Life was so carefree until that day, when, on the morning of my eighteenth birthday, my father had thrown the apron of a serving wench at me and told me to get to work.

So I was to be a drudge then, in one moment all of my dreams and aspirations were shattered. I probably should have expected it, after all he wasn’t my real father and I’m sure he just saw me as an extra pair of hands.

I had been taken in as a baby, left on a barren couple’s doorstep one stormy night, or so the story went. My new mother had cared for me, I had no doubt of that but since she had gone my father’s attitude towards me had become positively hostile.

I tried not to think about who my real parents were, there was no solace in that. The only person who had ever cared about me was gone from my life forever and how I missed her.

My adoptive family had owned an inn on the highway for generations and many a traveller had passed through its doors, slept in its beds and drunk its ale. The Countess, as it was known, was also very popular with the local workers, farmhands and such, and was always a raucous place in the evenings.

Late that afternoon I was sent out to the stables to make sure that the traveller’s horses had been fed and watered properly. My father had never trusted Uncle Ham, our slovenly stable hand, and on more than one occasion he had found his mistrust to be well founded when Ham had been discovered passed out drunk in the middle of the day or indeed missing altogether for several days on end.

This morning though he was in good spirits. I immediately suspected him of drunkenness but was surprised when I could see no evidence of it.

“Afternoon Sarah,” Uncle Ham leered at me, his eyes as usual were fixed on the plump flesh of my breasts which bulged and threatened to spill over the top of my low cut bodice.

“Good morning Uncle,” I blushed as I spoke. His attentions were unseemly and wrong but still I felt a strange warmth spreading through my body and a fluttering in my belly when he looked at me like that.

“Give your old Uncle a kiss Sarah,” he reached out for me. His voice, oily and deep, sent a delightful tingle down my spine as my blush deepened.

As he moved towards me I hesitantly gave him a peck on his rough cheek, the stale smell of old ale making my nose wrinkle.

“Come now, we can do better than that,” he laughed as he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him.

His harsh lips found mine and, as I gasped at his rough handling of me, I felt his tongue worm its way into my mouth. I sought to push him away but he was too strong for me, and then I felt his hands on me and my body betrayed me. He was my Uncle and so old, it was all so wrong! But I melted into his arms as I felt his hands roughly kneading my breasts and bottom.

“Started without me Ham?” I jumped as I heard my father’s voice behind me and fought to extricate myself from my Uncle’s arms.

I managed to turn my head away from him as he continued to slobber over my face and neck, his rough hand now working its way underneath my bodice and deep within my warm cleavage, his other still clutching my bottom and supporting my weight as I tipped backwards.

My eyes widened when I saw my father removing his breaches and then I gasped as he pulled his long shirt over his head and I saw, for the very first time in my life, a man’s cock. I had heard about them of course, the older village girls delighted in describing their soft warm hardness and delicious smells and tastes. But this was the first I had actually seen, it was far bigger than I had imagined and it was my fathers!

“Get her down and hold her, I’ll go first,” my father growled as he moved towards me, his stiff, angry looking cock bobbing and weaving above his heavy hairy balls.

I was hypnotised by it and put up only a slight resistance, whimpering quietly, as my Uncle Ham pushed me down into the hay on the stable floor.

I soon found myself on my back with Uncle Ham kneeling and holding my arms above my head, his bulging crotch only inches from my face. He moved his knees over my arms to pin them in order to free his hands and started to unpick the knot in the frayed rope that tied his breaches around his large gut.

I gasped as I felt my skirts being lifted and looked down between my legs. My father was kneeling naked before me, feasting his eyes on my under things and licking his lips as he caressed my naked thighs.

“F…father why?” I gasped as he leant forward and tugged my drawers down.

“Cos I promised your mother I’d wait ’til your eighteenth birthday,” he sniggered as he crawled forward between my legs a look of unbridled lust twisting his features.

I felt something warm and fleshy against my face and looked up to see Uncle Ham’s large hairy balls and rapidly swelling cock hanging over me. His fetid breath hissed between his teeth now and his eyes were wide and bright as he watched my father climb on top of me his hand guiding his stiff cock towards my virgin cunt.

“Oh no, no!” I moaned as I felt my father’s cock pushing and probing and then suddenly sinking hard and deep inside me.

There was a sharp pain which lingered for a short while, but nothing like the agony I had been led to believe I would feel.

“Yesssss, fuck her!” Uncle Ham hissed, grinning like a madman.

I looked up at him and saw that his cock was now fully hard, his heavy, sweaty balls now resting on my forehead. He stroked himself slowly and carefully as he excitedly watched his brother-in-law plough me.

My body twitched and convulsed, seemingly out of control, thrusting my crotch towards my father as he thrust harder into me. It was so wrong…but it felt delicious. It was deliciously wrong and I gave in to the pleasure that was spreading like wildfire through my young body.

“Fucking whore she loves it,” my father panted as he pounded away between my splayed thighs.

“Just like her mother,” Uncle Ham cackled.

I felt the pressure of Ham’s knees relax and lift from my wrists as he moved around me. Reaching forward he tore open the bodice of my dress, my large fleshy breasts bouncing and quivering as he released them. Grunting in delight, he lowered his slavering mouth to my chest and began roughly sucking and chewing at my nipples. Crying out at the wonderful new sensations now coursing through my body, I clasped his head in my hands tangling my fingers in his matted grey hair.

“Fuck…fuck…fu…” my father panted as his thrusts quickened. Then he cried out, his taught muscles standing out from his hairy body as he ground his cock hard into me. I felt it twitch and leap and a delightful warmth spread within me. Instinctively I wrapped my legs tight around his back pulling him in deeper, moaning and revelling in the hardness I could feel deep inside me.

All too soon he pulled out leaving me feeling empty and forlorn. “Go on Ham, your turn,” he laughed as he stood, collecting his clothes.

I still held Uncle Ham’s old grey head in my hands and he made no effort to remove it from between my heaving breasts as he moved his body around until it lay between my open thighs. He grunted and snorted like a pig as he slobbered over my chest, poking around ineffectually with his stiff cock. I reached a hand down between our bodies and helped him in and all at once he began to fuck me hard and fast like a wild animal.

The feelings coursing through my body were incredible. I felt full once more and never wanted to feel empty again. Wrapping my legs tightly around the old man’s back I held onto him for dear life as his pounding increased in its intensity. Then my body tensed and I felt an explosion in my belly as I came like I never had before. I panted and moaned like a cheap whore, my soaking cunt making lewd squelching noises as the old man took me on the stable floor and I begged him to go faster and deeper and harder.

This sent Ham over the edge. He lifted his head from my chest and cried out, spittle dripping from his open mouth as he slammed into me a few final times, his body twitching as he filled me with his hot seed. There seemed no end to it and my hips bucked and thrust into him as he continued to empty his hairy old balls into my cunt, until finally he subsided collapsing down on top of me.

I stroked his grey hair as I felt his softening cock slip out of my cunt and smiled to myself, perhaps my eighteenth birthday wasn’t going to be so bad after all?

My reverie was interrupted by my father’s harsh laugh, “Get yourself cleaned up and get back inside girl, there’s thirsty men need serving.”

Uncle Ham groaned and rolled off me and into the hay, so I sat up and reached for my drawers.

“Oh and don’t bother with your knickers, they’ll just get in the way,” my father laughed again and walked out of the stable tucking his shirt into his breaches.

I considered my crumpled knickers for a moment then instead of pulling them back on I wiped between my legs with them, cleaning up the mixed juices that were dripping out of my hole and dropped them next to Ham.

It took a good five minutes to remove the hay from my dress and hair, wincing as I worked my fingers through the tangles in my long blonde tresses. While my torn bodice was almost beyond repair, I managed to mend some of the damage but still my breasts were barely concealed. I looked a mess, it was obvious for anyone to see what I’d been doing and now I was going into the parlour of the inn to serve drink to lecherous louts. I smiled to myself feeling incredibly naughty and virtually ran to get inside.

The parlour was dark and smoky and after being outside in the bright fresh sunshine, I coughed and my eyes struggled to adjust to the gloom.

All of a sudden I was grabbed by unseen hands and pulled into the lap of someone who smelled like a brewery. A loud cheer went up as my bodice was torn open once more and my tits spilled out for everyone to see. I felt a hand thrust up my skirts and gasped as my pubic hair was grasped and yanked and then a finger roughly inserted into me.

“Come on there’s men need serving,” I heard my father shout.

My eyes were growing accustomed to the gloom now and I could see him standing behind the bar laughing at my discomfort. There were several flagons of ale on a tray in front of him waiting for me to serve them, so I struggled to stand, pushing away the hands that groped at me and felt momentarily sad as the finger slipped out of my wet cunt.

I made my way to the bar, hands pinching and slapping my bottom and groping at my bare breasts. The parlour was packed full of sweating, leering men of all ages. I couldn’t count them all but guessed that there must be at least thirty in the room all shouting obscenities at me and lusting after my body.

When finally I reached my father he just sneered at me, “Don’t fucking spill any,” then turned his back and began filling more flagons of ale from the giant barrels stacked behind the bar. I gripped the sides of the tray and lifted it, being as careful as I could while being groped and pawed at from all angles.

I made my way around the room handing out the full flagons and collecting the empty ones from the tables. There were hands beneath my skirt wherever I went, fighting to insert their fingers inside me.

As I set down the last flagon a thick finger was thrust hard inside me and I gasped as it was twisted and turned roughly between my soaking lips. Another hand, feeling the first one blocking its path instead moved around behind and my stomach flipped as I felt a probing finger between my plump buttocks.

I dropped the tray of empties and another loud cheer went up.

The owner of the hand came up behind me laughing, wrapping his arms around me and pushing his tongue into my ear. He roughly groped my tits with one hand whilst the other he brought back out from beneath my skirts just long enough to wet it in his mouth before shoving it back up and under and I gasped as I felt his thick, wet, meaty finger pushing firmly at my tight anus.

There was a moment of sharp pain before I felt a slight pop and his finger was inside me, it felt strange and dirty, and although it did hurt I loved it from that very moment. I worked my bottom back onto his finger, rotating my hips and forcing it deeper inside me, inch by delicious inch. The man continued to lick and suck at my ear and down the side of my neck as he worked his digit in my tight hole, then suddenly tiring of his little game he pulled it out and pushed me face down over the beer stained table in front of me.

I cried out as my head struck the rough wooden surface, then began to pant as I felt my skirts lifted and thrown over my back. There was another loud cheer as the men in the room gathered round me and I smiled as once more I felt a hard cock probing between my legs.

This time however it only briefly probed my cunt before, coated in my juices, it was pushed hard against the tight sheath of my anus. I pushed back onto it wantonly, desperate to feel it fleshy thickness ploughing my insides, grinding my hips in small circles as the tip pushed inside.

This time it hurt a lot more and I squealed, pulling away slightly as I felt the pain, but I was roughly pushed against the table top once more and I felt the man enter me with one long hard thrust.

I was in agony and beat the table with my fists as I felt his thick cock sawing at my backside, but slowly the pain subsided and was replaced with a stinging throb. All the while I felt the heat building inside me and the beating of my fists soon slowed to a halt. Instead I gripped onto the edge of the table, panting more heavily and bracing myself as the strokes lengthened and quickened.

Soon my unknown lover was buggering me hard while the crowd cheered him on, the table creaked and squeaked as we fucked, its legs threatening to give way. But I didn’t care, I was in heaven. I was the inn whore, ready to be taken by man after man, ready to give pleasure to hard cocks whenever they wanted it.

Suddenly he pulled my head back hard by my hair as I felt his cock twitch inside me and thrust hard one last time as he spunked deep in my bowels. For a few more moments he was deliciously deep inside my arse and then all too soon he was gone, leaving me empty once more.

I laughed loudly as I felt another man behind me, another hard cock pushing at my gaping anus and pushed back onto him in abandon, crying out in joy as he slammed into me up to the hilt and proceeded to bugger me roughly.

More cheers erupted as I was taken again, the table now on the verge of collapse as it wobbled and creaked beneath my lover’s thrusts, but suddenly they stopped as did he. I moaned in frustration as the beautiful thick cock was withdrawn quickly from my anus and looked round to see what was going on.

The crowd had turned and were staring at a burly, caped figure all in black standing just inside the inn door.

“Venom,” I heard several men mutter.

“God help us!” another one moaned.

The figure scanned the room quickly, his face obscured by the shadow of a large tricorn hat which sat tilted forward on a white powdered wig. I felt his eyes pierce me then he moved quickly to my side. As he did so the other men in the room shrank back, sidling towards the door and out. Soon I was alone in the inn parlour with the dark and mysterious stranger, even my father had disappeared.

“Come with me,” the man spoke quietly and in a commanding tone as he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the door.

My skirts fell back down, but my naked breasts bounced and wobbled lewdly as I was half dragged outside. The sudden sunlight blinded me for a moment and I only briefly saw a great black carriage and four before being thrust roughly into its black interior. Its door slammed shut behind me.

I fell back onto a wooden seat, once more blinded and waiting for my eyes to adjust. Suddenly the carriage lurched drunkenly and I fell forward as I heard the horses whipped up and we began to move.

I picked myself up and seated myself once more, my eyes now growing accustomed the gloom of the carriage and my heart hammering in my chest. Had my dream come true after all? I squinted as the large shadowy figure sat opposite me became more visible; he didn’t look much like a dashing prince.

“Hello my dear,” it was a woman’s voice, a woman’s deep melodious voice, both sweet and dark.

I shivered and crossed myself, I felt as if the dead were dancing on my grave.

Then I saw her eyes, those beautiful hypnotic eyes.

I sat entranced as she slowly opened her cape. She was naked beneath it, fat, huge. Her fleshy belly and sagging breasts were enormous. Her flabby body bounced and wobbled with the carriage’s movement and I gasped as I saw what looked like a giant black penis hanging down between her fat milky thighs.

She hissed, her serene face suddenly becoming twisted and furious and then she was on me. Clawing at my clothes, tearing them off like a wild animal she pressed me back across the wooden seat. Hearing another, lighter hiss I looked down in amazement and saw that her huge black penis had come alive. What looked now like a huge black serpent was hissing and slithering, its tongue flicking in and out of its mouth between rows of tiny sharp teeth.

I gasped as it dived suddenly between my thighs nipping at my soft flesh. I cried out, terrified but powerless to resist as I looked once more into the woman’s eyes. She was grinning evilly at me, running her long tongue around her thick, deep red lips and pinching her engorged nipples with her free hand.

I wailed as I felt the serpent enter me, its thickness stretching my cunt walls to the limit.

“Submit!” the woman hissed. “Submit!”

I felt small sharp teeth nibbling inside me as the serpent moved deeper still, then the pain reached a sudden crescendo and I surrendered completely to her.

“Take me!” I gasped feeling an incredible ecstasy at the pain I was enduring.

With that she fell on top of me, crushing me with her fat, fleshy body, her mouth opening wide to reveal long, viciously sharp, white teeth. I turned my head to one side and openly offered my neck to her and she laughed sinking her teeth into my flesh as I abandoned myself to her, wrapping my arms and legs around her tightly.

I felt a burning fire in my veins as an incredible orgasm wracked my body and I cried out in joy as I felt her thrusting between my legs, the huge black serpent pistoning in and out of my overstretched cunt.

“Yes…yes!” I moaned more and more weakly as she took me. The carriage had stopped now, but it rocked furiously as she pounded me harder and harder, whilst sucking the life blood from my body.

When I was close to spent, she lifted her head from my neck and gloated over me, my blood dripping from her fangs and onto my breasts. Then I felt a gush of hot liquid and a sharp pain inside me, the demon cock had cum.

“There my child,” she whispered as she stroked my hair, “the Venom is inside you now.”

I felt as if I was outside of myself looking down at the hugely obese woman lying on top of my body and licking at the open wound on the side of my neck. Then the scene began to fade, as if I was floating backwards down a dark tunnel, faster and faster I moved until all was blackness and I knew no more.

To be continued…

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