Tonight is our date night, but this is unlike any date you have ever had. You see, today has been full of truly using you as my sub.

I am taking advantage of this, but with the perfect balance of pleasing myself, and pleasing you.

The day started off with me sending you to the grocery store to get the items necessary for me to make the special breakfast for you. However, there is more than meets the eye for your trip. I am making you grab what I need while having a dildo and butt plug in you to keep you constantly aware of the sensations in your filled holes with every step that you take. And only you are aware of the penetration you are receiving with all the other people shopping around you.

When you return home, I will be making you a special breakfast, so that you won’t get hungry during the next part of your day.

We will be heading off to get relaxed. You will be getting a pedicure, manicure, massage, and facial.

After that you are coming right back to me. First I will have you put on your yoga pants, then I will make you stretch in front of me, topless and with nothing but the tight material hugging the ass that I will be playing with later in the day. As I watch your curves enhance with every bend, I use this opportunity to stand behind you and feel you grind against the rise in my pants. My cock gets even harder as I watch the pants squeezed tightly in front between the lips of your pussy.

Even though I am feeling the need to be relieved, it is your job to get yourself off in front of me.

The catch is, you have to wait on my word of allowance for you to actually make yourself orgasm. I keep letting you get close to the edge of spilling, but won’t let you burst just yet. After about 3 rounds of this and with seeing the look of frustration and ecstasy on your face, I let you cum after your final desperate plea to be allowed to orgasm.

I immediately order you over to me to suck on my throbbing cock. You kiss frantically around my penis and balls just like I love, and run your delicious tongue up, down, and around my shaft. I watch as you look up at me with your beautiful eyes and shake as you wrap your soft pink lips around my cock. Your head begins bobbing as I grab your hair and force you to take me deeper, releasing after you have taken me as deep as you could and letting you kiss me all over some more.

This continues as the head of my shaft throbs, waiting to burst my juices onto your face. (I love seeing my cum on your pretty face. Something about it is so beautifully erotic to me. The white of my cum mixed with your beautiful white skin and seeing it run down your face with the contrast of the mascara on your eyes drives me wild. The willingness of you to accept my sexual release onto yourself and to taste it, swallow it, and receive it is so erotic. The thought of it almost gets me off without touch when I am fantasizing about you, and the dirty talk you give about wanting my cum pushes me over the edge to orgasm). I soon come back to reality and see my cum dripping down your cheek, lips and chin and catches on your breasts and stomach,

while you look up at me with a look of love and sexual desire.

Now that we are both temporarily spent, we go to our bed to cuddle and enjoy being in each others arms. We continue kissing in each others embrace, because tied with our sexual desires for one another is true love; we fall asleep.

When we wake up, we both shower and get ready for our dinner out. I tell you to wear the new black dress that I got for you, and no underwear; I want to have plenty of opportunities to use my hands throughout the night, and to be able to take as many peaks at your luscious pink pussy, and your soft thighs and incredible ass.

The dinner is great. We enjoy some wine, and a delicious meal and time together. Even though I’m paying attention, my mind is on what comes later at the hotel room that I got us.

We make our way back to the room and make ourselves comfortable. You suggest that we go to the pool, but I have much different plans. I sit you in a chair and tie your hands behind you, put a gag in your mouth and spread your legs. I pull the top of your dress down and hike the bottom part up. I kiss up your calves while running my hands down your thighs. The kisses turn to licks as I move my head to your inner thigh, licking upward to your pink like licking a drip of ice cream that ran down the cone. My tongue reaches your pussy lips, and I give them one kiss before sliding my tongue in between them, reaching your clit. I keep licking as your arousal grows, but this is only the beginning.

I stand up, and press your breasts together as I slide my cock between them, in and out over and over,closer and closer to your mouth with every penetration of your wonderful tits. Soon after, I stand up and grab your hair once again, forcing you to suck my dick, but with no plan to cum from that this time around.

You look confused as I untie you earlier than you expected, but that expression changes as I bend you over the bed and spank you. I spank you until your butt turns a pinkish-red; leaving my mark on you as a sign of how bad you have been today.

After taking the time to relax your ass for penetration, I lube up some fingers and get you ready for what I want. What I want is the ass that has driven me wild for years. I have had my hand on it, grinded on it, and fantasized about it, but never until this moment have I been in it. The thought of penetrating every hole that I can is also very erotic to me.

I hand you your dildo and watch as you carefully position it into your dripping wet pussy. You scoot back on the bed, slowly accepting the head of my shaft into your opening. You grind around to get used to the sensation and decide that you want more. I feel your soft warmth firmly grasping more and more of my shaft that is currently at full attention. Your movements are slow and safe, but as you pick up speed I can tell how much you are liking the sensations. I watch as your perfectly-sized ass claps against my waist, and your hand slides your dildo in and out of your pussy. I feel like I am going to burst, seeing you double-penetrated like this.

You move faster and faster at penetrating both holes, and I soon feel a shake shoot through your body as I feel an eruption fire through my cock into your ass. We fall to the bed together, absolutely pleased and happily-worn out.

I can’t wait for your next day of service and pleasure.

I care about my sub.

I love my wife.

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