Even though he had just masturbated, it wasn’t enough. Amazingly he still needed a cunt to actually fuck. Dan Michaels almost ran down the stairs to the bedroom where Angie was sleeping. His ears were humming and his brain spinning. “Good old Nancy and Steve,” he said aloud to imself. “So, they’ve been fucking their way in to the senator’s office.”

He was in a hurry now, for he had an idea that he thought would be fun, not to mention thoroughly exciting. He could feel his cock throbbing hard again and demanding between his legs as he made his way to the small bedroom at the back of his house.

Dan eagerly sought out the right door in the narrow hallway, and without hesitating, he knocked softly. After getting no reply, he turned the handle of the door and, finding it open, stepped in.

Angie had awakened at Dan’s first knock. Now she lay wondering in her narrow bed what Dan was up to as the good-looking young man entered. He was dressed in his pajamas. His dark hair was charmingly out of place and a large lock clung to his forehead. His dark blue eyes glinted and his expression was amicable as he moved swiftly to her.

“Dan, what you are doing?” she cried, holding her covers up against her chin. Beneath, she was clad in a simple thin nightgown that came to her ankles and had a white ruffle around the hem.

“I think I’ve found something that you would enjoy seeing and hearing,” Dan said, sitting down on the bed.

Angie started to answer, but he would not let her. His laugh resounded throughout the tiny room, and Angie wondered what on earth it could be that Dan wanted to show her that could cause him so much amusement.

“Dan, tell me what it is!” she cried out.

His head bent low, and he kissed her with a hard, burning pressure, until her head sank back into the softness of the pillow. Her eyes were closed and the lids fluttered as his kisses did their work in arousing her body. His tongue boldly thrust between her parted lips, touching her own tongue mercilessly and making her want to die from the bliss it created inside her.

“Wait … Dan, hold it … Tell me what’s so funny …” she murmured, moving her head from side to side in an effort to escape his mouth.

“Yes …” he said suddenly, pulling away from her. “I’ll tell you, but you have to come with me … Come on! Hurry!”

Impatiently, he pulled her up and spun her toward the door, not even giving her time to put on a robe over her thin nightgown.

“Where on earth are we going? What’s wrong with you, Dan?”

“Nothing’s wrong with me. I just want to show you something I think you’ll enjoy. In fact, I know you’ll enjoy it about as much as I do.” Once more his laugh echoed through the empty house.

Dan was pulling her so fast that she could only stumble along behind him, curious in spite of herself as to where the impetuous Dan Michaels was taking her.

He clambered up the stairs, taking them two at a time, not stopping to see if the small girl was able to follow at such a pace. She had no choice, and together they arrived at the top of the landing both out of breath and panting hard.

“Shhhhhhhh …” Dan cautioned her, and together they tiptoed down the hall until they got to the door to the Connors’ bedroom.

“I sure hope they’re still fucking,” he thought to himself. And then he knew they were, for through the slight crack in the door which he had left ajar the rising voices of Steve and his beautiful young wife could be clearly heard.

Angie stood with her mouth gaping open as Dan pushed her closer so that she too could hear everything. Her foot had stepped into something wet and sticky. “I’ve stepped into something” she whispered.”

“Don’t worry about that. It’s just my sperm. I got so hot listening to everything going on in there that I masturbated.”

Inside, Nancy winced forward, jumping slightly as she felt Steve’s fingers prodding in between her widespread ass cheeks. This was something that he had only done once, one wild night when he and Dan had both fucked her at the same time. He had never done it on his own, nor had Dan. Nancy sensed what her husband was thinking of doing–he had fucked her there once before, but it would still hurt. She felt obscenely naked and unprotected back there as she could feel the strained skin around her tiny puckered asshole being pulled apart. He had been kissing her and gently nibbling at her trembling anus, and Nancy was surprised to note that his finger now up her ass did not hurt as she had anticipated, but rather sent a sensation of muted pleasure swelling through her.

Steve moved his middle finger around in the tight but expanding hole, sawing in and out, widening the tiny canal more and more. Nancy found herself wiggling her hips back against it, her nails digging into the mattress under her. When the determined young husband forced a second finger in, however, she winced aloud from the pain and tried to bounce away from him on the big bed. She could feel the sheets crumpling beneath her damp body.

But Nancy had little time to relax, for her demanding husband followed her, kneeling up against her own kneeling body, pinning her down with his other big hand on the small of her back. Nancy could feel that he was warming to his task and that shiver of excitement that she always got when she realized that she was about to be thoroughly fucked now ran through her body. Momentarily he was still behind her, and then the fingers began to work together inside her tight clinging asshole. Nancy’s mouth fell open as she began to groan excitedly, wriggling back onto the obscenely invading fingers of Steve’s probing hand. A strangely appealing defeat swept over her. She could feel him back there deliberately stretching her. His voice came to her ears, loud and ringing.

“I’ve only fucked you in the ass once, and I hear that the second time’s the charm!”

“Yes … yes … fuck me there! Fuck me up the ass, Steve!” She twisted her neck and cried back to him.

Outside the door, Angie gasped as she heard the unmistakable sounds of what activities were going on in the bedroom. She felt her legs grow weak and she would have fainted from the sudden fire in her cunt at the sound of the intimate goings on in there if it had not been for Dan’s strong grip around her waist. He would not let her go and she was glad of that for she was afraid that her legs wouldn’t hold her up.

Dan was delighted. It was much, much better than he had hoped. They’d fucked together at one time or another, but this listening secretly at the door seemed somehow more obscene and arousing.

His fingers began a rhythmic massage against the naked softness of Angie’s quivering tits beneath her thin nightgown. They felt good to his fingers, and he pulled her closer and closer to him, forcing the hard, hot spear of his cock against her curved ass. He knew that even beneath their clothing she could feel the hardness of his prick, and that she would remember what it had felt like to have his huge, cunt-splitting cock fucking deep into her willingly widespread pussy.

The young blond girl moaned and was silent, but Dan could feel her trembling against him, her body beginning to respond to his forward thrusts as he held her tightly to his loins. They stood just outside the door in the hall, listening to the sounds and words coming from inside the bedroom, and Nancy’s breath became heavier and heavier to match the intensity of the actions inside. He could sense Angie’s total nakedness beneath her nightgown, and their very position there beside the open door began to excite him more and more.

Inside the bedroom, Steve Connors pulled his fingers out of Nancy’s hot asshole, the rubbery skin of her anus clinging to them and making a sucking, hissing noise.

“Kneel up more,” he said thickly. “Get your ass up higher!”

Obediently, Nancy drew her knees further up under her, presenting him with the fully stretched cheeks of her ass as she felt his hot, hard body move in between her open thighs. A shiver of anticipation surged through her limbs as suddenly she felt the giant swollen head of his cock resting within her wide split crevice. Obediently, she reached her hand back through the arch of her legs and began to gently stroke and cup the heavy sac of his cum-filled balls.

“Put my cock in your ass!” he hissed at her, and she took hold of the throbbing cock, feeling its width between her fingers. There was semen dripping from its tip. It seemed too big to go inside her back there! Yet she wanted to have it fuck her ass, and she held her breath as he clutched at the top of her trim, widely separated thighs while she placed the thick pulsing head of his prick against the tight, hairless opening of her asshole.

Steve began to push against her, straining into the tight near-virginal hole of her ass. She was about to tell him that it was no use, it would never go in, when the tiny muscle of her asshole gave way and the persistent head of his cock burst into the sanctity of her nether flesh. Desperately, she tried to pull away from him, but he held her tight.

“Oh God, Steve … it hurts … I’m too small back there!” she cried.

But he ignored her pleas, shoving mercilessly as he hugged her shapely hips in his savage attack and growled, “Push back! Come on! Help me out. Push your ass back!”

Nancy could hardly think. Every way she turned there was pain and more pain. The agony was unbelievable!

“Back … BACK!” he urged heatedly, but she was afraid to move for fear of the pain inside her. Nevertheless, she tried to move her ass backward, and with a deliberate, mind-shattering effort born of love, she allowed his slithering cock to surge into the spongy resistant flesh of her back passage.

“Aaaaaannnnnggggghhhhh!” she groaned as his pelvis smacked loudly against her upturned ass cheeks. She heard him give a harsh whine of passion as he began to fuck deep into the soft confines of her fully presented asshole.

Listening in the hall outside the bedroom door, Angie had begun to really respond to the sounds of the lewd fucking by writhing backward against Dan’s thrusting loins, and when his hands began to lift her nightgown up, she could not protest.

Her flesh burned with desire as his fingers revealed the creamy nakedness of her soft white body. When her nightgown was way up around her hips and her soft quivering ass was bared to him, she felt him pull her in against him once more, and to her shocked surprise she felt the hardness of his cock pressing fervently into the split of her ass cheeks.

Oh no, she thought. He’s not going to do the same thing to me; he can’t. Not here. No! But she did not know what to do as he began to push and slide the massiveness of his cock in between her trembling crack, bending her body this way and that as it pleased him so that he could get the desired sensual effect. She was relieved that he did not try to enter her there, for she could hear the horrifying sounds of Nancy Connors being sodomized by her husband. She knew that she could never recover from such an act if Nancy couldn’t, and tried to convince herself that Dan Michaels would never dare do such a thing to her without her consent. He forced her to bend forward, letting his hot throbbing cock fit smoothly into the spread entrance of her hair-lined cunt, and Angie shivered with mounting desire. She wanted to be fucked in her pussy.

Yes, she thought, oh yes, fuck into me now, right now! She felt so excited that she began to push her ass back, and as she did so, the huge mass of Dan’s cock fucked high into her willingly opened cunt.

“Mmmmmmmmnnnnnnghhh!” she moaned, twisting back onto him as she felt her cunt being filled by the swelling shaft of Dan’s cock.

Oh, it’s huge and wonderful and I love it! she thought wildly.

His hands firmly planted on Angie’s hips, Dan Michaels began a slow fucking motion into the young girl’s hot gushing pussy, feeling his cock speeding along the entire length of her tingling narrow channel and listening to her soft moans of pleasure. But this was not all he had wanted of her, and boldly, after once more assessing the sounds coming from inside Nancy’s bedroom, he began to push forward into the room, carrying Angie along with him still firmly attached to him by the penetration of his pulsing cock inside her tight clinging cunt.

Angie realized what was happening, but she was too aroused to care. Nancy and Steve wouldn’t mind anyway. He held her so hard that she could feel sharp shooting pains where his fingers dug into the soft fleshy area of her hips. Yet, as he moved, his hard cock jiggled and thrust within her wet confines in a most exciting way.

To her alarm, she could hear the noises of the wildly fucking couple on the bed very close by. She and Dan were now almost right next to them, she was certain of it. But Nancy and Steve were so preoccupied that they didn’t know that they had company.

By degrees, the pain was lessening within the stretched walls of Nancy’s stuffed asshole, and a certain stimulation began to blend with it. She bared her teeth and wagged her head from side to side, her auburn hair a crazed tangle hanging over her face as Steve fucked hard into her again and again and again.

“Unnnnnnngh! Unnnnngggghhh! Uuunnngggghh!” he grunted animal like behind her. “Move your butt!” he commanded. “Can’t you do better than that?”

His words stung Nancy as she tried to comply. He was sodomizing her. Her own dear Steve was fucking her mindlessly where she had seldom been fucked before. She tried to think, but each time his brutal thrust would drive her forward and she would squirm back onto his deeply fucking cock until soon she was filled with an all pervading joy. The pain had become pleasurable! She began to move backward with vigor; in a tempo to meet her young husband’s brutal thrusts. It was getting better and better, better than she remembered it to be. She marveled at the power of her body to bring her new sensations when she thought she already knew them all.

It was then that the piercing shriek stunned them both, and Steve’s surging cock stopped, plunged to the hilt within the gripping narrowness of Nancy’s wide split asshole. Directly behind them, right there in the room, a woman had screamed. And now immediately following the scream, the sharp sounds of sobbing and the noises of flesh slapping against flesh met their ears.

“What the hell!” Steve cried out.

“Never mind!” Dan’s panting voice replied. “Go on with what you’re doing. It’s just Angie and me. Damn, your asshole is tight, Angie!”

Angie’s cries of pain lifted to the ceiling, and Steve could feel Nancy trying to continue the fucking movements Steve had stopped. He had to chuckle as he heard Angie’s moaning noises and envisioned the two of them fucking there at the foot of the bed. He turned his head around, still without releasing Nancy from his strong grip on her upper thighs, and in the darkness could make out the shape of the other two gyrating bodies, the white of Angie’s uplifted nightgown and the outline of Dan’s head. He had to hand it to Dan Michaels. He had an original sense of imagination. No wonder Nancy liked him so well!

Nancy could hear Angie’s mounting moans of utter pleasure, and she guessed that Dan was touching her body in such a way as to alleviate the rising pain between the young girl’s cock-spread asshole. Her own ass was once more stretched and the long insertion of her husband’s throbbing cock fucking deep within her arching asshole made itself felt again as the painfully embedded prick recovered from its temporarily softened state and grew harder by the second.

“Come on, sweetheart, fuck me back good …” he growled at her. “Draining my balls into your ass will only make my cock slide easer.” “But first, turn on the light!”

In a second the room was flooded with a soft yellow glow from Nancy’s night table, and Steve nearly knocked her flat on her face as he shoved up into her tight clinging asshole again, this time turning his head so he could watch the occupied couple behind them.

It was true, they were ass fucking too! Dan was fucking his little blonde mistress right up her ass, and from his position on the bed, Steve could see Dan’s large fucking cock sliding in and out between the full, firm rounded moons of white flesh that formed the blonde’s ass. He could even see the pink flesh of her round little asshole draw back with Dan’s cock on the outstroke, greedily clasping at it as if to keep it from escaping. He stared in sadistic delight as his wife’s lover’s cum-laden balls smacked resoundingly against Angie’s tight little blonde-haired cunt each time he sank his huge prick to the hilt in her wide-split asshole.

Steve felt his own dangling balls palpitating almost painfully and his throbbing cock felt as if it were charged with electricity each time he fucked into Nancy’s uplifted ass. Now she was moaning like a madwoman, her beautiful face flushed, her eyes rolling in her head, and Steve knew he couldn’t last much longer.

They had all fucked in the same room before, and they had had some good times together and some pretty wild fucks. But Steve couldn’t remember ever having done anything nearly as exciting as this dual sodomizing! He had wanted something special for this night and he was getting it. He could see Dan watching him too, even while he thoroughly impaled the writhing young girl in front of him, and Steve realized that they were in a kind of contest together. Who would last longer; who would cum first?

Steve’s hand came down on Nancy’s ass in imitation of a jockey with a thoroughbred horse coming down the home stretch toward the finish line.

“Eeeeeeee!” Nancy wailed in painful protest, but the excitement had begun to swell within her again and she reached back under her, tickling Steve’s swinging balls and turning her face sideways so that he could see the effect he was having on her. Sweat poured from Steve’s face as he rode her wildly and impersonally. She felt herself to be a mere vessel for his pleasure, and this contributed to her own growing pleasure. What could be more important than receiving his huge cock because, after all, she was using him for her own selfish pleasure just as he was using her. She knew that the presence of Dan and Angie was making him reach new heights of pleasure, and she herself found in the depths of debasement a greater desire than she had ever known filling her gyrating loins.

Dan watched her, fascinated, as up on the bed Steve’s probing cock disappeared all the way up into Nancy’s trembling ass with every cruel thrust. None of it was left visible to his eyes as it fucked its full depth into the passage, straining its head as if to burst asunder in her tight clasping asshole.

Dan had always wanted to fuck Nancy in the ass because he knew it was the only hole she had rarely been screwed in, and that in itself was enough to send his cock rising toward the ceiling. But in all the times he’d been with her, he had never dared to mention it. Now there would be no problem, though it wouldn’t quite be the same. For the moment, though, it was enough to watch and to feel Angie’s quivering little ass smacking against his loins, to know that once more he was bringing the young blonde to the point of cumming with his fucking cock.

Angie moaned and cried as the thick penis churned within her straining asshole. He had fucked into her there with one swift, devastating thrust, taking her by surprise after exiting from her cum- drenched pussy. And now, she found herself filled with a sense of total abandon.

What did anything matter anymore? She was in effect enjoying the obscene act of being gored in her asshole. She had allowed herself to be taken in the crudest, most obscene manner known to man or woman, and in the same room with another couple who were doing exactly the same thing! Her mind went spinning in sexual abandon at the thought.

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