I originally posted this story almost two years ago, but lost the other parts of the story when my computer crashed. I am reposting this part and will be posting the other parts of the story over the next few weeks as I finish retyping them. While I may post some fictional stories in the future, all of the events in this one and the other parts to follow are completely true. My wife hopes you enjoy a peek into my sexual life. It may not be for everyone, but it is the path that my wife has chosen for us. She instructed me to ask for your feedback and to ask in each part of the story for suggestions from you as to cruelties and humiliations that her sissy should be forced to endure in service to her and for her pleasure. She thanks you for your input.


My wife is a classy and refined southern lady, who happens to be extremely beautiful and sexy in a very polished, professional way. From the beginning of our relationship, she has been very adventurous sexually, which was a very happy surprise initially as she was, for all anyone else knew, a proper sorority girl, well bred and gracious. As a result, we have always had a lot of fun in bed and out. We also have developed a deep comfort level that allows us to be very open and honest with each other concerning our quirks and desires without fear of rejection or ridicule.

Early in our marriage, I confessed to her that I had always enjoyed wearing women’s panties, stockings, and clothing, going back to trying on my older sister’s clothes as a child and continuing through my teens into adulthood. I adore the feeling of wearing silky, feminine things. I also gradually revealed to her that I have a submissive side despite my success in a very competitive business environment. She indulged me reluctantly at first, letting me dress up from time to time. It started slowly with a few of her things and then she eventually bought me a few pairs of tights and other fun things. Those purchases led to very sexy high heeled shoes, nothing trashy, but rather something like she would wear. You cannot imagine my delight with her and with my situation.

As we progressed further down this path of indulgence of my feminine side, she became more comfortable dominating me and using me for her pleasure. Nothing cheesy like in bad novels or porno movies, but more subtle and sexy– making me dress up, making me confess my most humiliating desires, and using my mouth and body for her pussy’s satisfaction. She is now in total control, which is the ultimate bondage.

She has commanded me to tell you the latest story of my loss of control. So here I sit dressed in black panties, black cable knit tights, a control brief, black camisole shaper top, and a black knit dress, wearing trendy black booties with 4 inch heels, ready to share my humiliation.

Her latest cruelty is to take total control over my orgasms. I am not allowed to cum without her permission for weeks at a time, never knowing when, or even if, I will be allowed to cum again. There is no chastity device involved I am just supposed to control it no matter how she touches me, sucks me, or rides my cock to multiple orgasms in her rightful place on top. No masturbation. No orgasm, period. I am fairly good at controlling myself, but, after several days of stimulation by this beautiful woman while she takes her pleasure, the tension is deliciously unbearable. As I work during the day, I have the most perverse thoughts. She makes me shave my legs and body every morning to further my feminization under her control. When I get home I am made to immediately put panties on over my shaved legs, adding to my heightened state of sexual awareness. I am also made to fully dress in panties, stockings or tights, dresses, and heels, when it suits her mood. Imagine being able to intensely feel the presence of your cock and balls with every movement throughout the day.

One night, only about two weeks into one of her periods of orgasm control, she had me go down on her for an extended period of licking her delightful pussy and then climbed on me and impaling herself on my cock to take her pleasure in her favorite way. As she rocked on my cock, grinding her clit into my body, she shivered and moaned with her first powerful orgasm. I grabbed her hips and squeezed her tight with my hands, pushing her down onto my body as she came again with a gasp. I was doing fine, enjoying her pleasure and resisting the urge to cum. Then, pushing my arms above my head, she continued her assault on my cock, rocking back and forth in furious rhythm. As she was riding the wave of her fourth climax, I felt her orgasmic juices dripping down my balls. All of a sudden from deep inside me came that familiar urge. I fought to hold back the spasms as she was clearly past the point of no return, hoping I could make it until she stopped. As she finished her orgasm, I began to spasm, coaxed by her final strokes back and forth on my cock. I tried desperately to resist, but could not and semen dribbled out of me as she came to a stop, ruining my orgasm, removing any pleasure, but not my transgression.

Ashamed, I confessed my loss of control. She admonished me for my weakness and informed me that, since I could not control myself, I would have no stimulation, not so much as a touch or a breath until she decided I had paid for my failure. She instructed me to think about my failure and to come up with my own suggestions as to proper punishment for my loss of control. As I tried to go to sleep that night and into the next morning I began to imagine what might show her my regret and impress upon her how truly sorry I was for my failure.

In an attempt to satisfy her demand, I developed the following list of tasks to please her and show my contrition. In a further attempt to entertain her I wrote them in verse emailing her one at a time as she requested. My “grovel” read like this:

I love you my beautiful queen princess.
I want you to know how sorry I am for my failure to suppress.

This novice “girl” wants to apologize for her sudden male emission.
She is ashamed that she dribbled without your permission.

Your teasing and control had me in such exquisite tension.
Your wanton beauty rocking conquered all powers of retention.

For that I am very remorseful and if it is any consolation,
this accident had no pleasurable sensation.

My release was ruined by your merciful finish and my shame.
The erotic edge remains as if my failure never came,

but that does not excuse my failure to sustain.
I deserve every punishment, deeply sorry, in your control I remain.

I know and accept that my punishment will include some time without touch.
A girl can only hope it will not be too much.

In the verses that follow I will suggest paths of sissy penitence.
In an attempt to please you into lightening my sentence.

The first task is to show you how wonderful a long massage feels.
My sissy punishment is to do it “butt plugged” in an outfit, hose, and heels.

I am sorry that I disappointed you and failed you I fear.
For your pleasure I will keep my tongue in your rear.

As often and long as you want licking your ass, no stopping, I am clear.
I want to show you my contrition and serve you my dear.

This sissy needs to learn her pleasure to resist,
by taking your hand in my ass all the way to the wrist.

Corseted and stockinged like a true strumpet,
made to perform as your anal hand puppet.

Perhaps some prideful dignity could be removed by a full bag enema detox.
You laugh as I struggle to take it all in my pumps and knee sox.

Or maybe a dance fully dressed and made up for ballet.
Stretched and rehearsed to dance any male pride away.

I will bring you your Magic Wand and Trigasm.
And suck on your toes,

while you enjoy every spasm.
Your humiliated sissy in panties, tights, and stilettos.

This girl’s shame is great for having failed,
for your entertainment I should be dressed and impaled.

On objects selected by you to be seen,
I am sure you will test this sissy size queen.

Maybe you just need to get straight down to it,
right to the real culprit and punish my clit.

Strapped tightly to the spreader bar.
Black stockinged high heeled legs stretched apart very far,
you torture my parts while I beg you to stop.

When I arrived home from work that day, my wife was still disappointed in my weakness, but she said she liked the thought and effort. She said that, after one week of punishment by total denial, we could begin working through the list to complete my sentence.

So in the next part of the story you will see my deliciously cruel wife uses these tasks to humiliate me.

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