I was totally exhausted. There were scratches all over my face and night was too dark for walking but I couldn’t stop. I knew that Jareh’s body would have already been found. I had been walking for hours and I was trembling all over. Forest was quite scary as well. There were many boys who wandered through forests for days but I definitely was not one of them. It was new and difficult for me. Suddenly I felt that my feet got wet, I looked down and saw a stream. Being extremely thirsty, I immediately squatted to drink water but I felt strange headache and after seconds I was just lying in the stream, totally unconscious.


When I woke up, everything was a bit vague. All I could see was candle’s light and a wooden wall. I realized that I was lying in a bed which increased my wonder and fear even more. I tried to move but that made my headache even worse. I looked around and I started observing every detail. Vagueness was gone and now I could see everything but that didn’t change my amazement.

All I could see was a simple bedroom. Walls were wooden and room was lightened by small candles. I got up and started seeking for a weapon to somehow defend myself. There was nothing that I could use as a weapon. My heartbeat got crazy when I heard steps from another room. Someone was moving towards me and I realized that I was totally unprotected. I quickly climbed into bed and I pretended to be asleep. Door opened with a loud creak. I was lying there, moveless and breathless.

“I know you are awake. I heard your footsteps.” I heard a deep voice. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a big man standing in the shadow. He slowly started approaching so that I could see his face.

He was huge. He was wearing simple clothing but his appearance was quite significant. Candle’s light was proudly showing off his beautiful dark brown hair and eyes. His strong jaw and dark eyebrows increased his masculinity. He was 6’5″and 270 lbs, which made him much bigger than me. His body structure also differed from mine very much. He had powerful thighs and shoulders. He was mature and gruff but perfect for his age. I thought that he would be in his early 40s. Despite being a bit overweight, you could easily see his strong muscles and exercised body. In other conditions, I would definitely be attracted to him but at that moment all I was capable of was trembling in fear.

“Don’t be scared. I just found you in a stream. I took you home and helped you recover. You seemed to have high temperature.” He sat next to me. “I’m glad you are awake.”

I was silent like a fish.

“I’m going to sleep now. I will be in the next room. If you have any problem, do not hesitate to address me.” He understood that I was too scared to talk and added with a laugh. “I may look scary but you should not be afraid of me. I’m just the man who decided to help you. ”

He stood up and left me alone. No sooner had he left the room, he returned and smiled nervously.

“I forgot to mention the food. I have rabbit’s meat and some vegetables. They are on the table. You can eat, whenever you decide to.”

I realized that I was suffering from terrible hunger and I decided to accept the proposal immediately.

“Thank you for everything. Food would be quite nice right now. I’m extremely hungry.” I understood that it was quite rude to immediately ask for food but I was too hungry to think about manners. In addition, I tried to be as polite as I could while requesting.

“Come on, then.” He said with a cheerful smile. I followed him in the dining room

I sat at the table.

“By the way, my name is Brag.” He said with a grin.

“Trad, Nice to meet you.” I answered shyly.

“So, Trad … Are you one of those silly wanderers who think they will find something magical of extraordinary in the forest?”

“No. I wasn’t planning to wander in the dark through the forest. I just needed to leave the village.” I understood that I said too much.

“Which village..? Basinia or Tansus?” Brag gave me the plate full of rabbit meat.

“I’m from Tansus.” I answered nervously and started eating. When I had the first bite, I nearly puked. I had never imagined that meat could be that bad. Brag noticed it and tried to defend himself.

“I know that I am a terrible cook. Actually, my wife died four years ago. She used to cook so the only thing I know is how to haunt.”

“I’m so sorry” I apologized. “So do you live alone?”

“Yes, but I’ve gotten used to solitude. I’m a forester and only human contact I have is with the clients who want to buy wood and with merchants who I want to buy food from. It was not any different in the old times. My wife and I lived alone and didn’t need anyone else. However, we had another room for our son who died when he was 3 … He suffered from a terrible disease.” That cheerful man suddenly transformed into a depressed person who suffered from terrible loneliness.

“I can’t even imagine what it feels like.” I said with terror in my eyes.

“I hope you never will.” He answered with a sad and ironical smile.

After minutes of silence he decided to change the topic.

“Trad, What do you do?”

“Ah … I’m just a peasant.”

He looked at me for awhile, stood up and took the empty plate. “You look tired. I think you should get a sleep.” I nodded and headed to my room. Before closing the door, I turned around and looked at the face of the lonely man. Desire to embrace and encourage him filled me but all I could do was to thank him.


Next day, when I woke up Brag had already been gone. I did not want to leave without saying goodbye. I decided to wait until he returned. Automatically, I started thinking about past events which totally changed my life. Jareh’s deep blue eyes came up to my mind and sadness filled me. He and I didn’t have a future. He would return to his duties and I would stay in my village, bringing water and dreaming about happier life. Even after that shocking event, I didn’t regret this small amount of time spent with Jareh. This was the only period of time when I was truly happy. Sir Jareh’s role was irreplaceable part of my life.

Fear of future changed the sadness and melancholy. I didn’t have any plans. Only thing seemed a bit realistic to me was to escape from forest and run to the big city where I could secretly leave with a ship. I didn’t have any other option.

In order to stop thinking about Jareh and help Brag, I decided to do housework and make a better meal from rabbit meat and some other ingredients. Having served as a servant for the king and his visitors, I learned a lot of things about cooking. At home, I was the one who was cooking for the family and I enjoyed it very much. It was like my hobby. Thus, I decided to return favor to Brag and help him with cooking and housework.

It was pretty exhausting but I really enjoyed the final result. House was much cleaner than before and hot meal was waiting for the big man.

After couple of hours, Brag finally returned. His confused smile while he entered the house made me laugh. He thanked me a lot. I could see how much he wanted to taste meal made by me. He quickly took the plate, his piece and sat at the table.

“Mm … This is so tasty” He moaned and asked me to join him. I gladly accepted proposal and started eating. I liked my own food too. I was very proud of myself and Brag seemed to enjoy the meal.

After the dinner, he went out in the garden to look after the plants. I was cleaning the table when I heard sound of horses. I was too benumbed to move, so I stood next to the table holding the plates.

I heard the men stopping near the house which made me even more frightened. Finally, I managed run to my bedroom and hide under the bed. I understood that men were talking with Brag because I easily noticed his deep voice. Nonetheless, Voices were too obscure for me, so all I could do was to lie on the floor in complete silence.

After couple of minutes, I heard the door’s creak. Fortunately, It was only Brag who entered the house. He started looking for me and I quickly climbed into the bed to hide my fear. He opened the door and entered my room. You could easily notice seriousness and feeling of pity in his eyes. He slowly opened his mouth.

“King is searching for a young peasant who, as they say, killed Sir Jareh – one of the most important people in our country. It is said that murder ran to the forest. His name is Trad Ornynyan.” I could see how all of the nerves on his body were tense while he was talking. “Trad, do you want to explain something to me?”

“It’s … me.” I answered with a low voice. I couldn’t look him in the eyes. I tried to look away but I noticed Brag holding the knife which made me even more terrified.

“So you, the boy who tried to play the innocent angel’s role, is the murderer of the knight?” He raised his voice. “You sneaked into my house playing the fucking saint and cooking me the fucking dishes. I talked to you about my family and my loss. You shamelessly used my kindness and stayed at my house, knowing that soldiers could come here at any time.” He pointed knife at me. I could understand his furious and angry tone. I needed to defend myself.

“I’m not the murderer.” I cried out weakly. “I’m not the one. I can’t be. I was just with him.”

“Then, what the fuck were you doing with him?”

“He … He fucked me.” Tears came down on my face. “I’m gay and he fucked me. We slept, I woke up and he had already been killed … I’m gay.”

I can’t explain what I was feeling at that moment. I was coming out, but it was the worst timing and condition for it. I stopped thinking and just confessed. I looked at Brag, who was all red, and waited for punishment with tears in my eyes. He slowly moved his knife aside. Silence filled the room for couple of minutes. Finally, he looked at me and whispered with a low voice.

“You can stay here for awhile. You can’t go out there. They will see you.” He turned around to leave me alone with myself.

“How do you know I’m telling the truth?” I don’t know why I said it.

“I knew you couldn’t have killed the man – Not the knight, not the slave.”


As expected, many things were changed after that day. We didn’t talk much. I continued to make the dinner and I even started looking after the garden. On the other hand, Brag continued to work. We didn’t talk about future plans and what I would do. He understood perfectly that it was too soon for me to leave.

One day, I entered Brag’s bedroom to call him for dinner and unexpectedly saw him completely naked, getting ready to change the clothes.

I knew that it was wrong, but I couldn’t look away. I kept staring at him showing off his body treasure. His body hair was just gorgeous. His furry chest, strong thighs and dark pubic hair perfectly fitted his body structure. His manhood was softened, but that didn’t manage to prevent me from getting stunned. His quite thick 4″ cock, beautifully hanging between his hairy thighs, was like a peak of his masculine beauty for me. Suddenly, I caught his furious look and quickly sneaked away.

I had been living with Brag for a week, when we finally had a frank talk. I was sitting at the table when he calmly sat next to me and looked in my eyes.

“What are you going to do? You should know that being with Jareh as his lover is a really dumb excuse. Even if you prove that you are not a killer, it will not affect the final result. You will be punished either for killing the knight, or for being gay.”

“I know that.” I murmured and tears filled my eyes. “But I am not able to change something. It happened and partially I don’t regret it. It was my first sexual experience and it was fucking beautiful. I wanted this to happen. I have needs which I tried to hide for my whole life.

“Please, stop!” Brag tried to ignore tears in my eyes. “Are you talking to me about sexual needs? I have not had sex for four years. There are some whore houses in the big city, but I can’t go there. It’s too much for me. Actually, it must be too much for every man but it isn’t unfortunately.”

I smiled and nodded in agreement. I looked at him and suddenly a crazy idea filled me. I filled his lips, demanding for kiss. I filled his body, demanding for touch. I filled his penis, demanding for action. Without a second thought, I quickly moved towards Brag and kissed him. He quickly reacted and pushed me away with his strong arms, stood up and furiously ran to his room. He was murmuring something, but the only thing I heard was “this is wrong”. I sat there breathless, stunned by my own action. I slowly stood up and went to my room. I tried not to be too nervous. Being too tired both physically and emotionally, I quickly managed to lull to sleep.

It was door’s creak that woke me up. I saw Brag standing next to the door, trembling and holding candle in his hand – only source of light in the room. To my surprise, he quickly blew out the candle and dropped it on the floor. I held my breath waiting for his next move. It was dark and I couldn’t see his face. He sat on the bed next to me, touched back of my head and pushed me towards me. I don’t know why but I tried to resist. It might have been instinctive action but I was too weak for him and quickly let him have me. He touched my lips with his fingers and passionately kissed me. I couldn’t see him because of the dark but I could swear he was smiling.

“What are you doing?” I asked with a confused smile.

“Didn’t you want this?”

“Yes, but … I thought you didn’t want it.”

“Oh, baby … you have no idea how much I wanted this.” He grinned.

I tried to say something but he stopped me with a gentle kiss. He slowly put his arms around my waist and started rubbing my shoulders and neck. I opened my mouth to free the way for his tongue. His tongue reached mine and I immediately felt my erection. I started sucking his lips like a crazy vampire. I put my arms around his shoulder and moved even closer. I started running my fingers through his hair which made him even crazier. He made me lie on my back, started running his fingers under shirt and pinching my nipples and continued kissing me.

I found somehow found power to make him lie on his back. I quickly sat on me and felt his boner. We took our clothes off and I started kissing and licking his body from nipples to his crotch. Brag started moaning and held my hair.

I got out of the bed and leaned down to fulfill my lover’s ultimate desire and face his cock. Considering the fact that I couldn’t see the size, I took it in my hands to somehow measure it. Result was unexpected because I was really amazed by the length and thickness of his beautiful manhood. I didn’t even think that after Jareh it was possible to amaze me. I started slowly stroking his dick and deeply sucked his huge balls.

“Do it, please! I’ve waited for so long.” He screamed like a crazy.

I grinned and continued my work. I touched his head with my tongue and started licking it. Taste of pre-cum tasted sweaty, a bit salty and extremely delicious. I knew he had enormous cock, so I decided to put it in my mouth inch by inch. With every inch, my mouth got fuller and soon his pubic hair was making it hard for me to breathe. I licked every part of hic cock which got him hornier and more excited. He wanted me to take it fully but it was damn hard. I took as much as I could and nearly choked. Brag understood that he was going to cum so he made me pull it out.

I needed a little rest but he suddenly lifted me and roughly threw me on the bed.

“Your ass is going to get exploded. Shit, I waited so long.”

“Please, just be gentle.” I begged.

He made me crouch on all four for him. He pushed one finger inside me and started slowly moving. This made me relax more and I told him I was ready for his manhood to enter me. He chuckled happily like a small child and starting stroking his own cock, getting it ready for action.

He put his hands on my ass cheeks and I understood that it was the signal. In seconds, I felt a thick object trying to enter me. Even though brag tried to prepare me, pain was enormous. He pushed his cock even more and made me scream like a little girl. Pain seemed to be unbearable and brag saw it. He leaned towards me and starting rubbing my shoulders, kissing and encouraging me. After a minute of hesitating, I decided to let him fully enter me.

Inch by inch, it hurt even more. I even thought that losing virginity was less painful. After minutes of struggling, Brag filled me with his hot dick. Having waited for awhile, he started slowly moving which made me feel better because pain was going away and astonishing feeling was filling me. Brag realized that I was less hesitant and he pushed in more powerfully. By each push, he was increasing the speed and the power. We were both moaning and gasping. Our bodies were touching each other and his sweat was going all over my body. I could feel thick cock, his furry chest, muscled thighs and skilled tongue which started licking my ear.

Because of me begging for more, he reached his maximal power and speed. His cock was traveling through my anus with ease, his balls were slapping my ass, he was gasping and breathed deeply.

“Oh, my … I’m going to cum!” Brag screamed.

As soon as I heard it, I started stroking my own cock and preparing for anal explosion. I felt his trembling cock swell and he shot his first load in my ass like a long-awaited rocket into space. Brag cried out and nearly lost control. I unloaded my own sperm and we both held each others’ hands in order to control ourselves. He lied on his back next to me, hardly breathing and unable to move. I hugged him and placed my head on his furry chest. I started running my finger through his fur and playing with his pink hard nipples. We both were tired and needed to rest after the action. I kissed him on his lips and prepared for sleeping. It was the first time after the death of Jareh that I was truly not afraid, secured by Brag’s strong arms.

I closed my eyes, embracing Brag, and suddenly heard the door’s creak. I opened my eyes, frightened to death, and saw a man holding the lamp and looking at me.

To be continued …

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