Natalia was a beautiful young girl of twenty three. She lived most of her life in Russia until moving with her mother, her only known family, to the United States at sixteen. Her English was not the best but that only helped her when it came to sex. That was never hard for the slender woman to find. She had dark brown hair that was almost black that ran straight down to her mid-back. Her eyes were a light blue, almost white as crystals. Her tone was feminine but stern.

Natalia spent her Thursday like any other. She would get dressed, drive to work, and go to the bar after. The next day she would repeat, except she’d spend the night at the club with her friends rather than some downtown bar. The bar was her escape. Her friends knew nothing about it and she wanted to keep it that way.

That morning she dressed in a simple white blouse and tight black skirt and heels. She worked as an administrative assistant for a big law firm in town. Work was the usual, her employers hitting on her left and right and she flirted back. She had occasionally slept with the head lawyer in the firm, a good looking forty year old man. She had even sucked the dick of another one of the lawyers who was new and incredibly attractive.

Before she left, later than anyone else, she slipped into the bathroom at 7:25pm. She slid out of her clothes and into something new. She wore a tiny tight red dress and clipped on a silver necklace and bracelets. She brushed her hair out some more and put on some dark makeup around her eyes. She walked out, locked up and got in the car.

On the way to the bar she was driving down the highway. It would be at least a fifteen minute drive with no traffic. She leaned over, pulling a small silver vibrator from her purse. She smirked. She turned it on and kept her eyes on the road as she drove her other hand sliding under her skirt. She gently pressed the vibrator to her clit. Instantly, her legs tensed a little. She pushed it a little harder, rubbing the smooth silver top over her clit up and down as it vibrated intensely. She gulped, her breathing roughened. She squirmed a little in her seat. It felt too good; she couldn’t resist her legs twitching. She rubbed harder and faster, occasionally slipping the small silver vibrator into her tight pink pussy. She felt her juices rushing out and onto the car seat. She moaned to herself, in her own private world inside the car as she began to smell the aroma of her juices. Finally her legs squeezed together, she shifted to the side and she felt her pussy pulse in an orgasm.

At the bar, before she got out, she made sure to use napkins to wipe herself off so nothing would leak from her pantie less crotch. When she was finished she headed inside. Instantly she found the attractive man at the counter, with his shaved scalp and dark brown eyes.

“Hello, darling. Room three tonight.” the man said with a wink and handed her, her usual – jack on the rocks. She simply smirked and headed for the backrooms. Back there it was dark. The lights remained dim at all times. There were three doors on each side, each one a tiny room. She walked to the third door on the right side that held a black letter three. She opened it up and stepped inside, observing the decor. She hadn’t been in this room yet in the three months she had come to the bar.

“Not bad.” she said in her deep Russian accent.

The room was small like the rest, lit by a purple light. The bed was circular and white in the middle, a bar was up on the ceiling where her hands could be cuffed, and on several sides of the bed there were straps for her ankles. The walls were dark purple cushion, or maybe they only looked such a color due to the light. She ignored that and looked at the items on the wall. There was several vibrators of different sizes, a few sets of anal beads again in different sizes, whips, cuffs, and lube as well.

“Won’t need that.” Natalia laughed.

Suddenly, the door opened. A younger man, probably in his late twenties, came in. Natalia immediately observed him. He dressed incredibly casual in black shorts and a plain black t-shirt. You could tell he just wanted to strip to nothing and have some fun. He had dirty blonde hair, short but styled and she could tell his eyes were not brown but she couldn’t tell in the lighting if they were green or blue.

“Well now I’m not so mad about the price he made me pay for this.” the man said. “Names Todd, that’s all you need to know. Now, undress.”

Todd walked to the corner where a circular black chair was and sat down. He undid his shoes slowly but kept his eyes on Natalia who did not say a word. She smirked in a sexy manner and slowly rocked her body back and forth, sliding the dress down over her slender physique. Her large breasts were revealed, then her tight stomach, and her clean shaven pussy. Her dress dropped to the ground and she stepped out.

“Heels too.” Todd said calmly, his shoes socks and shirt all off by this point and in a neat pile on the ground. Natalia obeyed again, her heels easily kicked off and without needing the order she climbed onto the bed and stood, legs sprawled, arms up, ready to be locked up tight.

“That’s a good girl, aren’t you?” Todd said pleased. He stood up and quickly locked her ankles far apart and her wrists above her head. She looked too good to pass up. Todd stood and observed her for a moment, his hands finding her breasts and squeezing. She had to be at least a 36C. He pinched her nipples causing her to flinch back but she liked it.

“If that hurt, wait till you see what happened later.” Todd laughed.

“I can’t wait.” Natalia replied, winking. He smacked her hard, leaving a pink mark across her cheek. He got close, his face lingering inches from her own. He held her chin tightly with his thumb and index finger.

“Don’t you dare fucking speak unless i ask you a question. And you will call me master at all times. Do i make myself clear, you fucking slut?” his eyes glared.

“Yes, master.” she panted a little scared by the random act of violence. Out of the sixteen men who had used her, and the one woman, she hadn’t ever been treated like that.

Todd stepped down and backed up, pulling off his shorts and boxer briefs. His dick was already hard, which was not abnormal. He was a good size too. Seven inches, possibly a little more, but very thick. He kept himself trimmed too.

He turned to the wall, eyeing the toys. But he grabbed nothing and returned. He climbed up on the bed and dropped to his knees. His eyes were directly in front of her perfectly shaven pussy. Slowly he reached his tongue out, touching her clit. With the very tip of his moist tongue he licked her clit. He didn’t stay slow for long and was soon moving his tongue up and down at an incredible speed, his hands grabbed her ass and squeezed. His tongue began going over her pussy lips then deep inside of her. He licked fast and hard, making Natalia moan softly.

He didn’t stay for long; soon he was standing up and pressing his body against her’s. His hands ran up and down her sides, admiring her curves and her ass as well as her breasts. His lips met with her neck where he bit her so hard it instantly left a mark. He kept nipping and sucking at her neck as his fingers made their way into her. He penetrated her pussy with three fingers and felt how tight Natalia was. He was impressed.

“Oh!” Natalia moaned as he pumped his three fingers deep inside of her. He removed them, backing up a little and shoving them into her mouth.

“Suck on that, slut.”

Natalia did as she knew she must and she sucked on his fingers, cleaning up her own juices and tasting herself for the very first time. It turned her on even more. And it turned the handsome man on as well. She could feel his thick cock up against her soaked pussy. He smirked, looking down as his hand grabbed his dick. He rubbed the head over her lips. She was soaked and he loved it. With no warning as all one arm wrapped around her lower waist, pulling her close into him as his dick sunk deep inside of her. Natalia’s head fell back and she moaned loudly.

“Ah!” she gasped, feeling her pussy widen as his cock slid deeper inside until there was no more left. He held her waist still as he thrusted inside of her, not even going slow for a moment. He was rocking her body back and forth, keeping his rock hard dick deep inside her at all times.

“Yeah, you like that bitch?” he asked breathing hard.

“Oh… I… oh!! Yes! Yes, master.” she moaned, her legs tensing as juices leaked down her bare well worked legs.

One of his hands moved from her waist and slapped her ass, again forcing her pussy closer to his pounding dick. She yelped in pain and pleasure. Then his hand continued to slide down until it went between her well rounded cheeks and found her tight black hole.

Natalia was nervous, knowing he hadn’t rubbed her juices on her asshole and he hadn’t used lube. She never had a dry finger go inside of her ass. But she had no time to complain or to plead, his index finger slid inside of her. Todd struggled to get it in but with force he managed, his cock still banging in the front of her.

“Fuck!” it slipped from Natalia’s mouth.

Todd reached his spare hand up and slapped her.

“What the fuck did you just say? Didn’t i tell you not a word?” he yelled. He leaned forward and bit her neck hard, drawing some blood. Natalia flinched away with tears in her eyes. “Didn’t i?” he screamed again.

Natalia gasped and moaned; still his cock would not let up on her swollen pink pussy.

“Yes… ma. Ma…master. I’m…I’m sorry, master.” she pleaded.

“Now you need to be punished. You think one dry finger is bad? Just wait.” he laughed as he began inserting two more fingers at the same time. Her ass stretched wide as he slid three fingers her, thrusting as hard as he could while still thrusting his hips. His cock slid in and out, his balls slapping back and forth while his fingers made her ass sore and red.

He was close to cumming and so was she. Natalia couldn’t believe in such pain she was still about to get off. Todd could feel her pussy squeezing around his dick now. He used his free hand to rub her clit hard. His thumb pressed her clit, rubbing up and down. Natalia began to shake, shifting side to side in her restraints. Her legs were weak and barely able to hold herself up.

Finally her head tipped back and she moaned, breathing hard as her pussy tightened and pulse around his dick. “Oh, master. I’m cumming, master.”

“That’s… a good…oh, a good girl.” he moaned back, panting now. He pulled all three fingers from her ass, thrusting harder now if that were even possible! At the last second he yanked his dick from her pussy, juices flying everywhere and he came, shooting it off the bed and onto the ground. He massaged his dick as he came, panting. Natalia wanted to fall limp on the bed but she couldn’t from her wrists being tied up above her.

Todd stepped down and began to clean and dress himself.

“What about me?” Natalia asked, wondering if he forgot.

“The owners my good friend. I’ve got you for the next twenty-four hours and I’ve got a few friends I’d like you to meet.” he winked, walking over with an open bottle of water and putting it to her lips. Natalia looked terrified, her eyes wide. She refused the water. “Your loss. You’ll want it later, i promise.” he laughed his evil laugh, walking out of the room.

Right before he left he turned and said, “My friend Anne is coming in next. You and her will put on quite a show for me.” he winked and left the room. For now…

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