I follow behind Katie as she leads the way to the elevator.

“You okay?” she asks as we made our way to her condo.

“I’m okay. It’s just… Tisha and I got into some thing a little while ago and she’s been super quiet ever since.” I don’t want to tell her we were made into her husband’s friend’s sluts. “But, anyway, enough about that. How about you? I’m surprised you and Trent aren’t going out for his birthday.”

She just smiles.

When we got upstairs Trent and Kyle were sitting on the couch watching a porno. They each gave me a hug—Trent then Kyle.

“Where’s Kevin?” I asked Kyle, a bit nervous and excited.

“I don’t know. He’s been talking to some mystery girl on the phone the past week.”

I run my hand down Kyle’s chest. I can feel his abs through his shirt. “Football did you well.”

He smacks my butt and grins.

“What about me?” Trent asks with a fake whine.

“You know the dark, mysterious, artist is a turn on,” I say with a smile.

“How much of a turn on?” he asks, stepping into me, placing one hand around my waist.

I turn and look at Katie who is sitting on the couch now with her legs crossed seductively, sipping a Martini in a red lingerie nightie, the hints of which can bee seen beneath her black silk robe.

I turn my attention back to Trent and smile. “A huge turn on,” I reply, grabbing his cock through his pants; he leans in and kisses me.

I feel Kyle press up against me from behind. His cock stiffening in his pants as it pokes against the thin fabric of my strapless, mini dress. He grips my waist and moans in my ear before nibbling on it.

“Not going to join?” I ask Katie when her husband removes his tongue from down my throat.

“I will later. For now, I just want to watch. Trent wants this. Make sure you please and service my husband well.”

“You want this?” I ask Trent, stroking his cock beneath his pants.

“I wanted a threesome and since Katie’s my wife, I’m not about to let another man to do her what me and Kyle are going to do to you. But you, you’re just a slut.”

Kyle unzips my dress from the back. He pushes the bottom of the dress up and exposes my lace panties that cover only half my ass. Trent pushes the top of the dress down so that it’s bunched around my waist. The strapless lace bra is too tight and pushes my tits up and together. Trent runs his hands over the top of my smushed breasts. He glides his tongue over my chocolate tits.

I feel Kyle kissing and biting my ass cheeks as I hear him unzipping his zipper. I undo Trent’s pants and begin to stroke his cock with my hand.

“Fuck yes, stroke my dick. Make my cock grow,” Trent groans.

“Look at this big black booty,” Kyle palms and rubs my ass. SMACK!

“Oooh,” I whine.


“Oh, Kyle,” I whimper.

“Yes.” He makes them shake. “Bounce your ass on my face. Jiggle those ass cheeks. Bounce it. Make it shake.” He moves my panties to the side and flicks his tongue against my pussy. He squeezes and bites my thighs before standing again.

I push Trent’s pants and underwear down. I come to my knees and take his cock in my mouth.

“On your back,” he commands.

I lay on my back. Kyle pulls my legs apart and attacks my clit with his tongue. Trent steps out of his pants and then kneels in front of my face. He pulls my head up by my hair. “Here, suck it!”

“Make her suck it,” says Katie, who’s gently playing with her pussy beneath the nightie on the couch.

I wrap my lips around Trent’s cock, supporting myself with my forearm I start to suck his dick.

“Yes, that’s it,” Katie moans. “Suck him off! Fuck!”

Kyle puts my leg on shoulder, his cock pressing against my pussy with Trent’s cock in my mouth and his hands mauling my tits. Kyle grabs my thigh with one hand and then grips it with both as he slides his cock in my pussy.

“Give it to me slut,” Kyle demands as he rocks his cock back and forth in my tight, wet pussy, palming and squeezing my ass. “Give it to me!”

I moan over Trent’s cock as it’s lodged down my throat.

“Yeah, bitch. Blow me you whore. Suck that shit.”

“Suck the cum out of his cock!” Katie groans. “Do her, Kyle. Fuck her. You like that pussy?”


“Work it! Take it!” she tells me.

His cock feels great stretching my pussy. I start to fuck his cock, grinding my hips against it, squeezing his dick with my pussy as it oozes juice all over his thick, rock hard cock.

Trent grabs the back of my head. “Take it long and deep. Take it in your throat! Choke on it! Gag bitch! Gag! Take it deep in your throat. Deep throat that dick. Suck it! Suck it! SUCK!”

“Don’t you like it?” Katie moans out to me. “Don’t you like that cock buried in both your holes?”

“Yes! Fuck my pussy! I can’t stop. I need it. I love sucking this cock.”

“I want that ass,” Trent says and pulls his cock out of my mouth.

“Come suck your pussy off my cock,” Kyle tells me. He sits back and I quickly crawl around and take him in my mouth. “Bring me that pussy. I wanna taste that wet cunt again. 69 with me bitch. Yes, put it on my face.”

Trent gets behind me, his cock wet with my slob.

“Do her!” Katie demands her husband. “Fuck her Trent. Fuck her up the ass.”

“Tell me you want it.” Trent demands of me.

“Please put it inside of me. Yes, do it! Take this ass! Yes! That’s it! It feels so fucking good. Yes!”

“Fuck her up!” Katie screams as they ram into me.

“Give up that big black ass!” Trent hollers as he smacks my ass. SMACK! “All of it! All of it, bitch!” SMACK. “I want it. Give me that hot ass. Tell me you need it! Work that ass.” SMACK.

Kyle pries my ass cheeks apart as Trent grips my waist and plows deeper and harder into my tight black asshole. “This pussy is so fucking wet. You like it don’t you bitch?”

“Work my fucking prick. Make me bust this nut. Do me you whore. Your ass feels so fucking good.” Trent pushes my head down into Kyle’s cock as he blasts away deep in my ass.

“Balls deep you cum bucket!” Kyle taunts. “BALLS DEEP! Swallow my dick! Oh god yes! Your mouth feels amazing.

“I can’t get enough,” I shout in my mind as Trent bangs into my ass like a mad man. Pile driving deep into my big black butt while Kyle’s cock is shoved deep in my throat. “More. Give me more! Deeper. Fuck me deeper. Give it to me harder! Fuck yeah, smack my ass. Smack that fat ass. More, dammit! I need those big fucking dicks.”

“Suck him off!” Katie instructs as I’m forced to choke and gag on Kyle’s thick dick. “I wish your mother could see this. I wish she could see her daughter being a whore. I wish she could watch you taking that cock, that big black ass in the air getting drilled by white dick. I wish she could see you sucking white meat. You’ve got my pussy so wet servicing those pricks. So fucking sexy! Fuck my husband!”

“I’m about to cum,” Trent tells me as he rocks into my ass harder and harder. “Where do you want my cum? Tell me where you want it, slut.”

“My ass… cover my ass,” I manage to say before Kyle’s dick is once again buried in my mouth.

“That ass?”

“MMMMMM,” I moan.

“Tell me!” he demands, smacking my ass again.

“Cover my ass with your cum,” I tell Trent as I wrap my big black tits around Kyle’s thick, long, hard white dick. “Cum all over my black ass. Paint that ass with your cum.”

“You want it?”

“Yes! I need your cum.”

“Fuck bitch! I’m gonna blast on your tits. Take it all over those tits and that pretty black face.”

“Yes! Cover me with cum! Spray your nut all over me. Give it to me! I need it,” I beg. “I want it. I want that sperm. Give me your juice.”

“FUCK!” they scream as they both cum all over my ass, mouth, face, and tits at the same time.

Trent collapses over my back. “God, I wanna fuck that wet pussy,” he whispers in my ear. He pulls out of my ass and I roll off of Kyle.

“Don’t move,” Katie tells me. She slides off the couch and makes her way to me in the middle of the floor. I sit on my heels and she pushes my tits together and licks Kyle’s cum off my tits.

Kyle and Trent watch as she meticulously cleans Kyle’s cum from my tits. I look at Trent and Kyle biting my lips as Katie’s tongue dances around my tits. She sucks my nipple into her mouth and I moan. She has me bend over once my tits are clean. With my ass in the air she licks her husbands cum from my ass. Trent stands to the side of us, in front of the TV, across from Kyle, stroking his cock. I look over to the couch to see Kyle with his cock in his hand as well.

When my tits and ass are clean Katie pulls me to my knees.

“Get naked,” Trent says flatly to Katie, and within seconds she and I are both naked.

“Look who’s a fuckin slut,” I say to Katie, pushing her on her back.

She slaps my tits as I fall on top of her. “Don’t speak to me like that you fucking black whore.”

“C’mon bitch,” I squeeze her tits. I push them together, suck her nipples, and bite on them.

“Mmmmmm, you fucking whore.”

“Turn around, get under her ass,” Trent says to me.

“Wait,” Kyle says and lies on the floor. “Come bring me that pussy.”

I straddle Kyle’s cock, slowly easing the head of his cock into my wet, eager pussy. I fall forward, my tits pressing against his chest. Before I can ease myself onto his cock, Trent throws Katie on top of me, forcing all of Kyle’s dick in my pussy. Katie is straddling my ass. Her weight pins me down, while my size under her makes it so her knees barely touch the floor.

Trent pushes his stiff dick into my ass.

“Spread those asses,” Trent commands.

Katie spreads her ass cheeks.

“Spread your ass so my best friend can pump his dick in it,” Kyle says in my ear.

I reach beneath Katie’s thighs and spread my ass.

Katie slides forward so my asshole is available to her husband.

“Beg me for my cock. Beg sluts!”

“Please fuck me, Trent,” says Katie.

“I want it to hear it nasty. Slutty. Both of you. NOW!”

“Fuck my tight, slutty ass baby.”

“Fuck my nasty black ass,” I groan as Kyle starts to pump his dick into me.

“You want me to fuck that black ass with this white cock?”

“Yes, fuck my black ass with your white cock.”

“Fuck it good.” He shoves his cock in Katie’s ass.

“Keep that ass open,” Kyle tells me. “Let him see that stretched hole.”

Trent grabs Katie’s hair as he slams into her ass. The sound of him slapping against her is loud.

“Yes, Trent,” she whimpers and chokes out. “Fuck me. Fuck my ass.”

“C’mon Katie fuck his cock!”

“Shut up bitch,” he pushes his stiff dick into my ass.

“Fuck his cock slut,” she says to me. “Take it up your black ass.”

He works up a rhythm and then pushes his cock into Katie’s ass.

“Yes, Trent, yes!” she backs her ass into him as he fucks her.

“Fuck him. Fuck his cock,” I tell Katie.

“Fuck,” Kyle moans in my ear.”

“This feels so fucking good,” Trent groans. “Spread those asses. I’m gonna cum down your asses, nasty fuck toys.”

“Oh, baby, I can feel her ass against my clit,” Katie whines.

“You like it?”

“Yes! Yes! It feels so fucking good.”

“Fuck her ass. Fuck that big black ass with your clit. Grind on it.”

“You feel her wet pussy on your ass?” Kyle asks me.

“Yes!” I scream.

“You like that wet white cunt on your black ass?”

“Fuck yes! Keep fucking my ass Katie.”

“How about I fuck your ass. Yeah, that’s it. Right up that black butt. Fuck my dick in front on my wife.”

“Oh fuck, Shay, be our black whore again. Let them DP that ass.”

“OH FUCK! YES! Two cocks in me. Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Give it to her! UNH! Yes Trent, slam into my ass baby. Take turns fucking those big round asses. Yes! Grip my tits. Squeeze my fucking tits. You know that turns me on. Oh Trent! Fuck me! Give it to me! I want your cock. Yes! I need it.”

“Fuck this black pussy feels so good! Fuck me slut!”

“Yes. Pinch those nipples! Fuck my tight wet pussy. I’m your ghetto whore. Fuck yes, turn me out. Use me. Give me that dick deep in my pussy.”

“Who’s is it?” Kyle demands as he squeezes my tits.

“It’s yours!” I scream.

“Then give it to me! Give it to Daddy!”

“Katie, make Daddy cum!” Trent says as he starts to fuck her harder.

“Fuck! Trent! Daddy!”

“Oh shit, Daddy yes!”

“Yes. Fuck, you want this cum, baby?”

“You want this cum bitch? You want it?”




I feel Trent’s cum trickle down my ass as Kyle’s shoots deep in my pussy, filling me up. Katie and I pant like dogs as they blast their cum into us.

When I feel Katie roll off of me I peel myself off of Kyle, standing up and then collapse onto the couch. I laugh. “Happy birthday, Trent.”

Everyone smiles and chuckles. Katie and Trent kiss each other passionately. Kyle and I look at each other and shrug and then laugh a bit.

“How’d you get here?” he asks as I pass him his clothes and he passes me mine.

“My sister dropped me off. I let her use my car for the night,” I tell him as we quickly dress—Trent and Katie are lost in their own lover’s world.

“Want a ride?”


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