Kyle drops me off at my apartment. I am somewhat surprised to see my car back at my house. I’d assumed that not only would Tisha be out all night, but that I’d have to beg her to bring it back to me in the morning since our mother was out of town.

“I heard about what happened with Sean and the guys.” Kyle says and shakes his head.

“I’m a big girl,” I say before getting out. “I can handle myself. Besides, that’s just Sean being Sean from what I gather. And Ian and Luke are his flunkies,” I add with a shrug.

“I would have never done that to your sister.”

“I know.” I don’t know why but I kiss him on the cheek before leaving.

When I get into my apartment I saw Tisha and Kevin sitting on the couch laughing. I am surprised to see him. They are looking at each other. They start kissing and I am shocked.

“Uh…” I murmur to get their attention.

“Hi,” Tisha says nonchalantly. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

“Have you? Kevin, Kyle just left. So why were you waiting for me?” I take a seat in the arm chair.

“I decided to get Sean and his friends back for what they did to me,” Tisha says. “And since I figured you wouldn’t help me I found someone who will.”

I look Kevin over. I sigh, “Sean is a powerful man, his father’s governor or something. He has a lot of pull. Just let it go.”

“I’m not going to let it go.”

“So how are you going to get him back?” I roll my eyes.

“Have him drugged and then fucked… seriously fucked.”

“You’ll never get close enough to him. His circle doesn’t include… people like us,” I say politely.

“Kevin’s going to help me,” she runs her hand through his hair. “He’s my man now.”

“What about Tee?”

“He took care of him,” she says with a smug smirk. “And all he asked for the Sean job is one little thing, less than what it took for the Tee thing.”

“And what did that take?”

“A quick dick suck. It was kinda hard, I mean, he’s hung like a horse! But you already knew that. Yeah, I know all about that night.” She shakes her head, “I guess I’m not really surprised.”

“So what’s this Sean thing going to take?”

“Some ass…YOUR ass.”

I raise an eyebrow, “Excuse me.” I chuckle, “YOU pimp ME out? Ha. That’s funny.” I get up and head to the bathroom to take a shower. “And like you’re better than me. The hood whore is gonna judge me? I don’t think so.”

In my master bathroom I strip out of my clothes and throw them into the hamper before getting into the shower. I hear her attempting to open the locked door as I shower. I laugh to myself. She’s always been a bit high strung and illogical, like I was dumb enough to leave the door open.

“Go away,” I call.

“Open this door,” she demands. She starts banging on the door.


“Open the damn door!”


“Kevin come open the door.”

The banging stops for a minute; then it sounds like the cops are trying to break my door down. I hear Kevin slamming against the door. “Stop it! Stop before you break my door.”

“C’mon Kevin, break it down. Don’t you want that ass? Think about how big and full it is. Don’t you want that pussy? Slam into that ass?”

“Ass… Ass… I want ass…”

“I know you do. So take it. Come on Kevin, take it, for me. Do this for me. Please.”

Within seconds my door flies open, splinters in the corners of the wood. “Stop! Tisha, this is too much!” I protest as I am yanked from the shower.

“Look at those big tits, babe,” Tisha says as she starts to stroke Kevin’s cock through his boxers. She’s standing beside him in a bra and panty set. “Look at that wet pussy.”

“Pussy,” he repeats.

“Tight, wet, and sweet pussy. Don’t you wanna suck those tits, babe?”


“You’ve got him so hard,” Tisha says as if I can’t see the bulge in his pants. “He can get harder. Can’t you babe? Don’t you wanna see this freak BITCH from the back,” she says harshly while staring me in my eyes. “Kevin, turn her around and give her all of this,” she squeezes his cock.

He steps towards me. I try to rush past him to no avail. He turns me around and grabs me by my arm and hair, pushing me against the vanity. I close my eyes to not see my reflection in the huge mirror. “Tisha,” I whine.

She grabs Kevin’s cock and rubs it against my ass. It grows even more. “You like how that cock feels against that ass? You like how soft that black bubble butt is? Smack it. Mmmmmm. You see how it shakes? Look at it jiggle. Smack that ass again.”

He smacks the shit out of my ass. I scream. He smacks it again and laughs. Again and again. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. When he stops I finally try to catch my breath. “Kevin,” I whimper breathlessly. I feel a hand pull my back up by my hair. “Ahh.”

“What do you want from this slut Kevin?”

“Pussy. I like pussy,” he says giddily.

“Get that dick wet and then shove it up her ass,” Tisha suggests.

Before I know it I’m sitting on the counter of the vanity with my legs spread wide open. Tisha’s sitting behind me and holding my legs open by my knees while Kevin helps her push my legs apart. He lines his cock up with my pussy, still wet from the water of the shower and rubs his stiff horse dick up and down my lips.

“He’s going to split that ass in half,” Tisha whispers in my ear.

Kevin pushes the head of his cock into my pussy. I can feel his monster parting my lips as it struggles to go deeper and deeper. I close my eyes; I can’t bare to see his face as he assaults me. I think back to the last time he was inside of me. I loved it. But it’s embarrassing to have this happen in front of my sister. To know she sold my ass out for her own selfish plot against Sean.

Yes, I hated Sean as well, the way he treated me and would talk about me like I wasn’t there while he and his friends rammed me. The way my body betrayed me every time his cock was inside of my holes. But Kevin was easily manipulated. He was slow. And, now, Tisha is taking advantage of that. I feel sorry for him. But I feel even sorrier for me. He deserves better. I do too.

I place my hands on his chest and brace myself as his cock slides into me, stretching the walls of my pussy. I groan and moan as he pushes further into my hole. The size of his dick and the angle of my body on the counter makes his cock put pressure on my G-spot. I’m immediately turned on.

“Enjoy it while you can,” Tisha tells me.

I can tell she blames me for what happened last week, though I’m not sure why. Kevin pushes my legs further and further apart as he slides in and out of me.

“You like that pussy?” Tisha asks him.

He groans. “Good. Good pussy.”

“Fuck it baby.”

I grit my teeth as he starts to pound harder. “Uhhh… ahhh… Kevin.” My eyes shoot open. “Kevin,” I whine.

“She likes it Kevin. Make her love it. Go deeper.”

“No,” I moan.

“Go ahead,” she encourages. “She wants it. Don’t listen to her. She wants it deep in her stomach.”

“Deep,” he says and pushes all the way into me.

I scream. “AAAHHH FUCK!”

“That’s it babe,” Tisha smiles and places her hands around my mouth. “More. Again.”

He lunges in and out of my pussy, slamming deep with every thrust.

I scream into my sister’s hands. I grip his chest, which only turns him on more. He pounds with lust inside of me. My pussy starts to gush over his cock. I moan with ecstasy.

“You like my boyfriend’s cock in your pussy?” she asks as she takes her hands from my mouth.

“It’s… It’s…”


“It’s in my stomach! Oh God, his fucking cock is in my stomach!”

“Stomach!” Kevin hollers. “Deep dick, in stomach.

Tisha moves her hands to my tits and makes them slap together. She shakes and jiggles them. “Look at her titties Kevin. Look at those fat tits slap together. Watch me slap her tits together. You like that babe? You like those big black juggs?”

I open my eyes to find Kevin’s gaze fixated on my bouncing breasts.

“Grab em. Yeah, babe, grab those tits. Make ‘em slap.”

“UNH, UNH, UNH,” he grunts with each thrust as he replaces Tisha’s small hands. He grabs under my tits and slams them together while he pounds my pussy. He manhandles them as he breaks my pussy apart.

“Oh! Oh fuck!” I holler.

“Fuck her Kevin. Make her cum all over your dick. Make her cum.”

“Cum! Cum!”

“No…” I say breathlessly. “Oooh Kevin!”

“Deeper Kevin,” Tisha demands. “Give it to her until she soaks your dick.


“Make the bitch cover your cock with her juice.”


“Tell her!”

“Cover cock with cum! Cum!”

“Make her get your cock ready for her ass.”


“You want her ass don’t you?”


“Then tell the bitch to cum.”

“CUM! CUM, BITCH!” he says as he stares into my eyes. He looks wild, like a lust filled mad man.

“Do it, lube his cock with your cream. Do it. Cum all over his prick you whore. Get it ready for your ass.”

“ASS! Ass, TITTIES!” He squeezes my tits.

I’m too exhausted to even scream. My mind is blank as I take his cock beating.

“Tits and PUSSY! Cum! Cum!”

“You heard him Shay, cum!” Tisha says as she moves her fingers to my clit, her other hand wrapped in my hair pulling my head back.

“Tisha! Not there. NO! Oh FUCK… I… I…SHIT!” I can feel it building in my body as Kevin fucks me deep, pressure mounting with each thrust against my G-spot. My pussy swelling, my clit throbbing as Tisha furiously rubs it and bites my neck. I can feel her humping against my ass, her wet pussy soaking through her panties. The sensation of him in my pussy and her against my ass is too much. I pant hard like a dog as I cum all over his thick, monster white cock. “TISHA FUCK!!!”

“YES, YES! That’s it, Shay, cream all over that dick.”

“Kevin, it’s time,” she says.

I barely have time to get myself together before I’m on my feet and turned around, my ass in the air, bent over the vanity once again.

“ASS! I want ass! Give me ass!” Kevin screams like an eager child as he manipulates my body into the desired position.

Tisha scoots forward onto the counter, replacing where I was. She spreads my ass open and spits down the crack of my ass. “Then take it baby.”

Kevin holds my ass open.

Tisha takes his cock in her hand and lines it up. “There you go baby, there’s that sweet brown butt. Take it. Push your cock in it. Fuck it! Cum deep inside it. Rock that ass! Fuck that ass, bust her ass out!”

“Kevin! Kevin!” I yell as his cock stretches my ass hole.

“She loves it Kevin. Give it to her! Fuck her!”

“But…” he hesitates.

“Kevin,” she says sternly, “She is just a toy. Just a fucking fuck toy. You tear her ass apart. You fuck this bitch and you fuck her good. You want to see these tits don’t you? Then fuck her.”

He pushes his cock into my ass inch by inch.

“KEVIN!” I scream. “MY ASS! Please, you’re gonna rip it open!”

“Don’t you stop,” Tisha commands. “That’s it, push it deeper. Push your cock all the way in her ass. Make that ass yours. This is what you wanted.”

“Titties,” he says and I see her bra pass my sight before it hits the floor.

“Yes Kevin, titties. Nice, pert, round, young black tits just for you. And a big black ass for your cock. You like that right?”

“Me like. Me like.”

“This turns you on right?”

“Yes. Yes.” He says as he starts to slowly fuck my ass.

“You like when I play with my tits, don’t you? When I pinch my nipples. If you fuck her ass it will make me cum. You want to see my face when I cum, don’t you baby? I love you, you know. If you love me, you’ll make me cum.”

“Okay,” he says like a pussy whipped puppy.

“Fuck her ass for me Kevin. That’s it. Stroke your cock with her ass.” She reaches down and pushes her panties to the side. She grabs me by the head. “You never did return the favor,” she says, as if I was the one who forced her to eat my pussy during the incident last week. She pushes my face into her pussy by my hair and grinds her sloppy wet cunt on my face. “Yes, yes, that’s it Kevin, fuck that ass. Fuck it baby. Ride that donkey ass. Fuck, you’re turning me on. I’m so fucking wet. Tell me you like that ass.”

“Ass good. Big black ass good.”

“You like it don’t you baby?”

I can’t believe my sister has my face forced in her pussy while this over endowed white man is butt fucking me like a lunatic. She’s creaming all over my face, really getting turned on by pimping me out. I am gripping the counter, trying to take the pain as he palms and slaps my ass, spreading my cheeks for easier access. Taking orders from Tisha on how to rip me a new one.

“Bust it open. Spread those cheeks apart. Give it to her. Pound that ass. Smack it. Spank it. Make it jiggle. Grab those hips and go deeper. Make it come out of her mouth. I want to see you deep up that butt. Fuck her! Oh, baby, yeah. Yeah! YEAH!”

“Fuck her face!”

“You like to see me ride this face. This pretty little slutty face. Anything for you, baby. Make those tits swing.”

He grabs my hips and pounds into my asshole. My tits slam against the counter top with each thrust. I moan and groan into my sister’s young wet pussy.

“Fuck this cum bucket!”

“My balls are tight,” he whines.

“Those balls full of cum?”


She moans. “Empty your load on her ass. Shoot it up her ass and all over that booty. Do it for me. Please.”

He starts to pound harder. He grabs my wrists and pulls my arms back. I scream into Tisha’s pussy as she grinds harder and faster on my face, while he slams into my ass using my arms as leverage. I grip my ass, the only thing my hands can get a hold of. Pain shoots through my body and resonates as pleasure in my pussy.

“Do it! Do it!”

“I gonna… I gonna…”

“Yes Kevin! Cum all up and over that black ass. Spray it! Empty your balls. Bust your nut for me. I want to see it. She wants it. She wants it all over her. She wants to be your cum bucket.”

“Cum bucket!” he repeats.

“Yes, she wants to be your cum dump…”

“Cum dump. CUM DUMP!”

“…Your cum whore.”


“She needs it. Do it if you love me.”

“I do it! I do it!”

“Yes. Good boy. Good boy. Do it! Do it!”

Kevin pumps once more and then slams into me hard. “AAHH UNNHH!” he hollers as he spews his load in my ass.

“That’s it,” Tisha whine as she cums on my face. “Now blast her ass. I wanna SEE IT! I want to see you paint that ass white.”

I feel his cock slide out of my stretched hole, leaving it gaping as it struggles to tighten again. His sticky, hot, wet cum shoots in streams over my sore, reddened ass.

“That’s it!” Tisha moans as she spasms on my face. “Look at that cum on that ass. Fuck, that’s so sexy Kevin.”

“I did good?”

“You did great,” she says breathlessly. She finally lets my hair go, pushing me back into him. He catches me before I fall, holding me up.

“You can let her ass drop,” she says.

He hesitates.

“Drop her,” she commands.

I’m quickly released and slide to the floor.

“Let’s leave her to her shower,” she says as she slides off the counter. “C’mon baby, I’ll take you home. She’ll be fine. Get your stuff together. I’ll suck you off again; you’d like that wouldn’t you, if I put you to sleep?”

He nods.

“Then go. That’s a boy,” she says as he heads out the door.

She waits for him to leave and then turns to me as I stand up. I shake my head at her. “I don’t believe you. You—”

“You’re either with me or against me,” she says, cutting me off. “I’m going to get him back. I just hope you’re on the right side.”

“And what about Kevin?”

She thinks for a second then smiles a true, genuine sweet smile I hadn’t see lately. “I really do like him.” Her face turns serious again, “But, for now, it’s just business.”

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