecherous male faces all looking directly at her exposed breasts.

She knew the time would come soon but still felt her body tense and fill with shame as her old boss announced, “And now I’ll auction Yuko’s panties.”

The crowd went wild but then the noise subsided and the room was silent as her old boss continued, “I think you’ll all agree that Yuko has a sexy body and the combination of the red silk panties and the dark holdup stockings have the effect of focusing our eyes onto her crotch. As you have all seen from the video, Yuko shaves her pussy.”

Yuko’s cheeks were nearly as red as the silk panties as he continued, “So, for the chance to own the panties and of course the bonus of seeing Yuko displaying all of her shaved charms who’ll start me at £2000?”

There was a flurry of bids and Yuko just stared down at her feet as she heard the bids rise to £3000.

She felt her heart rate increase as the bidding slowed to a halt at £3250 knowing that the time was rapidly approaching when she would lose her panties and be naked.

“£3250; any advance on £3250?” Yuko just stared at her feet and then felt a feeling of dread fill her senses as a man shouted, “£3500 if there is a wet patch!”

Her old boss continued, “Any advance on £3500?”

Going once, going twice, sold to the man to my right.”

The two women glanced at each other and then, as one of them cupped one of Yuko’s breasts, the other slowly and sensuously ran her hand down over the front of Yuko’s body. Yuko tried to suppress the feelings of arousal but as the woman’s hand slipped down over her belly and then inside the waistband of her panties she let out an anguished gasp as the intruding fingers brushed over her wet lips.

Yuko pleaded, “Stop, please stop,” but even as she spoke she knew her pleas sounded far from convincing. She felt humiliated and deeply embarrassed but as the woman deftly slipped a finger into Yuko’s vagina she just moaned softly and felt her whole crotch becoming saturated.

The woman was obviously pleased to have discovered Yuko’s aroused state as she announced to the crowd, “This shy Asian slut’s pussy is already wet and ready!”

As the crowd cheered the woman withdrew her hand but then proceeded to press the crotch of the silk panties against Yuko’s wetness. Finally, satisfied with the result she removed her hand, turned to Yuko’s old boss and said, “Her panties are definitely wet now.”

Yuko dreaded what might happen next as the two women stood on either side of her and lifted her off of the ground. She struggled half heartedly as they each reached for a leg and before she knew it they were turning her around slowly with her legs pulled open so that the large dark wet patch on the crotch of her panties could be seen by all of the men.

The men cheered loudly and then the one who had bid for the wet panties stood up and approached.

The women held on to Yuko but let her legs close; for the moment.

Yuko looked around at the many faces surrounding her as the man said, “I think you are wearing something that now belongs to me.”

He then reached for the waist of her panties and swiftly pulled them off, sliding them down over her sheer hold ups and then easing them from her feet.

To add to her shame he held them up displaying the obvious wet patch in the crotch to the crowd before placing them over his nose and breathing in deeply.

“MMmm, he exclaimed, you smell divine.”

As he stuffed the soiled panties into his pocket the women reached down and lifted Yuko’s legs up and apart again. Like before they turned around slowly but this time displaying her completely to the crowd. Yuko could feel her moist labia opening as her legs were pulled apart. She felt ashamed by the wetness she could feel between her legs but felt powerless to stop her body becoming more and more aroused as the women humiliated her.

The men had cleared one of the tables and the women carried Yuko over to it and laid her down on her back. She had given up any fight that was left in her and just groaned with shame as they lifted her knees, folding each of them back and apart. Laying there, exposed in the most obscene way, Yuko watched the men start to gather round and heard the unmistakable sound of zips being unfastened.

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