My wife Emma and I have been avid swingers for the past dozen years. We are both in our late thirties and we both have our own businesses. We are successful and happy I believe in that we have some money saved, few bills, a mortgage free home as well as a vacation/ retirement condo in St Marteens and best of all, love each other deeply.

We are also very involved with our community and its needs as it comes to helping others. We have done everything from working and donating to the food bank to bowling for hospitalized children. We find this fulfilling but sometimes depressing as the needs far out last the donations and volunteerism.

Emma has been a constant organizer for many of the charity organizations we belong to and is always looking for new and improved ways to raise funds and expand the pool of donors. This story is about how she really expanded her efforts.

I was working in my home office one bright morning, enjoying a bagel and egg with some Hawaiian coffee. Emma had left earlier to go to a planning meeting at the home of Wanda Proctor. Now every planning committee has a Wanda on it. The matronly, white haired know it all who dominates the meetings while putting others ideas down. They are the take charge people, not that they do a better job, but that they believe they are the only ones capable of getting it right. Emma and Proctor often clashed at these meetings, but in the long run they did do the events and raised funds. Many of the ladies involved disagreed with Wanda, but few would buck her, so Emma usually caved that an event could go forward.

I was taking a long sip from some still steaming coffee, when I was startled by the front door slamming. From my office I heard the distinct sound of high heels on the tile floor and the clang of keys dumped on the granite countertop. I assumed that Emma had returned and was not in a good mood. Boy was I right on target.

Walking into the kitchen, I found Emma red faced and breathing heavy, her 36D tits rising sharply in her white blouse while wringing her hands. Usually she keeps a lid on it when she’s really mad, but something or someone had set her off big time today. I was almost frightened to ask what it was.

“Em, what’s the problem, why are shaking so much?”

“That fucking cunt whore bitch.”

“Wow, tell me how you feel honey. That came out with so much acid, I feel like I need a tums shower. Who are you talking about?” I asked knowing full well the answer.

“Wanda fucking Proctor pissed me off so much today that I quit the organizing committee.”

Now this was news, Emma loved that group (save Wanda) and would normally walk over coals for those ladies. She has spent more time and treasure with this group than anything else lately, including her business. Based on her emotions, I thought it best to try and settle her down by pouring her a cup of coffee and getting her to at least sit down.

My dad, that old sage of married life came to mind. After 45 years married to mom; son he said, the best thing when the spouse is upset is listen and listen some more. Do not interject or try to be impartial, just keep your trap shut and let her get it all out. That was my plan for Emma at this juncture.

“Em, it must have been some meeting for you to quit, please tell me about it.” Smooth operator, that’s me.

Emma sat, kicked off her high heels and took a large gulp of coffee. Her breathing had settled some but was still erratic from her anger. She took a second gathering her thoughts before she began.

“Glenn, do you remember a couple months ago when I floated the idea of the volunteers banding together to make just one committee?”

I nodded to that.

“Well the idea was that instead of us assigning a person or two to organize and do a fundraiser we would only do large events together and then disperse the funds to the causes that needed help the most. We did not want to say do a cookie sale to benefit just the cancer society, but do something bigger so many organizations would benefit. You also remember that the only person against that was Wanda.”

I again nodded. I recall the angst of that time, Emma was wound up tight over that fight but still not like she was now.

Emma continued on. “So today we were planning new events and Jenny Spenser suggested since we had some new businesses in town with young single people we should have a people auction. That is auction off the people’s time for dates, chores whatever. Since we had never done anything close to that, most of us gave the concept thumbs up.”

I was a little distracted when Emma brought up Jenny Spenser. I had met her several times before and once she was in our house shortly after her marriage. Jenny was a newlywed, early 20′s, tall brunette with the most phenomenal ass I’ve ever seen, up there with J Lo. I just had a short fantasy break thinking of that ass in my hands while Em was talking. Reality returned quickly as Emma resumed her tale.

“No, Wanda would have none of it, considering it far beneath us. She literally brought Jenny to tears knocking her idea. Instead the old hussy said we should do a walkathon. God knows we’ve had walkathons to death. They always involve the same people and we also raise the same amount of money, so absolutely boring and mundane. So I got into it with Wanda about being stagnant and not wanting to try new things, she called for a vote and it was 10-2 with only Jenny supporting me. As usual the others were afraid even though I know most supported us. After the vote she did a high and mighty about agreeing with her and I basically said I quit.”

Ever the statesman I responded with “you did the right thing, honey.”

Now that Emma had gotten all this out I noticed her body and voice calming down and relaxing a little. I thought that after she totally chills, she’ll find a way to get together with the girls and continue on with the charity work. I was about to ask if she wanted more coffee when the phone rang.

Being the closest, I answered it.

“Good morning to you Sam” I remarked. Emma looked at me with a wide eyed expression and nervousness. It was our town Mayor, Sam Proctor. Yes that Proctor, the husband of the old battleaxe herself, Wanda. After about a minute of listening, I said, “fine we’ll be here” with a perplexed Emma looking on.

As soon as the phone hit the cradle I got that urgent “What did he want?”

“He’s on the road and will be here in about 10 minutes, wants to discuss something with the both of us.”

That was not good enough for Emma.

“For heavens sake Glenn, what does he want?”

“Just said he wanted to talk to us babe, that’s all.”

Sam Proctor is a great guy, elected as mayor for the past three terms. He was nothing at all like his wife in personality. He was the richest guy around, the largest employer in town, running three businesses and really did not have the time to be mayor, but his skill as an executive was fantastic and he was by far the best mayor we could have. He got along with everyone and was never confrontational. It didn’t hurt that he was also the town’s largest donor, a point his wife Wanda exploited to the max.

I started to brew another pot of coffee, not really knowing what to expect but figured it couldn’t hurt. Emma was antsy to say the least, running around more or less in circles while trying to appear she was actually doing something. It wasn’t long before the door bell rang.

“Hi Sam, come on in” as I gave our mayor a hearty handshake. We were friends since we moved to town some 10 years ago, even though he knew some of the issues we had with Wanda. Sam was one of those striking guys, the type women adore and men respect. He looked a lot like that late actor, Peter Graves of Mission Impossible fame, though shorter in stature. He was by far the most important man in town, even if he wasn’t just the mayor, but he made you feel that you were when he engaged you.

Emma came up behind me and when Sam spotted her she got a big hug and kiss on the cheek. We led him in to the den and we sat down to the coffee that Emma had poured earlier. Sam looked relaxed but also like a man with a mission so we let him just come out with it.

“I had just gotten to the meeting this morning when I was told of the fallout you had with Wanda. I first of all want to apologize for her and would hope that the fence can be mended because we need everyone to pull together.”

Emma cleared her throat, but her posture said more about her discomfort as she sat on the edge of her chair.

“Thanks Sam, but you should not have to apologize for anything. You were not there and one thing led to another. I perhaps acted a bit hasty, but I feel we need to go in a different direction in terms of our fund raising drives.”

Sam was at ease and appeared hopeful that a resolution was near.

“Does that mean you will come back if Wanda apologizes?”

“It’s not a question of that Sam. I know we can get along again and we were both at fault. I just don’t think the disagreements are going to end because we are just on different pages when it comes to our work. It would be best if we split and did our own thing.”

Sam pushed back all the way in his chair and finally took a sip of coffee. He had an expression on his face of a man with something else on his mind though.

“I expected that might be the case. Actually I went to the meeting with the plan of offering a job in my administration for a liaison with the state. Part of that work would entail all our charitable efforts throughout the community as well as organizing and running all our city’s events, such as the tomato festival etc. We would harness matching funds from both the state and feds, so I need exceptional organizational skills.”

Emma was very intently looking at Sam. What he was saying was making her eyes and ears stay riveted to his every word. I knew that Emma had a longing to enter politics in some fashion and this may be the way in.

Sam swallowed some more coffee and continued.

“I had hoped to have all the committee members give me their choices today so that I can make a selection. I just wanted you to know I have not informed Wanda that I was coming over here today, nor does she have any inside track for the job. I do realize what I know from the members, they would have voted for you Emma or Wanda.”

I was interested in his thought process now myself. “So Sam what are your plans now since it would appear the committee voting would be out.”

“Glenn, on my way over here I did think of something. How about a contest if you will. I know that members will line up behind Emma here and some behind Wanda. So we would have two teams matching up. Since it will soon be September, how about a battle, featuring one event between the two teams. Whoever raises the most money and has the most enthusiastic support, would win and those team members will select one of their own to be my new liaison. We’ll tally everything up on Dec 31 at my house party, and declare a winner. How does that sound?”

Before I could muster up an answer, Emma gave a resounding “I’ll do it!” Emma never could refuse a challenge. I remember one time at a swinger party out of state when the hostess said she could take on 6 guys in a gangbang; Emma topped her by offering herself to the whole house. After 18 guys worked her over, her pussy was a wreck for two weeks. No sir, never place a challenge or contest in front of my wife and expect a feeble response.

Sam’s face reflected a man that was delighted to have made an offer and have it accepted. As he stood up to leave he made a few more comments.

“Emma, what exactly were you proposing this morning while Wanda wanted a walkathon?”

“Well the idea was really Jennifer Spenser’s. It was that we would hold an auction for both single and married couples who could offer services. Maybe the singles could have dates, some others could do chores or projects that the current wives or husbands did not want to do. It just sounded like a lot of fun and we set up parameters of involvement. It certainly seemed more appealing than walking up and down the street.”

Sam was rubbing his chin and calmly said that it did sound like more fun. Sam said he would get back with Emma to finalize the “contest” and left. He no sooner had the door closed behind him than Emma was on the phone telling Jenny to hurry over.

I had to get to a meeting so I left the house before my fantasy girl Jenny showed up but I insisted to Emma that she fill me in on everything when I got back.

I walked in later that day to what looked like a whirlwind of activity. Notes and papers were laying or tossed everywhere in the den and I couldn’t help but notice the three empty bottles of wine on the coffee table with two lipstick stained glasses. Emma came around the corner to greet me with a deep kiss and a groping hug while I inhaled her alcohol laced breath. I also knew that wine heightened her horniness to the next level, so I decided in an instant to take full advantage.

Lifting my laughing wife up and slinging her over my shoulder, I race walked to the master bedroom and tossed her roughly on the bed. In one quick motion my pants and underwear were discarded and the dress shirt flung to the floor. On the bed, Emma also removed what little she had on all the while panting like a mare in heat. After a short bout of kissing and groping, I buried my stiff rod into a steamy, wet and incredibly tight pussy. Emma’s muscle control was outstanding as usual and she milked my cock with utter abandon. At this stage I don’t know who was hornier. I made sure to have some contact with her clit as that usually put us in sync together on our orgasms. This was a fuck for fucks sake, our libidos were off the charts and we just needed release. The frantic pace we pounded into each other was unsustainable and we both cascaded into our own releases. Emma moaned out her “I’m coming” while I grunted my eruption into her pussy by stiffening my entire body. Emma encouraged my cumming by flexing those love muscles of hers to drain me completely. Spent, we pulled apart and lay side by side returning to a relaxed state of breathing.

“So honey, you’ve had a good day?” I joked.

Emma punched my arm while laughing.” You can say we had a great day with that last kicker.”

“I can see by all the notes out in the den, that it was certainly busy. What all did you get accomplished today?” I quizzed.

“Shortly after you left, Jen got here and we have been brainstorming ever since. We have potentially 20 people to auction. I hope you don’t mind but I placed you and me on the list to.”

“No I don’t mind at all. Is there any chance I could get some pussy out of the deal?” I joked.

“Oh stop already, while getting another arm punch. You’ll have all you can do here with me” as she raked her nails over my balls.

“Do I know any of the other potential auction items?”

“Sure, besides us there’s Jen and Ben and…”

I did not hear any other names after Jen. Ben was her husband, a nice hunky kind of guy, which I know made Emma happy. But the chance to have a date with Jen was certainly an opportunity for me.

“So besides finishing those three bottles of Kendall-Jackson what else did you get done?”

“Once we identified the folks we thought would give us the biggest bang for the buck, we sent e-mails, cute and sassy ones, to see if they would commit. We already have several responding, all with the thumbs up.”

“It does sound like you are well on your way to being a mayor’s aide” I gleefully told Emma.

“Oh Glenn, this is going to be so much fun to kick the ass of Wanda Proctor and rub it in her face. Some of the girls have told me that once Sam told her of the contest, she was livid. Not so that he didn’t just give her the job; but that someone would actually oppose her for it. Plus it looks like she will still do the walkathon. Knowing how they have been in the past, she’ll be lucky to raise more than the best we have ever done which was $12,000.”

And so things were looking good……

Three weeks later

Wow has things taken a 360 degree turn. What looked so promising several weeks back had turned sour. The early commitments did not pan out. Instead of the 20 people we planned on, it was just down to the 4 of us. We heard back about conflicts, spouses were not ok with it, they were moving, on and on. We finally got a real glimpse of the truth when Eileen, another committee member that stayed with Wanda but was a mole for us, said that many of the people we wanted were “subtly” pushed out. Most were either employed by the Proctors or were vendors and feared some kind of blowback. It never led to Sam, always Wanda. Meanwhile Wanda had commandeered other organizations and her walkathon was going to be used. Rumor had it that she had 500 people lined up with an average of $50 donations. That would more than double the previous amount raised.

Needless to say the mood around our house was more akin to a funeral home. Even with the beautiful Jenny stopping by and me drooling over her body and Ben making Emma swoon, made no difference. Emma was close to tossing in the towel and just handing the win to Wanda. Ben, who did not work for the Proctors, being the town vet and volunteer firefighter, said we should bring our information directly to Sam. I nixed that as he was our friend and to throw his marriage up to possible turmoil was more than I could or would do.

So it was decided one afternoon among the 4 of us, unless we had another approach we would call Wanda and Sam in the morning and bow out of the charity contest.

Jenny and Ben went home and Emma went to have a pedicure, so I was home making a sandwich when the phone rang.

“Hello, this is Glenn”

“Glenn you hunk, how are you?”

Good lord, that sultry voice could only belong to one beautiful blonde bombshell named Vicki Cumberland. Vicki and her husband Norman lived a state over from us and have been regular swing partners for almost 6 years. We met them at a party and have been pals ever since, but it has been maybe 6 months since we have seen or talked to them. I think the only contact may have been an anniversary card that Emma had sent a while back.

“I am fine Vicki, my tasty little morsel, how are you sweet cheeks?”

“I am so horny Glenn darling, we haven’t seen you guys in ages and I’m just checking to see how you and Emma are.”

We continued with the small talk and catching up on news and events. The big news was that her husband Norman had struck out on his own and created a new firm. Norman is a web site design specialist and has pioneered many things on the web. I was very happy for him, he is a great guy. We talked about getting together soon and I brought up the troubles we were having on the charity side and I didn’t know if we could break away. Vicki asked that Emma call her later and she may have a solution for our issue. Even though I pushed for more information, Vicki said it was just an idea and she would float it by Emma. Shortly afterward we ended the call.

When Emma returned several hours later, still down in the dumps I might add, I let her know of Vicki’s call. This gave her a small boost; she was close to Vicki and now felt bad about the little contact over the past months.

It was a few minutes after 4pm when they connected. At 5, 6 and 7pm they were still on the phone with each other, occasionally placing it on speaker. I could hear Norman also on the line and I gave a shout out “hello buddy.” By 7:30 I was looking to have dinner; Emma was still heavy on the phone while taking notes. I pantomimed picking up dinner at a drive thru which Emma nodded yes to. I was back by 8pm from the BBQ place; sure enough Emma was still on the phone.

After dinner I watched some TV, and then the news and I dozed off. Around 11pm I awoke, looked around and did not see Emma but I could hear her in the house. Stumbling some, I found her in the office, on the computer and still to my amazement, on the phone. In a weird sign language way I asked how long she would be while she waved me off. With that I headed to the bathroom and finally to bed.

I was in a semi sleep, just feeling the urge to piss, when the bed sagged a little beside me. Emma was finally coming to bed. Slitting my eyes to look at the alarm clock showed 3am. I stumbled up to go take a leak and asked Emma if she was just coming to bed and she responded with a yes. By the time I got back, she was out like a light.

I got up my usual time, very nosy on what Emma had been doing all night long. With her still asleep I wandered into our joint office room and scoured around her notes from last night. My curiosity was very high because I think she came up with something to keep the contest alive. Many of the notes I found listed names of people we knew, most from out of our area. It finally cracked my noggin that the people posted were all swingers we knew over the years and folks we had stayed in contact with and partied.

I was really interested at this point and almost wanted to wake Emma to find out more. To appease my appetite, I logged on to her computer and saw a new icon, which when I clicked on came to a website called It was password protected so I couldn’t get much information but I determined this is what she must have been up to last night with Norman and Vicki. Only Norman could have put this together so fast and professional. I decided to make a little breakfast and wait for my sleeping beauty to wake and fill me in.

Hours later, a yawning and sleepy looking Emma shuffled into the kitchen. Her hair was disheveled as she had gone to sleep with her makeup on which now was smeared somewhat on her face. All in all she looked hot and I felt like fucking her over a barstool that moment but I was more interested to know about last night. Emma wouldn’t begin to talk till she had some coffee and juice which I quickly poured for her.

“My God Emma, what all did you do last night and did you keep the Cumberland’s up all night to?”

“I can’t believe we got done what we did Glenn. Without Norman I would still be twiddling my thumbs. The guy is an absolute genius and Vicki had the idea.”

“Well, what is it?” I was begging literally.

“The concept remained, that is an auction for people’s services. Except now it is for sexual services and involves a number of our swinger friends around the country. The site is password protected and will just involve people we know or have been with.”

I was interested in hearing more.

“How does it work, you know we like to keep the swinger angle away from here. We just don’t need the drama. How is money raised and what rules apply?”

“Glenn it really is ingenious. First Norman is the administrator and only he can access passwords and the entire site. First you log on with a code that you will get from Norm. Then you create your profile; download a picture, no nude, but certainly a bathing suit or such. Then you give yourself a username and your set to go. I think there are 20 people or so already set up or close to it. Do you want to see how simple it is?”

“What you already have something on?”

“Of course you and I are already set.”

Emma went on line and right to the site. She popped in a password and the screen went live. Listed on the left side were odd names which she described as usernames. She clicked on GLASSMAN. Lo and behold there was a picture of me out by the pool taken about a year ago. My face was blocked out but it was me.

“What the hell is Glassman?”

“Gee honey you are dense sometimes. If you don’t like it we can change it before we go live. But it stands for GL – Glenn, and you sure are an ass man.”

Emma knew me well. Ass man was perfect. I asked to see the profile on me. She hit that target as well. Emma explained further how things worked.

Every week half of the profiled people would be the “items” up for bid. The “items” were equally divided between men and women. Bids would start Monday and end at midnight Thursday at which point the “item” could be delivered over the weekend. If that was not possible, payment would still have to made, and you could take possession later. The following week the bidder’s would become the items. Emma planned it this way since we had 12+ weeks, everyone would have multiple times to play.

I was excited about the possibilities and asked Emma how the money raising part would go. First she said everyone would have a minimum bid of $50. New bids had to be in increments of $10. There was no cap. Another rule was that you could only win an “item” once, but then again that person could select you another time. We continued for the rest of the morning looking at the site and me asking some more questions.

By early afternoon needless to say I was stoked. The idea of some swinging action and helping charities seemed a perfect fit. It was then I realized we may have a problem based on yesterday.

“Em this is all great, but didn’t we discuss yesterday when things were not looking good, that we would call Sam and toss in the towel?”

Emma was unfazed. “Yeah but we don’t have to do that now.”

“But we have another problem, or don’t you remember?”

“What is it Glenn?”

“We had Jenny and Ben here when it was decided to quit. How are you planning to tell them we are going forward and in this new direction? This could jeopardize our under the radar living about our lifestyle.”

Emma face revealed a furrowed brow and a look of worry. I guess in the scheme of working this event out she did not think how to handle this aspect of it. I did not envy her position.

Emma decided not to wait and fret about it, looking around she spotted the cordless across the room and went for it. After what seemed like an eternity, her call was answered.

“Hi Jenny, its Emma. Something has come up today and we will not be bowing out of the contest. If there is anyway you could come over today we can discuss it with you. Hope to hear from you soon. Bye.”

Although I was curious as a cat to hear how Emma would do this, my insides could not handle it. I made an announcement that I would be running some errands shortly and I did not know when I would be back.

Emma gave me a well deserved “you’re a chicken shit” response.

I returned hours later not knowing if Jenny had come by or not. I was prepared for the worst, but rather hoping for the best. What that was I didn’t know. Emma was busy on the computer and did not look up when I came into the room. Based on her intensity she was involved only with the screen.

I stood there like a lamb waiting for his fleecing, still no acknowledgement from Emma. I had a thought that the contest had cratered due to our desire for some secrecy. Finally Emma looked up and a slight smile started on the left side of her mouth.

“Well?” I asked with a knot in my gut.

“Everything is just fine. It went better than I could have hoped. Jenny called back just after you left and then came right over, just left about 30 minutes ago.”

“How did you handle it, babe?” I yearned to know.

“I told her the truth, clear and simple.”

“What! Did you tell the truth about the auction or about us?”


My throat fell into my ass. I held our privacy concerning our lifestyle very high, now it looks like that is blown out of the water. I had to sit and do it quickly, so I took the seat next to Emma who was still logged on to the computer.

It took another second to compose myself, but I felt my teeth grate while spitting some dialog out.

“Have you lost your mind Emma? Couldn’t you have just told her we were trying to generate funds from friends out of town?”

“I did Glenn, but Jenny probed me for more and finally I slipped and she picked up on it immediately and I got cornered.”

Resigning myself to the fact the cat was out of the bag if you will, I hoped that something was still salvageable.

‘So how bad was it?”

“See for yourself” as she slid the computer screen over for a better view on my part. She hit on the username JS1NEWBIE. It popped open two photos of a yellow bikini holding onto a young, tan and outstanding body. Even with the face blocked, it was very much Jenny Spenser. The first photo was a frontal and showed a gorgeous set of tits, nice cleavage and flaring hips; the second photo locked my stare in. It was a rear shot with Jenny looking over her shoulder with a smile. My eyes riveted to that posterior. It wasn’t a string bikini but nonetheless left far more ass on display than fabric.

With my eyes never leaving the screen, I asked Emma if this means what I think it does.

“Yes it does, she and Ben are in.”

My balls started to tap dance together. Emma saw the glee on my face and knew exactly what I had to be thinking.

“I just finished entering it. Do you want to see her profile?” With that she clicked on it. I felt like I had won a prize. I was glued to the screen reading the following.

Newlywed newbie, mold me shape me. Looking to experience everything and I mean everything. Am 24, brunette, recently married (spouse will play to) 5’6″ 130, 36-24-36. Always had fantasies, never felt like they could be fulfilled till now. Shy at first, couple of wines will open me up and I mean open. Told that oral skills are excellent and I do enjoy all aspects of it (means I swallow). Looking for girl/girl; threesomes and more (yes gangbang intrigues me) anal (virgin) and ultimately being what they call airtight. Please bid me up and I will make every dollar of your donation well worth it!

Anal virgin had me clawing at my checkbook to get it out, when Emma pointed to the bottom of the profile which stated this:

Item not activated at this time.

“What does that mean?” with the vision of Jenny’s ass on my face disappearing.

“I gave Jen and Ben a week to decide if they want to go live. So for right now, people can look but not touch.”

I knew my wife was right. The first time we ventured out onto the swing scene we were too nervous and frightened to think straight. I could relate to how those two may feel.

“So when does the program go live?” I wanted to know

“Today is Friday, so we are running a pilot or test; it will all go live this coming Monday if there are no glitches.”

“What does the test mean and who’s doing it?”

With that Emma clicked on some other things and up popped Vicki’s profile. On the bottom was my code next to $50. Emma then flipped to Norman and her code was on his.

While she was doing that, she gave me the following explanation.

“It’s the least we could do since they supplied the expertise and the idea. We are going to see them tomorrow evening so be prepared.”

I could not object to that. Vicki was an exceptional lady, certainly one of my favorite friends with benefits. I loved anal with her, she was one of my firsts on that score plus she was one of the few women I knew that could orgasm while being plowed in the rear.

It was going to be a great weekend.

Emma continued to test the system with Norman’s input and everything looked good to go. We ran up more and more bids against fictitious bidders to see how it would handle. We both had bids up to $500 now on both Vicki and Norman. When I started to make a face, Emma calmed me down by saying this was a test and we would not be contributing that money. But in reality, our friends were worth that and more.

Our weekend with the Cumberland’s was fantastic as usual. There place in the countryside is beautiful and private allowing freedom for the lifestyle. A lot of time was used by Norman and Emma tweaking the web site, but fun was still the top priority. Every day was awesome but the crowning moment for me was one afternoon where I watched Emma and Norman fuck and tussle on a swinging hammock out by the pool. It was comical how they tried for certain positions all in the wake of a moving network of fabric. At one point Emma was on her back, legs spread waiting for the rigid cock of Norman. As he made a stab downward, he missed his mark and his cock emerged thru the webbing between Emma outstretched legs. Laughing so hard I almost missed myself as I was inserting an engorged prick into the backside of sweet Vicki. We were in the den, she straddling the couch armrest while I had lined up her ass for my assault. A few valiant stabs into the air as well as her cheek, but I did finally get that ass fuck I had been craving. Vicki made the highlight reel as her orgasm was hard and long from my pummeling as she left me exhausted but oh so satisfied.

And so upon our return to town and work, the contest began. Eileen our insider mole in the other camp said that Wanda had pulled all her tricks together and was planning walkathons every weekend till the 31st and she was insisting that all their suppliers, vendors and workers chip in with walkers and donations. So we knew that we had to have a lot of action on our side to generate more funds to win.

Emma and I sat out the first week; I had made it a point that till Jenny came up as an item I would remain on the sidelines. I was prepared to make a sizeable donation to have dibs on her and Emma knew it. I think Emma’s plan was the same for stud Ben.

For the first week we only had 6 “items” and bidding was low. At the end of the week we had only generated $560. Eileen could not get the exact number on Wanda’s first walk, but knew based on the amount of walkers and minimums, the haul was in excess of $4,000. We were deeply in the hole and only 12 weeks left. I began to be concerned as was Emma that we did not have a large pool of participants but it would not be a good thing to try and enlarge it at this stage.

Monday rolled around when finally Jenny became active. Neither she nor Ben pulled out during their one week review, so I was itching to go. I had a heavy workload so I didn’t get to access a computer till I got home in the early evening. I was not really prepared to see what I did when I logged on and punched Jenny’s bid sheet up. She was already at $750. with almost 4 days left. It showed that she was being hit hard and often after the opening bid of $50 which lasted all of three minutes.

I decided to wait till later in the week to see how high this was going to get rather than place a bid now. At swinger parties we’ve attended in the past it was always are big push to be with the “newbie’s” so I anticipated this to be the same thing here.

I checked again late Wednesday night and found that Jenny’s value had gone to $1,220, which in a way was a relief since she had started so strong. Just to keep myself abreast of Emma’s antics, I checked her profile. Sure enough she was still after Ben but now another bid was ahead of her and that stood at $430. I did not look through anyone else’s listing so I did not know where we stood potential donation wise.

Thursday was the deadline for that’s week’s bidding and I was not going to look till 11:55pm, then if practical, I would make my final bid. Now I really wanted Jenny badly, but in my head I never had a stop price figured. I really did not know what I would do if the price was in outer space, so I was nervous.

When I logged on at 11:30 I was downing a beer trying to keep myself calm. I hit the line and got Ben’s profile and saw that Emma was top gun. Checking a little closer I saw a bid of $520 an hour ago, and then fifteen minutes later Emma shot back with $700. Considering the increments could be as small as $10, that leap was Emma’s way of nailing it. With a heavy hand I found Jenny’s page and took a deep breath.

Jenny had climbed to $1770, a huge sum based on all the other players and a testament to her desirability. I didn’t recognize the name with the high bid, probably someone’s friend of a friend. With the clock ticking down I looked at the pattern of bids. The last bid was considerably higher than the previous one, so I surmised that was a last shot to win. I quickly punched in $1800, within seconds $1850 overrode me and it was the same username. Someone else was playing my game. What to do?

With the clock ticking down to under a minute, knowing that someone is on line with me waiting to pounce at my latest move, I typed in $2000. The clock hit midnight, the page said close and Jenny was mine. I thrust my fist in the air similar I guess if I had just won big in Vegas, but reality hit quick, how Emma would handle me with placing such a high bid on her friend. Looking quickly to Ben’s page, Emma had made it a family double by having the winning bid also.

I guzzled the rest of my beer and hoped for the best. Just because I had the highest bid did not automatically mean that Jenny would have sex with me. She still held all the cards based on the rules and could reject me while I would still have to pay. Now the regular swingers we knew would not have done that but with Jenny being a “newbie” she was under no obligation.

I left for my office very early the next morning and did not talk to Emma before I left. About 9 she called to inform me that Jenny had called and she had given her my office line and I should expect her call. I felt like a love struck puppy awaiting that call, I didn’t know how it would pan out.

The phone rang just as an associate was leaving my office; I hurriedly asked them to close my door and tell my secretary to hold my calls. The caller id said Jenny and I swallowed hard. I don’t know why I felt and acted like a love struck kid.

“Good morning Glenn” Jenny purred into the phone.

“Hi Jenny, how are you today?”

“Well I am blown away mister. I was stunned this morning to find you on my bid list and with such a huge number. I never knew you liked me so much.”

“Of course I like you Jenny, but this is for charity and I do want us to win” I wanted to at least show her that I wasn’t infatuated with her, which of course I was.

“Oh yeah, charity,” her voice reflected a hurt tone. I knew that I was to blunt with my previous comment so I tried to dampen it a little.

“I really do like you Jenny very much; the charity part is just a little icing on the cake. If it’s ok with you I would like to take possession and use my “item” as soon as possible.”

Jenny’s tone changed to one of being upbeat again and she also was looking forward to fulfilling her bidder’s wishes. In fact she said Ben and her were available this coming Sunday and that Emma had already confirmed that was ok. Who was I to change an excellent plan?

They showed up Sunday afternoon, swimwear in tow, ready to spend the day and some of the night with us. Emma immediately took Ben for a tour of the house; I suspected there would be some stops along the way. Jenny looked dazzling in a pair of white shorts and a halter top, teal color. We sat on the couch sipping some wine which I had remembered from her profile as a relaxer. It was not lost on her, as she tossed the first glass down and filled another herself. I was curious on why she wanted to participate in this contest so while she was relaxing, I began asking.

“Hey Jen, what made you decide to be an active participate in this auction thing?”

She took an extra big swallow of the merlot. “Emma was so secret about not quitting and she kept telling me she could not give me any more information. Well I got so upset; I told her I would still call Wanda to quit. That was to much for Emma and she slowly let on what you guys were going to do. First I was taken aback a little, but then it sounded exciting and dirty. You know Ben was my first and only before and after marriage and he also had some fantasies when we talked about it.”

While she explained I viewed her body, so young and toned. I didn’t notice any tan lines; the tan looked natural so I hoped she was also a nudist. As she talked her chest would heave out and her tits looked exceptional with quite pointy nipples showing through. I began hoping I had the energy today for several bouts with her.

As we sat on the couch, chilling, it was evident that Emma and Ben had not come back through the den. Now our house was large, but not that large and most of it was on the opposite side we were on, a side that Emma had not been in yet. The side they did go to was where the master bedroom is.

I asked Jenny if she was curious; she looked at me with a confused look. I took her hand and helped her up from the couch and walked with her toward our master bedroom. As we peeked through the doorway, we spotted Emma and Ben, partially unclothed, writhing on the bed lip locked and in a full body embrace. Emma’s tits were out, being handled and squeezed by the large hands of Ben. Both their throats were emitting moans of pleasure while they continued with their foreplay.

Peeking at Jenny, her eyes, primarily her pupils were enlarged and her upper torso moving dramatically as her breaths became deeper and longer. This was turning her on, which of course was precisely my motive. Although Emma and I didn’t have any qualms about playing with or without each other in sight, I did not know what Jenny’s reaction would be since she was a novice to all this. While what was happening on the bed was ingrained in our memories, I still had a hold of Jenny’s hand and I guided her back into our den.

Before sitting, I embraced her and started with a soft kiss. Initially she sat there with hands and arms at her side and her lips pursed together. I held her closer and kissed harder and slowly the meltdown began. Her hands came up and held the back of my neck and head; her lips opened and a darting tongue emerged and sought out and found mine. Jenny pressed her body hard into mine and my hands stroked her back and then slid to her fleshy ass. I kneaded my fingers into her ass flesh finally realizing one of my fantasies with her.

The harder we embraced each other, the harder my cock became and hurt due to its confines. I don’t know if Jenny sensed that or not, but she released a hand from my neck and went for my zipper and with urgency. My hands left her ass and slid under her halter top to discover a lacy thin bra that barely contained her overflowing breasts. The softness of her tit flesh was fantastic and my hands were glued to those orbs, exploring every delicate inch as well as her nipples.

By this time she had fished out my steely cock and began fisting it with vigor. Just to be out of the restricted confines of my drawers felt wonderful, but her hand working on it made it priceless. Our kiss lingered on and on as we groped and explored each others body. Even though my donation had been high, I was feeling that if was worth it and more.

We had removed a considerable amount of clothes in our embrace as I stood there now in just my drawers and Jenny in her lace set of bra and panties. The bra was flipped below her tits and I was delighted that no tan lines were on her tits. The thought that she sunbathed nude shot another bolt of excitement to my bobbing cock. I finally broke our lip lock; while Jenny frantically took on air, I descended on those luscious mounds and devoured her grapefruit size tits and stiff nipples. Her fragrance was exquisite and the softness of her tit flesh felt fabulous to my fingers. Believe me; I could have feasted for days on those tits.

One hand however was drawn like a magnet to her pussy where it just had to stroke and probe with its fingers. The heat emanating from Jenny’s love hole was warmer than the sun as well as moist like the sea. As my finger was aided by another and another, Jenny, bent her legs outward allowing me deeper and deeper access. Her body position reminded me of someone sitting astride a horse, upper legs extended out lower legs in. I had the overwhelming desire at this stage for my lips and tongue to experience the thrill that my fingers found.

Pushing Jenny down, we fell onto the couch, still with hands busy on each other’s bodies. Sliding my head downward; my mission to taste the nectar of her juices, my tongue dragged along the middle of her stomach. Jenny sensed what I was doing and helped guide my head down with a free hand. Before engorging myself on her womanhood, I lustily gazed on my prize, the incredible labia lips the perfect shape of her pussy itself and the tempting asshole slightly hidden from view, but obviously there between those stunning cheeks.

With her flower unfolded before me, my lips and tongue entered the opening of my latest fantasy girl. The smell and taste were as I had hoped, fresh and sweet. My tongue probed deep into the pink fleshy confines, searching for that little hard nub, her clit. Finding it, I lavished my full attention on it; receiving full recognition of my success by the gyrations and vocalizations from my beauty. Jenny squeezed my ears hard as she ground her luscious mound harder into my mouth. Jenny’s lower body was lurching upward, leaving the sofa at ever higher elevations. The heat was more intense between her thighs as well, as her legs clamped themselves together, squeezing my face and head.

In the distance of the other room, you could hear high pitched screams, lustful orgasmic screams as Emma was without a doubt enjoying her portion of the double event. Emma was never quiet, but she was outdoing herself in the volume department. Being multi orgasmic, she will wear Ben out, of that I was sure. I should have talked to him on his arrival and forewarned him to pace himself or he may miss the best part of his coupling. Oh well, that’s their business, for now I had to focus on Jenny and our pleasure.

Although I relished all aspects of my oral loving, my lust was dictating that I penetrate this babe with another part of my anatomy. Reluctantly separating, I repositioned Jenny on the sofa so that she was on her back with her legs splayed open. She did this quickly and telling by her facial expressions, she wanted it. With her open to me, I took my rigid cock and stroked the outside of her pussy for additional lubrication and also to tease her. This was not in her game plan as she thrust upward and inhaled my throbbing cock into her cunt. Her hands clutching my ass cheeks and her ass rotating in circles on the sofa cushion, it was abundantly clear that she wanted to fuck and do it now.

Like a good man, I complied with her physical actions by pounding her hole and deep rooting her pussy. She was very wet and the sloshing sounds were echoing between my ears which only made me want to do it more. Wet as her pussy was, she remained very tight and occasionally I would be expelled with the force of her muscles. Attesting to her lust was her urgency to get me back in by keeping one hand always near our joining.

For her first time straying from her marriage, Jenny was very into it; while in between her moans of lust, she spat out “fuck me” and “fuck” over and over again. Even though I had enough of my own passion, her cries elevated mine for sure. I not only wanted my pleasure, but made it a goal for Jenny’s as well. Placing my hands under her glorious ass, I squeezed her cheeks hard and drove my cock in deep and upward, making contact with the magic button. Jenny became higher pitched so I knew I hit pay dirt. Her cunt was going ballistic on my cock and the wetness and friction of our joined organs was causing the temperature of our bodies to skyrocket. I so much wanted to blast a load in her ass, but since we had gone this far, I knew I couldn’t make it.

I also did not clear it with her about unloading in her open hole. My condom less missile was so close to firing, I had to warn Jenny of that. So between my grunts and sucking for air on my overworked lungs, I whispered out “I’m coming Jenny, I need to pull out.”

Instead of an answer or pushback, I got a pull in from her hands on my ass as well as a leg lock over my back. It was clear to me to fire in the hole. With the dam bursting, that is exactly what I did, over and over again. Not within recent memory had I had an ejaculation that was so powerful and long lasting. Jenny’s pussy was more than receiving my deposits; in fact her cunt was milking me for more.

I lay on top of her till my cock shrank down which fortunately for me took a while. Jenny was breathing heavily and her eyes were rolled back in her head as she to calmed down from her sexual zenith. In the distance, the wails of Emma were still bouncing off the walls as Ben was still providing her deep orgasms. Since they had started before us and were still going strong was evidence of Ben’s stud status as well as my Em’s insatiable appetite.

Jenny and I stared at one another while laying parallel to each other. She was rubbing my chest and I reciprocated by tweaking her nipples while stretching them out with my fingers. Jenny caught me a little off guard when she spoke and said “Glenn, are you still going to break in my ass tonight?”

Even though my cock was still in the position of a flag in a still wind, my heart pumped an extra load of blood to my friend below. Do I want to take another breath, I thought to myself, hell yes I want to tap that ass.

So in response to Jenny’s question, without words my fingers located her anus and began to play with it by rimming it first with my middle finger and then slowly inserting it. This caused Jenny’s body to jump as a whole but she made no effort to move away from my probing digits. This was only taking seconds but I noticed that my cock had not only risen but was now stiff enough to bob about. Jenny meanwhile was whistling out little coo like sounds and inhaling deeply. This was building into more passion and lust than are just completed coupling, which was already over the top.

With my fantasy quickly becoming a mind blowing reality, I reached for some lube I had conveniently placed earlier on the table. This was to both slick up my dick and get moisture to that wonderful hole. My fingers had created a slightly larger opening, but it still was clear that I was about to take the cherry from Jenny’s rear. Suddenly there was a lot of commotion as half running into the den was Emma, tits giggling all over the place, followed by a buff looking Ben, with his erect cock swinging back and forth. They were both laughing as Emma said, “It sounded too quiet in here, we need to get the blood flowing and the women fucked!”

“What do you think we were doing, reading the paper?” I laughingly said.

Ben was focused on what I was doing, smearing his wife’s ass with gel and showing the same residue on my cock. He stared and began jacking his prick with slow strokes. Emma, seeing him do that took over and said let me do that for you. Having witnesses did not disrupt me from my mission of popping Jenny’s anal cherry and I positioned her for me to best access her hole. I applied some pressure and found a lot of resistance even with the lube. I told Jenny to relax hoping that would ease the sphincter but still we had trouble.

Emma and Ben at this point were not interested in our action as Ben had gotten on the floor and Emma had mounted him and began impaling herself with force and speed. It wasn’t long before her vocals began and her voice register went higher and higher.

I don’t know if that relaxed or made Jenny hornier, but I finally got the head of my cock into her ass and left it there for her to get used to. I could feel the powerful efforts of her ass to expel me, but I left myself firmly in place if not pushing in slightly. The resistance of her ring was impressive but it finally succumbed to my steely rod and boom, I was in.

Jenny body language told me that this was new and for now, uncomfortable. I stayed motionless but lodged more than halfway into her cavity where the feeling for me was absolute heaven. I admired the roundness of her glorious ass and the perfect shape and bubble effect. Thinking of my profile, yes I snickered internally, I am Glen the assman.

While Jenny and my state of ecstasy was mellow at this point, you could not avoid the pounding a few feet from us where Ben’s balls were being ground into the ass of my slutty wife Emma. In all our years of swinging no man has matched the level or stamina of my wonderful wife and when she was on a roll, like now, the man or men would pass out from exhaustion. However in Ben I saw some worry but also tremendous determination to fulfill his role in this carnal circus. They have been playing now for quite some time and Ben was certainly holding his own.

Jenny was beginning to relax, I could tell by her squirming and rotating her backside, telling me that a little pounding could begin. Once I did, with several fully deep strokes, she let loose with some fancy howling. She started to shout “fuck, fuck” and countless “Oh Gods” as I really hit her ass. My balls were slapping her ass with a timely rhythm as she lunged back into me. Jenny was in such a frantic state that even Emma stopped her fucking to take in the whole deflowering of her friends asshole.

Whether it was to quiet Jenny or not, Emma and Ben quit fucking and disengaged to come up and stand near us. With Ben fondling Emma’s stout breasts, he shoved his cock into his wife’s mouth where she eagerly sucked it. This made the room quieter, so that the slapping sounds of my cock and the slurping moans from Jenny took center stage.

After a few moments, Ben athletically slipped under his wife and asked Emma to help him.

I made way for Ben’s legs as they interacted with mine while still keeping my cock deeply lodged in Jenny’s rear. It dawned on me that Ben wanted to fuck his wife and thus give her a double penetration. I maneuvered myself so he could insert his cock and then we both started to drive our cock’s home. Paying attention to all this, I did not realize it was still fairly quiet till I looked up and Emma had placed her pussy to Jenny’s lips. It seems most if not all of Jenny’s fantasies would be fulfilled this day. I gave it a 95 score of being airtight.

With both Ben and I blasting his wife’s holes with our loads, the day and evening progressed from there. Our guests stayed through Sunday and we enjoyed them over and over again. Jenny took to anal like riding a bike, once she mastered it that was all she wanted to do. Both Emma and our new friend were doubled a lot appearing to outdo each other in being consummate hot wives. The fantasy profiled by Jenny got a boost when she and Emma hooked up when Ben and I were resting.

After that weekend, I pretty much gave up on the fuckathon, business picked up dramatically and I had work coast to coast and travelled a lot. Even late at night in a hotel room, the computer stayed off as I was generally too tired to go looking to see who was doing what. Emma kept me somewhat in the loop when we talked briefly at night, sometimes I even dozed when she was still talking. I know that Emma continued to be an active participant in the game, both buying and selling.

The weeks and months rolled along and before long the contest would be officially over and the party at the Proctors would be the highlight. We had attended Sam and Wanda’s New Year’s bash for years and it was always fun and a great social event, however this year could exceed that with this contest.

Vicki and Norman came down for the event. With a month or so to go with the contest, Emma got nervous and turned all the administration and collections over to Norman. She did not know the total amount collected or even some of the players that were added on later. I remember her telling me that Norman had gotten several requests for new players in the last few weeks and they agreed to add them in hopes of pulling in more donations.

There were about 100 guests for the black tie affair and right after dinner Sam was planning to make the announcement of the contest winner and his newest staff member. I have to admit that Wanda was very nice to us all; in fact she looked quite yummy in a shear black cocktail dress that she filled out nicely with her large tits and cleavage. We really did like her on a personal level and she is a great friend beside her issue with Emma. So even though I wanted to win I knew whoever got the job, the town would be in good hands.

Tapping his champagne glass, Sam stood and thanked everyone for attending and to please allow him to make some comments.

“As you know ladies and gentlemen, he began; we have had a contest to see who could raise the most money during the last quarter of this year. We have had a grand battle with two distinct camps involving Emma and her associates and my wife Wanda and her crew.

Wanda’s group did a number of walkathons and clearly had large participation within the community. Emma and her team did an internet auction where folks were in essence donated with their time and talents. Grading will be not only on funds raised but on a satisfaction survey. Let me now flip a coin on who will announce their numbers first.”

The coin was heads, which is what Wanda called, thus her team was first. As the envelope was pasted to Sam, the room was exceedingly quiet and gave an aura of tension among the guests.

“Ladies and gentleman, the walkathon teamed scored a satisfaction score of 86%.”

That was quite high. Norman had read me the survey on the way over and the questions involved both the participants and the donor’s level of feeling about their event. So obviously people were pleased to have been in this charity with Wanda.

Sam continued, “And the funds raised are $64,369.44″

People rose to their feet and applause was from everywhere. Emma and I were stunned in that amount factoring in all the previous efforts with such an event. Wanda had indeed raised the bar and was obviously worthy of being the town’s primary fundraiser.

Emma looked nervously at Norman who exhibited no emotion on his face. We did not know what was in our envelope and had concerns for sure. I remembered the early sizable lead they had and I wondered if we did enough to overcome it. I regretted playing only once now. The applause and kudos’ began to wind down so Norman handed his envelope to Sam.

‘Everyone, please take your seats so we can conclude the winner. I hope that after this we can move to the other rooms and ring in the New Year. And now, we have the results of team Emma.”

There was a buzz in the room but for the most part was quiet. My stomach growled and I watched Emma fidget around with her necklace, her nerves on display. I knew she really wanted this job, more than just one upping Wanda. I took a quick look at Jenny Spenser wearing a teal blue long gown with a plunging neckline and a large opening down the back which accentuated that fabulous ass. My stomach problem went away to be replaced by an aching boner.

With the envelope open, Sam spoke.

“Ok for the satisfaction level, we have a score of 96%!”

Again a lot of applause, but I was surprised since what we did was swap partners for sex, who would not rate that 100%? But at least we had a better score than Wanda.

Opening the next paper Sam looked at it and then pulled it in closer. His forehead moved upward toward his hairline and he reached for his water glass but grabbed the wine instead. Placing the glass to his lips he poured the entire contents down his throat and sat down while handing the paper back to Norman and asked him to read it.

Norman stood and cleared his throat, not revealing much in his manner or look.

“Team Emma’s funds raised were…. The pause was deafening, $131,220.”

Total silence dominated the room for seconds. Then slowly, as it finally sank in, a smattering of applause started; followed by an extended cadence of chants, “Emma, Emma, Emma.”

The number hit me squarely in the nose, we had not only won but our donations doubled Wanda. This was not just a win but a total defeat. Looking for Emma, she was speechless, sitting down, holding her face with her mouth completely open, in shock. Norman was grinning from ear to ear, hugging on Vicki who was also ecstatic. I was motionless until a figure tossed itself into my arms and I suddenly had the wonderful Jenny squeezing the life out of me. She kept shrieking, “We did it, we did it.”

People began hugging and embracing each other, even Sam and Wanda, especially Wanda gave heartfelt congratulations. In a hasty exchange, Sam announced that Emma would be his charitable coordinator in his office.

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