A reminder that this is a Non-Consent/Reluctance story. If you don’t want to read about sex where someone is put into that position, then stop now and move on.

From the last story

“No, I wouldn’t have either. In any case, do you feel like a little pussy right now?”

I smiled at her. “Why, do you know someone who has a little pussy?”

She smiled and punched me on the arm. “Asshole. You know better than anyone that mine is pretty small. It has tightened up rather nicely after having two kids, I think.”

I laughed. “Yes, Suzanne, you have a very nice tight cunt. Why don’t you suck me hard and then sit on my lap and I’ll fuck you to heaven. Then you can take your messy cunt home to Bill.”

“Exactly what I had in mind.” She came over and we did exactly that.

Recurring Cast

Dennis, 41 years old, 5′ 11″, 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, Cindy’s husband.

Cindy, 41 years old, 5′ 4″, 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, Dennis’ wife.

Diane, 41 years old, 5′ 7″, 140 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes, recently divorced friend of Cindy’s.

Becky, 38 years old, 5′ 9″, 155 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, Cindy’s friend, widow.

Jack, 42 years old, 6′, 185 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, Louise’s husband.

Louise, 38 years old, 5′ 4″, 130 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, Jack’s wife.

Jackie, 19 years old, 5’6″, 125 pounds, dark brown hair, blue eyes, neighbor girl.

Katy, 19 years old, 5’6″, 115 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, Jackie’s friend, now Dennis’ sub.

Suzanne, 36 years old, 5’5″, 125 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, neighborhood acquaintance.

Bill, 38 years old, 5’9″, 170 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, Suzanne’s husband.

I was in my office the next week, having taken a break from the wild times we were having. Katy was still our slave and living with us, but other than that, we were taking it easy. On Friday, it was almost 11:45 and getting close to lunch when I got a call from the front desk that I had a visitor named Suzanne. Since she had never come to my office, I wondered what she could want. I went to the front desk and she got a visitor’s badge and we went back to my office. We exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes and once we were in my office she smiled.

“Can you lock your door?”

“Yes, it locks. Let me get the key. It locks by key from both sides.” I retrieved it from my desk and locked the door, hoping that she was looking for sex.

Suzanne smiled at me. “I want you to drop your pants and sit down. You are going to get the blowjob of your life.”

I laughed. “Not that I would ever to say no to this, but might I ask why you show up in the middle of the day to make such an offer?”

She smiled as I dropped my pants and boxers and sat down, my dick already fattening at the sight of this beautiful woman who had promised to blow me. “Do you remember that job opportunity that you found for Bill?”

“Sure, how did it turn out?”

She started pulling her skirt up a little to allow herself more room to move her legs and kneel. “Well, he went over there and found it was some older machinery that he could easily fix by just making a few critical parts by hand. He has the machine tools in his workshop out back, so he did that. He got all of this working in very short order. The guy who hired him offered him a bonus of 10% of the sale of the equipment if he got it all working by today so that he could empty the warehouse and not pay for more lease time. Well, Bill was able to do that and helped the guy sell it for $270,000. That means we get a $27,000 bonus, which will definitely help with our expenses and college.” She kneeled down in front of me. “Then, on top of that, the guy who bought all the equipment was impressed with Bill’s knowledge of everything and offered him the job of managing his maintenance team since his last senior individual had retired about 3 months ago. So Bill is getting a good bonus and a new job that pays well because of you. I figured that this was worth a little compensation for you.” She leaned over and licked my cock.

“Suzanne, this is more than a little compensation. With your skills, your blowjobs are worth that much in cash!”

She looked up at me and smiled. “Thank you. Now if you would quit interrupting me, I have some work to do.”

She leaned over and buried my dick in her mouth. She sucked and bobbed for a couple of minutes. Then she came off it and licked down and around my balls. The woman was so good. When I watched her, I got the feeling that she was worshiping my cock. It was so amazing to watch and feel a woman with that kind of dedication that I couldn’t last long. It was just so sensual and stimulating.

She looked up at me and smiled with my dick still in her mouth. She pulled back. “Do you have a nice load for me today? It’s lunch time after all and I’m hungry.”

I laughed as she returned to her sucking. “Yes, I think I do have a big load. I haven’t had sex for three nights, so I’ve been building it up, hoping that some gorgeous woman would come to my office and offer to suck my cock.”

Suzanne had to pull off my dick and laugh at that. “You joke too much when I’m trying to suck you.”

“Sorry. Please don’t let me interrupt your concentration when it’s on my dick.”

She shook her head and shoved her mouth down over my dick. She started swallowing and working the back of her mouth and throat on my head. She kept licking and then pulled back enough to lick and slurp around the head. Finally, I had had enough.

“I’m cumming!” I announced it although I’m sure she was very much aware of it based on my physical responses to her blowjob.

I started cumming and she stared up at me as she kept her lips sealed around the head and jerked it with her right hand. I kept pumping and pumping spunk into her mouth and she just kept swallowing it until I was done. She slowly pulled off and made sure she kept a seal around the head so that she got as much of my cum as possible.

She sat back on her heels. “Mmmm. You did have a lot of cum for me. Thanks.” She stood up. “I hope you enjoyed that.”

I stared at her. “Fuck! Enjoyed it? It was amazing!”

She giggled as she stood up. “Good, because Bill told me I owe you one every day next week to make up for what you did for us.”

“Every day? I think I’m going to be out of the office on Wednesday, so we’ll have to miss that day.” I stood and started rearranging my pants.

“Where are you going?”

“Into the city to meet with some clients.”

“Hmmm. If I don’t have any houses to show that day, maybe I could come along and I could make your trip more relaxing.”

“I would love that! I could never say no to a trip with you Suzanne.”

She grinned. “Thanks. I hope you mean that because I am great company, too, and not just because I give outstanding blowjobs.”

“Welllllll….” I let it drag out.

She smacked me on the arm. “That’s what I thought. You were only thinking with the other head or at least on its behalf.”

“After that blowjob you expect me to be able to think about anything else?”

“True. I did literally blow your mind, eh?”

“That’s for sure, you little minx.” I gave her a hug.

She hugged me back and then looked at her watch. “Okay, I have to run. I have a few houses to show this afternoon to a family from out of town. They are both nice looking so if they are without their kids, maybe I’ll get lucky.”

“I’m thinking they are the lucky ones.”

“Thanks, again. You are so complementary this afternoon.”

“Yeah, blowjobs do that to me.”

She laughed again. “I’ve got to run.”

I unlocked the door and escorted her back to the security station. “Okay, Suzanne, see you later.”

She said good-bye, smiled, and waved as she departed. I was one lucky bastard, I’ll tell you that.

The weekend went well and I had plenty of things to do with the summer now in full swing. The yard required a lot of attention and having a wife with allergies means it’s all on me. I did a lot of mulch and grass work and managed to watch some sports on Sunday afternoon and the weekend was over before I knew it.

On Monday, I got a call about 10:30am from Suzanne. She had someone come into town looking at houses in a hurry and wouldn’t be able to make our lunchtime meeting (blowjob). Damn! I had been on the edge of my seat in anticipation all morning. I managed to get thru the day without my daily blowjob, but I knew I was going to attack Cindy or Katy or both when I got home. As it turned out, my evening was going to get even better.

I got home about 5:45pm and I was hungry. I was hoping that somebody had some ideas about dinner, but if not, maybe we could burn some meat on the grill. However, as soon as I entered the house I was immediately distracted. As soon as I opened the door, a naked Katy met me and took my laptop and set it down.

“Master, you need to get naked. The ladies have been waiting for you, and not very patiently.”

I smiled and looked at Katy. Her face was wet and she smelled like pussy. “Have they been using your face?” I leaned over and squeezed her ass as I said this.

Katy smiled. “Yes, sir. They have been making me eat them since about 5.”

I laughed as I finished undressing. “Well, let’s see who we have in here.”

I walked into the den and the only way to describe the scene was debauchery. Suzanne was laying on the floor on a yoga mat. The only way I could tell it was her was because I was familiar with her birthmark on the outside of her right thigh, which I could see. I couldn’t see much else because my wife, Cindy, was kneeling between her legs and licking and sucking on her pussy, while Becky, who I hadn’t seen in a while, was sitting on Suzanne’s face, facing away so that I could see that Suzanne was licking and kissing her ass. My dick was instantly hard.

“Fuck! What a way to be welcomed home!”

Cindy and Becky turned toward my voice, but Suzanne could only continue to work on Becky.

Cindy smiled and wiped some of Suzanne’s juices off her face. “We’re horny and have been waiting for a dick for an hour. Get over here.”

I laughed. “What? I’m surprised that this group didn’t invite some stunt cock over.”

Cindy smiled and Becky groaned as Suzanne continued to assault her ass. “No way lover. We all want a piece of you.”

This was going to give me a big head… well, big heads. “Where shall I start?” It was a rhetorical question that I was asking myself, but apparently the ladies had planned this out.

Becky turned. “I got first dibs. I haven’t been ass-fucked in a while and you know I have always loved it. Please, get over here and fuck my ass.”

It was true. We had found out that Becky and her deceased husband had loved to have anal sex. I was not as long a practitioner of it as she, but I loved fucking her nice, big, round, pale ass. She had introduced me to it and we had been training Cindy for it, but hadn’t taken the plunge – so to speak.

I walked over and squatted over Suzanne’s body. I reached down and squeezed her tits and then sat astride her chest. Becky bent over further and arched her back. She put her ass up in the air and I could finally see Suzanne’s face.

Suzanne smiled. “Hello.”

“Well, hello, it’s my favorite little slut under there.”

She grinned and just reached up and grabbed my balls. I leaned forward and lined my dick up with Becky’s pussy. I slowly buried it in and she groaned. I could feel Suzanne licking my dick, balls, and Becky’s pussy under me. I fucked Becky for about 10 strokes and then pulled out. I lined up my now soaking dick with her pretty little pink star and pushed. Becky helped immediately by pushing back and pushing out with her ass. Since she was a regular at anal sex, she easily opened up and my dick popped in. I started fucking her slowly. She groaned and I could tell that Suzanne was still licking and sucking her pussy. That combination and the lack of anal sex must have gotten to her because it wasn’t two minutes before she thrashed and came and spasmed under me. I was just starting to get really worked up, but with four naked women in the house, I was sure I wasn’t going to suffer.

As I pulled out Becky collapsed forward off Suzanne’s face. “Oh! My! God! That was so good. I really miss that.”

I grinned. “Anal sex, or having a woman lick your pussy, or my dick in particular?”

She laughed and rolled over on her back. “All of the above.”

Suzanne was licking and sucking my dick and working toward a good blowjob, but I had something else in mind.

I stood up and Suzanne groaned as I took my dick away. Cindy had also sat back and Suzanne seemed really primed. But I had other ideas. I turned to Katy who had been just sitting there watching and slowly fingering herself. “Katy, get the good lube.”

Katy scrambled upstairs to get it and I turned to my wife. “Cindy, honey, you have been a very bad girl!” She looked at me quizzically at first, but then she smiled. She was getting the hint.

“Yes, sir.”

“You need to bend over that ottoman and take your punishment now.” I pointed to the small round footstool that we had that was very low and padded. It was only about 15 inches off the ground and made a great place for someone to kneel and bend over to receive a spanking.

Cindy bent over it and I kneeled next to her. Suzanne and Becky and gotten up and now sat on the couch where they could see Cindy from behind. Katy came back in with the lube and I held out my hand to take it. Then I put my hands up and motioned like I was taking a picture, indicating that I wanted Katy to get the camera. She smiled and went to get it. I turned my attention back to my wife and ran my right hand over Cindy’s ass and between her crack. She groaned. “Are you ready for your punishment, slut?”

“Yes, sir.”

I smacked her on her right cheek fairly hard and it made a nice smacking sound. Cindy jerked at the contact, but didn’t rise up. I saw Katy take her first picture. I did it to the left, then right, and then left again. I spanked her fairly hard on both cheeks for 5 strokes each until her ass was a nice bright pink. Katy continued to take photos of me turning Cindy’s ass red. Cindy was moaning and I ran my hand down thru her crack and she was still wet from the earlier activities and the spanking seemed to have kept her that way. I turned to the other ladies and smiled. “Becky and Katy, I will need your assistance.” I turned and leaned over toward Cindy’s ear. “Honey, we started down this road a long time ago, but with everything else that’s going on, we have not completed our journey. Prepare to lose your cherry.” As I said that last part I ran my hand over her asshole, letting her know that she was about to have anal sex for the first time. We, Katy, Becky, and I, had used plugs on her regularly, but I had never completed the act of fucking my beautiful wife in her cute little ass. It was time to remedy that omission.

I moved back behind Cindy, my dick bobbing and pointing at the target. “Becky, please talk Cindy thru this. Katy, prepare her ass to be assaulted.” Becky moved over alongside Cindy to talk to her about what was to happen and be there as it did. Katy handed the camera to Suzanne, took the lube, and squirted some liberally onto the cute little pink star that was my wife’s asshole. She rubbed it in, all around it, and then slowly worked her index finger into it. Cindy moaned. She pulled it out, put some more lube on her index and middle fingers and worked both of those into Cindy’s ass. Cindy was much more comfortable with anal penetration now after using the plugs, but she had still not been fucked there. Katy sawed her two fingers in and out and Cindy was moaning as Becky held one of her hands and whispered encouragement to her. I moved forward and Katy immediately took her lubed fingers and applied some of the lube to me. I was definitely hard as a rock now. I looked over at Suzanne and she was taking a few shots of Katy and me as we prepared Cindy’s ass.

I slowly inched forward until I was between her legs and my dick was resting along her ass crack. I slowly moved back and forth and then pulled back enough to press the head against her sphincter. Becky continued to calm Cindy and I leaned forward and pushed against her resistance. My dick was slowly going in, slowly, slowly, until finally the head popped past the muscle. Suzanne was leaning over, getting shots of the initial entry.

Cindy moaned. “Oh, fuck, that’s big!”

I stayed still for a minute.

Becky was telling her about it. “Okay, Cindy, the head is in. That’s the widest part for most men and definitely for your husband, so the worst is over. Now he’s going to slowly push forward, then back, then forward and then he’s going to be fucking your cute little ass until he fills it with cum.”

I smiled and did just as she said. I pushed forward. Cindy groaned. “Oh, fuck, that feels so strange. The plugs never go in that far.”

“You’re doing very well, you little ass slut.” Becky grinned at her and Suzanne took more photos.

“Thanks.” Cindy managed. “Oh, fuck, that feels so deep.” She exclaimed as my hips met her ass cheeks.

I smiled. “I’m in all the way, baby. You’re doing fine. Now your master is going to fuck your cute little ass and fill it up with cum.”

“Just do it!” Cindy put her head down and I could see her tighten her grip on Becky’s hand as I started fucking her.

I started slow, but soon was pumping her at a pretty good pace. I knew it wouldn’t last long. It was so tight around my dick and it was going to make me blow quickly. After no more than four minutes I was ready. “I’m going to bust a nut in that slutty little ass!”

“Cum, baby, just cum!” Cindy was groaning and I felt Katy reach under to rub her clit. That set Cindy off. “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming! Ugh… ugh… oh… oh… ugh… fuck!”

When Cindy came the spasms of the muscles in her ass were too much for me. “Cumming!” That was the only thing I could say as I groaned and started pumping her ass full of cum. It seemed like it went on forever, but was probably only 5 or 6 good squirts. I slumped forward over her back and grinned at Becky. I whispered to Cindy. “You are the most beautiful woman in the world and I love you.”

She turned her head and I could see her smile. “I love you, too, but you probably say that to every woman that’s let you fuck her in the ass.”

I laughed. “That’s true.” I turned towards Becky and smiled. “Both of you.”

Becky blushed at me indicating that I loved her knowing that she and Cindy were the only asses I had fucked. I had not even fucked Katy in the ass yet, but we had done plenty of other things with her.

My dick was shrinking fast so I pulled out of her ass and for a recent ass-fucking it closed back up pretty quickly. Only a little spunk escaped and Katy immediately leaned in to lick it up.

Cindy jerked at the contact. “Please, no. I’m too sensitive right now.” She rolled off the ottoman and onto her back on the floor. She lay there completely limp.

Katy grinned at us. “Sorry, I couldn’t let that go to waste.”

We all laughed and Suzanne got up to get dressed. I looked at her. “Leaving already?”

“Yeah, I need to get home to Bill and the kids.”

“Did you get some satisfaction, or do you want to cum before you leave?”

She smiled. “No, I didn’t get off and I need to cum. But my husband will be hard as a rock as soon as I tell him what I saw here. I’ll let him get lucky tonight and he knows all the right buttons to push.”

I grinned at her and stared at her tits. “With you the buttons are pretty obvious.”

“Oh, shut up!” She laughed and hit me on the arm.

Suzanne left and the rest of us had dinner and relaxed. As we watched TV I thought about how I was going to enjoy my blowjob the next day.

Tuesday was another glorious day. The spring days had been very nice lately. I was wrapping up some things for one of our customers when my phone rang. I looked at the clock as I picked it up. It was 10:45. I answered it and Suzanne responded.

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