I watched Dean out the corner of my eye as I collected the secure waste from the bins. As the copier finished Dean collected the papers and put them in a vanilla envelope, putting the originals back in a folder.

I left the room, rushed downstairs and turned the shredder on. This was my last job of the day. Every evening I picked up the secure waste and shredded it. Just one of the many menial tasks I performed. I had a long day starting at eight in the morning and finishing around six in the evening. Delivering the internal post, making coffee, doing the sandwich trolley twice a day and shredding the waste, plus of course anything else that I was asked. Office Assistant they called it. I called it general dogs body. The money wasn’t that good but it was a job and not particularly hard. After my past I couldn’t really complain.

I finished the shredding and locked up. Signed out at security and waited outside for my lift to arrive. Dave turned up almost immediately. I got in the car and we waited. Not long after Dean came out, got into his car and drove off. We followed him discretely. We knew where he was going as we had done this several times before. Once a month in fact for the last 6 months.

As usual Dean met up with his twin brother Donald, as they were not identical it was fairly easy to tell the two apart. Dean pulled up alongside Donald’s car and handed the envelope through the window. Donald handed Dean an envelope in return, bulkier than Deans. That envelope we knew was filled with cash. They chatted for a couple of minutes and then with a final joke went their separate ways. Throughout the exchange I had been clicking away with my digital camera. I had reams of pictures of these transactions between the brothers all digitally dated.

Dave and I had been planning this for sometime. The four of us had all gone to the same school, even been in the same class. That’s where any similarity ended however as the twins had married well and been introduced to there jobs by there new in-laws. The twins had married twin sisters from a middle class very Catholic family. Church every Sunday and all that stuff which made Dave and I laugh as we knew that the boys had almost as bad a background as we had. Only difference was they didn’t get caught. Nothing serious, just boys being boys really but the girls involved were a world apart from the twins they had married.

Dean was well up in the business but was having to work his way up the ladder. He had given me a job out of sympathy more than any old friends loyalty. He turned Dave down flat when another vacancy turned up. This whole thing had started one evening as I was doing the security waste. I had seen Dean copying some papers. When I commented on the fact that the file was a security file he turned quite nasty.

“If you want to keep your job you will keep your nose out of other peoples business.”

I didn’t need telling twice, but after that I kept a close eye on him. That night I told Dave what I had seen “That’s strange, maybe we should keep an eye on him. Let me know if it happens again and we can find out what he does with the stuff.”

I kept an eye on him but nothing happened for weeks. Then I caught him again. This time I just ignored him. I called Dave and told him to be outside the office ready to give me a lift when I came out. I kept an eye on Dean from a distance. As everyone else had gone most of the office lights were out so I hid in one of the cubicles and watched hoping my breathing wasn’t as loud as it sounded to me.

Once he had finished Dean put the envelope into his briefcase and then locked the original in a filing cabinet. I knew he would go to his own office before leaving so as soon as he was out of site. I signed out at security and rushed down to the underground car park that served the office block. I hid behind a pillar until I saw him heading for his car and then I jumped over the wall. Running to the road I called Dave on my mobile and waited for him to turn up.

He took so long we almost missed Dean as he left but luckily he got caught at the traffic lights. That was six months ago and we had followed him every month since. Always on the same day of the month. Once the copier ran out of paper so while he went to get some from the stationary cupboard I took a quick look at what it was he was copying. It was the monthly financial report, all gobbledee gook to me but the heading was plain enough. ‘Financial Report. April 2006′ and below that in red was ‘Security Level 5 and Above Only.”

Now that Dave and I decided to act on the information we had we couldn’t make our minds up what to do with it. We could demand money, or even promotion for me and a job for Dave but it all seemed small to what they were doing. We knew they were selling the information to a rival company because that’s where Donald worked. It was decided after the twin weddings it would look bad if they both got jobs together because of the marriage so an old friend of ‘daddy’ gave Donald a job. The friend had subsequently died and his son was brought back from the USA to run the business. He of course knew nothing of the brothers so just treated Donald like any other employee.

Deans company was well known in the area for it’s fundraising for local charities. Every May they held a ball. All the local dignitaries were invited and the employees were allowed to buy tickets so they could mix with the hoy palloy, the local rich and famous. I got tickets for myself and Dave and it was at this event that we suddenly decided what we were going to do with our information.

Dean attended with his wife of course and as he walked in Dave and I stared goggle eyed. She was stunning, really gorgeous, great figure and about ten years younger than Dean, and us come to that. Long blond hair and legs that reached the sky. She mixed with the dignitaries like she knew them personally, which in a lot of cases she did.

Dave and I worked our way over to Dean and I said “Hi Dean going to introduce us to your wife.”

Well the look she gave us could have killed an elephant and before he could reply she said, “I don’t think so.” She took his elbow and lead him away. He didn’t even look back.

“Snotty bitch.” I said

“Fucking right.” Dave agreed “Mind you I wouldn’t say no to a night in bed with it would you?”

And that’s how it started. We made jokes about her all night, what she would be like, how we would make her beg for more and how she would just keep begging us to fuck her brains out. All the usual stuff guys say when they talk about a horny looking woman they know they will never get.

The following day while we discussed the night out we got back on the subject. I don’t know which one of us suggested it but before long we were making plans on how to get her knickers off. The first thing we had to sort out was how we were going to approach Dean. We had enough stuff to put him away for years and the effect it would have on the credibility of his in-laws would be devastating so in a way we had them both. But we needed to get them together somehow and not in a public place In the end it was just luck that gave us the opportunity that we needed.

Dave and I were out having our usual Friday night on the town when we were walking down the high street and who should come out of the posh restaurant across the road but Dean and his wife. The owner showing them to a limousine that was waiting for them.

“It was so nice to see you both again. We do look forward to your anniversary each year and thank you for your continued custom.” he said as he opened the door of the vehicle for Deans wife to get in. Dean crossed his palm as you would expect after posh nosh and then the car pulled away.

“Come on.” I said grabbing Dave’s arm. Not sure what I was up to he followed me back to our car. We knew where they lived so I headed in that direction. “If they are headed home this could be our opportunity.”

“Shit! I never even thought of it.” Dave said

Limo’s don’t go too fast up country lanes so we soon caught them up. While they went into the house and switched on some lights I grabbed some photos from the bag in the back of the car. We headed for the door set in this ancient stone building and I knocked as assertively as I could. A moment later Dean appeared.

He was not pleased to see us. “What do you want? Do you know what time it is?”

“Yes Dean we do but we have something to show you that we think is important.”

“Well if it’s work show me on Monday. I’m busy.” and with that he closed the door.

“Not quite as planned.” I said angrily and knocked again, this time louder and much harder.

The door flew open, “What!” I had taken out one of the eight by ten photo’s of Dean and his brother and just held it at eye level. As soon as he saw it he grabbed it and said “What the hell is this?”

“I think you know what it is. Maybe we should discuss it inside.” I said confidently. The blood had drained from his face and involuntarily he stepped aside. Dave and I brushed passed him and waited for him to shut the door. He was still staring at the photo.

“Just give me a minute. I will tell my wife I have some business to attend to.” Dean said and walked off. He didn’t realise we followed. As he stepped into the large lounge his wife turned around. “I just have something to sort out dear a I wont be long.

“That’s ok it concerns your wife as well.” I said and just walked over to her and held out my hand. “Hi I’m Mike.”

She looked bewildered and a little disgusted at the way I had just brushed passed Dean and introduced myself. “Err, Cathy.” she said barely able to bring herself to even touch my hand let alone shake it. Dave had followed me in but stayed by the door. I assume to stop Dean from leaving. I took in this beautiful woman with eyes that hid nothing of the lust I was now feeling. Dressed in a low cut cocktail dress that did little to hide her ample cleavage she squirmed under my gaze.

“I suggest you go and sit with your lovely wife.” Dave said. Still lost for something to say Dean complied. He was never the confident type at school, always following never the followed.

“So Deany boy. Been a bad boy eh.” I said

“I don’t know what you mean.” he replied without very much conviction.

“What is this? What are you talking about? Dean, send them away.” Cathy said.

“I don’t think so Cathy. You don’t mind if I call you Cathy do you?” I said and added before she could reply, “Good.”

“I don’t know what you think you have there but it’s not what you think.”

“What we have Deany boy is you selling secrets to a rival company. To your brother in fact.”

“Dean?” Cathy said still bemused

“No you fool what you have is part of a security test. Nothing more. An exercise to see how good our security is.”

“Well security sucks because you’ve been doing this for at least six months and probably a lot longer.”

“Wha….” Dean gasped, “You mean….?”

“Yes Deany boy, we have been keeping tabs on you and your brother for ages. We have hundreds of photos. Times and dates the whole lot. Even Donald giving you money.”

“Oh my god.” Dean looked shocked

“What is this? Dean, what is going on?” Cathy was totally confused.

“Your husband has been selling secrets to his brother. I am sure you know Donald works for a rival company. Dean has been selling him the monthly financial report for ages. I am sure your aware that he could go to prison for a very long time as well as face a lawsuit for any financial loss to the company. Not to mention the stigma it could attach to your family as well Cathy. All those hoy palloy finding out that your husband is a thief, an industrial spy.”

“Dean? Please say it isn’t true and throw them out.” Cathy said quietly “Please.”

When he didn’t reply she cried “Oh my god what have you done? Why?”

“It would seem that Deany boy here has got a gambling habit. He owes, some not very nice people, quite a lot of money.” I answered for him as he just sat with his head bowed.

“Dean!” Cathy shouted, “Tell me it isn’t true. Say something for Gods sake”

Her raised voice shook him from his daze. “I’m afraid what he says is true Cathy. Donald and I had the idea so that I could get the money and he could curry favour with his new boss. It has been going on for over a year. But I don’t owe any money, I managed to pay it off.”

I turned to Dave who till now had said nothing, just stood next to me. “Get that Dave?”

Dave pulled his phone to his ear and after a couple of clicks the last bit of conversation reverberated round the room. With a smile he said, “Wonderful things mobile phones, and it’s on video by the way.”

Cathy started to sob. Mumbling “Stupid stupid man.” over and over.

Dean took a deep breath. “How much do you want?”

“Oh we don’t want money, we could have got that months ago. No we want something else, something special.” I said

“Whatever it is Dean you give it to them. This will break daddies heart and poor mummy.” another sob left her mouth.

“Pull yourself together Cathy don’t let these morons get to you. Remember who you are.” Dean said. It must have hit a note as she took a deep breath and seemed to pull herself together. “Now! What is it you want?” Dean asked.

In unison Dave and I looked at Cathy. “Well it may go someway to keeping us happy if Cathy was to take that dress off.” I said

Cathy was stunned, her mouth dropped open and her hands automatically lifted to her chin. Her arms covering the ample cleavage she was showing in her posh frock. “No! Never. You go to hell” she said, shocked.

“You can’t….” Dean started, “Can she leave the room while we discuss this. I need to say something….personal.”

“No!” I replied, “But we can move over there if you like.” I nodded across the large room.

Dean got up and Dave and I followed him. The distance allowed us to lower our voices and not be overheard. “You can’t do this. She’s innocent. She had no part in this. She was educated in a convent for Christ’s sake. She knows nothing of men apart from me and believe me you wouldn’t want our sex life. Why do you think I gamble?”

“Maybe we should let her decide?” Dave said

“What do you want from her. Is it just to ogle at her you perverts.” Dean said realising he had raised his voice.

I put my face into his. “No. She can start by getting her kit off. I don’t know about Dave but I fancy a nice slow blow job. The last time we met she used that mouth to sneer at us. Now we will see who is in charge.”

“She wont do it.” Dean said stubbornly.

“What? Never given you a blow job Deano?” Dave asked.

“It’s not that….

“So she has then.” I interjected.

“She’s not very good at it and only does it to please me. I told you she was educated in a convent. She knows nothing about sex. We only do it once a week to keep me quiet. Her marital duty as she puts it.”

“Well if it’s a choice between you going to prison along with the ensuing social castration. Or doing what we ask she should have the choice at least.” I said. Then I headed back across the room .All this time she had been staring at us, agitated. Now she shrank into the settee.

As we approached Dean whispered, “At east let me be the one to tell her what you want.”

“That’s ok with me.” Dave said

“Ok Cathy. This is the situation.” I said, “We have enough information on Dean to send him to prison for a very long time. Not only that but the social stigma attached, not only to the crime but him being in prison, will be with you for the rest of your life. You and your family, including of course your sister. As it was Deans brother Donald who received the goods will also go to prison. Do you understand the situation you are in?”

I had to give her credit. She took a deep breath and visibly pulled herself together. Sitting upright she said, “I understand. What do you want from us?”

“I will let Dean tell you that and you can make your own mind up”

Dave and I went across the room so they could be ‘alone’. Her face reddened and I could see her shaking her head. After a few minutes serious discussion, in which it seemed Dean was the most agitated they looked over and beckoned us.

Dean sat silently. “I will do as you ask.” Cathy said. “But Dean has told you that I….am not….”

“Not much good at sucking cock. Yeah he said.” I interrupted, “But are you willing to do it, and are you willing to be guided by us so that we can enjoy it more.”

She hesitated and looked up at Dean. “I don’t have much choice do I if that’s what it takes to get Dean out of this predicament then I will do it.”

“It will certainly go some way to ease your position.” I said

“What do you mean? Some way?” Dean asked

“Well a quick blow job isn’t going to make up for 30 years in prison let alone the rest of it.” Dave said

“Dean!” Cathy said, “Please leave us.”

“No! I think he should stay. We don’t want him calling the police while he is out of the room do we?”

“You don’t expect me to stand here and watch as you do….whatever to my wife do you?” he said angrily.

“Dean be quiet,” Cathy said again, “If you hadn’t been stupid enough to get us in this mess these men wouldn’t even be here.”

With that she stood up and lifted the halter neck over her head, she took a deep breath and with her eyes closed she dropped the posh frock to the floor. I could see she was shaking. Her bra was not what you would term a turn on, although half cup it was made of thick material

“Now the bra.” I said. She did well, reaching back and unclipping it, letting it drop to the floor. Those tits hardly moved, a slight drop but no more. They stood out in front of her proudly. She stood for a second and then her upbringing clicked in and her arms came up, pushing those wonderful mammeries together in an attempt to cover her embarrassment. I walked up to her and lightly touched her arms. “Put your arms down, your hiding nothing.” I said gently

Pulling herself to her full height, which was about five foot seven, she let her arms drop to her side. Staring straight ahead. As I ran a hand over her arms and then across her shoulders she closed her eyes. Screwing up her face as I moved down to her breasts, a shudder as I brushed her nipple. Dave had joined me by now and we took a tit each, playing with it gently, running a hand down her back to the waist band of her not so sexy briefs. I lowered my mouth to her nipple and felt her tense as my tongue brushed it, then tense again with a sharp intake of breath as I took it into my mouth. Dave never was very imaginative or inventive and just followed what I did, when I did it.

Cathy was shaking like a leaf and I could see tears in her eyes as she stared ahead, her eyes flickering. “Now I need you to go to your knees” I said. She complied without a word. I guided her through undoing my zip and lowering my jeans and boxers and told her to do the same to Dave. I told her to take each cock into her hands and talked her through how to manipulate them to the best advantage, using her thumb to increase pressure to the bell end as and when needed. Then I told her to focus on Dave and to use her spare hand on his balls. All this I did with a degree of tenderness in my voice and she didn’t put up any objection, though she did try to turn her head to one side.

“Now I need you to open your mouth and put his cock in.” She hesitated but slowly her mouth opened and moving forward she took him past her lips but no further. “That’s it. Now slowly close your mouth and then move your lips from the top down to the bottom, all the time playing with his balls, and then back again.”

She did as I told her and nearly choked as Dave’s cock hit her throat. She took a minute to gather herself and then continued. Slowly I talked her through the refineries of cock sucking and I could tell by Dave’s face that her technique was improving. All the while I played with her tits and ran my hand up and down her back down to her bum. I motioned for Dave to move back a little so that Cathy would have to lean forward, raising her bottom off her knees. This allowed me to run my hand over her bottom and between her bum cheeks to her inner thighs, I deliberately avoided her pussy at this time. As I brushed her inner thighs she gave a sharp intake of breath. She went to pull away but Dave held her head to his cock and I had a hand on her back, holding her still. Dean went to get up but I glared at him leaving him in no doubt that he only had one chance

As I ran my finger over her bum crack she again took a sudden intake of breath, but no comment. I ran my hand up her legs and when I reached her knees I applied enough pressure so that Cathy lifted her weight and spread her legs slightly allowing me to slide my hand smoothly over the thin material covering her pussy. Now I had access to both her tits and her love hole and I made the most of that opportunity. While remaining soft in my touch I explored a little deeper with each move until the material had slipped first into her pussy and then slightly to one side, then all the way over. They were not dry, a slight wet patch showing which told me she was enjoying this more than she appeared to be. Or in fact more than she should be if Deans assessment was right

“Sit on the settee Dave, right on the edge so Cathy can bend over you.” He did as I asked and while Cathy was standing I lowered her panties to the floor. She stepped out of them as she went back to her knees. I pulled her up so she remained on her knees with her legs spread but reaching forward. Now I had the access I wanted. As she got back to work on Dave I went back to my ministrations on her pussy. She gave a slight moan as I slipped a finger into her wet hole. Still no objection so I used my hands to full effect, again playing with her nipples and running a hand over her bottom, sliding it under and into her pussy, which by now was sopping wet. I slid a finger in and she almost bit into Dave’s cock but he was so far gone he must have thought she was just taking a firmer grip. By the time I had slipped two fingers in, her body was shaking slightly and her pussy was pulsing on the inserted fingers.

I wasted no more time, I ripped my clothes off and slowly tapped my cock at the entry to her hole. She threw herself to one side sitting on the floor, “No! No I cant….not that. I just cant, please not yet.”

“Fuck off bitch if I wanna fuck you I’m gonna fuck you. If not then the old mans going to fucking prison bitch.” Dave said moving to grab her.

“Shut up Dave.” He hadn’t noted what she said. The ‘not yet’ part of her statement had clearly caught my ears and it said that she expected it to happen sooner or later.

Dean jumped up “You cant do that, you said a blow job not a fu…” he stopped remembering his wife was present, “Not sex, you said a blow job.”

“You’re a bloody fool Dean.” Cathy said, “You honestly believe that they were going to make me do….suck, and then go away and forget everything. Well, did you?”

He didn’t reply, just lowered his head again.

“So what are you saying Cathy?” I asked gently

“I maybe naïve, but I am not as stupid as my husband. It was obvious this was just a start. But….I cant, not yet. Not like this.”

“But how do we know if we settle for the blow job today you will be as compliant tomorrow. Or how long did you expect us to wait?” I asked.

“I know you wont wait. I also know your information against that fool will still be here tomorrow, or next week or next year and that you will make the most use of it that you can.” She said stubbornly.

“So what would you suggest and what do you offer.”

“I will do whatever you want, if you will give me time to adjust to this situation. I cannot say that I will be any good at it, but I have no doubt you will want me to do things that disgust me. You cannot expect me to just do them willy nilly. I need time to prepare myself, to adjust.”

“Cathy you cant. You have no idea what they will get you to do.” Dean said.

“I know they will send you to prison, and that would serve you right. The attached effects of that on my family are the only reason I am naked, in my own living room, bargaining with two men with my body on my wedding anniversary. So this really has nothing to do with you.”

“So if I understand you Cathy. It’s not what we want you to do that you need to adjust to. But the fact that your in this situation at all. Once you have adjusted then you will comply with all of our wishes. Is that correct?”

“Yes. I will do this for you now, but the rest I cannot do, my….body, wont do it. Not just like that. I would have to deny my beliefs, albeit temporarily to do as you ask and that cannot be done in an instant. I am sure you understand that you are asking me to go against everything I have ever been taught.”

“Yes I understand. Shall we continue then?”

Dave and I moved in front of her and she slowly got to her knees and started playing with our cocks. Once hard she took first me then Dave in to her mouth. She was a quick learner and was having the desired effect. I stepped to one side and continued playing with her tits. I let my hand move down to her pussy and while she did jerk, she did not pull away. It wasn’t long before Dave shot his load with a look of triumph on his face as she tried to pull away, his hand on her head preventing such a move and his come hit the back of her throat. She did pull away now and spat some of his juice out onto the carpet. Before she could throw up I lifted her head to my own rigid cock and slipped it in to her mouth. After a second to recover she again went into motion.

I don’t know if it was because I treated her with some degree of respect or what but she seemed to work harder on me even coming up with some moves that I hadn’t mentioned. If I moaned she did it again, and I moaned a lot. I deliberately moaned louder as my orgasm rose. I put my hand to her head and said, “I’m coming, any second.”

Her eyes looked up at me but she made no move to pull away. As my come hit her throat she gagged slightly but didn’t stop until I stepped back. She sat on her knees for a moment, gasping for air, gagging and almost throwing up, but she managed to keep it all in and slowly recovered.

“Get her a drink Dean.” I said. “For a novice you suck cock very well.” She raised her head and looked at me but showed no emotion, just a slight twist to the corner of her mouth. Dean handed her the drink and she emptied the glass, giving it back to Dean obviously wanting more.

Dave and I had been getting dressed as she drank, “I take it when we return tomorrow you will be….adjusted?” I said

She nodded and curled up in a ball sitting on the floor. Dave and I left them to sort themselves out.

As we got outside Dave was on a real high, “Fuck me she fuckin loved it. We can have them titties anytime we want em and he ain’t gonna be able to do a thing about it. We should of fucked her as well then she would really know what a man is. Why the fuck did you stop at the bj?”

“Sometimes Dave you’re a bloody fool. Try thinking with your head and not your balls. When we go back tomorrow we will be able to do anything we want. In time she will become an incredible fuck. If we had gone further tonight she would probably have just lay there in the future. It would have been like shagging dead meat. Now, she will take part and if we handle it well she will come to enjoy it a bit more than I think even she suspects.”

“She fucking better. If she backs out tomorrow you will be to blame and I will be well pissed off.”

When Dave dropped me off I said “I want to be there about ten am. Early enough for them to be up but not to have gone out so pick me up at nine.” I spent the next couple of hours thinking of what we had done. I had to admit she was a real turn on, and them tits were to die for. I was almost certain that she would keep her word. How long it would take for us to get her fucking like a whore I didn’t know but I wondered if what they said about convent girls was true.

Dave picked me up as arranged and we made our way over to Deans. I knocked on the door and when Dean saw it was us he tried to slam the door closed. I barged against it and said, “If you ever try that again I will hand you over to the police and while your in prison I will use your wife like a whore Do you understand?” when he didn’t answer I repeated, loudly “Do you understand?”

“Yes. Yes I understand.” he said defeated

“Where’s Cathy?”

“Still asleep, she was crying pretty much all night. Even when she was asleep she was whimpering. I was just going to take her breakfast up.”

“Make some coffee. I will take her breakfast.” he was about to say something but the look I gave him stopped him cold.

I grabbed the tray of food and went upstairs. After two wrong rooms I found her laying in bed sound asleep. I placed her breakfast on the drawer unit and after looking at her laying there in a far from sexy nightdress I touched her shoulder. “Cathy. Cathy. I have got breakfast for you.”

To begin with she wasn’t sure who it was but as recognition fell in she almost screamed, pulling the bedclothes up to her chin and squeezing herself so far up the bed she was squashing herself against the wall.

“Calm down. I have breakfast for you. All I want to do is talk. Come on settle down and let me put it on your lap.”

The euro breakfast was set out on a knee tray so once she had put her legs down I set it in place. I sat on a chair in the corner of the room, well away from her and allowed her to eat in peace. Once she had eaten and had started to sip her coffee I said, “Would you prefer to talk up here or downstairs with Dean listening.”

“Up here I think.” she mumbled. “What do you want to talk about?”

“I think you know. You did very well for a religiously educated woman. Was it a boarding school by any chance?” I asked.

“I don’t see that it matters. It has nothing to do with this does it.”

“Considering it was your first time cock sucking you did very well, not perfect but well.”

“I would like to get dressed please. I will be down momentarily.” she said dismissing me.

“Let me say this first, so you have something to think about as you dress. And so you have some idea of what you agreed to last night.” I said. “I will be the one to say when you get dressed and when you get undressed. If I say suck cock then you will suck cock if I say fuck you will fuck. Think of that as you dress and when you come down we can discuss it further”

Her pleading of the previous night must have come flooding back as she fell back again to the wall and said, “Yes I will. I am under no illusions as to your wants. I haven’t had time to think of anything else really have I?”

“I suppose not. But I thought you should know, as opposed to think what I may want.”

“Yes I understand.”

“I will be downstairs, don’t be long, and don’t get too heavily dressed either a thin dress will do fine.”

I went downstairs and Dean and Dave were sitting on the sofas opposite each other in silence. I walked into the kitchen and helped myself to a coffee. Five silent minutes later Cathy slipped into the room wearing a button down dress, cut low but not low enough to show too much tit. But it had buttons all the way up the front. I could see her battle dress underneath, thick knickers and bra.

She sat next to Dean who tried to slip his arm around her. She pushed him away which made him angry. “You didn’t do much of that last night did you.” He said viciously

“Dean shut up. If it wasn’t for you none of last night would have happened. You are to blame for last night and for anything that may happen from here on. You. No one else.” Cathy said just as vicious

Dean looked at me, “What does she mean? Surely you can’t continue with this. She did as you asked. You said it would pay the debt.” He didn’t say it with very much conviction

“No Dean what I said was if you let us have her it would go someway towards repaying us for our silence. But you don’t honestly think that one quick blow job is going to go anywhere near paying what you owe us do you?”

“No! I wont have it. Your not doing it again. I wont let you.” Dean said springing out of his seat.

I pushed him back and Dave held him down till he had calmed. I smiled at Dean and said “What makes you think the choice is yours? Cathy and I made an agreement last night. I think we should discuss it. Don’t you Cathy? Have you thought about what I said upstairs?”

Cathy looked at Dean, anger written all over her face. “Dean stay out of this. I told you last night it is no longer any of your concern.” She turned her attention to me. “Yes I have thought of what you said, and if that is what you want then I will agree but I have some provisos.”

“Fuck off bitch your gonna fuck like it or not.” Dave said.

“Dave shut up and listen.” I interrupted . “Cathy please continue.”

“I don’t ask much. I will comply with all your wishes as best I can and hope you will both have a degree of patients. You have to understand my background will fight it all the way but I will comply. However I, how shall we put it, want Sundays off. I always meet my parents on Sundays and go to church. I need to know that this will continue and that I will be able to go to confession. I must be able to confess, I must.” she started to whimper slightly

“I agree Cathy. I would not put you through the personal torture that you would be open to if I denied you that right. Now as to the rest I take it I have your total support?”

She sat erect. Took a deep breath and said. “You have my total and complete submission.”

“Cathy I ….I am so sorry.” Dean whispered

“Don’t be. You will suffer as much as I will believe me. I have no doubt that these two will be only too glad to make you watch my humiliation and usage whenever they can. It will serve you right. I do have one other request though. He must suffer every bit as much as I do. I don’t care what you do or how you do it he must suffer for what he has done to me.”

“Agreed” I said, amazed at the anger she was so openly showing her husband. If I had to make a judgement I would say that she hated him right now.

She stood up and slowly undid the buttons on her dress, dropping it to the floor. Then her bra came off and then, very slowly her knickers. She was naked, gorgeously naked and she was firm from head to foot. One of the rooms I had entered earlier was a gym and I had no doubt she used it regularly.

“I think Cathy wants to suck my cock.” I said standing up. Dave moved next to me.

She looked at me, a smile on her face but a kind of hate in her eyes. She moved over to where I was standing and got to her knees. She did all the things I showed her last night, and yes, she was getting much better at it. Dean muttered something but nobody took any notice. He must have realised that his wife was not being forced to suck this hard cock. She did it all by herself. As I shot my load into her mouth I again held her head, pulling her close and I felt my bell end go down her throat. She gagged once but seemed to get used to it and then she just kept sucking and sliding me further and further down her throat till I was cleaned out.

As I pulled my cock out of her mouth I said, “I think Dave is in need of your services my dear.”

She didn’t even blink. She looked at him and as he undid his belt she went over to him and worked on him as well as she had me. “You see Dean. Your pretty wife knows what will happen if you don’t behave. She loves you enough to do whatever and whoever I say, whenever I say.”

Dave was not as patient as me. He started ramming into her throat long before he had come, but even this she handled well, though gagging quite badly at one point till I made eye contact with Dave. Who slowed down a little so she could settle her self. All this time I had been playing with her tits and again slipping my fingers into her pussy. She was wet and in any other woman I would have said eager for a fucking but that didn’t really apply here as Cathy wouldn’t know what it meant.

I pushed Dave back a little while holding my hand under her pussy. As she followed Dave she bent over. I moved behind her and rubbed my cock against the doors of heaven, ready for entry.

She tensed and stopped sucking Dave’s cock, though she did not take it out of her mouth and continued to work it with her hand. Slowly I pushed into her, as her hole tightened, I stopped and pulled out slightly. She was breathing heavily now and gone back to sucking cock. Each time I pushed my hardness in, it went a little further, and while I am not that big I got the feeling it was more than she was used to. Once all the way in I set up a rhythm, I fucked her slowly to begin with, allowing her to suck Dave in and out at the same speed. As my passion rose I got faster, as I got faster her breathing got heavier and so did Dave’s.

Suddenly Dave said “Change places, before she sucks me dry.” He pulled his cock out of her mouth so quickly that Cathy almost fell forward, it was only me pulling her hips, therefore her, on to me that held her up. The sudden thrust of my cock deep into her made her moan loudly, then she put her hands on the seat in front of her and I pulled out and sat in front of her. Once we restarted I soon found out why Dave had been so close. For a woman who had only just started to suck cock she had picked it up pretty quickly and it wasn’t long before I could feel my orgasm rising. I knew Dave was close by the grunts he gave out but I wasn’t sure what was happening to Cathy. She was moaning as loudly as my cock allowed her to and moving all by herself now. Pushing back Dave as I thrust into her mouth.

Dave was really pumping now and let out a loud sigh as he shot his spunk into this gorgeous woman, my load followed almost straight away and I held Cathy’s head so that she would take it all, pumping well after I had shot all my juice into her mouth. Cathy was shaking violently and when I released her she tumbled to the floor rolled in a ball shaking and moaning loudly tears running down her face.

Dean rushed over to her, “You bastards, what have you done to her?” and then to Cathy, “It’s over now my love, it’s all over.” he pulled her to him and put his arms around her shoulders.

Violently she pushed him away, “Why did you let them do that to me? Why? Why them?” she was still shaking and her hands went between her legs as she lay back down on the floor.

I had a sneaking suspicion I knew what was happening here. I pushed Dean toward the settee, “Stay there or else.” As Cathy was laying on a deep pile rug I put my arm under her head and pulled her towards me, pointing for Dave to go the other side. Again he followed my moves as I started on her nipples and then ran my hand over her belly to her quim. She opened her legs and as my lips touched hers she responded, after a second of kissing, her arm came up and around my neck and pulled me to her passionately. I pulled away and Dave took over with her lips while I moved on over her breasts and then her belly. I kept going till I was between her legs and then slowly, very slowly I kissed her inner thighs. Closer and closer I moved until I was kissing her pussy lips and then her pussy and then slipping my tongue inside. Then I hit her clit a sudden jerk upward, she pulled Dave tighter to her mouth and I knew I was right. Our little Cathy was in the throws of a prolonged orgasm. I immediately got to work with my tongue and it took only seconds for her to start thrashing about like a whirlwind. So hard was she thrusting about she nearly knocked my teeth out. I know she bit Dave’s lip but he couldn’t get away as she held him so tight. Then suddenly she let him go, her arms went wide and she screamed, “Noooooo, you cant, you cant do this nooooo not you not you.” and then pushing me away with her legs she curled up again. Her hands working between her legs like pistons until she came to a juddering stop. Exhausted, she just lay there. Eyes open and glazed with her hands stuck between her legs.

I sat on the settee and said, “Get us a drink, make hers a double.”

“What have you done to her?”

I laughed, “At a guess I would say she has just had her first orgasm. With a man at any rate. Now get the drinks.”

Dean looked shocked, but did as he was told. First he tried to pull Cathy to a sitting position but she just pushed him away, seemingly preferring me to do it. I dripped whisky into her mouth and slowly she came around. She sat with her back to the settee and her knees to her chest. Slowly tears started running down her face. Not crying as such, there was no sobbing just the tears.

“Please Cathy tell me what to do.” Dean pleaded

“I suggest you run her a bath. Then while she soaks you can order a limo and book a Table for six at a restaurant. Make it the Elmore Hotel. We will be back around seven this evening. Book the table for eight.”

“Why six, who will be there. More of your cronies to use my wife.” Dean said bitterly.

“I wont tell you again Dean. One more remark like that or even in that vein and I will go straight to the police is that understood?” I said into his face.

“Yes, sorry.” he whimpered. “I will run Cathy a bath as you suggest.”

Dave and I left and as we went to the car he said, “Why did we leave we just got her fucking.”

“Because now we are going for her sister. Think about it Dave tonight you could have twins sucking your cock.” I laughed

“Oh fuck me man your wicked. Wow.”

Dave drove us to Donald’s house. As he didn’t know us I just said, “We have just come from your brothers house as we had something to show him. He suggested that we show it to you as well. Would it be possible to come in for a moment?”

“Er yeah ok if Dean sent you.” Donald said.

He lead us into the lounge. The whole house was smaller than Deans and not half as up market. He pointed me to a seat and as we settled I pulled the photo out of my pocket and handed it to him. To begin with he didn’t seem to know what it was. Then recognition replaced confusion.

“What is this.?” Donald asked.

“That is a picture of you handing money over to Dean for the company financial report. One of many that we have taken over the last few months.”

“What does Dean say about it?”

Dave played the message of Dean admitting everything.

“Hi Babe…Oh sorry I didn’t know you were busy. I’ll come back later.”

“No please.” I said holding out my hand. “Clair isn’t it? Please take a seat as this involves you as well as Donald.”

Clair was totally different to Cathy. She oozed confidence and sensuality. She still had a great figure even though she was a few pounds overweight A little confused she sat next to Donald. “What is it Donald?” she said noticing his concerned look.

“I’m not too sure yet.” he said to her and then gazing at me, “Maybe you should tell her.”

So once again I explained the situation that Donald and Dean had got themselves into. What the consequences could be and the damage to the family name.

“So let me get this straight Donald. You and Dean have been spying for your company against daddies company. Is that right?”

“Well it isn’t ‘daddies’ company is it he is just a share holder.”

“A major share holder. With money to lose if the company goes’ broke. Or gets taken over.” She shrieked. “And that would kill him. He would die of shame being broke let alone having you in prison and all his friends ignoring him. How could you be so stupid.”

“I was fed up of being second best. Dean always gets it easy. This time I was going to get up the ladder, and at his expense. I didn’t mean any harm by it. It was for us.” He said confidently.

“No it wasn’t Donald.” she said. “It was for you”

“Never mind all that. now” He said and turning to me, “What do you want. How much is this going to cost me?”

“Money. Well let me see.” I said sarcastically, “Thirty years in jail. Millions of pounds of value lost in the share price. Heaven knows how much compensation you would have to pay. Mummy and Daddy devastated and spurned by society for the rest of their lives. What price would you put on that Donald?”

“Well if it isn’t money, what do you want? Clair asked. Dave and I looked at her openly leering. Making no pretence as to what we wanted. “You have to be joking.” She said, obviously horrified

Donald said “What? What do they want” He had obviously missed the looks we gave Clair.

“Me you bloody idiot. They want me.” She snarled “They can creep in a corner and die. No way am I doing anything with you two.”

“That’s a shame Clair. I know how devastated your parents will be. Can I use your phone to call the police.” I said quite calmly.

“No wait a minute.” Donald said jumping up, “Let me talk to Clair alone for a moment.”

“Of course we will wait outside, but the door will be open so don’t use the phone.” I said calmly

Dave and I left the room but left the door open so that we could watch the two of them discussing their predicament.

At one point the conversation got a bit agitated and loud. “I cant do it. I wont do it.” She said

“But you don’t even know what they want.”

“I don’t care”

“Then I will go to prison.”

“No. There must be another way around this.”

“Then tell me what it is and I will do it.” Donald was shouting now. He realised we could hear and calmed down.

After a while they beckoned us back. As we sat down Donald said, “What do you want her to do.”

“I would rather discuss that with Clair as it is down to her to keep you out of prison.” I said.

“Just tell me what you want me to do.” she said angrily

“Well an hour in bed would be a good start. A bit of cock sucking and a fuck would go down very nicely right now.” I said calmly

She went bright red. Donald was so angry he jumped off the settee, his fist raised. “Sit down you idiot.” Clair said sternly. “That won’t help at all will it and anyway this is for me to decide.”

“Both of you in bed with me. One hour to do as you want. And that’s it.” she said plainly

“That will do for a start.” I said

“What do you mean for a start. It’s that or nothing.” she said

“Ok!” I said getting up. “No doubt I will see you in court. It has been a pleasure to meet you.” I turned to the door and Dave, as ever, followed. As we reached the front door I thought we had blown it.

“Wait!” footsteps hurried into the hallway. “Wait. Please. One minute.” Clair said.

I nodded and she went back into the lounge A moment later she appeared, looked at us and disappeared up the stairs. I followed, Dave close behind. She took us into a bedroom which was obviously hers and stood next to the bed, waiting.

“Strip.” I said. Slowly she stripped off her clothing, revealing tits every bit as good as her sisters and when the bra dropped every bit as firm. The bra was much more feminine, as was the thong that appeared under her jeans. Once naked she stood, sort of hiding her tits with her elbows but not really trying very hard.

“Please.” she said, “I have only ever been with Donald. I am not a prude but am not sure what you expect of me. Be patient and please don’t hurt me.”

I nudged Dave and then said, “Before we do anything Clair I need to know that you are going to do this of your own free will and I need to hear you say exactly that. Ok? Just so there are no misunderstandings”

She stood there naked. “Yes I am doing this of my own free will. You and you friend can have sex with me.” She was shaking as she said it.

“And what can we do Clair, anything, everything or what.” I urged

“Yes anything, everything whatever.”

“So whenever we see you we can do whatever we want with you and it is because you want us to. Is that correct?”

“Yes can we please get on with it.”

It was more a plea than a statement. I walked up to her and ran my hands over her body. She made no move to get away, or sign that she was enjoying it. She just stood with her eyes closed while Dave and I first played with and then sucked on her nipples. My hand ran over her belly to her bush and still she didn’t try to get away. I signalled for Dave to strip, which he did and then I led her hand to his erection. She handled it delicately at first but then like she had done it before. When I applied pressure to her shoulder she went down to her knees. She opened her eyes slightly, looked up at me and then slowly slipped Dave’s cock into her mouth. She had certainly done this before. I stripped my clothes off and placed her hand on my cock. She moved from Dave to me, taking me in her mouth and then back to Dave.

After a while and as Dave’s breathing got more rapid I lifted her onto the bed. Dave lay waiting for her to mount him but I positioned her in a sixty nine and then lowered her head to his cock. Dave started on her pussy which again it seemed she had done before. I worked on her nipples again, pinching them a little as well as squeezing her tit’s a little harder than I had before. My other hand roaming over her back and down her buttocks, slipping between the cheeks and sliding into her pussy as Dave licked at it. I don’t know if it was Dave’s spit or her own juices that I wet my fingers on but I had a feeling it was a good mixture of each.

As I slid my fingers to her pussy I brushed the crack of her bum hole and the wetter my fingers got the more I penetrated till my finger was well in, as I slipped another finger in she moaned slightly. Now with two fingers in her bum hole and a tongue working at her pussy she started to move, rocking slightly in time to my fingers in her butt hole. I had heard that in some religions it was accepted to butt fuck a woman so that she wouldn’t get pregnant and wondered if this was something that she did with Donald. I decided there was only one way to find out.

I positioned myself behind her and rubbed my hard cock against her pussy, running it up to her bum hole. I did this a few times until I could see the glistening juices spread from cunt to arse, then I slowly at first slid my cock into her bum hole. She stopped sucking, whimpered, but didn’t pull away. I pulled back a little and then slowly back in. I did this a few times until I was all the way in and then still whimpering she carried on sucking Dave’s cock.

To my surprise after I had got into a rhythm she started pushing back on me and the whimpering changed to moans. Moans of pleasure. I pulled her back to me and rolled on my back, pulling her off Dave who jumped up to complain. As soon as he saw my finger to my lip he knew what I was doing. Clair was rocking on my erection in her arse, her legs were wide open and Dave made the most of the opportunity. He got on his knees and Clair rocked forward she rocked herself onto his cock. She gave out an audible gasp but didn’t stop rocking. In fact she started rocking further and a little faster. She didn’t need to be held, she was doing the work, moaning and groaning as she did so. After a while she speeded up, whispering to herself, the faster she went the louder she whispered until it was plain what she was saying. With every rotation she whispered, “God forgive me. God forgive me.” over and over. When her orgasm hit her she was shouting it, frantically fucking us both to orgasm and beyond.

As Dave and I pulled out of her it seemed to send her into an even stronger spasm of pleasure. It seemed ages before she burst into tears and curled up in a ball, something she did have in common with her sister. Unlike the sex which was far more advanced than anything I believed her sister had been capable of until now.

As she calmed down I said, “Well that was interesting.”

“Fuck off you bastard.”

“That as well. So does he know you like your arse fucked, let alone a double fucking.”

“No!” she gasped, “And neither did I. I don’t, hell I’ve never done it before not up my….bottom. And never with two men. I told you I have only ever been with Donald. I don’t know what happened ok. It just did.”

“You telling me that Donald doesn’t know you’re a hot sexy cock lover?” Dave said.

“I’m not, you cant tell him what happened here. Please you mustn’t tell him he will hate me. I really don’t know what happened. I don’t understand it.”

“Well it’s not my place to tell him how great a fuck you are, or can be. If he doesn’t know after five years then tough. You do suck his cock though right?”

“We have a varied sex life. But nothing like…. That.”

“You dress differently to your sister as well. Nice sexy undies I noticed, even though you both have great tits and a great body.”

“What has this to do with Cathy?”

“Well you didn’t think that only Donald was going to suffer did you.”

“No not Cathy. She must be horrified. She wont be able to cope with anything like this.”

“Well she did. Last night and this morning. We came straight from fucking her to fucking you.”

“I have to call her. She will be in bits I know her. She will fall apart.”

“Well I need you to get in touch with her anyway. You need to do something about her dress sense. I like sexy undies, the sexier the better. Sometimes none at all. So you can take her shopping this afternoon for some clothes ready for tonight. We are all going out for dinner. Get dressed we had better go and see Donald. In fact don’t get dressed just come as you are. Then he will know this is for real.”

She didn’t protest like I expected her to, in fact she lead the way. As we entered the lounge Donald was pacing the floor. “What was all that shouting. You better not have hurt her you bastards.”

“Shut up Donald.” I am not hurt. They did what they wanted. And they did it to Cathy last night and this morning. So it is not only me you have disgraced but my sister and your brother.”

“Cover yourself Clair. Don’t let them gawk at you.” Donald said trying to change the subject

“Donald there is probably no part of me that they haven’t seen already so shut up and if you don’t like it go away. Oh and we are out to dinner tonight it seems with your two new friends my sister and your stupid brother.”

Once dressed I said, “We will collect you about seven fifteen. Be ready, and Clair, sort your sister out. If she is wearing those battle pants tonight I will rip them off and she can go out bare arsed.” With that I turned and Dave and I left the house.

“I cant believe what we just did. A double fucking penetration and she took it. What’s even better she fucking loved it.” Dave said.

We talked all the way to my place about what had happened and what we wanted to happen. Then he dropped me off and I chilled out for the rest of the day. Constantly thinking of double fucking her again, and her sister.”

Dave picked me up at six thirty and I had to say he had done a job on himself. Hair cut shaved and even suited and booted. I actually felt a bit shabby next to him as it was all new clothes and I was wearing old stuff. Tidy and smart but old. “Where did you get that lot?” I asked.

“Well I thought about what you said and you were right. We can do really well out of this so I reckon it was worth investing some dosh. Cost a bloody packet mind but not bad eh.”

“No you look totally different, I hope you polished your manners while your at it.” I laughed. We arrived just before seven and the door was open before we reached it. Dean showed us in and said, “Cathy will be down in a moment. Why did you have to do that to Donald.”

“Because I could. Don’t ever question me again Dean, or you will regret it.”

A moment later Cathy came downstairs. She looked absolutely stunning. Dressed in what, for her, was a very short dress with a really plunging neckline, her hair swept to one side and an air about her that oozed confidence in the fact that she knew she looked good. “You look stunning.” I said. “My compliments.”

“Thank my sister. She gave me your message and we went shopping.” she said taking the arm I and Dave had offered, “I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Even if I was, and am embarrassed at how I look.”

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about you look stunningly classy.” Dave said. I think Cathy was as shocked as I was. “Ok so I can be a gentleman at times, but you do look fucking great.”

Cathy laughed and so did I. Dave poor thing didn’t get the joke and Dean was relegated to footman walking behind us. The chauffeur opened the door and we all got in. Cathy Dave and I on the rear bench seat and Dean by the door. “Tell the driver to collect Clair and Donald.” I said

We travelled in comparative silence. I was unsure as to the outcome of the evening though I knew what I was going to do , this was in a public place and the two husbands were going to be humiliated. Not that I was going to fuck the girls in public, but they would be spending there time between Dave and I and the men would be paying the bill.

As Clair and Donald got into the car it was surprising just how much the two girls looked alike, ok they were twins, not identical but twins. They had dressed the same. Down to Clair I thought. Clair was the more confident but Cathy was the better looking. But you would have to see there faces to know the difference between them. Donald came to join us on the bench seat but I sent him to sit with Dean. So now I had Cathy on one side and Clair on the other.

My hands rested on a knee either side of me and I said, “You done a great job Clair, you both look stunning.”

“Yes well when I told her what you said she almost feinted. She did feint when I told her what she would be wearing. Have you seen them, her undies I mean. “

“No I didn’t want to put her through that embarrassment. Not just yet anyway.”

“Your kidding, right.” Clair said, “You fuck her silly in her own bed but you don’t want to embarrass her by looking at her knickers.”

I smiled. “I could see she was nervous, despite her attempts at confidence and I didn’t want to knock her newly gained confidence out of her right from the start.”

“Oh how thoughtful of you. Your still going to fuck her though aren’t you.”

“You seem a little agitated this evening,” I said “may I ask why?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be sharp. I will explain later if I may, away from those two.”

“As you wish.” I said

The car pulled up and the chauffeur opened the door. The boys got out first and held out hands to assist the girls. Dave and I pushed them aside and did the job instead. Dave escorted Cathy and Clair was with me, again the two husbands were relegated to footmen.

Dean went to the front as we approached the door and opened it for us to step through. He had a smirk on his face till he realised how silly he looked opening the door for his wife and the man who was going to fuck her. Dean gave his name at the counter and we were led to a table at the back of the restaurant, not private but not in the open either. We ordered a drink and our meal and then Dean said. “We need to know when this is going to stop. We cannot, will not, allow our wives to be used in this manner.”

“We will discuss these matters after dinner if you don’t mind. I think the ladies would like to enjoy their meal.”

Dean went to say something else but my glare told him of the danger of that. Donald sat meekly allowing his brother to hang himself. The meal went without any further problems, in fact it was quite relaxed all things considered. While Dave and I were not in the same class as Cathy, Clair was a different matter and enjoyed a lot of things that I would class as normal. Music tv films and such. She did have her snooty side but it seems that being married to Donald, ‘in the lowlands’ as she put it had brought her down to earth a little. As the brandy was brought out I said, “Would you ladies like to go to the lounge while we discuss these matters or would you rather stay and hear what has to be said.”

I’m not having that fool talk for me, I will say my piece for myself.” Cathy said, surprising angry.

“Me too.” Clair said

“So Dean, Donald, what do you wish to say, speak freely as it will be the last opportunity you will have.” Dave seemed to automatically leave these discussions to me, and anyway he was too busy playing with Cathy’s leg to be too interested. Though I knew him well enough to know he would miss nothing of the conversation.

“You know what I have to say. This evening has been very nice for some, but for others it is torture. It will not happen again. Tonight is the last time.”

Nobody said a word, Clair shuffled her feet and Cathy looked at Clair. Donald just sat looking into his Brandy glass. I took my mobile and made a call. “Can you come in now please.”

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