I was standing in the in one of the small, dark theater rooms watching a movie. A white woman was sitting on a black man. He was pumping his large cock into her fat pussy while she sucked a large white cock. A third man had moved up behind the woman to put his cock into her dilated asshole, when I noticed a petite, young, white woman slowly enter the theater. Instantly, I thought it must be full moon because women rarely frequent this place – alone.

Since the young woman had just gone from the light into dark, she really could not see anything around her. She stood by the door trying to focus her eyes. I watched intently.

Not having any luck trying to see and wisely deciding not to stand in front of the door, she stuck her hand out, felt a wall, and began to edge herself along it. She was slowly moving toward me.

She stopped when she was about a foot away from me. She did not know I was in close proximity, but her senses did.

As she watched the XXX movie, I looked at her face. It was pretty and youthful, but not beautiful. She had a clear complexion, bobbed nose, and short, dishwater blonde hair that framed an innocent, almost boyish face. Her lips were thin and her mouth was small. She was maybe 5’4″ and 105 pounds soaking wet and was lucky if she was a 32B. She looked like a tomboy. I thought she must have been teased a lot about that while growing-up.

Eventually her eyes began to focus and with the help of the soft light reflection from the large video and she noticed me. I am not a small person. I am about 5’10″ and weigh around 175 pounds. I have muscular physique and a tight round butt that had just been gangbanged about thirty minutes ago.

If the tomboy had come any sooner, she probably would not be standing by me right now, because the horny men who had just fucked my ass would have turned their attention to her. Anyway, they had left with their cocks’ limp and the place was almost empty now.

I had come in about 2 hours early. The theater was active. People were moving about. I found a vacant seat and sat down on a couch.

Within minutes, a man approached me. He walked right up to me, pulled out a soft, fat cock, and put his arms on his hips. His cock hung down about 6 inches.

Despite the fact that there were several men in the theater looking at the two of us, my sexual desire overwhelmed my shame. I leaned forward, opened my mouth, and began to lick his cockhead before I sucked it into my mouth. I was eager to find out how big it would get when fully erect.

The men would soon find out how much I loved cock – more than their wives and girlfriends, I guessed. There were no secrets, even in a darkened theater.

I began to give him a spectacular blowjob. I alternated between deep throat techniques, milking his shaft, and licking his balls. He moaned loudly and his cock grew large in my mouth.

We kept up this for a few minutes until his breathing became more ragged. I didn’t want him to come in my mouth. I had a better idea and mentioned it, but my request sounded so lame. “Do you want to fuck me?”

He pulled out a tube of lube and asked, “How do you want to do it?” Attempting not to sound so lame I replied, “However you like it”. The man pointed toward the couch.

I stepped out of my shorts, spread my stance, and bent over the arm of the couch. I didn’t have to spread my smooth cheeks for him. They parted naturally. The man stepped up to me and generously applied lube on and around my exposed, puckered anus. The lube felt cool.

I remained very still as he cautiously worked a finger past my tight sphincter muscles before pulling it back and then pushing it back in, again. A couple of minutes later, the man slipped another finger in and began to work both his fingers in and out. I could now imagine what it was going to be like to have him fuck me. My sphincter muscles contracted nervously on his fingers in anticipation.

When my anus was pliable, the man pushed his cockhead was into me. He then waited for my ass to adjust to his large cockhead. I looked back at him and saw him looking around. He was probably getting off on everyone seeing his large, thick cock sticking in my tight, expanded asshole.

The man received my cue, when I nudged my ass back, and pressed his cock in deeper. His cock felt big inside me as my stretched anus slid over it.

When his heavy balls were nestled against my cheeks, the man began to fuck me. He would withdraw just a few inches and then push back in.

As I began to make little groaning noises, his strokes gathered more momentum. He drove his cock harder and deeper into my rectum, repeatedly.

The man toned it down after a few minutes because he probably did not want to cum right away. He wanted to prolong the tight, warm grip my rectum provided his rock hard cock. I knew the feeling. I had done the same when fucking girl’s tight asses.

The man changed speed by fucking my ass shallow and not as fast as before. However, every so often he would plunge his cock in deep. I grunted hard after each deep thrust.

When my breathing had returned to normal, I began to synchronize my asshole with his strokes. I clenched my sphincter tight when his cock pushed in and relaxed it when he pulled out. I loved being fucked in the ass and getting a man’s hard cock off in my ass.

At some point, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and glanced up. Two men were stroking their cocks as they watched my buttfucking. I motioned for them and adjusted my position.

A black man apparently needed relief first. He quickly stepped forward and penetrated my mouth with his erect cock. The second onlooker stepped forward, anxious to get some relief, too. I reached out my right hand and began to stroke his erection. He moaned and bucked against my hand as he surely imagined his cock sliding in and out of my ass or mouth.

After the two men had joined us, the man fucking me, lost his civility. Perhaps, his lust had overtaken him. I do not know. He started slamming his cock into me with all his strength. After about a dozen strokes, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled back, ensuring that he was completely inside my ass before he began riding me.

When he dropped his chest on me, I felt like a pony being bred by a stallion. He reamed my ass thoroughly, stretching my asshole wide, and almost turning it inside out with his violent thrusts.

No longer in control, the man came quickly and loudly. I felt a large volume of warm liquid flood my rectum and run into my bowels.

Almost immediately, he pulled his cock out of my sucking ass with a pop. I looked back at the man. He was standing behind me. His cock was still erect. Strings of cum hung from it. The man turned to the men around him, and simply said, “Next!”

The black man, whose cock I had stopped sucking, decided he wanted a turn in my ass, especially, since the man I had been stroking did not step forward. The black man’s big cock easily slid into my sperm-lubed ass. I guess he did not mind all the cum in my ass. Maybe he knew he would fuck it out of me and replace it with his own.

He truly groaned with pleasure as he grasped my hips and began pumping my hot, wet ass. His balls slapped against mine as he fucked me.

After only a few minutes, the black man decided he wanted to try a new position. I accommodated him by flipping onto my back on the couch and raising my knees to give him easy access. He grabbed my ankles, pushed my legs back, so that my knees were in my chest, and mounted me like a woman. Again, his swollen cock easily sank into my loosened, hot ass. After only a few minutes, the black man decided, again, he wanted to try another different position. This time he lifted my legs and placed them on his left shoulder. In this position, I soon learned that my anal cavity knotted, thus offering him more resistance. This position turned him on even more as he began to fuck me harder.

The man I had been sucking, climbed up on the couch, straddled my head, and forced his hard cock down my throat. Thankfully, I had long ago overcome my gag reflex because the pounding my ass was getting helped him push his big cock all the down my throat.

Minutes later, the black man began to moan uncontrollably. When he came, I actually felt him spray my anal walls with his cum.

The black man’s orgasm triggered the man I was sucking because only moments later, he came so hard his cock jerked out of mouth and he shot two big blasts of cum out into the dark theater, before he could put it back into my mouth.

His orgasm seemed to go on forever. He easily filled my mouth with his warm sperm – a couple of times.

Assuming that my gangbang was over, I relaxed on the couch savoring the cum taste in my mouth and my euphoric prostate. I was wrong.

Two of the quieter men stepped forward and slid their stiff cocks in my two recently vacated holes. Both men eventually dumped their loads into my now swampy rectum.

The first man who mounted my ass, had an average-length cock, but it was very thicker than the other two cocks. However, it wasn’t difficult for my anus now to stretch wider to accommodate him. He gave me a relaxing, enjoyble fuck.

Periodically, the man would pull his cock partially out of my anus, grab the base, and twirl his cockhead around in my ass. My prostate loved that. I alternated between masturbating and rubbing my erect nipples.

After my ass had received a third ejaculation, the second man surprised by me by asking if he could sit on my hard cock. He masturbated as his ass fucked me for a couple of minutes. When he was ready to cum, he stood up, rolled me over on my stomach, and came as soon as his cock plunged through my distended anus.

After I had recuperated, I stood up, and went to lean against the wall. The smell of cum and sweat dominated the room. About fifteen minutes later, the innocent looking tomboy walked in.

When she finally noticed me standing by her, I smiled at her, and began an innocuous conversation to relax her. We talked for a quite awhile. I explained why she had had never heard about me. I told her that I was a few years older and had joined the military shortly upon graduating from the same H.S. we had attended. Staying with military theme, I said I was going back to Iraq in a couple of days and that I had come here to ‘meet’ an American woman. I added that I wouldn’t have this opportunity, again – to meet an American woman for many more, long, hard months.

When she sympathized with me, I decided not to waste any more time. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard semi-erect cock. As her eyes widened, I put my hand on hers and guided it to my cock. “Not here”, she mumbled as tried to think. I could see her brain scrambling for a better response, but she never took her eyes off my cock. I responded with a personalized plea, “C’mon Honey, just suck it real quick before somebody comes in! I just wanna feel your mouth on it before I have to go back to Iraq!”

After a slight pause, I reached out and gently tugged at her shoulder. Her resistance faded quickly. She leaned over and stretched her small mouth wide in order to accept my thick cock. When her mission was accomplished, I sighed happily and then, again, as her mouth tenderly began nursing my cockhead.

She alternated caressing my oozing cockhead between her lips and tongue, before slowly creeping her mouth down my thick shaft. At this point, I couldn’t help but wonder if she would know via her taste buds and the possible musky smell of my cock that it had been up someone’s ass only 30 minutes ago.

After that passing thought, I pushed down on her shoulders. She gave way and sank to her knees. I got right over her face, almost straddling it. From this position, I forced my hard cock full-length down her throat. Tears sprung into her brown eyes and began streaming down her cheeks.

Each deep thrust of my cock down her throat bought a moan from the helpless girl. However, there was no other reaction, except to grab onto my hips for support. When her hand slide into my ass crack, I could tell she had felt something warm and sticky because her hand immediately recoiled.

I knew I had to cum quickly as I heard her wheels start turning. Try as I might though, I could not cum. Desperate, I signaled a man who was standing nearby watching and fisting his erect cock. Thank god for that and for the fact that he could see that I was in a predicament. He knew what I needed in order to cum.

When the man nodded, I reached behind me and spread my cheeks. In one big push, his banana shaped hard-on slid past my abused sphincter and into my anal cavity ’til it bottomed out. He was in so deep that my body shook for an instant.

I looked down at my cute little cock sucker. I could tell she had felt me shudder, but she kept sucking. She probably assumed I twitched because of my quickly swelling cock.

The big cock up my ass made my cock grow magically harder inside her mouth. I knew I was now closer to cumming. My thrusts quickened to a speed that she could barely handle. As a result, she had no time to think about the sticky, warm mess she had felt around my anus.

I tersely ordered her to make an ‘O’ with her mouth. When she did, I began fucking her small, tight mouth like it was her pussy.

So strong was my desire to cum, that my thrusts became animalistic. She moaned and groaned loudly with each powerful thrust I made into her mouth as her forehead also made loud slapping noises against my stomach. All too soon, I saw her eyes glaze over. I knew I had to cum ASAP. I pushed my cock all the way down her throat, knowing her throat muscles would catch my cockhead, giving it the last 1-2 strokes I needed to cum.

With her nose mashed against my stomach, I let out a deep moan, as I unabatedly began to shoot as much sperm down her throat as I could while my entire rectum squeezed the cock inside it as hard as possible.

Unfortunately, my orgasmic feeling was cut short when the little tomboy began to gag or choke on the sperm cascading down her throat. I quickly pulled my still erupting cock out of harm’s way.

Her gagging and choking caused my sperm to shoot out of her nose just like milk when she laughed. I stood there watching her gag as my cock fired off a couple of more rounds into her teary-eyed face. Several men had who had just arrived and had gathered to watch, chuckled loudly at the conclusion.

I stroked any remaining sperm out and placed my cock back in my shorts. The tomboy remained on her knees trying to get handle on her physical reactions. That is my last memory of her.

The man who had had his cock up my ass, leaned over to apologize. He said my ass had gripped his cock so hard when I had cum – that he couldn’t help but cum himself. We laughed, shook hands, and went our separate ways.

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