For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this fantasy about being made love to by more than one man. I don’t mean rape; I mean being made love to. I can’t even tell you when I started thinking about and wanting this or even when it became a conscious desire. It was something that I accepted as a part of me. I didn’t think that I was crazy or anything like that, it just…was.

My name is Allie Walker. I have never been married although I am far from being pure. I am what would be considered a big woman, I am short somewhere around five feet two inches, very dark skinned with a short afro. I don’t consider myself ugly by any means but I’m not beautiful either, I just am.

I live in Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains not far from the Roanoke River. The house that I live in was built by my great grandfather and has been in the family ever since. I don’t know if any of you have been to this part of the country but it is simply breathtaking. It almost feels like another world, in the winter when it snows it looks exactly like something that Thomas Kincaide or another famous artist would paint, the spring and fall are just as breathtaking.

I live pretty far from town with no close neighbors which is fine by me. The only visitors I get are hikers that have gotten lost which happen quite a bit. Other than that I spend my time alone. I don’t really work because my parents left me fairly well off. I do however write for a website, I write articles about anything that tickles my fancy and I get paid quite well for it. I don’t really consider it work because I enjoy doing it.

I keep myself occupied by reading, watching movies and television and playing games on the internet. On occasion, I’ll call one of my cousins who lives in sunny California and catch up on the latest going ons in the family. She’s been trying to talk me into moving out there but I don’t want to, I like it here too much.

It’s now September and time for me to start getting ready for the winter months. It’s not unusual for me to get stuck up her for a couple of weeks at a time so I like to be prepared. My list of supplies is on the table waiting for me as I make one last check on my supplies. I checked the gas supply for the generator and decide that I’d better pick up a few extra gallons; I have more than enough oil for my lamps and enough batteries of every kind to open my own store.

The last thing that I check is my toy drawer, in it I have every kind of sex toy that I can think of. Just looking at them makes me tingle. I have time to pleasure myself before I make the drive into town I decide. I totally strip and lay on my bed; I have a ritual you see. I always start with my breast, I don’t know why; I just do. My nipples are already hard with anticipation of what I’m going to do next; I am blessed with breasts large enough that I can suck on my own nipples. Whenever I do, I imagine that the tongue licking them belongs to someone else. I lick and suck one and then the other imagining a mouth on each nipple. I reached into my drawer and took out two little suction cups that fit onto my nipples and I squeeze moaning at the sensation of the suction. I squeezed each cup several times squeezing my legs together as the sensation traveled to between my legs making my clit throb. I take my time with this, part of the game is seeing how long I can hold off before I let myself orgasm. Sometimes to make things interesting, I won’t pleasure myself for several days, this time it’s been two days.

It isn’t long before I can’t help myself, I don’t even need a vibrator to go over the edge. I take one hand and place it between my legs while the other one continues to squeeze the suction cups on my nipples. I make little circles around my clit and then I’m over the edge. I don’t try to keep my moans of pleasure quiet, who’s going to hear me? Afterwards, as I’m recovering, I wished that there was someone else to do this for me. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been with a man, months in fact. The last one was a hiker who got lost but as good as it was; it wasn’t enough.

I got dressed, grabbed my list and jumped into my van. It was late afternoon and I knew that Tony, the store manager was waiting for me. He had already called to let me know that my supplies were ready to be picked up and that he would be happy to load them for me.

I was surprised to see that the store was closed when I got there but he was waiting for me, as always he made some comment about pleasing me.

“You know, there is more than one way to please a person.” he said with a grin.

Usually I ignore the comments but today was different. I don’t know whether it was because I was still unsatisfied from the earlier orgasm or if I was just realizing how handsome he was but I decided to take him up on his offer. He wasn’t married or involved with anyone and we were both consenting adults and I really needed something other than my toys and my hand.

“Put your money where your mouth is.” I told him.

I think he was actually surprised when I accepted. Once he got over his surprise, he took my hand and led me to the back room where he kept a cot just in case he got snowed in. I can see that he is already hard in anticipation of our unscheduled afternoon sex. He grabbed me before I had a chance to say anything and kissed me hard at first and then he gentled, the last kiss I had was from that hiker and it was nothing like this. His mouth moved from my mouth to my neck licking and sucking it as his hands went under my shirt. My hands were trying to pull his shirt out of his jeans; this was lust in its purest form. Tony grabbed my hands and held them as he kissed me again.

“Slow down, we have to slow down. I’ve waited so long for this.” he murmured.

I had no idea of what he was talking about and to be honest with you, I didn’t care. Minutes later, we were both naked, it didn’t occur to me to be conscious about my body and apparently Tony had no issues with it judging by his reaction. He kissed my shoulders where my bra had made marks because of the heaviness of my breast. I moaned as he took them into his hands and kneaded them running his thumbs over the now erect nipples.

“I knew that they would be beautiful!” he said as he took a nipple into his mouth and sucked one and then the other.

He then put the nipples together and took both of them into his mouth and sucked hard. I swear to you that I almost came. I pushed my chest into his face trying to encourage him not to stop, I was almost there and then he stopped. I could feel his cock pressing into me and I ground against it trying to maneuver it so that it would slide between my legs but he had other ideas.

“Lay on the cot.” he instructed.

After I was lying down, he knelt beside me and began to kiss his way down my body starting with my mouth. His right hand was stroking my stomach and was headed to between my legs, he stroked me everywhere but where I wanted him to. He kept me tottering just on the edge, when he sensed that I was about to come, he moved his hand to another part of my body. Finally, he was where I needed him to be, he didn’t need to tell me what to do; I opened my legs as wide as I could and waited.

The wait seemed to be a long time so I opened my eyes and looked at him. His green eyes glittered as he looked at me, and then suddenly, he was on me sucking and licking me until I screamed only vaguely remembering that someone might hear me.

When he was finished, he moved to the head of the bed and offered me his throbbing cock which I took without hesitation. I licked and sucked on the large head until he was moaning for me to end it but I didn’t. Who knew when this would happen again? I let is cock fall out of my mouth and stroked it relishing the feel of the soft skin in my hands. I took one heavy ball into my mouth and then the other sucking each one gently.

“Allie! For God’s sake end this!” he moaned.

I released his balls and took his cock back into my mouth, I swiped my tongue along the underside where the head met the shaft, I sucked and licked until he came in my mouth and even then I didn’t stop. Without missing a beat, he was between my legs and was ramming himself into me.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop!” I begged.

This time he listened to me, we came clinging to each other. For several minutes neither of us moved nor spoke. Tony held me close as if we were lovers instead of two horny people who needed some relief. Afterwards, Tony dressed and went to load up the van while I dressed. I had expected us to feel awkward around each other given what had just happened between us, but we didn’t. As a matter of fact, he actually kissed me and told me to be careful driving home.

I drove home feeling as sated as I’d ever been, I relished the feel of Tony’s semen as it leaked from me, the thought that we’d had unprotected sex occurred to me. The thought of a baby wasn’t an unwelcome one but I knew my body, I wasn’t ovulating. As I unloaded my supplies, I realized that I didn’t go to the post office, my winter reading order was waiting for me. It would just give me another reason to go into town I thought.

I had enough food and supplies to feed a small army I realized but better safe than sorry as my dad used to say. I went into the spare bedroom and checked on what jigsaw puzzles I had, if I was going to make another trip into town, I’d buy a few more. Other than my books at the post office, I was fully prepared to spend the winter alone.

The next week I went into town to pick up my books and made another visit to the store under the premise of forgetting something. Once again we had incredible earth shaking sex, afterwards I thought that the only thing that would have made it perfect is if there had been more than one of him but beggars can’t be choosers can they?

“There’s a storm headed this way, do you have everything that you need?” he asked as we got dressed.

“Yes, thanks.” I replied and made some comment about the early storm.

“You be careful up there, I don’t want anything to happen to you.” he replied.

Before he let me out of the store, he gave me a hug and a kiss. I had the feeling that he wanted to tell me something but changed his mind.

“Just be careful alright?” he said giving me a final kiss.

The predicted storm hit three days later. At first I could see several yards beyond the van, by afternoon I couldn’t see beyond the van by early evening I couldn’t see the van at all. I looked up at the sky watching the snow as it fell and sighed. I was going to be stuck for at least three to four days if not longer. I changed into my flannel pajamas, checked my flashlights and oil lamps and settled down to read.

I must have dozed off because I jumped awake to a banging on the door. I frowned wondering who would be stupid enough to be out in this weather. I crept toward the door and peeked out around the curtain, there stood four of what had to be most gorgeous men I had ever seen. I cracked the door open and spoke to them.

“Can I help you?”

“Hello, we were headed up the mountain and got caught in the storm. I know its stupid but none of us listened to the weather before we left. Could we possibly use your phone?”

“I’m sorry but the phone’s are out already.” I replied, “But you can come in and wait, they might be back up soon but I doubt it.”

I know that I was being too trusting but I couldn’t let them freeze to death could I? And after all, this was as close to my fantasy that I was probably going to get. They introduced themselves as Matt, Louis, Paul and Kevin. It was clear that Matt was the one in charge.

“Kev and Paul, why don’t you grab the bags out of the truck?”

I watched as they ran out to the truck and grabbed three bags. The snow was falling so hard that I almost couldn’t see them until they were back on the porch. I stepped aside and let them in getting a really good look at them, gorgeous was an understatement.

“What’s your name?” Matt asked me.

“Allie Walker.”

“Well Allie Walker, why are you up here alone?”

I explained to him how the house had been in my family for generations and that I liked it here. It dawned on me that they might be hungry. As it turned out, they hadn’t eaten anything since lunch. I cooked a huge meal and had a blast doing it; it was nice to cook for someone other than myself. When dinner was over, they insisted on cleaning the kitchen.

“It’s the least that we can do.” Matt said when I objected.

I looked outside; the snow was still falling heavily. They wouldn’t be going anywhere tonight.

“It looks like you’re stranded here at least for tonight. I have a couple of extra rooms that you can use if you want.”

“Thank you for your kindness.” Matt said with a smile.

I love men with dimples, I love men that are tall and I especially love men with long hair as long as it is neat and well kept and these guys had all of the above in spades. I think the shortest of them was around six-four with Matt topping that by a good three inches. I could see myself smushed between the four of them. As I looked at Matt, I thought that he reminded me of someone but I couldn’t think of who. I did find out that they were all brothers and none of them married.

“Why aren’t any of you married?” I asked. Matt was the oldest at thirty-five although he looked much younger with the youngest of them, Paul being thirty.

I caught a look that passed between them, I don’t know what it meant but it set me a tingling.

“Women seem to have a problem with us.” Kevin said.

This piqued my interest.

“You all seem like nice guys, what problems could a woman have with you?” I asked.

“Thank you for opening up your home to us.” Matt said not answering my question.

I showed them to the spare bedrooms and the bathroom and then said goodnight.

It was well after two am before I settled down for the night, I usually slept in the nude for easy access to my body but with four men in the house I decided that it might not be a good idea. I woke up to the smell of breakfast and coffee. I went downstairs after putting on a housecoat to find the table set and breakfast ready.

“You didn’t have to do this.” I said but secretly I loved it. This was part of my fantasy; it was part of being made love to. Once again I wondered why these guys weren’t married; their wives would be very lucky women. Kevin fixed my plate and sat it in front of me while Matt sat next to me.

“Don’t you ever get lonely up here alone?” he asked.

“Sometimes but I find things to do.” I replied taking a bite of the bacon that was cooked to perfection.

“Do you get visitors?”

“Not many and those are usually people like you that have gotten lost.” I replied.

Breakfast was absolutely delicious probably because it was cooked and served by four gorgeous men. This was something that I was going to remember to the end of my days.

I never saw Kevin move behind me, I only knew that he was there because he was rubbing my shoulders.

“You are a beautiful woman, much too beautiful to be alone.” he said as his hands kneaded the back of my neck, “Don’t you agree Louis?” he asked.

“Wholeheartedly.” Louis replied as he knelt to one side of me, “and I think that Paul would also agree.”

As if on cue, Paul was kneeling on the other side of me. I was getting nervous, not afraid really but just nervous. Something was happening here that I didn’t understand. Matt knelt in front of me and untied my robe and unbuttoned my pajama top.

“They’re right you know. You are beautiful” Matt said.

I’d been called a lot of things in my life including the dreaded “N” word but never beautiful. I didn’t say anything as Matt stroked my now exposed breasts.

“Take us to your room.” he murmured as he ran a finger over a hard nipple.

“Why?” I asked already knowing the answer. The thing that I had always wanted was going to happen and I was afraid.

“Take us to your room now.” Matt said his tone firm but not mean. He was someone who was used to being in charge and not used to being questioned.

I stood up on shaky legs and looked at each of them; the bulge in their jeans was hard to miss. I led the way to my room and stood at the foot of the bed.

“Strip.” Paul said, his tone just as firm as Matt’s had been.

I hesitated.

“Are you going to rape me?” I asked nervously.

“Would you like us to?” Matt asked.

“No!” I said quickly.

Kevin moved closer to me and kissed me.

“Good, I’m going to tell you why women have issues with us. We like to have sex together with one woman. Most women can’t handle that, can you?” Kevin asked as he kissed me again.

“We also like to use toys, do you like toys Allie?” Paul asked as he took one of my nipples into his mouth.

I gasped at the sensation. I could feel someone behind me; Matt.

“We also enjoy some pain but it’s alright if you don’t. Have you ever tried pain during sex?” Louis asked as he took my other nipple into his mouth and bit down hard enough to sting but not really hurt.

Matt was behind me running his hands over my ass before putting them into the waist of my pajama bottoms.

“And sometimes, we like to touch each other while we’re having sex with a woman, can you handle that?” Matt asked.

By this time the house could have been on fire and I wouldn’t have cared. My entire body trembled as hands and mouths explored my body.

“Allie.” Matt said gently, “Will you fuck with us?”

“God yes!” I moaned as someone put a hand down the front of my pajama bottoms.

‘One more thing.” Matt said, “The only thing that we ask is that you give us the pain that we ask for; if you want pain, then tell us. We will always listen to what you want and need.”

I agreed without hesitation, I had never seen two men together and the idea intrigued me, no it aroused me even more than I was. Matt moved from behind me and eased me to the bed. Paul and Louis sucked and nipped at my nipples sending me to seventh heaven while Kevin took my legs, peeled off my pajama bottoms and handed my legs to Matt who was at my head. He spread my legs as wide as they would go giving Kevin access to my throbbing, wet pussy.

“Open your mouth.” Matt said firmly.

As soon as I opened my mouth, he leaned forward and slipped his cock in slowly. I began to suck at him trying not to bite as the others sucked, licked and ate at me. I screamed around Matt’s cock as I felt Kevin slide two fingers inside of me and began to thrust them in and out. Just before I came, they changed positions until Matt was between my legs. Kevin held my legs as Matt had, his cock in my mouth. Then Matt was inside of me. His thrusts were slow and each time he was deep inside of me, he swiveled his hips and rubbed against my clit. I was going to come this time and there was nothing that anyone could do to stop it. Kevin came in my mouth as the Paul and Louis stroked themselves as they continued to suck my now sore, swollen and sensitive nipples. Matt came with a growl deep inside of me and still he rammed into me. I came screaming like a banshee very glad that there were no close neighbors.

I was soaked with sweat and breathing hard from my exertions by the time they were done. All of them crawled into the bed with me each touching me somewhere. Matt was behind me, spooning me, Kevin was in front of me with his arm around me and Matt, Paul’s head rested on my thigh and Louis’ head was against my legs. It sounds like it would be uncomfortable but it wasn’t, I felt more secure than I had in my entire life.

I woke up to soft moans; Paul was stroking Louis’ cock. As soon as they realized that I was awake, Louis reached between my legs and began to stroke me until I was moaning with him. Kevin woke up and began to suck my nipple.

“I want your ass.” Matt whispered into my ear.

I felt him place his cock between my cheeks and gently push and prod until he found my virgin opening. I felt pressure as the head of his cock pushed against me.

“Relax.” he crooned into my ear.

“Paul, suck on her clit.” Matt said.

Suddenly, one leg was being held up in the air and I felt a tongue licking me, I was going to come. At the same time, Matt continued pushing into me. I felt the large head of his cock enter me and it hurt. He stopped and let me adjust before he continued. Finally, I felt his pelvis against my ass.

“I’m in baby and you feel so good.” he panted as he began making short thrust inside of me.

Gradually the pain disappeared and was replaced by a deep pleasure. I had never thought about anal sex before and I was finding that I enjoyed it. It wasn’t long before I came with Paul sucking on my clit and Matt thrusting into me from behind. Kevin came while stroking himself while sucking on my nipple while Louis sat back and watched stroking himself until he came on my thigh.

Matt was the first to recover.

“Get cleaned up and meet us downstairs, we have things to talk about.” he told me.

When they left the room, I took a long hot shower. As soon as the warm water hit my nipples I came, I couldn’t help it. I came again when I washed my ass and pussy; this was so much better than any fantasy that I had dreamt up.

Breakfast was ready by the time I made it downstairs. Louis held my chair for me as I sat down while Matt fixed my plate. After breakfast, they shooed me to the living room.

“Read or whatever it is you do.” Matt said kissing me and tapping me on the ass.

I was in the middle of a scrabble game on my laptop when they came in. Matt sat next to me on my left; Kevin sat to my right, with Paul and Louis on the floor in front of me each of them rubbing a foot.

“Allie, do you know how remarkable you are?” Matt asked, “You were perfectly comfortable with making love with us not even flinching when we touched each other. Very few women could do that.”

Making love? Whatever happened to fucking? I wondered. So I decided to ask.

“What happened to fucking?” I asked.

They all looked at each other and nodded.

“At first it was just fucking but once we knew that you were who we thought you were, it became making love.” Matt said, “Allie, you belong to us.”

“What do you mean belong to you?” I asked, “After the storm you’ll be gone” I replied.

Matt looked as if he was trying to decide whether to tell me something or not and then decided to tell me.

“Allie, you are our mate. We’re werewolves.” Matt said as if he was offering me a chair.

“What? Werewolves? You don’t look like werewolves!” I said never mind the fact that I had no idea of what a werewolf was supposed to look like.

“Didn’t you wonder about our stamina?” Kevin asked.

“Yes but…” I faltered when I looked into Matt’s green eyes.

They glittered and I saw something move behind them. I looked at Kevin next, his eyes were a light brown but I saw the same thing. It was the same with Paul and Louis. I was angry.

“That’s just freaking great!” I said, “so now what? After the storm you go away until next winter?” I asked not even addressing the werewolf issue.

“Allie, sweetheart, you’re not listening.” Matt said, “We belong together, all six of us. You are our mate.”

Six? There’s another one? What seemed to be a million questions flooded my brain, how was this possible?

“Allie, we’ve known about you for the past six months, we waited until now because you wouldn’t have invited us in otherwise.” Louis said as he rubbed my foot.

“How? Oh god.” I moaned not even knowing where to start with my questions.

Matt took over and began to explain things.

“Every few hundred years our family is blessed with having one mate for all of the brothers. The last time it happened was probably well over six hundred years ago, those would be our great grandfathers. They are all alive and well but have stepped down and handed control of the pack to their sons who each had their own mate, these are our grandfathers. Our father has passed control of the pack to us and we are the selected ones to have one mate for all of us. No one knows why or how, it just is.”

He went on to explain how they were almost immortal in that they could live for thousands of years which prompted the question.

“What happens to me? I’m human. Do you find another woman or what?” I asked.

“No love, there’s a ceremony that we go through that will make you as we are. It involves some pain and a lot of love making.” Kevin replied, “But we will be taking a majority of the pain.”

I had to bite each and every one of them and they had to bite me, according to Paul, I would be one sick puppy for a day or so. The question was did I want to do this? And then I had a question.

“What about this full moon thing?”

Louis chuckled, “That’s true to an extent but the fact is that we can change at anytime, the full moon just makes it easier. Having said that, you will always be safe with us, even in our wolf form; we will know you, your scent is imbedded in our brain.”

“The question that we have for you,” Matt said, “is if you will agree to the mate to the five of us.”

“Where is the other one?” I asked.

“Not far. Why don’t you go upstairs and relax? We’ll take care of things down here.”

I knew what he was doing he was giving me time to think about my answer. The bed was freshly made, the dirty sheets were in the hamper but I could still smell the scent of love being made. I lay on the bed and closed my eyes and tried to work through all of the information that I had just received but all I saw was four men making love to me. I opened my eyes when I sensed that I wasn’t alone. Matt was standing in the doorway watching me, for the barest of seconds; I saw his wolf in his eyes. Without speaking, he crossed the room and got into bed with me. I snuggled next to him as he put an arm around me; I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I was woken by a kiss on my cheek and by several bodies all with erections surrounding me and I wanted to touch them all. Matt spoke first.

“Touch yourself, make yourself come for us.”

Without thinking about it, I opened my robe and pulled up my nightgown and began to pleasure myself. It wasn’t hard to become aroused, all I had to do was look around me and remember how it felt to be made love to by these four men who said that I belonged to them but did they belong to me? It was important that I know that this wasn’t a one way street.

One of them, Paul; moved my hand and replaced it with his tongue.

“Do you belong to me?” I asked moaning as a nipple went into Kevin’s mouth.

“Yes.” four voices replied as one, “We are yours.”

Louis was sucking on the other nipple so hard that it was painful. When I whimpered he backed off and licked it until the pain was gone. After that he sucked just hard enough that it was almost to the point of pain but not quite. Matt touched my cheek with his cock prompting me to open my mouth. I heard him groan as I sucked on the head.

“Allie, bite it.”

I hesitated, that would hurt.

“You promised to give us whatever pain we asked for, so bite my cock.” he insisted.

I bit down gently and I heard him moan in appreciation.

“Harder.” he moaned.

Once again I bit down and once again he groaned in pleasure.

“Again!” he screamed.

And I bit. I felt him shoot into my mouth as he screamed his release. Kevin and Louis were on their knees on either side of me their erections pointing directly at me. I took a cock in each hand and stroked and pulled until they both came with loud moans. Paul was now inside of me slowly pumping in and out, his eyes closed totally oblivious to everything around him. I tightened my muscles around him breaking his concentration. Kevin reached down and rubbed my clit as Paul pumped faster and faster until he came saying my name. Kevin rubbed my clit faster until finally I came as well. I fell asleep with hands and lips kissing and touching me.

The next time I woke up it was past lunch, Matt was sitting on the bed waiting for me to wake up. He greeted me with a soft kiss.

“Lunch is ready whenever you are.” he said as he got up to leave.

I took a shower and changed into a clean nightgown although I don’t know why I bothered. Lunch was absolutely delicious. Paul made a peach pie from canned peaches that had I not known any better, I would have sworn that they were fresh. I made him promise to tell me how he did it. After lunch, matt took me to the living room leaving the others to clean the kitchen.

“Allie, do you understand what’s happening here?” he asked.

“I understand what you’re saying but I don’t understand how it’s possible for me to be the mate to five of you.” I replied.

Matt looked surprised.

“That wasn’t the question that I was expecting” he said with a smile.

“What question were you expecting?” I asked.

“I was expecting you to ask if we were really werewolves, some mates still question it even though they see It.” he replied.

I could understand that but I knew and trusted what I saw.

“I have a question for you.” I said, “Why did you wait to come to me?”

“It’s like I said earlier, if we had come in the spring or summer you wouldn’t have let us in. Believe me when I say that we wanted to come long before now, it was all that we could do to stay away from you. One of us was always nearby, you were never really alone.”

It hit me that he probably knew about the hiker, I felt the need to explain but Matt shushed me.

“No explanations are necessary, we didn’t expect you to be celibate and it’s not like you had a constant stream of men passing through.” he told me.

“You’re not angry?” I asked.

“No, we’re not angry. You didn’t know about us and if you had you wouldn’t have had sex with him. But I do have some things to tell you so that you can make an informed decision about whether to become our mate or not.”

Matt patted his lap indicating that I should sit there. I hesitated, I had never sat in anyone’s lap before and I thought myself too big for that kind thing, when I told him that he became irritated.

“Never say anything negative about yourself; we think that you are perfect as you are. Ask any of the others and they will tell you the exact same thing. I also speak for all of us when I say that we love you and will do whatever we need to in order to make you happy.”

I was dumbfounded.

“How can you say that? You don’t know anything about me.”

“You can learn a lot about a person by watching them.” Matt said, “And we know all we need to know. We belong together. What other questions do you have?”

I couldn’t think of anything but he did.

“Allie, our home is about one hundred miles north of here, there are many of us and as I explained, we are the ruling family. I am the leader of our pack and my brothers are my cabinet if you want to think of it like that. You are our first lady, in other words you carry a lot of clout but I have the final say. Once you decide whether to mate with us, we have to leave here and go home. We can leave the house as it is and come back from time to time if you like but we can’t live here.

If anything was going to be a deal breaker, then that was it. Leave my house? Matt didn’t say anything as I thought of a million things. I made myself slow down and take one thing at a time starting with the most important thing. I finally got what I wanted and it was better than I could have dreamed, was I going to let the fact that I couldn’t live in my house going to stop me from doing what I had always wanted and needed? Then I had another thought, babies? How would I know who the father was? And would it be born looking like as human or a furry little creature? I decided to ask.

“It won’t matter who the father is, we will all be their fathers as to what they will look like when they are born, they will look human and will grow as human children do until they are twenty-one. By then they will know how to survive in the world as a werewolf.”

I really needed time to think about this and I couldn’t do it sitting in Matt’s lap. What I really needed was to go for a walk but the storm was still raging but had decreased in its intensity. Matt let me up to go to my room. I lay on the bed where we all had just made love not that long ago and closed my eyes. These men accepted me as I was, they even considered me beautiful. I was being treated like a queen and I was completely sated sexually. What in the hell was I waiting for? Suddenly I realized that I was making this much harder than it needed to be, it was a yes or no question, did I want to be with the five of them? Yes, did I want to live with them for thousands of years? Yes, I wanted to wake up in a bed with the five of them surrounding me, have their children whether they are puppies or human.

I went back downstairs and found the four of them looking through my DVD collection.

“Cool! She doesn’t watch chick flicks!” Louis said happily.

“Amen to that!” Kevin said, “But look at her martial arts collection!” he said obviously pleased.

They were so engrossed with looking at my movies that they weren’t aware that I was standing behind them.

“Hey, she’s got the whole Ken Burns documentary on the civil war.” Matt said impressed, “and Gettysburg.” he added.

Paul was the only one who hadn’t commented yet but he soon did.

“She’s got like a ton of cook books! I hope that she brings them with her if she comes with us.”

I made a small noise and as one they turned around.

“I made my decision.” I said quietly.

The four of them stood frozen in place waiting for me to speak.

“Yes,” I said.

It took several seconds for it to sink in but when it did, I found myself surrounded by four big men. Matt picked me up first and kissed me before passing me to Kevin who passed me to Paul who then passed me to Louis who handed me back to Matt.

After the excitement died down, Matt sent me upstairs for a nap.

“You’re going to need it.” he said as he hugged me again.

I went back upstairs and lay down. The bed seemed too big without the others in it; I jumped when I heard someone behind me.

“Want some company?” Matt asked.

To be truthful, I did; I didn’t want to be alone and it wasn’t because of fear. I patted the empty space next to me. In three strides, he was at the side of the bed and then I was in his arms, I wanted to talk but he wanted me to sleep.

“Close your eyes.” he said as he lightly stroked my arm.

He spoke in a low soft voice that would lull any insomniac to sleep. When I woke up it was time for dinner, Paul had outdone himself. The pork roast was cooked to perfection with carrots and potatoes. Dessert was apple pie made from canned apples; I would definitely have to take my cookbooks for him. We talked quietly throughout the meal, apparently this mating thing was a big deal but I wasn’t nervous anymore, I was ready to do this.

After dinner, I was sent back upstairs.

“Take a nice hot shower and we’ll be up shortly.” Matt said.

Each of them kissed me murmuring a “thank you” against my lips afterwards. I wondered where the fifth brother was and when I would meet him. I took my time in the shower; I wanted to be sure that I was as clean as possible. When I came out of the bathroom, they were waiting for me, each of them holding a white ties and Matt held a blindfold.

Matt led me to the bed and sat me down.

“Allie, these are the ties of mating. You will be tied to the bed with these; it is a symbol that you trust us to care for you and not to cause you any unnecessary pain unless you wish it. Since our fifth brother isn’t here, I will apply his for him; the blindfold is for me to apply. Remember that I told you that the only real pain that you will feel is when we mark you but we will do it with as little pain as possible. If you need to stop, just say so and we’ll stop to let you rest.”

I had been under the impression that this wouldn’t take more than an hour or so, I was seriously mistaken.

“Just how long does this take?” I asked.

“All night, the marking will come at the end of the night. Are you ready for us?” Matt asked.

“Just one.” I replied, “What’s your last name?”

“Christianson and by the end of the night, that will be your name as well.”

Matt helped me into the bed and tied my right wrist to the bedpost while Kevin did the left one. Paul tied the right foot while Louis tied the left. After checking several times to make sure that the binds weren’t too tight, Matt applied the blindfold. I heard murmurs of approval as I lay quietly entrusting my safety into the hands of these men.

It seemed like a long time before anyone spoke but when they did, it was Matt.

“It is with great joy that we claim this woman Allie Walker as our mate. Allie we welcome you and pledge to you all that is ours including our bodies, our hearts, our souls and our minds. We swear that you will always be kept safe even at the cost of our lives.”

There was a moment of silence and then they started singing a song whose words I didn’t understand. Later I found out that it was a song only sung at matings such as ours. It was probably one of the most beautiful songs that I had ever heard. Its meaning was clear even though I didn’t understand the words. When the song was over, I heard the bedroom door open and then close.

“This is the part of the ceremony where each of us gets to spend time alone with you. We will each say the vows that we have prepared for you, none of us knows what the other is going to say but as Alpha, I go first followed by Kevin, then Louis and Paul. If the other brother were here, he would go after Kevin.”

I lay there blindfolded and bound to the bed as Matt said his vows to me, I cried as he promised love, protection and encouragement. I tried to stop crying, I still had three more men to go through. When he was finished, he kissed me and told me that he loved me. By the time Paul was through, the blindfold was soaked.

“Keep your eyes closed.” Paul said and then he replaced the soaked blindfold with a dry one.

Once again the bedroom door opened and I heard the other three walk in. I couldn’t tell who was where but only that all of them were there. I gasped when I felt a warm mouth on each of my nipples and another latch onto my clit. A fourth pair of hands massaged warm oil into my skin, I don’t know who was doing what when the orgasm came but it came hard and fast knocking the wind from my sails. I must have fainted because the next thing I knew; there was a cool wash cloth pressed against my forehead and a glass pressed against my lips.

“Welcome back baby.” Matt said as he gave me a sip of water, “Just little sips.” he said as he gave me another sip.

They gave me a ten minute respite before beginning again, I was moaning again and pulling against my restraints a few minutes later, I wanted to touch them. Paul whispered in my ear, “soon sweetheart.” I felt something being applied to my nipples, clamps but not the kind meant to cause pain; these were the rubber coated ones. I felt a tongue flicking across the tips of my nipples as the clamps vibrated on low speed, I cried out when I felt a vibrator against my clit and another against my anus each rubbing until I screamed. This orgasm was more intense than any I had had and I just couldn’t take anymore. I loved what was happening but I had to regroup. My mouth and mouth was dry from screaming so much and I needed to use the bathroom.

“Matt, I have to stop, I can’t….”

“It’s alright, you’re doing great.” he assured me.

I was released from my binds but told to keep my eyes closed until they left the room. Why I don’t know and it really didn’t matter. When I heard the door close, I opened my eyes; someone had thought enough to leave the lights off but the bathroom lights on. When I came out a large glass of orange juice sat on the bedside table, I gulped it down without stopping.

Thirty minutes later, there was a tap on the door. I was soon tied to the bed and blindfolded again. For the next thirty minutes, they talked to me about whatever came to mind. I was beginning to recognize each man by his touch. Matt’s touch was firm but gentle; it was the same no matter what he was doing whether it is sucking my clit or my nipples. Kevin’s touch was pure eroticism, he was the one that was massaging me with warm oil; he would make one hell of a massage therapist. Paul’s touch was the opposite of Matt’s, it was soft, teasing and he would be able to keep me on the edge of orgasm for hours if he chose to and then there was Louis, he was in a class all by himself, he was a combination of all three brothers present and probably the fourth, he had the most creative tongue of all of them but the others weren’t far behind. I couldn’t wait to find out what the fifth brother was like.

I lost track of how many orgasms I had and gave up trying to keep count. I felt my legs being untied and lifted in the air and then my hands were released. The blindfold remained on as Kevin lifted my head and gave me a drink of water.

“The time for the marking has come.” Matt said from between my legs, “we will each come inside of you and will mark you, you in turn will mark each of us wherever you choose.” he added.

I felt mouths on my nipples, Kevin and Paul’s. My legs were being held open by Louis as wide as they could go. I cried out when Matt slammed into me, he pumped slowly and deeply and when he felt me tighten around his cock, my legs were released so that he could lean forward. I felt a bite on my right shoulder and then warm blood trickle down and being lapped up. By the time the orgasm was over, the pain was gone leaving a dull ache that could be relieved by Advil and a hot shower. Matt’s orgasm began just as mine ended. I was vaguely aware of biting him although I couldn’t say where. I heard his howl of pain mixed in with the pleasure of his release.

Kevin was next. His mark going on my left shoulder, then Paul who marked me just below Matt and finally Louis whose mark was just below Kevin’s I wondered where the fifth mark would go. In each case, I knew that I had bitten a man, werewolf I mean but I didn’t know where. It turns out that I had bitten each man on the back of his left hand a fact that pleased them.

“It means that you love each of us equally.” Kevin explained.

By this time, I was punch drunk from exhaustion and I giggled uncontrollably causing my new mates to chuckle.

“Time to sleep love.” Matt said as he curled his body around mine.

“Okey dokey!” I replied giggling.

“She’s really looped.” Louis said laughing.

I woke up that evening feeling like I had been run over by a truck. Both shoulders hurt, oh hell; all of me hurt and let’s not forget the fever, chills, nausea and vomiting. Two of them were always with me, one to take me to the bathroom and the other to change the bed. The other two were in the kitchen preparing what they called the wedding meal. Through out the twenty-four hour process, they kept giving me sips of something that tasted like boiled weeds.

“Drink it; it will help with the pain and nausea.” Matt said as he poured the vile stuff into my mouth. I don’t know when I actually fell into a real sleep but I didn’t wake up until the next evening. Matt was sitting on the side of the bed reading when I finally woke up. The bed was clean and I was wearing a clean nightgown.

“Welcome back.” he greeted.

“Is it over?” I asked.

“It’s over for us; you still have a brother to mate with. You gave a good mark.” He said holding up his left hand.

I winced, that had to have hurt.

“Did it hurt?” I asked feeling guilty.

“Hell yeah! But it’s fine. See? It’s already healed.”

A tap on the door interrupted us.

“Enter.” Matt called.

Kevin, Paul and Louis came into the bedroom.

“How is our mate?” Paul asked as he greeted me with a kiss.

“I’m fine, how are you guys?” I asked.

“Perfect!” Kevin said as he held up his left hand. I had marked each of them on the left hand. I had a vague recollection of Matt saying that it was a good thing.

“I hope that you’re hungry.” Louis said, “Dinner is ready.”

I was famished, and dinner was fabulous like always. The storm had let up but we weren’t going anywhere for at least three more days. We used the time to pack up my books and whatever else I thought I might want. I had to remember that they only had a truck so I couldn’t take my rocking chair and my hope chest.

“We’ll send someone after it in the spring.” Matt told me.

During that time my education as a werewolf began, the first attempts to change were hilarious and I could tell they were trying hard not to laugh.

“Come on guys, this is as funny as hell!” I said when I looked in the mirror and saw only one ear had managed to change.

What I found interesting was that Matt told me that not all female mates are able to change; it’s something that is found out once the attempt is made, no one knows why not all of us can change but it was clear that I had the capability if only I could learn how.

Three days later, we were ready to go. I had very mixed feelings about leaving my home but I was excited at the same time. The phones were working and Matt made several phone calls as the others packed the truck. I took one last look around, walked out and locked the door. My van was already parked in the garage that I hardly ever used.

“Ready to go love?” Matt asked.

I nodded and climbed into the truck sitting between Matt and Kevin in the front seat.

“We need to go into town first.” Matt said as he pulled out of my driveway.

I thought that odd since town was in the opposite direction of where we were heading but I didn’t say anything. An hour later, we were pulling up into the parking lot of Tony’s store.

“It’s time for you to meet your last mate.” Kevin said as he helped me from the truck.

The four of them led me into the store. Tony came out from the back and hugged each of the brothers. I realized now why the others looked familiar. Tony was the fifth brother; it explained why he was so concerned about me and why he tried so hard to get me into bed. He saw me staring at him and grinned.

“Tony Christianson at your service but damn you’re a hard one to get into bed!”

“You knew who I was?” I asked.

“Yes, I knew. I was sent to keep an eye on you.” he replied, “let’s roll, we have dibs on the third seat and lost time to make up for not to mention a mark to give and receive. By the way, strip and put your coat back on.”

“What?” I asked shocked.

“Strip and put your coat on, I can’t wait to taste you again.” he said licking his lips.

Apparently the deal was that since he wasn’t there for the mating, he got me to himself for the entire ride home. As soon as we were in the truck, Tony wasted no time in taking my coat off and laying me back on the seat. In no time flat, he was as naked as I was and hard, he got between my legs and put them over his shoulders, he teased and sucked at me until I was screaming for him to let me come but he ignored me pulling away just before the orgasm came. Finally tired of teasing me, he took my clit into his mouth and sucked hard. Even before the orgasm was over, he was inside of me saying his vows in my ear as he pumped in and out with slow but steady strokes. I felt his cock grow inside of me and then I felt his mark go just above my left breast. It hurt like hell but then it was over with. I took his left hand and bit exactly in the same spot as I had the others. He howled in pain and pleasure as he emptied deep inside of me.

It took me a minute to realize that we weren’t moving; I heard soft moans coming from the seats in front of us. The other four were stroking themselves to orgasm. I spent the rest of the trip straddled across Tony’s lap sitting on his cock. It didn’t take me long to realize that of the five of them he was the one with the greatest stamina. By the time we got to where we were going, I was sore but not unpleasantly so and he was still rock hard, I was giggling again as he carried me up the stairs and into the bathroom.

This had to be the biggest bathroom that I had ever seen, not that I’ve seen that many bathrooms. Tony put me on my feet holding on to me so that I wouldn’t fall and stripped with one hand until one of the others came in to help. Matt got into the huge Jacuzzi/bathtub first; he sat down and got settled before Tony helped me in. I sat in front of Matt between his legs with my back resting against his chest, the others got in and sat as close to me as they could. I was no longer giggling but totally relaxed in the tub with my guys. The question I had was why Tony didn’t tell me who he was.

“Every time you walked into the store, I had to bite my tongue but it wasn’t my place to tell you. I had to wait until Matt talked to you first. I spent the entire storm jacking off to the memory of our two times together and imagining all that they were doing to that beautiful body of yours. Allie, I’m glad that you’re here, all of us are.” Tony said; his voice filled with emotion.

After we were out of the tub, five pairs of hands dried me off and oiled my skin. I was rapidly adjusting to being cared for by five men.

“Time for dinner and then we turn in early. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.” Matt said as he handed me a pair of pajamas.

“What’s happening tomorrow?” I asked.

“The rest of the pack knows that you’re here and they’re going to want to meet you so tomorrow we’ll be available for a meet and greet. Tomorrow night is the mating reception; it’s basically a party but a formal one.”

Reception? I had nothing to wear to something like that. As if reading my mind Paul assured me that I had a dress that they had picked out for me.

“You went shopping for me?” I asked nervously. What if it didn’t fit or it was some funky shade of green? I thought.

“Tony told us your skin tone and the colors that you seemed to favor and a rough estimate on your size and I have to say he was pretty much on the money.”

I imagined five gorgeous men in the dress department and laughed.

“I bet you got plenty of funny looks.” I said.

“You bet we did!” Kevin said laughing, “But I think that you’ll like our choice.”

Dinner was cooked by one of the house staff and was delicious but I thought that Paul was the better cook but then I wasn’t being exactly objective. Matt introduced me to the head of the household staff.

“Marshall this is our mate Allie Christianson. Allie this is Marshall. He runs the house so if there’s anything that you need or want he’s the one to make it happen.”

Instead of shaking my hand, Marshall gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“That is standard pack greeting for newcomers.” Matt explained when he saw how startled I was.

By the time dinner was over, I was stuffed. I made some off hand comment about if they kept feeding me like this that I would be fatter than I was. There was a stony silence around the table which was broken by Matt.

“I told you once before that I don’t want to hear any negative comments about yourself but if it makes you feel any better, you will always be as you are and as far as we are concerned you’re perfect.”

“I wasn’t being negative.” I replied, “I was just stating fact.”

“Allie, if we were meant to have a beanpole as a wife we would have been given one, we are more than pleased with you. Now let’s finish dessert so that we can tuck you in.” Matt said.

I soon found out what “tucking” me in entailed. Each of them brought me to orgasm at least once before coming themselves. By the time all five of them finished with me, I was exhausted, in minutes I was sound asleep with five bodies surrounding me.

I was wakened with a gentle but insistent thrust between my legs and a mouth on my nipple. I opened my eyes to see the top of Matt’s dark head as he sucked a nipple. Kevin was the one with his cock between my legs, I came first then Matt and Kevin followed shortly afterwards. One would think that I would be sore after so much lovemaking; I was but not enough to tell them to stop. I wondered where the other three were and asked.

“They’re making sure that everything is ready for the meet and greet today and the reception tonight.” Kevin replied, “They’ll sneak off with you later for a quickie.” he added kissing me.

All too soon it was time to get up and face my new world. We dressed casually, all of us in tee shirts, jeans and tennis shoes. After a quick breakfast, we sat in the enclosed and heated front porch and waited for the first visitor.

“Where will the reception be?” I asked hoping that it wasn’t going to be outside.

“We have a building that is used for meetings and things like that.” Paul replied.

The one thing that I truly loved was being touched and it didn’t have to be in a sexual manner and with these guys, someone was always touching me. I was going to ask a question when the first visitors of the day approached. It was a young family and when I say young, they were less than two-hundred years old and they had just had their first baby. It was an adorable little girl that they named Angela, I thought that it was a fitting name because she really did look like a little angel.

After they left, I wanted to know how old my guys were so I asked.

“I’m the oldest at seven hundred, after that we are about fifty years apart.” Matt said.

“Wow.” I said, “You are old!”

The day was progressing quickly with Louis, Paul and Tony getting in their quickies whenever they could. Then around four, it kind of went to hell. We were talking among ourselves when all five of them tensed.

“What?” I asked looking round for the source of the tension.

Matt stood up, took my hand and placed me behind him.

“Sweetheart, I need for you to stay where you are and don’t say anything.”


“Shush now.” he said cutting me off.

The other four stood next to Matt, two on his left and two on his right shoulder to shoulder.

“Vincent.” Matt said in a cool voice, “what brings you here?”

“I came to meet your supposed mate.” he said in a voice that was just as cool as Matt’s.

Supposed? What did he mean by that? I wondered. I also wondered why Matt didn’t want me to meet this man. My gut told me to keep quiet and I listened to it, I stepped up closer to Matt and cuddled against his back. I could feel the tightness of his muscles but I felt no fear coming from him as he spoke to Vincent.

“You know that she is here, most of the pack has already met her.”

“But I haven’t.” Vincent replied, “It is my right as pack to do so.”

“It is also our rights as her mate to deny you that. If you want to meet her, it will be tonight and only in our presence.” Matt replied.

I heard Vincent snicker.

“What’s the matter Matt? Afraid that she’ll want a real wolf?” he asked.

The other four of my mates let out low growls of anger.

“Stand down.” Matt commanded, his voice holding a trace of amusement.

“You have our answer, leave now.” Matt said the humor in his voice gone and replaced by authority.

Vincent must have hesitated because none of them relaxed until he was gone. Matt turned around and hugged me.

“Thank you for obeying us.”

“Who was that?” I asked.

“That is Vincent O’Dell. He is of the opinion that he is more qualified to be pack leader than we are. He believes that we are too soft and that the humans and werewolf should be kept separated with the exception of the occasional human female who is a mate to one of us. He’s been waiting for a long time to challenge me and now that you’re here, it will happen.” Matt said.

“What does that mean?” I asked alarmed.

“It means that he is going to challenge me for the position of pack leader.”

“How does he do that? Does he pick a number out of a hat or something?” I asked.

“No love.” Kevin said rubbing my back, “we fight.”

“Fight? As in to the death?” I asked. I was beginning to panic.

“Worse case scenario, yes. The best case scenario is that we will be exiled from the pack.” Kevin said.

I was shocked and horrified that I could lose one of my mates.

“Let him have it! We can go back to my house.” I said already beginning to cry.

“Sweetheart, it isn’t that simple.” Matt said.

“Why not?” I asked, “We just get back into the truck and leave.”

Matt held me close as I cried, this could not be happening.

“I promise you that I won’t get killed.” Matt said.

“You can’t possibly know that!” I said pulling away from him.

“I can say that because I have something that he doesn’t- you.”

I didn’t understand everything that was happening but I did know this, they hadn’t told me everything.

“What aren’t you telling me?” I asked.

“Matt, we have to tell her.” Louis said as he stroked my arm.

“Will somebody please tell me what’s going on?” I yelled.

Matt took my hand and led me into the living room, sat down and pulled me into his lap. The other four surrounded us their hands on me. Matt gave me a few minutes to settle down before he spoke.

“Allie, if I lose the fight, not only could I be killed or exiled; Vincent will take you as his mate.”

“NO!” I screamed as I jumped out of Matt’s lap, “I’ll die first, please lets just go!”

I stood in the middle of the floor and begged them to leave.

“Baby, we can’t.” Matt said as he stood up and walked over to me. “If we left without fighting, we would be hunted and you would never be safe. I won’t do that to you, if by some chance I would die; Kevin would be next in line and it will be fine.”

“Fine! How will it be fine if I lose you? I would rather spend my life running and have all of you instead of losing one of you.”

Matt took my face in his hands and made me look up at him.

“Allie, do you trust me?” he asked.

“Yes but…”

“Do you trust me when I say that I’m not going to die?”

I closed my eyes and opened them.

“I believe that you’ll do your best not to.” I replied.

In spite of the situation, Matt laughed.

“Fair enough. But I’m going to make a promise to you, I am promising you that I am not going to die. I know that you’re frightened and understandably so but when this is over the six of us will be going to bed together.”

All five of my guys surrounded me and hugged me but I had one last thing to say.

“Matthew Christianson, if you die on me I swear to god, I’ll kill you again!”

As I dressed for the reception, I said several prayers for Matt and his safety. I now had an idea of how a woman must feel when her man goes off to war; it gave me a whole new respect for them. I meant what I said when I said that I would die before allowing Vincent to touch me. I sensed cruelty from him; he would hurt me just because I belonged to Matt and his brothers.

I put on the dress and looked at myself in the mirror, it was beautiful. They had chosen well. It was a deep red in color, the style accentuating my positives like my breasts and relatively small waist and downplaying what I considered to be my negatives, my hips and ass. There were a pair of pumps that added about two inches to my height.

Matt came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

“You are so beautiful.” he murmured.

He led me downstairs where the other four were waiting. I gave a little curtsy when they clapped and whistled.

“Before we go to the reception, we have something for you.” Paul said as they all lined up in front of me.

When they were in place, he took a small black box out of his suit pocket.

“We had this made when we realized that we would be sharing a mate.” Paul said as he took the ring out of the box.

It was beautifully made; my birthstone which is amethyst was in the middle surrounded by five diamonds.

“Please accept this ring as a symbol of our never ending love and devotion.” he said as he slipped it onto my finger. It was a perfect fit.

Louis then stepped forward with another box and opened it. There were five wedding bands each identical to the one I had but the stones were smaller. I took a ring out of the box and starting with Matt repeated the words that had been said to me. When I had placed the ring on the hand of the last man, I stood in front of them and told them that I loved them. I didn’t have to say it to each man, it was understood that I meant all of them.

I tried to push the challenge out of my mind but I knew that it was going to happen. It only made sense, everyone was going to be there and Vincent struck me as a showoff. By nine, I began to relax; maybe Vincent had changed his mind. I had just let out a sigh of relief when I heard Vincent’s voice.

“Matthew Christianson! I challenge you for the position of pack leader!”

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