I always wanted to try something with him. See the idea of him dominating me was lustful, the idea of watching him taking some other unsuspecting fool was arousing (as a one time thing…I’m not with the hole “fuck buddy” movement) then the idea of him taking another man came into play (and I’m not sure how) It was repulsing at first, but as slowly becoming a thought of interest. Then I thought of me doing it myself. The thought was alluring.

So I asked him.

“Even though it’s not gay, no.”

“Why not?”

“Why would I?”

“Because you might like it.”

He pauses, “Any guy would.”

My eyebrows raise in surprise, “What?”

“It’s been proven because of some sort of stimulation, you could make a guy cum if you went deep enough.”

“Then let me try it!”


“Why can’t I?”

“Why do you want to?”

“Cause…” what’s my reason…”Cause I wanna see if you like how it feels like I do…I like making you feel good.”

“What if I already know how it feels?”

“Do you?”


I frown, he kisses me and we go our separate ways, he tries to cheer me up by saying he has a surprise for me.

3 days later he was teaching me more about bondage.

“Baby, after this, can we be romantic for a while?”

He leans down and kisses me, “Yes love, we can do whatever you want,” kiss, “Whenever you want to,” kiss, “But for now, let me teach.”

He starts rubbing his dick over my face, “Give him a kiss.”

This was an inside thing for us referring to our body parts as if they were people.

He lifted my head up a little to meet my lips and I kissed it. “He wants to play hide and seek in your throat but..” he moved himself from my mouth to my pussy. I was like a pool (his favorite comparison) and I wanted him to take a dive, I was urning for it. He moves it from my pussy to my ass. Disappointment, but at the same time excitement. He always did like my ass better. “Right now he wants that sexy ass of yours.”

We were in standard missionary, he was lifting my legs as they wrapped around his back. He looks down and me, and moves the hair from my face.

The sensation of his tongue on my nipples was sinful, he bites hard on it, and I let out a moan, “And…why does he like ass so much?”

He laughs,and starts to push in, “Because ass squeezes him so tight…and ass is so warm..and she always lets him in.”

By the time he’s done talking he’s all in. Still in missionary, he lifts my hips a little higher so my ass isn’t completely on the bed.

“Ooh…baby…you could’ve let me ride you.”

He smacks my ass once as hard as he could, “No I didn’t want you to ride it.”

At first he was moving slow, now he as becoming more aggressive, his strokes became harder, and his thrust more violent, causing me to gasp whenever he slammed into me. “I wanted to do it…I wanted to smack it…to ram it…to fill it with my cum.”

I was starting to feel that stirring in me. I was going to burst if I didn’t cum. Up until this point he had buried his face in my neck panting, as if he was acting out of raw instinct. Now he as biting my neck, pushing me closer to my climax.

My baby had done this all of 3 times. Making me scream that is. He had done this 3 times, as long as bringing tears to my eyes in unbridled passionate pleasure. Today he was close to both.He started going even faster, and I felt my release eating away at me. I felt my throat twitch, and my cit tingle, then it happened. I felt my body collapse into a scream, and I lost all the breath I had in me.

He pulled out and laughed, caressed my shoulders then stroked my hair, “Feel good baby?”

“Yes love…oh yes.”

He goes to the bathroom and gets 2 hot wash cloths. He wrapped one around his dick and starts to stroke it in my mouth until he cums.

“That’s it baby, take it all.”

Then he pulls out limp, and unties me from the bed, allowing my body to fully relax. Then he begins to massage my lower back and my ass with his other towel to soothe me. And after, he wraps me in his embrace and tells me how much he loves me.

“You’re beautiful baby,” he holds me in his arms, “I love you so much.”

I liked when we laid like this, when we ould have our most intense moments, then simmer down into a calm, relaxing cuddle. For a while we laid, and when I was sure he had fallen asleep I staggered off to the bathroom smiling, it was time for him to get a taste of his own dick.

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