After my first sex I was feeling as if I were on top of the world. I nearly fell asleep but I heard his noise. Sir Jareh stood up and looked at me.

-We should put on clothes. I have to go. They will notice that I am not at the table. In addition, you may also have problems with your boss.

I started dressing. At that moment, I didn’t care about regular problems. Despite usually being too cautious, I stopped thinking and just enjoyed myself. We dressed up. Jareh looked at me and gave me a big kiss.

-This is it? – I asked.

-No … Not yet – He looked at me with a grin – I will meet you tomorrow.


-I know your job. It’ll be easy for me to find you.

He left the room and left many questions unanswered. That man amazed me once more. Although I didn’t mention who I was and what I was doing, I was absolutely assured that he knew much more about me. Yeah, that man knew how to scare people. Going out of the room, I looked around the room and exciting flashbacks came up to my mind. I smiled and slowly walked through the hall.


Next day, I went to the castle to take bullock cart and jugs. I hoped to see Jareh and I was secretly looking for him, however, I couldn’t find him and that made me a bit frustrated. I took everything I needed and went to the river. Everything was beautiful. Sun was shining and gorge was just stunning. Birds’ pipe and sound of water created a perfect combination which helped me relax.

I was filling the jug, when I heard a familiar voice.

-I knew I could find you easily.

I turned around and looked at him with happy smile on my face. I ran and hugged him. Jareh seemed even more attractive than before. His deep blue eyes perfectly matched gorge’s greenery. I tried to kiss him but he stopped me.

-Actually, I came here to bathe. However, I would not mind the company.

-Oh I see. – I laughed.

He looked at the river and started undressing. Jareh took off his blue shirt and showed his haired chest, delicious abs and scarves.

-How did you get them? – I asked and ran my fingers through his scarves.

-24 years of fighting against variety of enemies leaves signs, including scarves. – He answered in a low voice.

-24 years?! How old are you then? – I was extremely surprised.

-38. – He answered and I understood that it was quite a depressing topic for him.

-You must have been a 14-year-old boy when it all started. – I wanted to hug him. This was the first time he seemed desperate or sad. Both of us stopped talking, but it was him who broke the silence.

-Anyway, I thought we were going to bathe and have fun … not to talk about my unhappy childhood. – He smiled, but I understood that smile was totally fake. He did not want me to see him in that condition. Like every other warrior, he was used to bury his own feelings and emotions. One the other hand, I appreciated and even liked his masculinity.

He took off everything and suddenly asked me:

-Can someone see us here?

-Actually, this place is very quiet, because no one comes here. I usually prefer being alone. Thus, I always come here.

-That’s good. We won’t have to hide. – He laughed.

I looked at his body and immediately felt strange feeling in my body. I l saw his glorious semi-erect manhood and I realized how much I wanted to suck it or stick it in my ass. I looked at Jareh’s hard pink nipples and beautifully shaped butt. He was extremely satisfied with me having a hard-on. He asked me to undress and ran to the river. He jumped in the water and turned around to tease me with his amazing body. Having undressed, I jumped as well, but water was too freezing and I started trembling with cold. He gave me a warm hug and I started to get accustomed to coldness. Soon we started playing. We were swimming, splashing water at each other, laughing and just enjoying ourselves.

When I got too tired, I sat on the bank and tried to relax. He must have gotten too bored without me, because soon he sat next to me.

-You don’t even realize how much I like you. You are the sweetest and cutest person I have ever seen. – He looked at me.

-Do you say that to every boy you sleep with? – I blushed but asked curiously.

-It is bad that you do not appreciate me. – He whispered.

-I am not trying to offend you. It’s just too obvious that I was not your first and won’t be your last.

He did not say anything. We sat for several minutes and then he said:

-Are you too tired?

-Depends on what I’ll have to do. – I answered.

-Yesterday my cock enjoyed your mouth very much and would like to do that again.

-I thought he’d never ask – I grinned and kissed Jerah.

That time he kissed me back. I put my arms around him and slowly opened my mouth. He started moving his tongue inside my mouth and touching mine. After several minutes of kissing, he took his tongue out of my mouth and made me lie on my back. He lowered his head and suddenly I felt his wet tongue licking my nipple. He took it in his mouth and started sucking it while with the hand he started playing with my other one. This made me moan with excitement.

Then he stood up, grabbed back of my head and slowly moved it to his cock. At first, he was teasing me and did not let me put it in my mouth, but then I started slowly stroking it and it made him horny. I licked the head of his dick. Jareh started begging for more. Now it was me who started teasing. Finally, I put it in my mouth. Jareh slowly started moving it in and out of my mouth. I managed to fully take 9-inch cock in me and I did not even choke. Soon he was already ready to come but he did not want to. He took his cock out and forced me to turn around. He was breathing heavily and his sweat was slowly soaking my back. I could not see him but I knew that he was checking my ass out. He wanted to repeat what we had done the day before.

I felt big pink head popping into me. I moaned and grunted and that must have made him more confident because he suddenly entered me fully. I cried out with surprise and pain. He started moving slowly but gradually increased the speed. He let out loud moan and continued pushing as hard as he could. I was biting my lips from pleasure and was groaning his name loudly. That made him even crazier. I could not hold it up any longer. I screamed and came. I shot my first load on the grass. Seeing my sperm, Jareh could not wait any longer and I felt his trembling cock swell and unload his sperm in my ass. He moaned and immediately fell forward unable to move. I crawled next to him and kissed his forehead. I looked at him and felt unusual warmth in his eyes. I held his hand and placed my head on his sweaty chest. Soon I fell asleep. That was the most extraordinary moment of my life. But it did not last long enough.

Strange liquid touched my face and that made me wake up. I looked at my chest and it was full of blood. Firstly, I was unable to breathe. My hands were shaking and I looked around with extreme fear and shock. I looked at Jareh. He was lying in his own blood. His throat was cut with a small knife which was left next to him. I could not breathe. I wanted to scream and ask for help but nothing came out of my mouth. I was afraid to look at him. I realized how stupid I was to think that everything would be alright. At that moment, I was so miserable that I could easily commit a suicide. I burst into tears and started nervously whispering his name. Minutes earlier, I would do anything to be his last lover, but now seeing him dead and realizing how badly the dream came true, only thing that I could do was to curse my own tongue.

I heard a noise coming from valley and I became even more frightened. I took knife to defend myself against the murderer. I had strange foreboding that murderer would return. I had never used knife as a weapon and because of my tears I could hardly see. Nevertheless, I was standing there ready to defend myself. Noise was increasing and I understood that he was coming closer. I strained every nerve. Someone came running up to me, but he was far from being a killer. He was just a small child. He looked at me, at a dead body and at a knife in my hand. I could see fear filling him as he started shivering. Suddenly, He screamed “Murderer!” and ran back to the village.

I realized that I was holding a knife and my hands were full of blood. I realized with horror that I would become a number-one suspect. No one would believe me. I was just a poor servant. No one cared enough to defend me. No one would care if I was killed despite being innocent. One of the most important people in the country died and someone had to pay. I understood that I was only one related to this crime. I could hardly breathe. My hands were trembling and I was unable to move, but instinct of survival finally made me move. I dropped my knife, wiped my tears, kneeled down to kiss my lover and quickly swimmed across the river. River was surrounded by big valley and the village on the one side and big forest on the other. I could not return to my home so I quickly decided to run away from everything. I entered the dark forest and only looked back for once.

To be Continued …

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