“You wanted to talk, so talk.”

I crossed my legs, letting the skirt ride up my thighs in an attempt to show him what he would be missing from here on out. His eyes glanced briefly at the swell of my generous breasts pressed against my peach colored blouse. My nipples got instantly hard. I don’t know what it was about this asshole that my body couldn’t get enough of him, especially in uniform.

“I wasn’t trying to hurt you. I didn’t even know the girl! She came out of nowhere and next thing I know, she’s on her knees in front of me, pulling my dick out to suck it. I didn’t fuck her though.”

Even as I felt rage fill me, I felt my pussy start to get wet at the sound of his voice, at the vision of another woman kneeling in front of my husband, sucking his dick. I got up, my back to him, and stared out the window.

“If that’s all you have to say, get out.”

The rustle of fabric was the only sound I heard as he made his way to the door.



I’ve never seen him move so fast. My back was slammed into the wall, the frame containing a picture of us on the beach crashing to the floor. He spread my legs with his, my blouse bunched in his fist, his hips pinning me.

“I’m not leaving till we talk this out. You aren’t going to push me and expect me to just go like I’m some punk.”

My heart was pounding in my chest, and even as fear gripped me, I wanted him to press his body closer. I nervously licked my lips. His hands moved down to my wrists, locking them behind my back, pushing my breasts into his chest.

“That’s the problem these days; you women think you run the show…not today baby. This is my fucking house, you’re my fucking woman and this is my fucking show.”

He transferred both my wrists to one of his hands, freeing the other one. His hand reached under my shirt, grabbing my breast and giving it a hard squeeze. He began to roll my nipple between his fingers, twisting it in an almost painful way. His lips were inches from my face, his eyes locked on mine. I felt a shudder run down my spine.

“I tried to do shit your way, now we’re going to do them my way.”

He wedged his legs between mine, forcing my skirt to ride up exposing the black lace of my thong. His handcuffs dug into the inside of my thigh, his hips pressing into me. I could feel his thick dick getting hard, and while a part of me wanted to scream, another part of me wanted to moan and beg for more. His hand continued to roll my nipple making it even harder, begging for the feel of his tongue. His lips started rubbing the side of my neck, his hips thrusting against me.

He released my wrists, going for my other breast. I placed my hands against his hard chest intending to push him away, but my body had a mind of its own. I grabbed his shirt, tearing at it until buttons popped and I could feel his naked skin against my palms. His chest was hard and smooth, his small nipples drilled into my palms and I couldn’t resist the urge to run my fingers against them.

His lips moved feverishly up my throat, capturing mine in a bruising kiss. His tongue invaded my mouth, fighting against mine for control. His hand moved to fist itself in my hair, pulling my head back, giving him better access to my mouth. I felt him pull my legs up onto his hips, caressing my ass through the fabric of my skirt, the full length of his hard, thick dick pressing into my pussy. My hips jerked back and forth, the friction of his pants against my clit making sparks fly through my body, making my pussy feel heavy and wet.

Suddenly his mouth was gone from mine and he was kneeling in front of me, his lips pressed against the folds of my sex, his tongue darting out to play with my clit. I reached for my own breasts, squeezing and caressing them as he lapped up my juices through the thong. He reached up and I heard the sound of fabric tearing as he exposed my pussy. His mouth engulfed me, his tongue pushing into me as he parted my lips with his fingers. I thrust my hips forward, wanting him to take more of me, wanting him to fuck me harder with his tongue. His tongue teased at my clit, circling it and then sliding down to my pussy, fucking me with it.

I felt his tongue slide further back, his hands pushing my hips forward until he was licking at my asshole, stiffening his tongue and assaulting my tight hole with it. I couldn’t stop moaning, I wanted more. I heard the sound of his zipper opening and suddenly he was standing again, the head of his dick pushing into my pussy, forcing me to open for him. His lips connected with mine once more, his tongue coated in my juices making me taste myself.

His hands grabbed at my thighs, hooking them around his waist while he put his beautiful dick in me. He thrust his full length into my sopping wet pussy, slamming me into the wall each time. His mouth latched onto my breast, pulling my nipple deep in his mouth, his tongue flicking back and forth against it. I felt myself about to cum, felt my pussy become engorged, ready to milk his dick with the contractions. My orgasm took my whole body, forcing his name from my throat in an uncontrollable moan, over and over as he continued to fuck me.

He pulled his dick out, forcing me onto my knees in front of him, feeding his dick into my mouth. I tasted my juices on his hard dick, licking him clean and sucking on the head while my hands massaged my wetness onto his balls. He pulled at my hair, forcing his dick in and out of my mouth. His hips were thrust forward, his head cocked back with his eyes closed. His dick slammed in and out of my mouth forcing me to take every inch. My tongue wrapped around the head, while my lips became locked around his thickness, squeezing him. I felt the head of his dick become more engorged right before he pulled it out.

He kneeled down next to me, turning me around and pushing on my back until I was on all fours in front of him. He rubbed the pre-cum on the head of his dick along the slit of my ass, teasing the entrance. I pushed my ass in his direction, needing his dick inside it, but he just kept teasing me with the head. I felt him slide his fingers in my pussy, collecting juices to slip into my ass. His fingers played with it, stretching my hole in preparation for his invasion.

“Please fuck my ass. I need your dick in my ass.”

My begging was for nothing, he spit onto my asshole, continuing to tease me with his fingers. Just when I felt I couldn’t take anymore, he slowly slid the head in, letting my asshole adjust to the size. His fingers played with my clit, stroking it and making it peek out from my folds.

He pushed more of his dick in, slowly pulling it out, just to push it in deeper. My hips started thrusting back towards him, and he pushed his full length into my ass, filling me in a way I hadn’t been filled before. He started fucking me, rocking his dick in and out of my hole, his fingers alternating between my clit and my pussy. His hand wrapped around my hair, pulling it until I had no choice but to lift my breasts off the floor.

He leaned back on his heels, his hand still pulling on my hair until I was sitting on him. My knees spread outside of his, my ass bouncing up and down on his dick, his fingers feverishly moving against my clit.

I could feel my body tensing, getting ready to release again. His breath caressed my ears with little groans, his hips like pistons pushing his dick deeper and deeper into my ass. I was going to cum again, there was no stopping me. I felt it build inside me.

Suddenly his hands grabbed my hips, pushing me harder onto his dick as he pushed up deeper. I felt the cum stream out of his dick, the spasms causing my body to shake as my own orgasm gripped me. I reached back, digging my nails into his ass, locking him inside me. He pushed my body forward, pumping his dick as his sweet cream filled my ass. He fell on top of me and then pulled me with him as he rolled to his side.

I felt his breathing steady out as he pulled his dick from me. My hips bucked, missing the fullness. I felt him get up, moving towards the bathroom as he fixed his clothes. I reached for the throw on the couch, my body too tired to move much but needing to conceal my nakedness. I covered myself as he stepped back into the living room.

He locked eyes with me, prowling towards me and hauling me up to him. He captured my mouth, his hand on the back of my head locking my lips to his. He released me, leaving me dazed and unable to speak as he made his way out the door, the throw held like a shield against my chest. He took one look over his shoulder, “This conversation isn’t over,” and closed the door behind him. I ran my shaking fingers against my lips, savoring the taste of him. No, it wasn’t over.

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