Warning! This story contains lots of piss play, humiliation, abuse, and worse. Do not read this if you might be offended, which is partly what I’m always trying to do anyways.


It was just happenstance. We were at a friend’s place, a big weekend party at this great house in the country miles from anywhere. The party was winding down on Sunday, and this woman I didn’t know needed to get to the train station. Since I was leaving about the same time and it was generally in my direction I offered her a ride.

A mutual friend described a short cut through the countryside that was supposedly a bit rugged but, she said, would give us a beautiful view of the land that we just couldn’t get from the highway. Not map directions, but more the “go up the road until you get to the fork, with the left one just a slight turn, but the right is sharp. Take the right, and drive for a few miles until you pass an old barn behind a rock wall with a worn coat of white paint, and turn past the wall going left for a few miles” etc. and so on. Neither of us was in a great hurry, so we were fine with the idea, and away we went, no cares.

She was not a real looker, but nice enough. I didn’t know her, but I figured she was bright. She had some kind of a research and teaching job, and was sort of known in the city. You know, rich enough that she worked at what she wanted, because she was interested in it. I didn’t care, but I’m sure I could have made a connection or two for work or whatever if I had wanted to press it. Even though we were there just to relax, she was dressed pretty well, even expensively. I figured she was probably pretty straight, and I was a bit intimidated, although I have learned to keep an open mind about people.

After a few miles the road was just a double rut in the dirt between the grass, and we were going a lot slower than I had thought we would. But the view was great, the sun was still high, and everything was going fine. Until the car died.

Stupid me, the city kid. I never thought of it, and was merrily sailing along, talking and laughing, without a care or a thought for anything as mundane as the gas level. And it wasn’t even the corny old trick of running out on purpose.

So we got out, looked around, and realized from the weeds and grass growing on the road that there wasn’t exactly a steady flow of traffic that would be showing up any time soon. I wasn’t even positive we were on the right road. Of course in a car you can just drive around until you hit a main road or a river or something, right? As long as you actually do have gas, that is.

But now we had to decide what to do. We were far enough out that neither of our cells was on any grid, and it looked like any rescuing that was going to happen was going to be done by us or not at all. So we started to walk.

After walking for a few hours in the sunlight and then in the dusk however, we still had not seen anything or anyone. Some shortcut. By then we were tired, and lay down in the grass for a rest. At least the summer heat was enough that we were in no danger of freezing.

We were somewhat bored though, and we were both restless. It looked like we might be staying here for the night, and I was envisioning the idea of spending the night doing nothing but staring at the stars and talking to a stranger. Being ADD, I sometimes get impulsive urges to do or say things just to be a bit jarring, to provoke people, for a kick. Or perhaps it was just my boredom with always doing things the conventional, accepted ways. Anyways, I didn’t really have a lot to lose.

“Why don’t you suck my cock?”

“OK,” she said nonchalantly, and leaned over to zip down my fly.

Now, I wasn’t completely surprised, as she had seemed neutral to mildly friendly, with no negative signals. To me this meant that she was at least latently interested. And for all intents and purposes we were marooned together, the classic situation. She was probably a little jazzed by the potential of sex, and there was precious little else to think about then and there.

I figured that the only downside was that the trip would turn frosty. But it was just as likely that she would either refuse and then just not discuss it, or be shocked and not react at all. But I also figured it was fifty-fifty that she would go for it. And I was more than gratified at her completely casual acceptance of my instructions.

And she was so casual, almost placid, that I wanted to see just how far I could push her. I wanted to see if she was just OK with the cock sucking, or if I had lucked out and stumbled on a real sub. I told you I sometimes like to provoke people.

“Actually, while you’re at it, I think I’d prefer to take a piss in your mouth. I’d like you to drink my piss right down, the whole lot.”

We were miles from everything. If she didn’t like it, she could just say no, but otherwise how bad could it get?

“Sure, ” she said, and looking me in the eyes, took almost my whole cock in her mouth.

We were lying sideways to each other by now, but I rolled over her, so I was pressing my cock down into her mouth. This could be difficult for her, as she would have no control if she started gagging, which was almost inevitable. Also, if I started to seriously fuck her mouth, she would be defenseless, which was just what I wanted.

She put up no resistance or objections, but merely waited for me to start.

I unleashed full force.

She swallowed as much and as fast as she could, but she couldn’t get it all. Aside from the gagging, I was letting her have it too fast for her to handle, and a lot went down the sides of her mouth even as she was swallowing. It soaked her hair and formed a pool that turned the dirt she was lying in into strong smelling piss mud by the time I was finished. She just lay there, redfaced from the choking, but passively waiting for me to make the next move, or give the next instruction.

Bingo, we had a winner. The lady was a sub, or at least enjoyed being one for the day. Or the night.

I told her to strip, as I needed all her clothes to tie her up with.

I tied her face down and naked across a large tree that had fallen. I was able to thread the clothes under the log in such a way that her wrists were tied to her ankles, with her legs spread wide apart, and her asshole and cunt high in the air, fully exposed and on display.

My first use of her like this, my first pleasure, was to fist fuck her in both holes. This took quite a while, which was all good; hours of fun and excitement for both of us.

Having finally worked a fist into each of her cunt and asshole, fucking her with my hands several times, I then looked for other toys to invade her with. Since we were forced to make do with materials at hand, I picked up some small smooth roundish stones and put them in her mouth one at a time. I told her I didn’t want to put anything dirty in her asshole, so I wanted her to thoroughly clean the dirt and filth from each one first. As she finished sucking each stone, I took it from her mouth still wet and worked it slowly and steadily into her asshole. Finally she had her entire rock collection in hand, so to speak.

I then picked out an evergreen bough and experimented using it as a switch or flogger. I left some very satisfactory red marks all over her skin, paying particular attention to slashing and beating her cunt and asshole with the needles and rough branches. I did the side of her tits a bit, but I left that until later when she was off the log. She didn’t have a gag or anything, so she screamed and screamed. I figured if it brought anyone running it would be a bonus, as my fun would end but we would be rescued. She started to cry, but never asked me to stop whipping her.

I then grabbed her hips hard, gripping her pelvis and with my thumbs digging deep into the white flesh of her ass, and started to work my hard cock up her cunt. For some reason I didn’t need to add any lube, as juice was overflowing her cunt and was seeping all down her legs.

But I could feel the stones clearly through her cunt wall, and it actually made it harder to fuck her. I had to fuck into her on a downward angle and force it all the way in, because the stones pressed down on the inside of her cunt. It was difficult working my way in, so once I got all the way in I stayed there and just fucked in and out in short strokes. The friction was great, and the rocks made her cunt super tight.

When I was ready to cum the first time I pulled out and stuck my cock in her throat for the first couple of spurts, which she swallowed. As I was cumming I pulled out and the last shots were all over her face, which I told her she was to leave intact to dry on her face and show to anyone we saw.

I continued to fuck her and use her until I had absolutely nothing left, so I had my bedtime piss all over her back and ass, and left her tied up and spread like that for the night. Maybe someone or something would find us in the night and rape her! We said our good-nights and fell asleep.

In the morning I realized that we had been assaulted by bugs, although I had been a snack while she seemed to have been a banquet, spread out naked like that. I had my morning strong piss into her mouth, and she did a better job of swallowing it all. I then repeated the harsh whipping to her back, legs, cunt and ass. I let her off the log finally, standing her up straight and tying her with her back against a large tree and whipping her neglected front. I hit her hard and rough on her cunt and the rest of her body, but paying particular care to savagely beating her soft and tender breasts from all angles and with dried, rough branches. Then I fucked her in her cunt, untied her, and made her kneel in the dirt while I fucked her skull for a while.

We started walking again, but for the rest of the day I kept her marching naked along the narrow road, with the stones still up her ass, and spreading her cunt lips or her ass most of the time to expose herself in case anyone might see us. For a while I had her walking with a very thick branch shoved high up into her cunt, filling it and making it very difficult to walk. Of course, the orgasms she seemed to be having while walking along with that small log filling her probably didn’t make walking any easier either.

Another time I made her walk with a few boughs covered with needles I shoved up her cunt, just for the pleasure of the insertion. Too bad we didn’t have any rose stems, but these were almost as good.

We did finally come to a highway, so I gave her her clothes back and we hitched to the next town where we could get a meal, a can of gas and a cab ride. She was a mess and there was still some stuff dried on her face – sweat and cum and piss and mud and whatever else. Everyone who saw us almost certainly thought she was a total whore. Different people of course would have thought this was a good or bad thing.

The cabbie was clearly interested, and kept making crude and suggestive remarks. So I had her strip naked in the back of the cab, and suck my cock all the way back. We almost went off the road. The cabbie was going insane, and when we finally got to our car I told him he could have any of her holes he wanted. He got her to stand beside the cab still naked and lean inside and suck his cock while he was sitting in his driver’s seat. Clearly a favourite fantasy realized.

When we got back to the city I took her up to my place and fucked the shit out of her, I reached into her asshole with my hand and searched around inside her, pulling the stones out one at a time, or as many as I could find. As I pulled each one out I then put it in her mouth for her to lick and suck her own shit off.

She comes over on weekends mostly, and sometimes I invite friends over to use her, both men and women. I have a standing challenge to anyone to find something so perverted that she won’t do it. The prize is that she will have to do it anyways; and then be that person’s slave for the night.

She hasn’t said “no” to anything yet.

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