Bru Na Boinne: present day

Ida and Craig left the monument and returned to the hotel for breakfast and a quick nap. The morning was grey and overcast and so the night had been a total bust. Ida’s dream was still in her mind. It had been an odd dream but the subconscious works in funny ways. She was already thinking about the implications of her insight for potential research questions. The idea that the basins, something of a mystery to archeologists, were designed to let heated rocks warm the interior was an insight and she was starting to wonder how she could test that. But nagging in the corner of her mind was the dream itself. It seemed so real, how could her subconscious have invented the details? The only other explanations were totally unbelievable and made her seem crazy, she didn’t even want to consider them.

They ran a few errands in the grey morning light, including purchasing a small camp heater to warm the cold chamber where they would spend another night. By midday, the sky had begun to clear and Ida’s spirits soared!

“Oh my god, Craig, this is awesome! We may get to see the Solstice Sun from inside the monument!” She was as giddy as a child on Christmas Eve, she thought and then laughed out loud since Christmas evolved from the early Solstice rituals.

Late in the afternoon, as the sun was setting through a crystal clear sky, Ida and Craig made their way back to the monument. The last tour group was leaving, and while they still had to reset all her equipment, it was at least already inside the monument. They set to work, and by the time the sun had set, her equipment was ready and functioning. Darkness closed around them again, but this time Ida felt giddy as she could see stars appearing. Craig curled up with a book on their bedding strewn about the floor. Ida’s excitement mellowed into the mechanics of collecting data and she occupied herself, checking and rechecking Her equipment. As the night deepened, Craig began to doze, and Ida felt her eyelids growing heavy. She closed her eyes, and dozed too, Craig’s warmth and light snore, a comfort in the cold winter night.

Ida woke well after midnight. Her excitement rushed over her as She recalled a vivid dream of a fire-lit banquet on the hill outside. Ida wandered out of the monument to stand at the entrance. It was a spectacular night and She looked up at millions of stars spread across infinity and felt the immensity of time and space. Who else had stood here five thousand years ago and pondered a similar sky? She began to think about how important this night could be for a Neolithic tribe scratching out a meager existence in the bend of the river. This was the depth of winter for them, the longest night of the year. She wondered what Gods they prayed to here and what did they pray for? Was it a Goddess? A Woman figure of fertility? Feeling slightly crazy, Ida spread Her arms wide and looked up into the infinite.

“Oh Goddess of the Tunnel,” She giggled, the tunnel? “Come, be with me tonight, on this. the holiest of nights.”

Her voice cracked as shivers ran down Her spine. She felt alive, excited and aroused. A myriad of emotions swept over and through Her. She spun and almost danced for a moment, before finally laughing at Herself and heading back into the monument.

Craig was lying there on the blankets and sleeping bags they had strewn around. Craig had taken off his coat and She felt a rush of love and arousal wash over Her as She looked at him sprawled on the cavern floor. Ida was contemplating tearing off his clothes and hers, when she shook her head and thought, ‘Crazy. I need to check my equipment, this isn’t supposed to be a romantic getaway.’

Ida went and looked at the computer captures that were taking data from the sensitive equipment. The equipment seemed to functioning beautifully, and the data looked right. She was giddy and felt overwhelmed with emotion, and strangely, intensely, sexually aroused.

Hearing Craig stirring behind her, Ida turned and saw that He had woken. His eyes met hers and She could see, even in the dim light, He was deeply aroused. His desire fueled the sexual fire She had been fighting. She could see by the bulge in His jeans that He desired Her. “I…I had a dream,” his voice deep with sexual tension, “about you and I, here.”

He didn’t have to say more, She knew what the dream was about, and She remembered Her dreams. It was almost like She was watching Herself and

She heard herself saying, “I want you, right now.”

Her fingers were fumbling with Her buttons and clothes, stripping the layers. She was swaying to the rhythm of Her heartbeat and slowly undressing. Her mind was confused and overwhelmed, this was, well, odd, and yet amazing. Craig watched as She began to undress, His one hand clumsily trying to undo His shirt, while the other was slowly stroking the bulge in His jeans.

In a moment Ida found Herself standing naked in the center of the main chamber. She beckoned to Craig and He removed his clothing. When Craig stood, completely naked, they stepped into each other’s arms and began to kiss. Ida’s passion was stronger than She had felt ever in Her life, it was almost like a combination of Her first experience and also like She had been deprived or separated from Craig for a long time. She pulled His naked body against Hers, feeling His cock teasing at the entrance of Her surprisingly wet pussy. She covered His mouth with Hers and grabbed the back of His head, almost violently kissing him. Craig, though, was not at all to be outdone; She could feel His passion as His hands grasped at Her ass pushing Himself against Her. They kissed deeply and Her mind went to the blowjob She had given Him the night before. She could almost taste Him and the memory of His throbbing cock in Her mouth drove Her wild with passion.

In seconds She had pulled him down to the waiting sleeping bags, and the image from Her dream, of warm animal skins on Her bare body rushed through Her mind. It was powerful, almost as if She could feel the fur brushing Her ass as She sat. Craig moved over Her and His tongue took one long slow lick up the inside of Her left breast. She threw Her head back and surrendered to His tongue as He lavished oral attention on Her breasts. Licking and sucking at Her nipples, She could feel Craig reacting to Her own arousal. Ida felt his tongue swirling around Her nipple and then the almost orgasmic pleasure as He sucked the nipple while pulling His lips off. She gasped in both pleasure and loss as Her sensitive nipple burst free of His lips, but within seconds, His lips and tongue had captured Her other hard nipple.

Ida could feel the swelling and moisture building in Her sex. Her fingers swirled through Craig’s hair as He pressed Her breasts together and covered both nipples with His warm mouth. His tongue swirling in a figure eight, Ida moaned as waves of pleasure bounced back and forth and up and down Her body. Her pussy, swollen and wet, wanted attention. Almost as if Craig could hear Her thoughts, He moved down Her torso. Grasping Her knees in His hands, He opened Her legs wide, and with a devilish smile, bent His head to Her exposed sex. Even though She knew it was coming, the feeling of His tongue sliding through Her pussy shocked Her. Her arms, Her legs, everything except Her pussy melted away and Her entire existence centered there. Her elbows collapsed and She sank back into the bedding as Her mind exploded with sexual pleasure.

Bru Na Boinne: 3000BCE

Croag felt Amma’s body convulse as He slowly drew His tongue through Her swollen wet slit. Her taste was a deep musky sweet taste, and He inhaled the scent of Her arousal deep into His body. His tongue found Her pleasure button and His lips closed around it. His tongue swirled around the nib and He sucked at it like He had sucked Her nipples moments before. Amma moaned loudly and He felt Her voice in his loins. The sound of Her pleasure was intensely arousing and He pushed Her knees a little wider and higher, as She dropped Her head and shoulders back from Her perch on Her elbows. He let the suction go and pulled His face back for a moment, and Amma whimpered at the loss. Pushing Her legs up further, Croag let His tongue reach back further and began a long slow lick up Her sodden slit. Amma’s sharp intake of breath at his first touch, and then the building moan as His tongue delved through Her sex, made His member throb in renewed arousal. He let His tongue swirl around her nib at the top of the stroke, and then again closed His lips against Her sex, sucking and swirling. Amma’s hips began to buck against His face. Croag sucked and licked with redoubled vigor and passion as Her moans turned into screams and Her hands pushed His face into Her sex.

Croag’s member was throbbing in anticipation as Amma’s overwhelming orgasm subsided. Her hands, one moment pushing Him into Her, the next were pulling Him away as She groaned.

He wanted to plunge Himself deep into Her and moved to do that, but Amma stopped Him and said, “It is not time for that yet; we must wait for the Sun God.”

Croag could hear the disappointment in Her voice. He knew from the look in Her eyes and the intensity in Her voice that She wanted Him inside Her as much as He wanted Her. All of His fears and doubts were washed away, not by Her words but by Her desire for Him. He groaned and nodded, knowing that this must be true, but His member throbbed.

Husky with desire, Amma whispered, “But there is another tunnel you may use first” and Amma rolled over onto Her hands and knees. “Take me in my back tunnel, Croag, take me now.” Amma’s voice rising with passion as Her fingers began to tease Her wet slit. Her words shot through His body, arousing Him even more.

For a moment Croag did not know what She meant, but the view of Her full round ass being presented to Him and the hole, looking like a small rose bud, began to clarify what She was offering. He saw Amma’s fingers, reach between Her legs and began to touch Her sex, delving into Her tunnel and capturing Her wetness. Croag watched as Her wet fingers reached further back and began to slowly circle and moisten Her back tunnel.

“Fill me here,” she groaned, aroused more by her own touch. Croag could hardly think; His manhood throbbed all the way into His thoughts. He grasped Her round hip in one hand, and used His other to guide Himself against Her waiting hole. He began to push and She opened for Him. He felt the ring of muscle in Her part and Amma gasped, “OH… Unh” with the fullness of Him. In a moment, He was deep inside Her and His hands grabbed Her hips. He began to thrust in and out of Her, intense pleasure coursing through Him as Her tight muscles gripped His shaft with every stroke. He could feel his seed beginning to well up inside Him.

Bru Na Boinne: present day

Ida was not entirely sure how She and Craig had gotten to this position. She was on Her knees, with her shoulders on the ground. The fingers of Her right hand were sliding up and down Her slit, and most surprisingly, Craig’s cock was buried in Her ass. Craig had suggested anal once, and She had rejected it, feeling that it was dirty or somehow wrong. Yet tonight, She wanted Him there. Indeed, after She had exploded from the attention His mouth had given Her nipples and pussy, She had practically demanded it. She felt She needed to share Her body with Him completely. She had this feeling that it was almost holy. And She was enjoying it. His cock was filling a space that no one else had ever filled. Her fingers touching Herself as Craig’s strong hands grasped Her hips and His groans of pleasure echoed in Her ears. She could hear His arousal building and Hers was building as well. Craig’s thrusts became more forceful and He groaned louder with each one.

His explosion was almost violent as He forced His cock deep into Her ass, His cum filling Her. Ida’s fingers were furiously swirling around Her clit and Craig’s loud “Oh God, Fuck, Yes” sent her over the edge. She felt Her pussy contracting and pulsing inside Her, and warm wet juice flowing over Her fingers. Her orgasm rang through Her body, including and especially the tightly stretched muscles of Her ass.

They slowly collapsed into the bedding, and again Ida had the sensation of fur against Her naked body. Her mind swirled with the dreams, and the sex. Her desire for Craig was almost overpowering, and Her exhausted body was rebelling against Her mind’s wish for more. Ida could see glimpses of the stars in the dark night sky, as She and Craig slipped into a fitful slumber, their naked bodies pressed close and wrapped in warm blankets.

Bru Na Boinne: 3000 BCE

Croag woke, His mind immediately aware of His surroundings. Amma stirred in His arms and He sighed with contented pleasure. She was sharing Her body with Him in ways Shamar had never mentioned. He leaned over and began to kiss her softly at first. Her lips parted slightly and they kissed, the soft kiss of lovers. Amma’s hands began to slide up and down Croag’s body and He felt Her nipples stiffen as Her breasts pressed into His chest. Her lips parted more and Her tongue began to tease and swirl with His. Croag could feel himself swelling against Her thigh as they grappled in the dark, pre-dawn morning.

Amma’s hand slid down between them and Her fingers slowly circled around His growing shaft. Her words were soft, “I need this inside me soon,” She breathed into His ear.

Croag began to kiss her neck and whispered back, “I need to be inside you” and felt Her shudder with pleasure against Him.

Rolling Amma onto Her back, Croag took one nipple gently into His mouth. He loved the contrast of Her stiff nipples surrounded by soft skin as his tongue drew circles and eights around and across it. Amma’s soft moans told Him that She too was enjoying the sensation. Slowly, He moved down Her body, as Shamar had taught Him, wanting Her pleasure to be complete. He tasted Her again, letting His tongue explore the soft and swelling folds of Her Most Sacred Tunnel. He could feel Amma’s arousal building along with His, and He slid one finger into the entrance. His tongue teased and swirled around Her special spot and his finger swirled and slid in and out of Her tunnel. Amma moaned and shifted to open Herself more. Croag sensed rather than saw the pink dawn beginning, the weak light of the Winter Sun just barely penetrating the Tunnel.

Amma too sensed the dawn. “Now, Croag, plant your seed deep inside me, as Father Sun plants His Warming Seed inside Mother Earth.”

Croag moved between Amma’s spread legs and slowly, gently, slid His member into Her sacred Tunnel for the first time. He felt a tight ring and paused for a moment. His eyes met Amma’s as Her hands grasped His back and encouraged him to penetrate Her. Croag pushed, and Amma winced slightly as Her maidenhead broke. Slowly they began to move together, Croag resting on His elbows, their eyes locked in embrace. Croag felt Amma’s legs wrap around Him and She pulled Him into Her. Their climax built slowly, like the Sun rising outside.

Bru Na Boinne: present day

Ida looked into Craig’s eyes as they rocked together in missionary position. She was overwhelmed with the need to make love with Him this morning, the passion of the night before still tingling in her body. As Her climax built, Her head swam with images and emotion; her love and passion for Craig was overwhelming. Her mind, recalling Her dreams, imprinted sensations of furs and smoke and musky scents as Her body took over, pulling Craig deeper. She felt almost holy as He thrust himself deep into Her tunnel.

Bru Na Boinne: Solstice Moment

The Sun burst into the chamber, spilling light into a room that was nearly always dark. His body took over, His hips gyrating faster and faster. His throbbing manhood plunging deep into Her sacred tunnel with each passion engorged thrust. Her body responded in kind, back arched, hips rolling to meet His powerful thrusts. His body, aroused more than He could ever have imagined, began to pulse and throb. Their hands and arms, gripping, pulling, trying to get closer, deeper until His seed erupted deep into Her Tunnel as She grasped Him as tightly as Her muscles would allow. His throbbing manhood filling Her with His seed, she exploded into orgasm, Her cries echoing through the chamber in concert with His powerful moans.

Bru Na Boinne: present day

Ida and Craig gathered her equipment and their bedding quickly. Both slightly embarrassed by their passion, and not just a little worried that the monument staff would arrive soon. Ida had checked the equipment, as soon as she could catch her breath after her orgasm and don some clothing. It had worked perfectly, capturing in numbers the details of the Solstice alignment with the tunnel. And yet, it felt anti-climactic. Certainly, she knew that it was only the first observation, and that her thesis work was focused on other aspects. But the numbers could never capture the intensity of the spirituality and sexuality of this place. Her dreams had been so vivid and detailed. Her experience had been almost overwhelming. While the logical and scientific part of her mind tried to shut down these observations as “not scientific,” Her body and soul knew that these were true observations. And she knew, she would spend her career trying to prove them, and experience them again.

Bru Na Boinne: 3000 BCE

Croag and Amma emerged, hand in hand, from the Sacred Tunnel as the Sun continued its shallow rise into the sky. The tribe had gathered, waiting for them to emerge.

Amma spoke. “Father Sun has merged with Mother Earth again, and the seed of life is planted. Croag has planted his seed of life in my fertile tunnel and the tribe will grow.”

They cheered and Shamar kissed each of them on the forehead. Croag’s eyes met hers, and he saw both sadness and hope in them. Slowly they walked through the crowd toward the lodge he had prepared for them. Croag was proud and glad to have been matched with Amma, and was looking forward to their life together. The blessing of the mating between the Sun and the Earth gave him hope and purpose.

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