Anne’s body shook in her next orgasm. She panted, wanting to fall to the ground, but she knew she was not allowed. Whimpering she remained on all fours as the dildo was rammed deep into her throbbing cunt. Natalia’s jaw ached as Todd thrusted his cock deep down inside, enjoying the warmth and the moisture of her throat. Natalia was becoming weak too and Todd could sense it.

He yanked his dick from her throat and backed up, rubbing his hand on his thick eight inches. “You can stop now, slaves.”

With satisfied sighs of relief the girls stopped moving. The dildo remained in each of their pussies, which were red and in pain. They both dripped juices down their inner thighs. Sweat was forming on their pale white flesh and Todd admired them while still stroking his cock. He walked to them, pushing their asses apart so the dildo fell out onto the bed.

“Sit. Hands behind your backs, legs wide apart.”

Natalia, the Russian mistress, and Anne instantly turned and sat on the edge of the bed. Their hands went behind their backs and they spread their legs wide. The lips of their pussies stretched too as their inner tunnels tried to tighten back up after such a rough encounter with the massive dildo, which still laid on the best soaked in their cum. Especially Anne’s.

“What good little slaves you have been. Natalia ate your pussy so good, Anne, didn’t she? Then you both took that dildo like the whores you are. Now I think it’s time to add another player. He’ll be your co-master actually. Aren’t you excited?” Todd asked as he sneered.

The girls shook, trying to keep eye contact but unsure of where this would go. They watched the attractive young man walk to the door and peek his head out. Within seconds he opened the door completely and in walked a friend. His friend was equally attractive.

“This is Scott.” Todd said. Todd walked to the wall of toys and began going through a chest on the ground. Meanwhile, without a single word, Scott began to undress. First the boots, then the socks, and then his pants and shirt. When he turned around the girls could see his perfectly shaped and built body. He was tan with brown hair and brown eyes. He looked very Italian. There was a massive bulge under his boxer briefs which soon came off and sure enough there was an erect seven inch cock, thicker than Todd’s.

“Hello, slaves.” Scott said in an Italian accent. He stood before the girls, stroking his thick shaft and looking down at them. He got to his knees slowly, between the two girls and instantly reached his hands out. Ignoring their plump breasts with their erect nipples, he rubbed his index fingers on their clits at the same time. He looked from one swollen clit to the next. Natalia and Anne squirmed in pain and pleasure as he applied more force. Natalia began to moan gently as she bit her lip and closed her eyes. She tilted her head back and her dark hair ran down to her back dimples.

“C’mon Scott, let’s get to working these hoes.” Todd said as he stood behind his friend. In his hands he held two sets of anal beads. “On all fours, slaves. Hurry up!”

His yell made the girls jump right up and Anne shoved the dildo away so they could get in the middle of the round bed, in the purple lit room. They were on all fours, their asses pressing together in the middle. Natalia hoped they were kneeling the right way. She did not want any further punishment. There would be enough coming soon enough as it was. Todd and Scott separated. Todd stood in front of Natalia’s face, his massive cock still glistening with her saliva. Scott stood in front of Anne. He put his hands up and Todd tossed him some anal beads. At once, as if they had done this before, they leaned over and wiped the girl’s cunts to get their fingers wet in their juices. Each man rubbed the girl’s assholes, lubing them up for the beads. Todd began to shove his into Natalia’s tight ass hole first. Her ass stretched painfully to allow them to slide deep inside of her. Anne whimpered in pain as her beads began to go in. Once fully in their assholes were stretched an inch all around. Natalia’s knees shook and Todd slapped her ass.

“You better stay up, bitch!” He yelled. “Do you understand me?”

“Y-y-yes, master. Please forgive me, master.” Natalia whimpered to him as she looked into his eyes with tears in her own. This made Todd smile.

Meanwhile, Scott was leaning over for the dildo. He pushed Natalia and Anne slightly apart, just enough to be able to slide the double ended toy into their eager cunts. Their juices made slurping sounds as their tunnels stretched wide for the dildo once again. Natalia and Anne could feel the pressure on the anal beads even more.

“Ohhh” They moaned at once. Their juices began to slide out and down their spines already, even though their assholes and pussies were already in pain. They knew it wouldn’t get any better any time quick. They were right. Todd and Scott were moving closer till their cocks entered the girl’s mouths.

“Suck my dick like the hungry little whore you are.” Scott hissed in his Italian tone. He didn’t wait one second before he was thrusting his hips hard. Anne’s pussy was swelling as it was forced to eat the dildo, shoving it into Natalia who lurched forward, causing Todd’s dick to slide deep down her throat and make her gag. Todd laughed, grabbing Natalia’s dark hair with one hand and playing with his own balls with the other. As Scott thrusted Todd did too. The girl’s gagged and choked on the massive cocks slipping down their throats.

Their pussies were soon red once more as the dildo slipped and slide in and out of them. The asses tensed around the thick inch beads that were logged into their ass holes. They moaned, groaned, whimpered, and gaged. Todd and Scott continued to thrust with their jaws down, panting already. Scott grabbed his balls and fondled them. He let out a loud and long moan.

It felt like hours to Natalia and Anne but it was only fifteen minutes when Scott finally reached his max. He yanked his dick out of Anne’s aching mouth and squirt cum into her hair, letting it drip down her face. Todd kept on going. Scott got beside the two girls and leaned forward, rubbing their clits. Natalia and Anne shook, their knees and elbows getting sore and weak. Natalia moaned loudly into Todd’s thick cock as he continued to fuck her face. Anne screamed as she came yet again! Her cum leaked all over the dildo. Scott slowly pulled the beads from her tight asshole, making her orgasm even more intense. She collapsed on the bed panting and the dildo fell from her pussy and Natalia’s as well.

Scott would not give up on Natalia getting off. He shoved Anne off the bed and ignored her yelp of pain and surprise as she landed on the ground. He got on his knees behind Natalia and rubbed her plump ass cheeks before shoving his cock deep inside her soaked cunt. Natalia gasped at the thick size that was now ramming her cunt. He kept his thumb on her clit, rubbing as fast as he could. Todd moaned and close his eyes, shooting his load deep down Natalia’s throat and forcing her to gag. He pulled his cock out, stumbling back into the chair and sighing as he relaxed in pleasure. Natalia swallowed his cum and finally screamed as well. As her pussy tightened around Scott’s monstrous cock he knew she was cumming at last. He pulled the anal beads from her ass slowly and rammed his cock deeper and harder into her until she collapsed on the bed. He pulled himself out and smirked, slapping her ass and leaving a red print.

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