Transit Guy For You: The journals of a transit career

Chapter 1 Entry 1 Beverly & Pamela

Year 1

Entry 1: Introduction

This is the first entry of what I hope to be many during my career in transportation. I decided to keep this journal to document my career. I am keeping this journal because of the stories I have heard from my elders. I found them interesting. Although some seemed unbelievable, others the truth exaggerated and even twisted because memories get clouded, they were all interesting. So I thought the sooner its on paper the closer to the truth the story will be. Besides one day I may want to share the experiences with others.

Tomorrow morning I have my final interview with The Regional Transportation Authority. This a big deal for me. I am pyshed. Its a big deal for my parents who have worked for the RTA for more than twenty years. There are other family members employed there also, including my brothers. My family members are almost everywhere; from bus drivers to train engineers to supervisors to law enforcement. They are somewhere in the RTA. So I’m expected to excel and why shouldn’t I grew up around the system, I drove a bus before I drove a car. Not to mention the opportunities all I need is three months on the job to qualify to take any promotion exam that I feel I’m qualified to take.

The RTA is a tri-state agency created by politicians to provide the public with reliable transportation when many private companies were going bankrupt or actually went bankrupt. They maintain transit facilities in the region including six regional international airports, a combination of twenty smaller airports and heliports, the major seaports, bus terminals, rail terminals, buses, subways, commuter trains, light rails, mono rails and two interstate subways. In addition have their police and fire departments.

Its February, the news says its bitter cold outside but I don’t care. I turned 18 a few days ago, I got an interview for a good job right out high school; well I’ve sat around since June waiting for this opportunity; but life is good. Mrs. Beverly Jackson is the personnel representative at the RTA interviewing me today.

She’s also my neighbor, mother of my best friend and a long friend of my parents. Her daughter, Pamela and I grew up together. We went to school together, were each others dates for junior and senior prom got our first jobs together, we’ve spent most of lives with one another even birthdays which are two days apart. Pam and I took our relationship to another level some years back when we lost our virginity to each other. So I’m feeling pretty confident.

Entry 1a: Beverly (& Pamela)

My interview went very well; as expected. Maybe too well.

I was on time for my interview which is rare for me I’m rarely on time for anything. In school home room for me started at 10 am if I went to school at all that day. When I arrived at personnel office I was greeted by the receptionist who had a beautiful warm smile.

I’d seen her before at company gatherings but didn’t know her personally until now when she introduced herself.

Her name was Janice, she handed me a stack of papers I needed to complete. I sat in the waiting room filling in the blanks and sneaking peeks at this beautiful white girl.

When I finally finished the filling out the documents, I returned the papers to Janice and took a seat that allowed me to admire all the women including Janice that passed through the office.

Before I knew it an hour had passed. I sized up many other candidates, spoke to some but kept my attention on the beautiful women that there or coming in to start a career with the RTA. Ninety minutes had passed when Janice gave me an update on my interview status.

Janice summoned me to her desk. She informed me I needed to sign one more document. She placed to sheets of paper in front of me. The top sheet read; Janice and her phone number. Can I have yours? The second sheet was blank. I played along smiling so hard my face hurt. Where do I sign? I asked. Here she said pointing at the blank sheet. You keep this one she continued handing me the paper with her hand written note.

So that’s the reason for the personalized service I thought to myself.

Janice is a white girl, from the way she spoke and her mannerisms, I’d say she’s about five years older than me but her youthful features make me think she’s my age.

She is average height and very cute. She has a nice rack, a DD cup I’d say, and flat stomach, which make her breasts appear larger and ample hips. Maybe 38DD-28-38. Her pink skin, hazel eyes and long curly reddish blonde hair have had me hooked since the first time I saw her.

As I returned to my seat, I couldn’t stop smiling. My brothers had told me she was untouchable. But I had her telephone number.

I returned to the waiting room to find some dick head sitting in the seat I was in. That seat allowed me to see all the women that walked in and out of the reception area. But it especially allowed me to see Janice. I wanted to kick his ass out of it, but, I couldn’t. So I didn’t. Fucking asshole.

I searched for another and found one near a young spanish lady. Or that’s what I thought when entered the waiting room earlier.

I took a sit across from her. She looked familiar when she came in, but at the time, I was busy trying to look at Janice and every other chick that walked through the room.

She was red boned about my height, maybe a little shorter. I noticed her navy blue pant suit fit her like a glove. The blazer went down to her hips. It hugged and accented the curves of her ample softball sized tits, tiny waist, flat stomach and then hung over sweet desirable hips.

Her pants covered her perfectly round ass that wasn’t too big or too small. Unfortunately, she wore a pair of navy blue sexy heels and stockings that covered her feet.

Her face was gorgeous her long light brown hair surrounded her face and was shoulder length. Her eyes light brown, lips thin and covered with red lipstick.

I had to ask her if we knew one another. She smiled and said yes we went to school together. Although she was smiling I got the impression she may have hoped I didn’t recognize her.

But, it was Sherri Vega. I hadn’t seen her since we graduated. We weren’t that close in school. Even though I was popular for sports I was also a bit silly in my youth.

Sherri and I had home room together and a few other classes, but at that time we ran in different circles. Sherri was much prettier than I remembered.

However, I did remember jerking off a few times thinking about fucking the latina. But back then she dated only within her race. I briefly wondered if she still did.

We talked more today than I think we ever did in school. We reminisced about school and classmates. We laughed about the time I was accused of cheating on a test I actually failed then was thrown out of class for defending myself.

The accusation made no sense especially when no one sat anywhere near me because I was banished to the back of the classroom for a number of reasons.

Sherri thought I was a pain in the ass. Asshole is how she described me. I wanted to be a pain in her ass with my dick. Sherri eventually told me she was interviewing for a job in Operations Planning.

That department handles surveys and analyzes passenger usage for the entire system. Its an entry level job like the one I’m interviewing for. Not long after Sherri got comfortable and the conversation was going well when she was called to her interview.

But before she left she gave me her number and told me to keep in touch.

Finally it was my turn. Beverly called my name and I followed her to her office. It was around noon. She was curt and appeared agitated. This confused me because she was usually very friendly, quite loving in fact.

I know she was angry with me a few years back, but I thought she had gotten over it. Well, maybe not I thought.

Angry at me or not, it didn’t stop me from staring at her beautiful round ass packed into her pin stripped pants as she strutted in those fucking sexy ass heels she always wore as I followed her down the hall.

I secretly lusted after Beverly. She was my teenage fantasy. For as long as I can remember she was one of my motivation when I masturbated. Occasionally, when I fucked her daughter, Pam I would imagine I was fucking her mother.

Beverly was every male’s wet dream. She stands 5′- 11″ tall. If I had to put her measurements into numbers, 40E-30-38 is my guess.

She has a cocoa complexion and her light brown hair complements her skin tone. On this day her hair was relaxed and cut short. It accented her beautiful youthful face.

Beatrice is in her forties, but she could easily pass for her daughter’s sister. I’ve witnessed that mistake take place quite often over the years.

We arrived at her office, as I entered I noticed her secretary was not present. “Close the door behind you and have a seat” she said bluntly.

Beatrice sat in her chair, facing away from me to file some papers. I wondered why she was so curt. Even though she caught Pam and I fucking some years back in the basement of their house. I thought she was passed that and all was forgiven.

I can remember, she was so angry. But I also remember her appearing to stare at my eight inch hard on; that actually wasn’t staying very hard.

She screamed holy hell at the two of us. I wasn’t allowed in their house for a long time after that. My parents were furious at me. It was somewhat embarrassing. Everyone associated with us knew about it in no time.

I found out sometime later Pam, told her mom everything. When we lost our virginity, nearly every time we had intercourse.

To think, her parents were worried about Pam’s boyfriends and actually I was the one doing the dirty deed. Ha! Ha! I thought to myself at the time.

I looked around the office, it was much more attractive than I expected. It was decorated with wood paneling on the walls, a dark colored wood desk that matched the paneling. She even had a leather sofa. That’s when I noticed the name plate on her desk. “Executive Director of Personnel” is what was proudly displayed. “Wow” I thought to myself.

Beverly turned her chair to face me and I saw her beautiful cleavage. She wore a tight white button down blouse that was unbuttoned just enough to expose the tops her full brown breast. When I say full I mean they are behemoth. Beverly is the true definition of an amazon.

I struggle to concentrate throughout the interview. My dick got hard. My damn raging hard on was a major distraction and I couldn’t take my eyes off of Beverly’s enormous breasts either.

I hoped she wouldn’t notice because of our families’ history. But, thank goodness as lengthy as the interview seemed, it wasn’t at all. When I looked at the grandfather style clock on the windowsill barely been ten minutes had pasted.

Beverly had sped through the interview process and now appeared more relaxed. She apologized for her earlier behavior, explaining she didn’t want to appear to play favorites as she stood and walked towards her office door.

I thought I waited two hours, for a ten minute interview this is bullshit I could’ve slept a lot longer. As I began to stand preparing to leave I realized she was locking her office door after which she made her way across room towards me.

Beverly has a slow graceful, alluring walk. Her strides were long, yet delicate. As she approached I couldn’t help but stare at her hips swaying in her navy and white pin striped pants.

The way they hugged her curvaceous body was hypnotic. Beverly took me by the hand and escorted me to the long black leather sofa. I was confused.

She sat next to me smiling as she justified why I waited so long for my interview. “I made you wait because I wanted to see you alone” she said.” Huh!” I replied perplexed.

Beverly began to remind me of the time she caught Pam and I in her basement. “You don’t know it but the night I caught you and Pam, I listened for a while”.

“At first I was in shock my daughter having sex in my house. But then I realized I was actually getting a little turn on; listening to you…fuck my daughter. That made me angrier than I would have been when I caught the two of you.” she expressed to me.

I was in shock. I didn’t know how to respond. “Relax!” Beverly said with a smile. Placing her right hand on my left leg, squeezing her french manicured fingers around my thigh.

“Today I’m gonna give you something most men dream of getting from me” she continued.

Her hand quickly moved up my leg and into my lap. She began rubbing my already rock hard dick. “You’re 18 now! You’re not a virgin, you’re cute and I want you to give me what my daughter’s been getting all these years.” she said.

Then she gently pushed me back on the couch. I quietly complied. Before I knew it my pants were open and her hand was stroking my shaft. I moaned with delight. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

As Beverly rubbed my throbbing prick, I could see her licking her lips. She was giggling, as she used her other hand to open her white blouse, unhook her bra and free those enormous tits of hers.

Beverly went on to tell me, she knew Pam had sneaked me into the house a few days later while she was out, as I closed my eyes, taking in everything I was experiencing. .

Beverly moved on with her tale still stroking my rod, as if she was trying to force me to reflect on that night.

I knew the story, only what I didn’t know; what Pam and I didn’t know was Beverly had come home sometime after we got into Pam’s room.

Beverly’s soft hands and long fingers were still caressing my hefty penis. Stroking me to ecstasy as I reminisced on that night.

Eventually, Beverly stopped talking, the room got quiet, except for the sounds of the leather sofa as Beverly got comfortable, or so I thought.

Then I felt the warm, wet sensation of Beverly’s mouth around hard dick. She had begun to suck my cock. I briefly opened my eyes, god it felt good. So this is what Mr. Jackson was getting all these years, I thought.

I must say it was the best blow job of my young sex life. Her tongue and lips worked in unison. A harmony of sucking, slurping and licking. As she blew me I continued to reflect on the night Beverly spoke of.

Pam was seeing a guy at the time and although she was having sex she wasn’t having sex with him or any other guy for that matter. She was having sex with me.

Believe it or not, at that time she was exclusive to me in that regard. We agreed we could go out on dates, but she said she wouldn’t sleep with anyone else but me.

However, she would allow me to have sex with other women because it kind of turned her on.

Strange right, well she caught me banging another girl in the neighborhood when we first started dating. She was furious, but she said the sounds the girl was making that afternoon made her excited.

So as not to risk our relationship she would allow me to fuck another girl, but only with her approval. Which didn’t come very often.

So I was as was as faithful as a dog in heat, but I cared who I slept with. I was as careful as I could be.

The deal on her end was she could go on dates, kiss, fondle but nothing more. This was her idea.

So after her dates, she would call me to satisfy her carnal urges. This happened often. Pamela was beautiful.

She is 5′ 9″ tall, 36DD-26-36, with lovely light skin, and a solid build like her mother. Pam played sports, ran track and did some gymnastics when we were in school.

I remember she had to wrap her full breasts before every competition. She has broad shoulders and carries herself very well, very proud. There was no mistaking this was an incredibly beautiful young lady.

Pam’s figure is accented by her thick, muscular, shapely thighs, that lead to her curvy calves and soft well maintained feet.

Her ass spreads perfectly between her hips and under her small waist. She has not a blemish nor scar on her body. Even though she was a tom boy.

Her gorgeous athletic build is a gift from her mother genes. She often wears her light brown hair pulled in a pony tail giving her a younger look.

I loved it when she went out on dates. She would let those boys get her hot and bothered, then come home and give the pussy to me they desperately desired.

That night, like most others, I waited anxiously for her call. I was wearing a dark sweat suit, with nothing underneath, anticipating the climax forthcoming.

That night, when she call; Pam wanted to play. She lied, telling me she wasn’t feeling well, the date was a disaster and she was getting ready for bed. She sounded pissed, which disappointed me.

However, she kept me on the phone, telling me she was taking off her tight pink dress, unhooked her bra and wiggling out of her black lace panties.

“I’m getting into my bed, naked” she said. My dick was hard as a rock. I gripped it like a vice. Pam began to moan.

“Why are you making those noises? I asked. What noises?” she replied adding a loud moan at the end of her question.

“Take out your dick she said before I could respond. “I want to hear you cum” she said, sounding like a 900 operator.

I did as commanded. “I wish you were here so I could suck it, while I finger myself” she went on to say. I was stroking my dick at a rapid pace. “Please let me come over” I pleaded.

“Doctor take my temperate please, I think I’m running a fever!” She said even sexier ignoring my plea.

All I could do was breath deeply as I stroked my cock frantically. “That’s not a thermometer doctor! It too big to be a thermometer” she continued. “But I’ll let you use it anyway” she said.

“Damn I want you to suck my dick. Can I please cum over?” I begged again. “You want to cum over and put your dick in my mouth?” She asked cunningly. “Yes! Yes!” I replied stroking myself as if I were trying to start a camp fire with twigs.

“Come on over you fucking horny pervert” she said laughing. I said nothing. I just hung up the phone, ran down the stairs, out the back door through the yards and into her patio door. Pam was still laughing.

Remember we thought no one was home. Her mom was supposed to out and her dad at work.

We climbed the stairs. I was winded as I followed her to the top of the staircase, watching her round yellow ass move up and down with each step, her tiny black panties were in between her butt cheeks and her hips swayed from side to side.

We entered Pam’s bedroom and walked straight to her bed. Pam immediately tugged my sweats down to my ankles. Got on her knees and sucked me hard and fast.

Her hands wrapped around my dick as she sucked as much as she could of my young manhood into her mouth.

Pam loved to tease me. She’d make me wait and wait for an orgasm. One time she made me masturbate and cum in a specific spot on her thigh before we could make love. She knew I loved that shit.

Each time I was about to cum Pam would stop, change the pace or her reposition her mouth to prolong the torment.

Pam never allowed me to cum in her mouth. Although, she would suck me until I came, allowing my jism to flow over her breast, neck or belly. She even let me cum on her beautiful face once but never in her mouth.

Tonight Pam must have needed to feel me inside of her badly. She suddenly stopped and laid on the bed spreading her legs.

I attempted to kneel before her so I could dine at the “Y” but she wouldn’t allow it. “No you have to fuck me first, lover” she instructed.

She stood me up reached out and took hold of my dick leading me to paradise. As I entered her I felt the sensation of her tight pussy spreading to accept my thick penis. Her moans coupled with the movement of her hips told a story of desire, passion and a longing to orgasm.

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