“Are any of you injured?” a short, curvy woman with close-cropped reddish hair asked from near the back doors as Melissa and her friends piled into the van.

“I’ve got a scrape on my elbow,” Amanda said. “Other than that, I think we’re okay.”

“I’m an EMT,” the short-haired girl said. “Let me take a look.”

Amanda nodded and sat down, lifting her arm so the woman could examine her.

“Not that I’m complaining about you being here, but who are you people?” Melissa asked the blond woman who had leaned out of the van and spoken earlier while the driver sped off.

“My name is Lynn Vanion,” the blond woman said. “I’m a reporter, although these days I use the term very loosely… it’s difficult for mainstream periodicals to take me seriously. I tend to write more for conspiracy theory-oriented publications these days.”

“Conspiracy? What kind of conspiracy?” Brooke asked. “Do you know what the woman with the gun wanted?”

“Her name was Lucinda,” Lynn said. “She was sent to silence you three. Your investigation worried her superiors.”

“Who are her superiors?” Melissa asked.

“I don’t know all of them,” Lynn said. “And the ones I do know of… some of them I don’t know by name. And if you don’t know somebody’s name, you can’t very well call the cops on them. Especially since the cops are probably who called in Lucinda in the first place, in your particular case… the conspiracy is pretty far-reaching.”

“What conspiracy?” Melissa pressed. “What have we gotten ourselves into, exactly?”

“Your missing friends and relatives… they were abducted by the Sex Star,” Lynn told her.

“Who’s that?” Brooke asked.

“Not who. What,” Lynn corrected. “It’s a space station. The Commander — I don’t know his real name — designed it so he can abduct women and force them to have sex with him.”

“Sounds like something out of a bad sci-fi movie,” Melissa said.

“Hey!” Amanda protested. “There’s no such thing as bad sci-fi!”

Lynn directed her comments to Melissa, ignoring Amanda for the moment. “It’s all true,” she said. “They force the women they take to compete against each other, and the winner is offered a choice whether to stay or leave.”

“A choice? Yeah, right. Like someone would actually choose to stay,” Melissa said.

“There are numerous powerful aphrodisiacs in use aboard the Sex Star,” Lynn said. “Their effects are cumulative… in other words, with enough exposure to them you never stop being horny. The entire purpose of the Sex Star’s existence is to make women want to be raped. So yes, women actually choose to stay. Most of them do, in fact.”

“But you didn’t?” Amanda said.

Lynn regarded her with surprise for a moment, then said, “That’s right. I chose freedom. How did you know I was on the Sex Star myself?”

“Just from the context of what you were saying,” Amanda said. “As much as you seem to know, you’re either a part of the conspiracy or one of its past victims. I was just hoping for the latter.”

“Don’t worry,” Lynn said. “We’re on your side.” She formally introduced Jenny, the EMT, and her twin sister Janet, the driver… Melissa, Amanda, and Brooke took the opportunity to identify themselves for the record as well.

“We’re here,” Janet announced. Melissa leaned over her shoulder and looked out the front windows to see where ‘here’ was… the van was pulling into what looked to be an abandoned warehouse.

Melissa quickly realized that she had been right… it was an abandoned warehouse. Well, abandoned except for the four women who were waiting for them there. Lynn introduced the women.

Catherine had short hair like the twins, but it was brown instead of red. Her body type was similar to Amanda’s — very slender, but with nice big tits — except she was a bit taller than Amanda, closer to Melissa’s 5’9″ height.

Stephanie was even taller than Catherine, standing around an even six feet with predictably amazing legs… she was about Lynn’s age, but like Lynn her breasts were still perky and gravity-defying. Her brown hair matched her evenly tanned skin nicely.

Lisa was the same height as Stephanie, with curly black hair and paler skin. She had slightly larger breasts than Stephanie, but in a bit of a trade-off her legs, though nice, weren’t quite as stunning.

Shawn had long, dark brown hair, a tan complexion like Stephanie’s, and a curvy body with some of the biggest tits Melissa had ever seen, 38Es.

As Melissa watched, she noticed something. Jenny, Janet, Catherine, Stephanie and Shawn all had bulges growing at the front of their pants.

“What the…” Melissa started.

“Sorry,” Stephanie said. “We can’t help it. Beautiful women are difficult for us to not react to.”

“But you have…” she couldn’t get the last word out.

“Dicks!” Amanda finished for her. She looked just as stunned as Melissa… Brooke, however, was eyeing the bulges with undisguised lust and licking her lips.

“The Commander is turned off by the sight of naked men,” Lynn said, “but it’s the male form in general rather than the penis itself that he finds disgusting. So, he gave some women penises and had them serve as his crew. Over the years, several of them have had occasion to come back down to Earth at some point, usually on errands for The Commander. Some of them have been unable to control their urges, and have taken women. Either by force, or with consent where they could find it. When those women accidentally get pregnant, sometimes the babies wind up being dickgirls too.”

“So they’re all products of accidental pregnancies?” Melissa asked.

“Yes,” Lynn said. “Catherine came to me first… I was just starting to write articles about objects in space that were hidden from our satellites and observatories, and she was a rather enthusiastic conspiracy theorist who latched on to me as a fan. After she tracked me down we started having sex, and eventually it occurred to me that if there were others like her we could use their existence to prove the existence of the Sex Star.”

“And you could have more cock,” Brooke pointed out. She wasn’t being judgmental… her tone of voice suggested it was exactly what she would have done.

“Exactly,” Lynn said. “So I put ads wherever I could, asking other women with Catherine’s condition to come forward… Stephanie approached me first. I brought in a doctor friend — Lisa here — to do some tests and determine how different from normal women they were. Stephanie eventually seduced both myself and Lisa, so by the time the twins joined us,” she indicated Jenny and Janet, “we were already used to having orgies. Shawn came last. Her parents gave her a boy’s name because she had a penis, but she identified more as female so she grew her hair out and started showing off her fantastic breasts more once she got older.”

“Those are the only dickgirls you found?” Amanda asked.

“Well, them and my daughter Erin,” Lynn said. “Stephanie’s baby. She went missing around the same time as the people you’re searching for, and considering The Commander’s track record with what are known as ‘earthbound dickgirls’ I figure she’s been abducted too.”

“How old is she?” Brooke asked.

“She just turned 18,” Lynn replied. “Now, I’m going to let these dickgirls fuck me. You can join in if you want.” She started removing her clothes as she spoke, and Lisa and the dickgirls quickly followed suit. Brooke stripped down as well, and asked the twins to make a sandwich out of her.

Melissa looked over at Amanda, who shrugged and started taking off her shirt. As always, the sight of her tits turned Melissa on, and she decided to strip as well and just let whatever happened happen.

Brooke was moaning enthusiastically as Jenny and Janet double-teamed her ass and pussy… Lynn had Stephanie’s dick in her mouth, and Melissa noted with a mixture of fear, lust and awe that it was nearly 20 inches long.

Lisa had bent over a table to allow Shawn to take her from behind. That left Catherine. “Who wants me first?” the dickgirl asked.

“Fuck me in the ass while Amanda eats me out,” Melissa told her.

Catherine readily complied, and about a minute later she moaned into Melissa’s ear, “This feels so good, baby. Your asshole is so fucking tight!”

“Thank you,” Melissa said, smiling.

Off to the side, Brooke came loudly and enthusiastically, gushing pussy juice all over Janet’s cock… Stephanie came as well, splattering Lynn with the biggest cumshot Melissa had ever seen. It had to be 15 or 16 ounces, and seemed to go on forever. Stephanie screamed in pleasure the entire time.

Lisa’s orgasm triggered Shawn’s, and Lisa cried out in ecstasy again when she felt the dickgirl’s cum flooding her pussy. Melissa’s own orgasm wasn’t far behind… Amanda’s tongue was, as always, very talented, and the added sensations from the surprisingly gentle and pleasurable assfucking Catherine was giving her only made things more intense.

When Catherine felt Melissa cumming, she launched her spunk into Melissa’s tight asshole. This only served to intensify Melissa’s orgasm even further, and by the time she regained her senses she had soaked Amanda’s entire face in pussy juice.

After Melissa dismounted, Amanda climbed onto Catherine and impaled her pussy on her still-hard cock, bucking up and down in her lap. Meanwhile, Melissa helped Brooke ‘clean off’ the dicks of Jenny, Janet and Shawn by sucking and licking all the pussy juice and semen off of them.

After they were cleaned off, Melissa and Brooke stroked them to orgasm, letting the dickgirls cum all over their faces and tits.

Then they watched in awe as Lisa took Stephanie’s gargantuan cock in her pussy. The dickgirl managed to get about 14 inches in before bottoming out, and fucked Lisa pretty hard with it. Her big tits bounced with the force of Stephanie’s thrusts.

Lynn was the next one to get double-teamed by the twins… Catherine ate Melissa’s pussy while she fucked Brooke. Amanda found Shawn’s pussy and started licking it, occasionally allowing her tongue to also tease the underside of the dickgirl’s shaft. This dual stimulation caused Shawn to start cumming from both dick and pussy after only half a minute or so, and Amanda’s face was plastered with a heavy load of mixed semen and pussy juice. Shawn thanked Amanda for the wonderful orgasm by aggressively going down on her, and about a minute later Amanda was cumming.

Brooke, with a fresh load of Catherine’s cum in her own pussy, went over and licked Lisa’s cunt clean of Stephanie’s spunk. Stephanie had shot another impossibly huge load, and it poured out of Lisa’s pussy and covered Brooke’s face, neck and tits.

The orgy continued until well after night fell, and then the girls and their new friends finally fell, exhausted, into the beds that were in the back of the room, Brooke, Melissa and Amanda sharing one while Lynn, Stephanie and Catherine took another and Lisa, the twins and Shawn all curled up together on the third.

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