It was a cloudy rainy dusk. I had taken a job working in a women’s shoe store to try and make ends meet. Today I was beginning to think I made a huge mistake. It seems the gray day and the ability to buy on line is keeping people shopping at home.

I was left alone in the store all day, and pretty much could have read War and Peace uninterrupted. I stepped outside for a moment looked up and down the empty street and decided to close up early. I walked back in the store and began counting out the day’s lack of receipts when the little bell on the door jingled.

Standing in the doorway were two women. One in a long “London Fog” coat, the other was wearing a white blouse slightly shear, a medium length skirt with a slit up the front and slingback open toed heels with a dark red toe nails. Both of them had captured my attention and they knew it.

The woman in the shear blouse had dark nipples, visible through the white as if she rouged them before getting dressed.

“We just got pedicures and need new shoes.” She said.

I stared.

“You’re open aren’t you?” She continued.

‘Yes Yes I am…” I stammered and invited them into the store.

They walked to the back. The one in the coat never spoke a word; she just silently stood while the other sat. I knelt before her. She raised her leg. The skirt fell away at the slit. I could swear I saw a glimpse of bare pussy.

“Take off my shoe.”

I looked up.

“It’s what you do isn’t it?”

Again, I stammered, in awe at the beauty and power of this woman and the slender foot before me.

“Maybe we should just go somewhere else”

“No.” I responded “Please.” and gently took her foot into my hand.

She smiled as I took off her shoe, a gentle scent of spring rose to meet my nose, left over from the pedicure no doubt.

“Please?” she said. A wicked grin swept across her face.

“I have been here before; I’ve seen you work. I know what you really want.”

I was a little confused and admittedly a lot turned on by this woman. Still trying to be the salesman I regained what little composure I could muster and jokingly.

“I want to make you happy.”

“Yes you do” She smiled.

I reached for the sizer.

“No. Make me happy.”

I looked up, again confused. She pointed her foot.


I hesitated a moment. She put her foot down and reached for her shoe.

“Maybe you don’t want to make me happy.”

I don’t know what came over me. Suddenly I felt like I had no self-control. I gently put my hand on her foot, stopping her. I raised her bare foot to my mouth.

“That’s a good boy.” She said. “Make me happy”

I started slowly at first sucking and licking each toe. Glancing up I noticed her skirt had slipped away and as I suspected, she was not wearing any panties. Her shaved pussy was visible now. She placed her finger at the slit and slowly drew it up along its length. A drop of dew glistened as her lips parted and swelled with rising excitement.

I knew it couldn’t just be from the toe sucking I was administering but I didn’t stop to question. She slipped off her other shoe and placed it in my crotch.

“Nice” she said. “Take off your pants”

I stood to oblige and she pushed me back down.

“Don’t stop sucking.”

So with her foot still in my mouth I struggled to remove my pants. She seemed to enjoy this and giggled.

Once I had my pants off, she stroked my hard cock with her other foot while I continued manipulating each of her toes with my tongue. She grabbed my head and pulled me into her crotch.

“Eat.” She ordered.

I obliged. Licking and sucking her pussy like a starving man at his last supper. She pulled my head in tight and wrapped her legs around my ears. She began bucking more and more wildly I couldn’t pull away even if I wanted to.

Suddenly she pushed me away. I fell on my ass. My hard cock sticking up in the air like a salute. I almost felt silly. She dropped to her knees before me; the warmth of her mouth enveloping my stiffness quickly changed that. I had never felt anything like this hot mouth and lips wrapped around my cock before. I was lost in the pleasure this woman was giving me.

Suddenly I heard her moan and buck forward slightly. This wasn’t from me. I opened my eyes to see the woman with the London Fog coat sans coat standing above.

She had reached around and unbuttoned the shirt of my oral giver and pulled her shirt off, freeing the most perfect breast I had ever seen. London Fog’s were slightly smaller but the nipples were magnificently erect. I scanned down the goddess before us and noticed a small tube in her hand. She had poured a generous amount of lube on my oral mistress.

I noticed between her legs, a rubber penis. She placed it at the ass of the women on my cock and pushed. With each push, The woman sucking my cock took more of me down her throat. I almost came right then and there. The idea that this woman was sucking me off while another woman was fucking her in the ass was more than I could process. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling.

In unison both women spun around me without missing a beat. I was now looking directly up at a wet pussy, and a rubber cock sliding in and out of a beautiful ass.

London Fog spoke for the first time.

“Don’t you cum.”

I didn’t know if she was talking to her, or me but I couldn’t stop and I blasted a load into the hot mouth wrapped around my cock.

Apparently she was talking to me. Angrily, London Fog pulled the rubber penis from the magnificent ass, grabbed some kerchiefs from a display rack and deftly wrapped them around my wrists.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

” Making you mine” she said.

She tied the other ends to the chairs. Before I could respond the naked woman, who so expertly sucked me off, sat on my face. I continued to lick and suck this beautiful pussy not really aware of or caring about what else was happening.

Then I realized that my legs were being pulled over and my ankles were tied to the same chairs as my wrist. The first woman stepped up and off my face. Here I was tied and fully exposed and vulnerable. The two women looked me over for a moment, then turned their attentions on each other as if I wasn’t even there.

They laid down in a sixty-nine position and the woman who so expertly sucked my cock was now getting eaten out by the woman with the rubber penis. She pushed the rubber penis up and returned the favor. I watched in amazement as my cock responded involuntarily to this hot scene.

After a few moments, they sat up and turn their attention back to me. London Fog handed the other woman a small strap, which was then placed around the base of my cock and tightened. The first woman stepped over my face and slowly lowered herself down onto my face again. I began licking again this now familiar pussy. When Suddenly I felt the cold gel of lubricant on my ass. I struggled, but my moans were muffled inside a wet pussy. My ass high and exposed I couldn’t do anything. The woman on my face then slid down between my body and upturned legs, she placed my cock at the entrance to her hot pussy and began sliding down my stiff shaft.

I felt the tip of the rubber penis at the entrance to my ass. I cried out in fear but the pleasure was too great. With push of the woman on me the woman behind me slid the rubber up my back entrance.

“You will learn to obey me and you will be mine.”

I was engulfed in pleasure. Lost in sea of flesh that enveloped me and the latex that filled me. I was no longer a man, but a tool of pleasure to be used and had by these women.

In and out, the woman behind pumped me, up and down; the woman on top milked me. My balls never felt as heavy and full as they did now. My mind was one big mass of pleasure nothing was real anymore. Every touch was pleasure multiplied.

“You are mine, slut” echoed in my ears.

Moaning and groaning grew louder. The woman on top cried out that she was cumming, her pussy gripped me like a vice. The woman in my ass pushed deeper. Suddenly the woman in my ass pulled out leaving me wanting. She pulled on the ties and my legs fell down. The woman on my cock moved to my face.

The woman behind stepped over my cock and swiftly shoved it deep into her pussy. I cried out in pleasure, never had I felt a pussy so tight. She bucked wildly now gripping my stiffness within her pussy. I buck madly unable to cum.

In seconds my mouth was flooded with pussy juice. A moment later, my cock was also drenched as both women came on me in a flood of overwhelming excitement. London Fog slowly rose off of me. My cock was still hard, pointing straight up, the strap preventing me from shooting. Both women got down close to my cock and gripped it with their hands stroking me, watching me beg to cum for them.

“Look at me” London Fog said. “Look me in the eye”

I looked in her eyes and was lost in her beauty and strength. The other woman again began to stroke my cock. I had to cum soon. London Fog, never taking her eyes from mine, wrapped her fingers around the tip of my cock and expertly squeezed and slid her hand up and down while the other woman fondled my balls. The other woman expertly flicked the strap releasing my cock. In seconds I came like a geyser. Shooting ropes of cum high in the air, arcing, landing on my chest

London Fog scooped up a small pool of my cum, placed it on the lips of the other woman, they kissed.

Then she did the same to me. She stood and put her coat back on while the other woman got dressed. London Fog turned to me. She untied my wrists, handed me a small piece of paper on it with an address

“Midnight, you belong to me.”

The two women left leaving me naked, spent and horny for more.

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