*This is a follow up to Unexpected Home Movies written by Kadric.*

During the 30 minute break, the masked men put the family to work clearing the chairs from around the table and moved them up against the walls to line the dining room. Then pillows were brought down from one of the bedrooms upstairs, and rope found in the garage. After the leaves were removed and the table shortened, the masked men announced that it was time for the gangbang of the youngest sister, Jo. She immediately started sobbing, and didn’t move from her chair until a gun was nudged against her temple while one of the masked men barked at her to get up on the table.

She climbed up on the table, her tits swaying, and laid down on the table with her hips propped up by the pillows and her head at the edge of the table. Roger, Brad, Doug and I were each given a length of rope and instructed to stand by one of Jo’s arms and legs. Roger and Brad tied their rope around each of Jo’s wrists and then crossed her arms across her stomach, so that her huge breasts were pushed together under her chin. The rope was tied to the table legs under Jo’s feet. Then Doug and I had to loop the rope around her thighs just above her knees. Jo’s skin was soft and silky like any nineteen year old’s would be. It felt like my cock was going to burst out of its skin it was so hard when I got a look at her glistening pussy as her legs were pulled apart to be tied to the table legs under her head.

Jo’s brother Glen, father Graeme, and Aaron, her black boyfriend from college, were instructed to join us around the table. Every single one had a raging hard on. Finally, the masked man who first announced the gangbang stood off camera while another man filmed, and told us the rules of the gangbang. “Each man gets 5 minutes at each spot. At the end of the 5 minutes, you rotate to your left until everyone’s gone around the whole table. The man at the girl’s head gets to use her mouth, but if you blow your load there, you don’t get to fuck her. The man between her legs has to finger or eat her out. The rest of you can do what you like with the rest of her body. Then you each get a turn to fuck her. And remember, cupcake, if you don’t cooperate, someone gets hurt.”

As luck would have it, I was at Jo’s left leg and would be the last man to eat her out before we all fucked her. Her father was to my left, Brad at her left shoulder, Glen at her head, Roger was at her right shoulder and would be the last man to get his cock sucked by Jo, Aaron was next, and Doug was at her right leg.

When the cameraman set the timer, Doug tentatively moved between his teenage sister-in-law’s legs. Glen nudged his rock hard cock against his sister’s lips, tears still slipping from her puffy red eyes. We could see her start to turn away but then she opened her mouth and gave in. But no one else was touching her body. The masked intruder yelled at us again that we would start to hurt if we didn’t cooperate, and ordered us to touch her. Graeme started touching her arms crossed under her breasts and her gently rounded stomach, while Brad started at her shoulder and quickly moved to play with the nipple closest to him. I stroked her calf and moved down her thigh to cup and massage her ass.

The whole scene was surreal. My wife’s youngest sister was being eaten out by my brother in law while I cupped her ass and the rest of her male relatives and her boyfriend molested her. Her brother’s cock was moving in and out of her mouth, and it was clear from the look on his face that even though he had just come twice, he was having a hard time not blowing his load. Finally, Glen pulled out and gasped for breath for a minute. When he got a grip, he placed his balls at Jo’s mouth. She stuck out her tongue and licked them, eliciting a sigh from her brother. A few seconds later, the man holding the camera told us to move as the timer went off. This went on and on. There were dozens of times I could feel my cock twitch like I was going to come all over her jiggling tits.

By the time Graeme was stroking into his daughter’s mouth, she had already come when Aaron was eating her out, and was moaning whenever her nipples were pinched, twisted, or sucked. By the time it was my turn to get between Jo’s legs and play with her, she had come once more with Brad’s oral attention, and her pussy was slick with the saliva from six previous men. I settled in front of her and committed the sight of her flushed and swollen pussy glistening in the light to my memory for later. My finger entered her tight, wet hole and I took her engorged clit in my mouth, licking and flicking it with my tongue. She started moaning when my finger curled up against her G spot. Soon her hips were bucking and she started clamping down on my finger. She moaned loudly around Roger’s short but furiously thrusting cock in her mouth while she was coming on my finger and in my mouth.

The timer went off, and the second masked man yelled time. We all backed away slowly from the quivering daughter and sister on the table. Every man’s cock was incredibly hard, it wouldn’t take long for all of us to fuck her senseless. The cameraman directed Graeme to mount his daughter first. By now, all the fight had drained from her. Her wet pussy was visibly throbbing. Her face was wet with drool from seven intense mouth fuckings. My father-in-law grimaced and got up on the table kneeling between his youngest daughter’s spread legs. He positioned his cock and leaned over her to take his weight off his knees. Her abused, puffy nipples were just below his weathered face.

He whispered something to Jo that caused her to start crying again, more slowly and softly than before. She responded, “It’s ok, Daddy. I know you can’t help it.” He slid his rock hard cock slowly inside of her and started thrusting. Her huge tits swayed with each thrust. After what seemed like an eternity watching the hottest sex I’d ever seen, Graeme finally started to pick up his pace. He took a nipple in his mouth and groaned as he deposited his seed in his daughter. He collapsed on top of her, panting.

Then, the most amazing string of events happened. Graeme was nudged off his daughter by the third masked intruder and some of his white jizz slipped out of her wet, gaping hole. Then the gunman pointed at me and said I was next.

I climbed on the table in the same kneeling position my father-in-law had initially taken, and said, “I’m sorry, Jo. Please forgive me,” as I slipped my throbbing cock into her. I held on to her knees, spreading her legs further apart, to brace myself. Her chest rolled and undulated with every thrust. As it became harder to resist coming, I leaned over and took the previously ignored nipple in my mouth while the other one rolled between my fingers. Jo moaned and started to grip my cock inside her when I felt an orgasm welling up. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck” I yelled as I came inside the teenager’s increasingly sloppy cunt. I kept playing with her tits and stroking like Glen had inside Rachael until my cock was too soft to stay in.

As I got off the table, none of the women would look at me. The gunman led me over to Rachael while Glen was instructed to fuck his sister Jo next. Aaron was standing in front of my sister-in-law Rachael too. The third accomplice pulled out a smaller handheld camcorder, the kind you keep in a pocket, and told her to start sucking our cocks. Rachael was still crying as she began to alternate between sucking Aaron’s cock and my own.

When our cocks were glistening with Rachael’s spit, Aaron was told to lay down and Rachael to ride him from the top. I watched them fuck for a minute before another cameraman directed me to squat over them and fuck Rachael in the ass. Oh yeah, I thought. Finally. Sweet revenge. She protested loudly, but Aaron had an arm wrapped around her waist holding her to him while he thrust up into her fertile pussy, already coated with her brother’s cum. After what seemed like an eternity of trying to work my cock into my sister-in-law’s ass, we heard Glen spray his load inside his sister.

Soon Aaron and I were fucking that bitch in a rhythm, filling her with cock. He sucked on her nipples while I pulled her hair. She began moaning like she enjoyed two cocks rubbing inside her after a few minutes. Even though I had just fucked the most beautiful teenager in my life, I felt the urge to come in my bitch sister in law’s ass while there was a black cock about to impregnate her. I managed to hold off a few more minutes by thinking about taxes until Aaron’s cock felt larger through the thin bit of flesh separating Rachael’s ass and cunt. He must be getting close too, I thought. I massaged her ass and looked at Aaron’s face smothered in Rachael’s tits, then watched as my cock stroked in and out of her ass, savoring the pressure in my balls begging for release. It was too much, and I planted an impossibly big load in that bitch’s ass. While I was still stroking into it, Aaron creamed her cunt. She cried again, this time about the prospect of a half black baby. We both kept stroking inside her until soft. As I pulled out of her ass, I admired the gaping creampie left behind. She was dripping more cum out of her pussy too. It was so incredibly hot.

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