I put my legs under me and tried to brace my back against the side of the cabin- the curtain was pulled from the window, so it was, for all intents and purposes, a wall. I wish we had done this first and went to see Cou-cool-what was her name? Second, because I was so ready to shoot again that I was in pain. So I took another drink.

My master stumbled on top of me as he stepped inside, brushed me aside and took his seat to my left. Tao crowded in to the right so I had very little room between them, forcing me into a sitting position. I took another drink and noticed that the bottle was nearing empty- how much had been in it when he handed it to me? I drained the rest of it. The bottle was pretty- I liked the little green fairy. Her wings were gossamer, not like insects, like so many people draw them.

Fuck, I really needed to get off. I crawled, stumbling to my knees and put my head on my masters lap as Tao gave the driver directions and closed the door. When the ride started, the jolt knocked me back down, and I fell, sitting, with the back of my head between Tao’s knees. I was hoping that he hadn’t noticed; they were talking about the arena, about money, names I didn’t know- I pulled my master’s legs apart and went to move his tights- his member was soft, but I had hardened him up before, so I wrapped my lips around it-

He grabbed my head by the back of my hair and pulled me back.

“No Xac,” he laughed.

I made the pitiful noises, mewed, and whined, the sounds I made when I wanted attention- the ones I knew he thought were cute, and snuggled into his crotch, trying to wiggle and move seductively

“Aw, what’s wrong, hon?” he asked, playfully.

I whined back at him, but didn’t try to suck him anymore.

“Were you trying to suck me hard again?” he teased.

“mm-hmm…” I admitted, nuzzled him and wiggled my ass- on my hands and knees, with my head in his lap.

“You want me to fuck you up the ass?” he asked, tightening his grip on my hair until it was painful; I looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“Yes master!” I begged, “Please!”

“hmmm…” he thought about it, “How long is the drive?”

“In the festival?” Tao asked, “It’ll be a few minutes,” he wrapped his hands around my waist, and I realized that wiggling like I had been, in that small of a space, meant that I had been almost rubbing against him every time.

“Don’t hurt him,” my master commanded, and Tao ripped my pants down in one fast motion.

“Please,” I begged through my haze, “Can I- can I get him ready first?”

“Turn around,” his voice was light and playful.

I realized why when I actually tried to do it- the space was tiny, my legs were restricted with my pants around my knees, and I was to drunk to actually keep my balance. I fell and banged my head- again, on the door, and it smacked open! Tao, of all people, grabbed me and slammed it shut! I had dropped the bottle outside, and I know the people on the street had to be staring at me, with my pants around my ankles, but I didn’t notice them and hung on to his arm.

“Are you drunk now?” he asked, laughing

I noticed my master hadn’t pulled his pants up, but was reclining long-ways on his seat, resting with his arm under his head. Tao sat me down so that I was facing him, and I noticed that he already had his cock out- he probably had it the entire time I was mewing and begging my master. Whatever- I gulped it down, hungrily, drooling like an idiot; trying my best to get him as wet and lubricated as I possibly could. After the first few seconds, he grabbed me by the throat.

“That’s good enough,” he explained, “You’re gonna be numb anyway so- so- don’t worry about it,” and he pulled me into his lap.

Honestly, I wasn’t worried about it. His grip was so strong that I was fading, and reality was only on the edges of my perception anyway; there was a numbness, and the green edges were fading to black. I put my hands against his grip, not to stop him, but to steady myself as he wrapped his other arm around my waist and lifted me into his lap- not my favorite position with him; I was facing him, my cock was standing strait up, rubbing against his shirt, which he hadn’t taken off; and what I was suddenly noticing was rock-hard muscle underneath. I tried to catch myself on my knees, but without him releasing his grip on my neck, I was going to pass out, and I was fighting it, struggling. I think I heard him laughing.

“He’s twitching,” he laughed.

“You’re suffocating him,” my master’s voice.

“Oh, shit!” Tao hadn’t noticed he was choking me? How did you not notice something like that? He moved his hand and the air came rushing back; I gasped and coughed at the same moment that he moved both hands to my hips and positioned me so I was hovering with the tip of his dick just outside my entrance I fell into him and leaned on my arms on his chest, heaving involuntarily trying to get my breath back- and he bucked upward.

I moaned loudly, and suddenly, I wasn’t pushing against his chest anymore, I was grabbing at his shirt with both fists. When he came back down, he brought my hips with him and ground- I was fully impaled- but I wasn’t ripped.

“Is this what you wanted, little slut?” He asked.

I mewed happily and buried my face in his chest- trying to get somewhere in the cramped space to put my legs, so that I could get enough leverage to fuck him. He kept one hand on my hips and grabbed my chin violently with the other- pushing my head back, so he could stare down into my eyes.

Oh shit, it was Tao! How had I forgotten that? He stared at me with pure hate- that feeling of ownership and dominance- my buzz sank away a little, though I tried to think of anything else- but I couldn’t. I couldn’t move my head the way he had me pinned; I couldn’t get a foothold, and the only place to put my arms was… around or on him. And something about that fierce gaze… sent shivers through me. I lowered my eyes- he shook my head violently until I stared up at him again.

“Look at me,” he hissed in a whisper, “And answer the fucking question.”

What question? Shit… what had he asked me… I couldn’t have remembered from the fear anyway, but I could barely remember my name with that crazy shit flowing where my blood used to be.

“I’m sorry, sir,” I whimpered; the evil in his eyes, the dominance, was to much for me, “I can’t remember.”

“Stupid little slut,” he sighed, “I asked you if you wanted me to fuck you.”

“Oh!” The answer was getting more and more vague- but somehow his anger, his power was exciting, and sitting on him, completely full, like I was, still yearning from tasting my master earlier… “Yes!” I practically shouted, “Yes, please!”

“Please what?” he asked without releasing his grip on my hip or my face.

“Please fuck me!” I begged, and pulled at his shirt.

I heard my master laugh, but I couldn’t turn to see him.

Tao let go of my face, finally, and I tore my gaze from that powerful, burning stare, and looked back at my master. He had his eyes closed, and one of the bottles he had brought in the hand not under his head.

“Master?” I ventured weakly.

“You can cum,” he smiled without opening his eyes, “Just don’t get it every-fucking-where.”

That wasn’t what I was going to ask, but fuck it, it was good to know; even though I hadn’t made it through the answer without Tao grabbing my hips, now with both hands, lifting me up until just his head was inside me, and then slamming me violently back down. I screamed- then buried my face in the fabric of his shirt so that the entire crowd outside wouldn’t have to hear me. This was much better- not at all like the last time; on the next slam it turned into a moan.

Then, I was suddenly bucking my hips to meet him on the down stroke, and pressing forward into his rock-hard abs on the upstroke, so that my cock was rubbing against his skin- I had pulled his shirt up and had it balled in my fists with my head buried between them- the friction was amazing; and as he slammed down again, I bucked to meet him.

“mmm…” he moaned happily against my ear, “There you go, little slut, is that better.”

“Oh god, yes,” I snuggled into his chest as he lifted me again, then added, as soon as I thought about it, “Sir.”

“mmm,” he laughed, “Good little bunny- your prick is leaking all over me.”

“I’m sorry, sir- I can’t help it! I need this so bad- you feel so good, oh god!” he slammed into me again and I rubbed against his abs.

“Need it?” he asked, “Need what? My cock?”

“Yes sir,” I purred, and wrapped an arm around his neck, burying myself, trying to erase the rest of the world, the jolting of the carriage knocking me back and forth as he ground me into his cock.

“Say it,” he hissed, grinding, refusing to pump me until I gave in.

“I need your cock, sir!” I begged, and pulled myself closer to him, “I need you to fill me up- please, sir, make me cum- it hurts… so… fucking bad.”

I heard my master laughing; I suddenly didn’t care; I needed to get off; I ground my hips against him, rubbing my cock against him, and pushing my sweet spot against his cock, “Please!” I begged.

“heh,” Tao laughed, “Since you’re being so good- tell me what you need to get off. And don’t expect me to milk your little prick- if you want that,” he shoved me roughly back and slammed me up and down again, at blinding speed- I threw my head back in ecstasy and hung on by his neck, holding my legs as far apart as I could get them; no longer able to get any friction at all on my aching erection- the torture- “You’ll have to do it yourself.”

If I did that- I would fall. I looked up at him with pleading eyes as he pumped into me, but all that met me was that fiery power- that hate that seemed to seep into me every time I looked at him. But god, he felt good inside me- the seat was to small for me to get any kind of leverage, and he was sitting flush with the back so I couldn’t wrap my legs around him- I tried to adjust myself so he’d be hitting me just right, inside, every time, but it just made me more vulnerable- made the ache worse.

“Please,” I begged, losing my grip.

“You need some help, little bunny?” he laughed.

“Please, sir!” the urgency in my voice must have got to him, because he held me with one hand, and moved the other to my throat.

“hmm…” he smiled, I had to close one eye to look at him, “This worked last time, and left you twitchin’.”

the green edges were melting; he pumped in and out, hitting me perfectly every time; the world receded as my body fought against me, struggling for the air, for the blood that wasn’t flowing- the little lights began to spark and the background faded; his face was gone; I lost my grip. My whole body was tingling- I lost control of it;

and finally, finally came- so hard; with no control over my body, with no feeling left, I emptied myself; just as he let go to grab me and slam one final time- the blood came rushing back to my head like a jackhammer, and I grasped for anything; his shirt, his flesh, the sides of the car- to keep my balance- I screamed and my entire body shook; the tingling replaced all at once with reality, and the reality slamming everything home at once- my sense of touch hit everything from the stale air, to his suddenly still cock, softening inside me, to his sweaty thighs, to the soft fabric of his shirt, to the sticky goo I was now laying in- that must’ve come from me; it was suddenly very cold, and I was so tired I couldn’t hold my head up; couldn’t remember my name.

“Happy now, little bunny?” It was Tao; uncharacteristically kind.

“Mmmmm…” a happy hum was all I could manage; I couldn’t keep my eyes opened; they were half-closed in a glazed stupor. My top was untied and slung around my elbows- I don’t even remember that happening- my pants were hanging from one leg- I don’t remember getting them off that far either. Fuck it; I was out of it. I slumped against his chest; his flaccid member still inside me.

“You’ve got to get off,” he pulled me up and tossed me back to the floor. I didn’t move; spread my limbs out as far as I could; covered in sweat and cum- with his leaking down my thighs and across the floor. I just wanted to sleep. My master was staring down at me- with a massive erection.

And the carriage jolted to a stop.

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