The stories I submit are based on actual experiences that have changed my life. Of course names are changed to protect all involved.


Who would have thought that when a good friend of mine invited me and my wife to his retirement party we would fuck the night away. I have known Mike for more than 20 years having worked for the same company for several years before he retired from an injury.

Mike was married to a very beautiful young woman, Becky, who I had known since she was about 15 years old. Mike and I were several years older than she but he ended up married to Becky. Over the years we kept in touch but didn’t spend a lot of time together. When Mike retired Becky threw a big party which my wife and I were invited to attend. Of course we wanted to celebrate the occasion and agreed to go.

The night started off innocently enough with lots of people we worked with telling stories, laughing, re-living the good old days, and drinking. I always thought Becky was hot and often fantasized fucking her. As the night went on we all got drunk and the party got crazy. As I staggered out of the restroom I found Becky standing outside waiting to use it next. She asked me to wait to help her walk back to the dance floor. I waited a few minutes and Becky opened the door and asked if I knew where the paper towels were. I walked in and she closed the door behind me and locked it.

I looked at her and we immediately began kissing. The kissing quickly turned to grabbing each other. I spun Becky around and pressed her against the wall. As I kissed her neck I slowly unzipped her dress while she reached back and unzipped my pants reaching for my cock. Now Becky was only 24 years old, 5’7″, Long Brown hair, 34 C tits, and a 24″ waist, with intoxicating green eyes. Once her dressed was unzipped I pulled it down to reveal the most perfect tits and ass in a white G string. I reached between her legs and found that she was soaking wet and knew she was horny as hell by the way she moaned in my ear. She turned to face me and immediately dropped to her knees and wrapped her beautiful mouth around my 8″ cock and swallowed me balls deep. Her tongue felt like velvet as she sucked and licked my cock. I wanted to explode but she stopped me short my squeezing my balls and saying, “not yet, inside me.”

As she stood up we again began kissing deeply and passionately. She turned her back to me and said that she has wanted me to fuck her ever since we first met but that she married Mike and I married Sue. With that I confessed my fantasies of her and began fucking her from behind. In less than two minutes she began to orgasm and was doing all she could not to scream. I continued to fuck her and with her third orgasm I exploded inside her filling her with my cum.

As soon as we finished she began sucking my cock clean of any cum I had left and of all of her sweet juices. With cum dripping from her pussy she stood up and put four fingers inside herself and pulled them out like a cup filled cum. She looked at her hand then me and began licking it up like a cat before putting it all in her mouth and swallowing.

Lucky for us there were two doors to the bathroom and each of us left through separate doors. Outside each door was a line of unsuspecting people waiting. Becky and I met back on the dance floor where Mike and Sue were engaged in a slow dance. Perfect I thought and asked Becky to dance. What a rush dancing next to my friend and wife with the woman I just fucked. As we danced close to Mike and Sue, Becky reached out and grabbed Sue’s ass telling her she had a nice ass and wanted to spank it. Sue laughed and told her she was drunk and thanked her for the compliment. She returned the favor by grabbing Becky’s ass and asked if her tits were as firm as her tight ass. Becky grabbed Sue’s hand, placed it inside her dress and on her bare tits, and asked, “Are they?” To my surprise Sue squeezed Becky’s tits several times before telling her that her ass and tits were both firm enough to bounce a quarter off of.

After the dancing the four of us sat and talked for a while before Mike asked us to look at the new car he bought Becky. We walked outside and the cold mountain air caused Sue and Becky’s nipples to instantly harden. Since neither wore a bra the effect was obvious and I quickly pointed it out Mike. Mike bought Becky a new Porsche and on the front seat was a box he had placed without Becky knowing. Becky looked puzzled and Mike told her to open it. When she opened her eyes widened. She then took out a very sexy white lace teddy. This was unusual for Mike because he was very reserved especially in intimacy. While holding the teddy up for us to see Becky floored us all when she said that tonight had lots of surprises and asked if that meant she gets to have two men or a woman or both?

I about chocked when Sue, who was always very reserved, told Becky and Mike to come over to our house after the party for a Jacuzzi and we would see where the night takes us. Becky immediately agreed but Mike hesitated and began making excuses about having to pick up their daughter. Becky told Mike that she wanted to go and that the daughter was spending the night with her grandparents.

The party ended with a slow dance and again we had switched partners, Mike with sue and me with Becky. I looked over and was delighted to see Mike kissing Sue’s neck and feeling her ass. I was shocked to see Sue’s right hand rubbing Mike’s cock between them thinking no one could see. I told Becky who laughed and said this will be a night to remember. With that she asked Mike if she could cut in. He said sure and Sue began backing up to allow them to dance. She was caught off guard when Beck grabbed her to dance with.

As they playfully danced Becky made their way to dark corner. Very few guests were left and most were sitting at tables. I watched as they danced and saw Becky talking with Sue and Sue laughing. The laughter turned to a longing stare which lead to a quick kiss from Becky then back to dancing. As the song neared the end I saw Becky pull Sue into her and the two hold each other tight. When the song ended Becky grabbed Sue’s ass and kissed her hard and Sue allowed Becky’s tongue to snake into her mouth for a long French kiss.

They returned to where Mike and I were standing not knowing we watched them. Sue said we had to go and again asked Mike and Becky to come over. As Sue and Becky parted they held hands until Sue was in the truck. Sue and I didn’t talk about what happened at the dance but rather about getting home and getting the Jacuzzi heated and wondering if Mike and Becky would really show up. I broached the subject and asked what she plans to do if they do show up? Sue said she wasn’t sure but that she was extremely horny and that maybe one of my fantasies would come true. I couldn’t let that go and asked which one? She said I would have to wait.

Mike and Becky arrived less than thirty minutes after we got home. The Jacuzzi wasn’t quite ready so I poured everyone a drink not wanting the mood to soften. As we laughed and talked Sue said she was cold and wanted to get in the spa. She had already changed into a sexy bikini and asked Becky if she need to borrow a suit. Sue and Becky are very close to the same size in every way and looks also. Becky grabbed Sue by the face and said, “Honey, I’m not shy” and with that she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. There she was the same naked body I fucked earlier standing before her husband and my wife wearing that white G String.

Becky giggled and grabbed Sue’s hand and began running toward the spa. Once at the spa Becky and Sue jumped in. Mike and I quickly joined them. After a few minutes Becky took off her G String and held it up for us to see. She then walked over to Sue and said, “Okay Baby, I’m naked, now your turn.” With that Becky untied Sue’s top which Sue did not resist. There they were, our wives topless and Mike and I staring. I broke the ice and told them that I loved their tits and couldn’t wait to see the rest of their beautiful bodies. Sue laughed a sultry laugh and didn’t give Becky the chance to take her bottoms. She reached beneath the water and immediately held up her bikini bottoms.

Not to be out done I took off my suit and Mike the one I loaned him. We sat nude in the bubbling water with very little to be seen. I turned the spa up to 102 degrees and it was getting out. I said the hot water was making me light headed and got out exposing my hardened cock. Sue said, “Brad, oh my God” and everyone laughed. I quickly said, “What! Two gorgeous naked women in my spa gets my dick hard.” Mike said he agreed and also got out with a raging hard on. Sue again said Oh my God and we laughed.

With Mike and me out of the spa Becky made her way over to Sue and asked if she too was light headed. Without giving her a chance to answer Becky moved in and began kissing Sue and feeling her naked body. Mike and I watched as the kiss turned into making out and hands feeling each other’s body above and below the water. After a minute or two Sue grabbed Becky by the hand and escorted her out of the water, into the house, and into the living room in front of the fire pace where I had a very warm fire burning. As they lay down Sue told Becky, “Brad has always wanted to see me fuck another girl and you said give you two guys or a girl. I’ve never fucked a girl but want to fuck you right here right now.” Becky told Sue, “I haven’t fucked a girl either but have fantasied about it and lick my own fingers after I fuck myself pretending it is another girl’s pussy. I want a woman tonight”

With that Becky and sue began kissing and petting each other. Timidly Sue worked her way down to suck Becky’s tits one then the other. Becky moaned loudly as she played with and pulled Sue’s long hair. Both women had shaved pussies and complimented each other on the grooming. Simultaneously each reached for the others pussy and began fingering. The moans grew louder and Becky growled for Sue to fuck her and fuck her hard. Sue began pumping two then three fingers in and out of Becky’s pussy that was wet and she was about to cum. She screamed as her orgasm hit, a sound I had heard earlier, and pumped her hips to meet Sue’s hand. As the orgasm subsided Becky pushed Sue onto her back and without hesitation spread Sue’s legs and planted her face on Sue’s naked mound. Sue screamed Oh Shit as she felt Becky’s tongue lap at her juices that were flowing.

Knowing what she likes Becky inserted two fingers into Sue’s pussy as she licked sending Sue into spasms as she had multiple orgasms. Becky put Sue over the top and made her squirm when just as Sue’s orgasm slowed she stuck a finger into Sue’s ass that was well lubed with all of the pussy juices that were flowing. Sue tried to squirm away but Becky kept her close and turned her over onto her stomach with her as in the air. Becky smacked Sue’s ass telling her it was nice and tight and needed to be fucked. Sue protested slightly as Becky began licking her ass and the protest stopped when Becky began slowly inserting her well lubed finger into her ass again and again. Soon Sue was fucking Becky’s hand asking for more and allowing Becky to place two fingers into her virgin ass.

As Sue and Becky fucked Sue yelled “honey get my toys please.” I quickly ran to our bedroom and retrieved Sue’s rabbit and her 8″ dildo. When I returned Sue told Becky “my turn” and pushed her ass backward causing Becky to fall onto her back. Sue slid up Becky’s naked body and sat on her face in a 69 position and demanded Becky eat her pussy. Sue then bent down and licked Becky’s wet pussy while motioning for her toys. I handed them to her and Becky screamed and giggled as Sue turned on the rabbit and stuck inside her and used every combination of motion it has to offer. After Becky had multiple orgasms herself Sue moistened the dildo with Becky’s juices and told Becky to turn over. Becky hesitated and Sue told her turnabout is fair play bitch now turn over.

Becky did as she was told and Sue smacked her as several times on each cheek asking her if she wants to be fucked my two men or a woman. Becky’s answer of she didn’t know lead to more smacks and a more stern asking of the same question. After three or four smacks Becky screamed “A woman, I want a woman to fuck me.” Sue smiled and began licking Becky’s ass and lubing it with the juices she sucked from Becky’s pussy. Sue pressed on Becky’s ass with a finger which made Becky jump as it went inside. Becky moaned and asked for more which Sue gladly gave her. When Sue had three fingers pumping in and out of Becky’s tight ass she knew she was ready. Sue pushed Becky’s head down and pulled her ass up. Slowly Sue licked the dildo and pushed it into Becky’s soaking wet pussy. When it was nice and wet she began teasing Becky’s ass and gently worked the dildo around until the head popped into her ass and then the shaft little by little. The more Sue fucked Becky’s ass with the dildo the more Becky wanted to be fucked. Sue eventually had the dildo inside Becky’s tight ass and was pumping Becky to yet more orgasms. After several orgasms Becky begged Sue to stop and just fuck her pussy and face.

Sue obliged Becky’s request and the two lay side by side fondling, fingering, and fucking each other’s pussy followed by licking of juices from their fingers. They passionately kissed and Sue asked Becky if she did okay for her first time fucking another girl. Becky laughed and told her she had never been fucked that good by a man and that for her first fucking by a woman it was fantastic. Becky asked Sue if she did okay for her first time with a woman and Sue kissed her passionately then told her she loved it and wants more.

As the talked about each other’s performance Mike and I made our way down beside them. The four of us lay naked in front of the fire talking about how hot they looked with each other and how much it turned us on to watch them. Sue really shocked me when she reached for Mike’s cock instead of mine and asked if he really liked it. Feeling Mike’s hard cock in her hand she said I guess you did. Becky asked Sue if she could suck my cock, not that she hadn’t already but wanted to play it safe, and Sue said absolutely.

The night continued but that is another story.

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