Sitting on the third floor balcony of my university gave me a confidence I had never felt anywhere else. Freshman year I had come up here during a formal event and watch the stars rotate until they dimmed away to the rising sun, and waves of students would spill out into the parking lot, many of which did nothing but rest up against the side of their truck and simply caress each other with their tongues. But watching that from up there, I felt like God.

That same day, Twenty minutes after everyone had left, I was waiting for my roommate, Kyle, watching for her on the balcony, and occasionally looking into the woods to check on Tam, my best friend. She was a player, and after the dance, she was the first out with a burly senior, his dirty blond hair drenched in sweat. He had her up on his waist, maneuvering his eyes around her face to get to his car, his tongue all the while slipping through her mouth like a probe. He reached his car and couldn’t manage to pull out his keys. He stepped forward into the woods, throwing Tam into the trees, and following after her.

Right after them came Paul, the captain of the swim team. I have been a straight man since, well, since forever, but the first time I questioned it, the first time I fantasized about a man putting his dick inside of me, it was with Paul.

I had imagined him coming up to me in the bathroom and tapping my shoulder. I turned, and he whispered into my ear, “I want to fuck you.” I watch him unbuckle his belt, and as I feel the tension of it taking too long, I reach for the zipper and snap it down, tearing the belt in half. He pulls off the jeans and grabs my hair. He jerks me towards his dick, the helmet of it hitting my teeth initially, but as I begin to taste it, my tongue flicking across the tip, his soft moans commencing, I begin to like the flavor.

I start small, taking it literally like a lollipop. I suck on it hard, stacking up the pressure, my tongue teasing the slit in his dick. Then, I pull it down through my throat. I can taste the chlorine on it, he’s just come back from a swim practice.

I start blowing him faster, more intensely. His moaning is loud, and he starts taking off his shirt. I run one of my hands up his chiseled abs, feeling every crevice, giving every muscle a story, feeling his entire front side. Then I take my other hand and slide it up his legs to his thick, red balls. I squeeze them gently, his moaning intensifying. Then I slide my hand under his arch and slowly take a finger, sliding it up into his muscular ass. He jumps at first, but upon my second re-entry, his moaning gets louder. I continue to blow him and finger him, his hands still tightly grappling my hair, pushing me back and forth, his waist jutting in and out.

“I’m, ah… I’m-!”

I begin to move back in anticipation of his ejaculation, but he throws me to the tiled floor of the bathroom before I can react. he quickly grabs the top and bottom of his balls, and with the other hand, grabs his cock, then pulls his waist in and stays there for a few seconds, his face showing so much pleasure, his muscles rippling in his stomach. Then he stops, a single drop of cum slipping off of his dick. He sighs, then looks up at me. “Time to fuck,” he says, then grabs my hair again. He pulls me up and begins to tear off my clothes, the takes anchor with my head once more.

Without aiming, without protection, and only with the lube of his spit, he throws me onto the floor and falls on me, his dick sliding up deep inside my ass. I scream in pain, wanting it to get out, but then it goes from a throbbing pain to a growing pleasure, and my scream transforms into a loud sex moan. He pulls out then does it again, and again, and again, all the while taunting me: “You like it like that don’t you bitch? You like riding my fucking dick.”

All I can reply is with a loud “Yes! Yeah! oh, yeah!”

For what seemed like a heavenly forever, he plows me in the bathroom, my knees scraping against the tiled floor. He reaches his arms around me and grabs my balls and dicks, then lifts me up until he is tilted back, then he drops me. I fall onto his dick and it shoots up inside of me faster and farther than before. We let out the same scream at the same time, but then he lets out a “Yes…” and I can feel something warm inside of me. He pulls out quickly and sprays his sperm across my body. I run to it and lick it off his dick, tasting Paul before the dream is gone.

When I saw Paul from up on the balcony, I only had one instinct: to run after him. I caught up with him in the parking lot, and after tapping his shoulder, he teetered to the left and right, then turned to me. He’s was drunk.

“Hey, kid, you want to give me a blow job?” his words slurred for so long that before he says blowjob, I screamed, “Yes!” then jump as I heard the end of the sentence, and then he grabbed me and brought me to his car.

We jumped inside, and he started to unzip his pants.

‘Here comes the monster.’ I thought, and I smiled widely.

The smile crashed into a frown as he pulled down his pants, and a four to five inch ERECT penis is sitting in his lap. I’m incredibly disappointed, but I do it anyways.

The blowjob is awkward, his dick in my mouth reminding me of the texture of a thin, small, glass bottle of coke with a condom slid over the top. After four minutes, I took my lips from his waist, and leaned up to ask, “You wanna fuck?”

“Who’s dick is bigger?” He replied.

Instantly, I pulled out my NON-erect six inches of meat, and he quickly leaned down to suck it. “Lets go do this,” he whispered to me, beer on his breath, and we left the car and fled into the woods.

One things was right about my dreams, at least: He had an amazing ass- inside and out.

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