I head to a small café and find Kyle there chatting up a girl in a corner. She’s a cute girl, Cindy, a grad student who interns at Katie’s office. She has books, large graduate studies type books. He doesn’t notice me until they’re about to leave. He comes over and introduces us formally and offers me a ride home. The coffee shop is only just outside our complex, a good mile walk from my place but I like the exercise. Normally, I’d have declined the ride but it looks like rain so I accept.

Kyle and I live in the same community so I think nothing of it when he pulls into his driveway. It’s only a ten minute walk to my place from his.

“You don’t want to come in?” he asks as I prepared to head for the sidewalk.

I look at him then her. “I don’t want to interrupt your date.”

“Come on and spice it up,” he says with a laugh.

We go into Kyle’s living room and he turns on the AC. He sits next to Cindy on the couch; I take a seat on the love seat off to the side.

“Shay you really are pretty,” Cindy tells me.

I smile, “Thank you.”

“Kyle has told me so much about you.”

“He has? And what has he said?”

“You’re the sexiest black girl he’s ever seen.”

I look at Kyle who blushes a bit. I chuckle. “Did he now?”

“And I have to agree.”

“Where did you go to school?” I ask because of how she is sitting, so prim and proper. And from what I recall Katie saying about her she’s a bit of a prude, an overly shelter girl who has turned into a very meek and demure woman.

“Our Lady of the Hill.”

It figures, I think to myself. “And where do you go now?”

“Saint Anthony’s College, finishing up my masters.”

“Isn’t that all girls?”

“It’s co-ed but, you know,” she says with an embarrassed shrug.

“Indeed. You need to get out of your shell before it’s too late.”

She laughs. “You sound like Kyle. I’m not a virgin I just…”

“How many?” I ask quickly.


“I see.” I’m not surprised.

“It’s better than being a slut.”

Kyle winces.

“Any girls?” I ask, dismissing the slut comment for the moment.

“I kissed a girl at a party last year.”

I smile, holding back laughter. That’s cute, I think to myself about how shy and proud she sounds about it.

I take Kyle’s cock in my mouth on all fours with my ass in the air, stretching the fabric of my tight white shorts. I slurp his dick in my mouth as he strokes my hair. He slowly starts to stroke his cock with my wet mouth. Sliding his dick in and out of my mouth, slowly fucking my face as Cindy looks on.

Cindy stares at my ass as I let Kyle use my mouth for his hardening prick.

“Why don’t you come release it,” he says to her.

Seconds later I feel her body behind me. She undoes my pants and slides them down over my ass. “She’s not wearing any panties!” she shouts amazed.

“No,” he says matter-of-factly, “This is my little black whore. I love her.”

“You love her?” she sounds hurt and disappointed.

“I love to use her and fuck her. She’s a cock addict.”

I moan over his cock in my mouth.

“So this is what big black booty looks like,” Cindy says amazed. She palms my ass, running her hands over it. She smacks and slaps it. “Look at it bounce. Look at it jiggle. Damn, she can shake that thing.”

“Ride it,” Kyle tells her.

She lifts up her skirt and starts to grind on my ass. She moves her hips slowly at first then picks up more speed with Kyle’s encouragement. He starts to fuck my mouth harder, shoving his cock deep in my throat until I choke and gag. “Take it!” he commands me. “Ride her ass Cindy. Yes, ride that big ghetto booty.”

Her pussy starts to drip onto my ass as she grinds. She moans and whimpers softly.

Kyle takes his cock out of my mouth and slaps my face with his dick. Again and again his white dick slings across my face. He squeezes his balls together at the base. “Suck on em.”

I open my mouth wide and take them in my mouth. I lick and suck on his nuts getting them wet. I slurp them into my mouth as his cock rests on my face.

“Cindy you look so fucking sexy like that,” he says.

“I’m… I’m… so hot,” she groans, holding my waist and pumping onto my ass.

“Take your shirt off Cindy.”

She hesitates. “I… I…”

“Just your shirt. You can keep the bra on.”

She takes her shirt off and drops the skirt as well. She pushes her panties to the side and starts to grind onto my ass again. “Oooh… It feels so good. Kyle I want to be nasty too.”

“You want to suck this dick too Cindy?”

“Yes,” she whines.

“Come taste it.”

She rushes her head next to mine and takes his cock in her mouth.

“Oh yeah Cindy, that’s it. Suck my dick. Oh yeah, right there. Yes, suck it. Oh fuck. Yes. Unhhhh, suck those nuts slut. Suck those big white balls. Mmmmm Cindy! Fuck, yes. Clean my cock with your mouth. Fuck that feels so good. Don’t stop sucking those balls bitch. Pull em with your mouth. Yeah, that’s it whore. Fuck, I’m gonna cum. Cindy you’re gonna make me cum. Oh God!” Kyle pulls me off his balls and shoves his cock in my mouth, moving Cindy’s head to the side. He cums in my mouth right as it’s forced down my throat. “Swallow it bitch! UNH UNH!” he grunts as he busts his nut in my mouth. “Suck my nut! Fuck! Look at me while you eat that cum! YES!”

Cindy pouts as she watches me take Kyle’s cum into my mouth.

“What’s wrong?” he asks her after he empties his balls into my mouth.

“I want you to talk to me like you talk to her,” she pouts, looking at the floor.

He grins sinisterly. He looks to me and tilts his head towards her.

I can take a hint. “You want to be a slut?” I ask.

She nods.

“Go to the couch,” Kyle tells her. “I want you to watch me fuck her.”

She is quickly back on the couch.

“Spread those legs,” he tells her. “Get me hard,” he says to me.

I take my shirt off and lie on the floor. My pressed pushed together by my bra. I lift the bottom of my bra and manage to get his cock between my big tits. I shake and jiggle my big black breasts around his white meat. His cock quickly grows between them as he watches Cindy play with her wet cunt.

He pushes my hands away, places his over my tits and starts to pump and fuck my tits. He tit fucks me rough as he watches her fuck herself in front of him— for him. He groans and grunts as he abuses my chocolate juggs, using me as a warm-up toy. “That’s it,” he says to Cindy. “That’s a good slut. Now show me those tits.”

I look to the side and see Cindy pull her tits out of her bra.

“What size are those melons?” he asks.

“38 DD.”

He roughly pulls his cock out from between my tits, turns me around and throws me towards the couch face first. He mounts behind me and with one hand forces my head between her legs. With the other hand he takes his cock and shoves it in my pussy in one foul swoop.

“Eat her bitch! Eat that bimbo! Fuck yes; play with those tits slut while I pound this bitch’s pussy. You like that white meat in you? Take her fucking panties off! Slide em off now! Now put your face back where it belongs. Tongue fuck that fat tittied slut. Fuck this ghetto whore’s face you stupid bitch. Fuck her face, I said! That’s it. Yeah. Nasty sluts. Do it! Do it!”

“Oh gosh, Kyle!” Cindy screams.

“Call me Daddy bitch.”

“Daddy, she’s…”

“Tell Daddy what that slut is doing to his sexy bimbo.”

“She’s eating my pussy!”

“She’s tongue fucking that twat?”


“Say it bitch. Say it!”

“Ooh Daddy, she’s tongue fucking my twat!”

“I know she is cuz I run this ghetto bitch. I own this black bitch. She gonna fucking lick that pussy and take my cock in her ass. You hear me bitch? It’s time for this white cock to go where it belongs, right up that black butt. Open that ass for me. OPEN IT! There it is. Make that hole gape. It wants my white meat in it doesn’t it. Tell me bitch!”

“Yes sir,” I say breathlessly. “It needs your white prick.”

“I know it does. Keep licking that white cunt. UUUNNNHHH FUCK that’s a tight ass hole. Keep holding that shit open while I pile drive into it. Take it bitch. Take it in that big ass round ghetto booty. I’m gonna break this shit open. I a bust this shit wide fucking open. Take it! Shut the fuck up and eat that cunt, dammit! Eat her!”


“Drench her face! Yes that’s it. Yeah, just like that. Now I want you to lick it off her face.”

He grabs me by my hair, cock still in my ass, and forces me to straddle Cindy, her legs still spread open. I fall on top of her and she starts to kiss me, tasting her juices. She licks and kisses them off my face as Kyle unclips my bra and throws it to the floor.

“That’s it slut, grab those big black knockers,” he says.

I feel his cock plop out of my over stretched asshole. Cindy gasps, swallowing a scream. I can feel his stomach slapping against my ass as he rams into her wet pussy.

“Fuck me bitch! Give it to me! That’s it. This pussy is so wet and juicy. Oh fuck! Keep those legs open for me.”

“Oh fuck me! Yes Daddy!”

“That’s right. Who’s your Daddy, slut?”

“YOU!” she hollers as she man handles my tits while he plows into her.

He grunts as he smacks my ass. “Shake that shit. Move that big black bubble. Yeah, that’s it. You want more cock you black whore?”

“Yes Sir!”

“Take it! Take it up that black ass! Give me that booty. Play with her pussy. You, bimbo, rub that black clit. That’s it. Turn this whore on. Make her cum all over your fingers. Shove your fingers up her tight, black cunt. Now make her taste her wet slit while I knock your pussy! That’s it. Feed them to her. Tastes good doesn’t it bitch?”

I moan over her fingers. Cindy takes one of my breasts in her hands and stars to lick and suck on my nipple.

“Oh YES!” I scream. “Suck those black tits!” She looks so gorgeous with my black tit in her mouth.

Kyle rams his cock in my pussy. “Cum on this white cock bitch. Cum all over it. I know you want to. Cum like that black bitch in heat you are. Take this pussy punishment whore! You like that?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Tell her to give Daddy that pussy Cindy.”

“Give him that black pussy,” she whines. “Cum all over his cock.”

I grab her tits for leverage.

Kyle grabs my hips and pistons in and out of my pussy. “CUM!”


“Teach this bimbo slut how to be a true whore like you.”


“That’s right. Soak my cock with your cum Shay. SOAK IT! Ohhh your cum feels so good all over my cock. You got it nice and wet for this trailer trash’s ass. Go take a seat on her face.” He pulls out of my pussy and pushes me to Cindy’s face.

I straddle her eager face and she shoves her tongue deep in my pussy.

“That’s it, grind on her face,” he says as he pushes her legs back as far as they’ll go, “Flexible slut,” he says approvingly before pushing his cum covered cock into Cindy’s ass.

She screams into my pussy.

“Turn around,” he tells me smacking my ass, “I wanna see two sets of big fucking tits. That’s it. Oh yeah. Mmmmm, big fucking juggs.” He slaps her tits then mine. “Please me! PLEASE ME! Fuck, that’s it! That’s it. Yes, eat that pussy! Hold her legs open Shay. Hold this trash’s legs wide. Look at those ghetto melons. Fuck! Pump on her face. That’s it make your tits swing.” He grabs her tits and pile drivers deeper and harder into her ass. “FUCK! FUCK!” He screams as he watches my tits bounce and sway.

“You like that trailer trash pussy, Sir?” I ask.

“YES! I like pounding this white slut’s ass. I’m gonna stretch it out. Butt fuck her until her as is as fat as yours.”

I smile and chuckle. “Then bang her Sir! Bang that bitch. You like it don’t you slut?”

“YES! Yes Daddy I like it!” she screams. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Me too slut, me too!”

“Cum in my ass Daddy!”

“You want it in your ass? You want all my cum up you fucking ass hole.”

“Ye—ye—OH KYLE!” she hollers as she explodes, squirting a bit on his lower stomach.

A second later he grips her tits and plunges one final time deep in her ass. He cums so far up her ass that none drips out when he finally pulls his cock out of her ass.

I slide off the top of the sofa.

“I’ve never cum like that before,” she says, amazed. “I’ve never cum ever before.”

“I cum all the time with Kyle.” I look at him and we both smile.

“You two have sex a lot?” she asks.

“Not a lot,” he says quickly.

I smile. He likes her, I say to myself.

“I don’t know why not,” she says, “Sex with you two is hot… and fun.”

“I should get going,” I say, heading to gather my clothes.

“I’ll take you home,” he offers.

“I can walk,” I say.

“It’s raining,” he points to the window.

I hadn’t even noticed.

“Are you two going to do it again?” she asks like a giddy teenager.

We laugh and shake our heads after looking at each other.

“Oh. Good. Cuz I was gonna say, I want to watch.”

I look at Kyle and grin before putting my shirt on. I think we created a monster.

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