It’s a warm summers morning and it’s going to be a very hot day. I’m having a hard time concentrating on the questions you keep asking me. My mind is focused on the things I plan to do to you today. Unknown to you, I have packed a picnic basket and my big toy bag. Both are sitting in the trunk. I turn off the paved road, and you ask “Are we going to the cabin?”

“No, just for a hike and a picnic.”

You giggle and reply that you love picnics.

“You’re going to love this one,” I mutter. I pull into the spot I had found earlier, so no-one would see the car. I open the trunk and hand you the picnic basket as I pull out the toy bag.

“What’s in that big bag?” You ask.

“Just things we need for the hike and picnic.” I lift it to my back.

“It looks heavy,” you say, “and it sounds like you have chains in it…” I just point in the direction of the trail.

After a good half hour of weaving through the dense forest, we come to a big clearing with a little stream.

“This looks like a good spot, right here at the edge of the trees” I say. I get a blanket from my bag and lay it out in the shade of the trees. It’s good to be in the shade; it must be ninety degrees and it’s only 11:00 a.m.! You open the basket and lay out the contents.

“There’s is enough food here for lunch and dinner.” You say. I tell you to just get the bottle of wine, the sandwiches and the grapes. You start to open the strawberries and I slap your hand lightly, telling you that those are for later. I take my t-shirt off and lay it to the side. You giggle, and in a flash you’re down to your bra and panties. I watch you with wanton desire as you take off your bra and expose those lovely tits. I stop you before you can remove your panties. You whine that you want to get a full tan, but you know how much I like watching you in just your underwear. We lie there eating, drinking and watching the few light clouds pass by. Well, you are looking at the sky. I am looking at-and dreaming of-you. You point up at the two trees that we are lying under.

“What are those bolts doing in those two trees?” You ask.

“Oh, you’ll find that out later on.” I reply. I reach over and lightly brush your nipples; they instantly become hard. Lightly pinching and pulling on them draws a moan from you. Leaning over, I suck on your right nipple while rolling your left nipple between my finger and thumb. Licking and sucking, I move to the tender underside of your breast. After covering every inch of your breasts I slowly start licking down your sexy stomach. Stopping to play with your bellybutton, I can smell your intoxicating pussy. Removing your panties, I can’t help but hold them to my face and take a deep breath. It’s enough to make my cock jump and make a wet spot appear on my shorts. I move between your long legs, lifting and spreading until your knees are up by your chest, leaving you totally open to me.

I begin to nibble and lick your inner thighs. Then I lick and suck your lips, being very careful to avoid your clit. You are moving your hips, trying to push your clit onto my tongue, so I slap your ass and tell you to stay still. You start whining, saying that you need to cum, but that just makes me want to tease you more. Using just the tip of my tongue, I tickle you between your pussy and asshole for a minute, then I move down to run the tip around that little pink asshole. With your hole all slicked up I move back up to suck on your sweet juices. You are begging me to make you cum, so I insert two fingers into you. I suck hard on your clit and bend my finger up to rub on your g-spot. I let go of your legs. You clamp them around my head and your pussy clamps down on my fingers as you cum.

When you finally let go of my head and fingers I reach over and pull ankle and wrist restraints out of the bag, putting them on you. I quickly take out the four locking pulleys and clip them to the four eye-bolts attached to the two trees. I grab you under the arms and stand you up to clip the wrist restraints to the two upper pulleys and the ankle restraints to the two lower pulleys. I lock the two lower pulleys so your legs are spread apart as far as you can stretch them. Then I do the same to your arms so you are locked in a big X. You watch as I dig in the toy bag and pull out lube and a small butt-plug. I make sure you see what I have.

Stepping behind you, I pour lube down your ass crack, and reaching between your legs I slide my fingers up, meeting the lube at your asshole. I rub the lube up and down your ass crack, then I insert a finger. I whisper in your ear that I must get you well lubed. I don’t want to make it to easy for you to keep the butt-plug in. Pulling my finger out I insert the tip of the lube bottle, before squeezing the whole bottle into you. You let out a moan. I quickly remove the bottle and shove the plug in. Not expecting the sudden insertion you let out a little yell. I pull it back out-past the bump-and then push it back in again and you start moaning. I stop and tell you not to drop it. It’s small, so you will have to keep a grip on it.

I get the ball gag, blinders and headphones out. When I have the gag in place I remind you of the safe signal when you can’t talk-one hand with crossed fingers to slow down and both hands with crossed fingers to stop. You nod your head and I put on the blinders and the headphones. Trying to get you to drop the plug, I grab both of your tits hard and twist. You yell past the ball gag but you keep a grip on the plug. I spank your pussy five times with my hand.

“Let’s see if you can handle a flogging.” I start at your calves, switching from one leg to the other. With every hit of the flogger you tense up, afraid to relax in case you drop the plug. I vary the intensity of the hits; from a feather-light touch to a very heavy thud that turns your skin red immediately. I continue up your inner thighs, ass, lower back, shoulder blades, and to the end of each arm. Then I move around to the front. I start at your thighs, skipping your pussy and going straight to your stomach. I work over your tits and pussy for about ten minutes, all the time keeping a watch on your fingers.

When I stop, you’re so tense; every muscle in you body is straining. I smile at the drool that has dripped from your chin, watching it run down between your tits, all the way to your pussy to mix with your juices. I check to see that you have not dropped the plug. Your ass cheeks are so tight you could hold a dime!

I drop the flogger and pick up the crop. I give each of your nipples about a dozen flicks ranging from light to hard that make you scream past the gag.

Still no crossed fingers.

I start working on your pussy with the crop. It is spread wide open and your clit is big and hard. I can tell you are on the edge of cumming, so I reach out and pinch a nipple. You scream and cum hard, every muscle letting go; you drop the plug and go limp, letting the restraints hold you up. I drop the crop and hug and kiss you. I take off the headphones, blinders and gag and just hold you until you catch you breath and your legs steady themselves.

I untie one of your arms and give you a drink of water, asking you if you are okay and ready for more. You drink the whole bottle and say you think so, with a big smile. I free your other arm and run a rope from both upper eye-bolts to your waist. Standing in front of you I tell you to open my paint and suck my cock. You bend at the hips and just about rip the buttons off my pants getting to my cock. You play with my balls as you lick and suck me. Oh, it feels so good; I just want to grab you and fuck your mouth. When I can’t take any more I pull away and step out of my pants. I clip your wrists to your ankle restraints and stand behind you. As I slowly enter you, I marvel at how how hot and tight you feel. When I am in all the way I hold still and enjoy how your pussy grips and squeezes my cock. I start pump in and out slowly, not wanting to cum too soon, but my desire takes over, and I start going faster and slamming into you harder and harder. I feel you cum, but somehow I hold off and pull out. I step back in front of you and feed you my pussy-coated cock. As soon as I feel your mouth on me I start to cum. You swallow it all and suck me clean.

When I think I can take a step back (and not fall down), I unclasp your wrists from your ankles and clip them back onto the upper pulleys, pulling them tight. With you back in a big X I get fully dressed. You ask me if we are done, and if I will untie you. I tell you that I’m not done with you yet, and I will be back later.

Before I leave I give you some accessories. I get out a big butt-plug and lube it up. Spreading your cheeks I slowly push it in. When it gets to the widest part, your hole is stretched to it’s limit, but then it passes through and your sphincter slams shut, leaving just the stop-ring sticking out. Next I find the headphones and blinders and put them on you. I kiss you and taste the mix of pussy juice and cum that is still on your lips.

I walk back down the trail and find the hole that I had dug last week, knowing that I would need to hide the toy bag and picnic basket. I knew I was going to have to carry you back out after what I was putting you through. After finding and uncovering the hole and tarp I return to the clearing. Approaching you from the rear and seeing you all tied up and naked makes me realize how lucky I am that you love and trust me so much, that you allow me to play with you this way. Taking the long feather tickler silently out of the toy bag, I sit down in front of you and just admire your beauty. Not being able to see or hear, you have no idea that I am right in front of you.

With the feather, I lightly touch your arm. You scream and jump, pulling on the restraints, but they hold you tight. You softly call my name. After a minute you call a little louder. You start to plead with me, begging me to untie you because you have to pee. I look at your fingers just to make sure you’re not signaling your safe word. I smile to myself knowing that you are fine. I can see that you must have to pee badly by the way you are squirming.

“Oh, piss on it.” You mutter and you start laughing and pissing. For some reason I find it really sexy, watching you pee. I can see on your face how pleasurable it must be to let go from having to pee so badly. When you stop, I lightly tickle one of your nipples with the feather. You flinch and the last few drops of pee trickle out. When I tickle your other nipple they start to become hard. You shake your tits, not knowing if there is a bug or something on you. But when I tickle your armpit you scream and know it’s me.

Next I lube up the big set of BenWa balls. They are about an inch and a quarter in diameter. I insert all four, and with every movement you make they bang together and vibrate. I start tickling you again. With your movement, the balls are making you wet and they start to fall out. I use my finger and shove them back in and you moan. I take the headphones off and tell you to hold onto the balls.

“If you drop them I’ll use the cane on you.”

You still can’t see where I’m going to tickle you. I can tell that you really have your pussy clamped tight, holding the balls. With your legs spread like they are it’s taking a lot of control. I start tickling your inner thighs, then move up to your sides. You’re moving around and laughing, and you let one ball slip out. I take a second feather so I can tickle you on both sides. Another ball pops out and you are begging me to stop, but you still don’t mention the safe-word. I move to your arm pits and a third ball pops out. With the weight of the three balls swinging and pulling on the last one I know you can’t hold any longer, so I stop. As I shove the three balls back in I kiss you and tell you that you did good. I step back and I can’t believe how wet you are. You have cum so many times you are dripping, and there is a puddle in the dirt underneath you.

I can’t wait any longer; I have to have you.

I reach around and put my left hand on your pussy to hold the balls in, before grabbing the butt-plug ring. I tell you to relax and I slowly pull on the plug. With all the lube I used earlier it comes out with a pop, and I immediately replace it with my cock. You let out a scream of pleasure and I hold still, sheathed in you. My right hand is playing with your tits and two fingers on my left hand are buried in your pussy, playing with the balls and rubbing your clit. I slowly start pulling out and when just the head is left in you, I slowly push back in.

You are feeling so much pleasure; tits, clit, balls knocking against the walls of your pussy and my cock in your ass. You yell “Harder, fuck me harder!” and I do. I pull out and we slam back into each other, over and over. When I know we both can’t take any more I press hard on your clit and pinch your nipple. You cum hard as I shoot blast after blast of hot cum into your ass. When I can move, I unclip you and we fall to the ground. We lie on the blanket spooning until we fall asleep.

When I wake, the sun is setting over the hills. I hurriedly pack everything up and bury it all in the hole before returning to dress you. Picking you up, I realize it’s going to be a long hike carrying you, but you deserve it and you will be pampered as thanks for your trust.

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