While we were staying at a hotel in Sydney, my wife Michelle booked a massage to relax. She works in a busy office and wears heels all day so lower back pain and aching legs are fairly common for her.

I love seeing her in the mornings as she gets ready for work. Her small slender 5’3″ body with long light sandy blonde hair and always wearing skirt suits. She always makes sure her underwear is a matching 12A Bra & size 8 panty set. Because we live in Melbourne, one of the coldest cites in winter, most days she has to wear stockings.

Anyway, I told her I would go upstairs to the pool while she had her massage and then we would go out for dinner & theatre to see the show we were in Sydney for. As I was leaving, the masseur was at the door with her folded table and bag. A hot little Asian woman in her mid twenties about the same build as Michelle and dressed in a white polo shirt and black bike shorts. She introduced herself as Sandy and I left.

After about 20 minutes at the pool, I had had enough of this small group of annoying kids who were running and jumping around. Not very relaxing for me so I decided to go back, have a shower and start to get ready.

When I entered the room, Michelle and the Sandy were facing away from me & didn’t know I had returned, but I could see from where I was the back left hand side of the table. Michelle was laying face down on the massage table and completely naked, while Sandy was standing in front of me working on her lower back, but blocking my view of my beautiful wife. I wanted to catch a sneaky glimpse of Michelle’s bare ass so I just stood quietly in the hall where they wouldn’t see me.

The massage was focused around her lower back and butt for a while and she seemed to be using alot of oil, then Sandy moved to the other side of the table. Her left hand was resting between my wife’s ass cheeks while her other hand was drizzling more oil to the area. Michelle was clearly enjoying her work because her breathing was pretty loud & she was humming quietly to herself. That’s when I noticed Sandy’s thumb pressing on Michelle’s tight pink assbud.

With a slight gasp from my wife, slowly Sandy’s thumb disappeared and it seemed like all the air escaped from the room. Here I was, hard as a rock, watching my blonde wife having her ass and pussy fingered by little Asian bombshell. I’d like to say I walked over and took control of the situation, but all I could do was stand and watch as this little Asian slut began to finger fuck my wife.

Then Sandy caught a glimpse of me, she didn’t let on that she had seen me, but I could tell because she started to smile when she realized I had been watching for a while and had no intention of announcing my return. Michelle started to hum louder now & her breathing had increased in intensity.

Just at that moment, the little Asian masseur Sandy lent down and started to softly kiss Michelle’s ass. Still with the middle & index finger of her left hand working my wife’s pussy, she slowly slid the thumb out of her ass and began to lick around her tight puckered pink hole. As her tongue extended, teased and then slid into my wife’s secret passage, she looked up.

Staring directly into my eyes, this little Asian slut was now spreading my wife’s ass cheeks with her free hand and tonguing like a machine as my wife raised her hips to encourage her to push deeper. Un-fucking-believable! It was all I could do not to shoot a load in my pants right there.

All of a sudden my wife let out a loud but restrained moan, then lay limp gasping for air through the face hole of the massage table with her left foot slightly quivering. Sandy slowly removed her hand & laid a towel over Michelle’s glistening naked butt as she looked at me & winked.

I walked back to the door, waited for about 30 seconds, opened and closed it louder than I normally would to make it appear I had just arrived. I walked into the main room and said “Hi honey, I’m back.”

My wife was just putting a bathrobe on and Sandy was folding up her table. “How was it?” I asked.

Flushed with messy hair & looking like she had just seen heaven, Michelle said “Wonderful… Just great! I feel much more relaxed now.” Barley able to focus on her words she continued “I’m going to have a shower and wash this oil off. Can you please tip Sandy?” With that she walked into the bathroom.

I pulled out a $100 note for Sandy, which she graciously accepted. Sandy then handed me a piece of paper with an address and said “Cancel your plans and be there tonight at 8pm, my husband & a few friends are having a small party.”

To be continued…

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