As hard as I had tried not to I must have fell asleep eventually, because all of a sudden I found myself getting of the bed to accept the tray of breakfast that was being pushed through the hatch.

I took the tray, went back to the bed and stared at the food before me. A couple of pieces of lukewarm toast, a bowl of soggy cornflakes and a warm mug of coffee was what constituted breakfast and, although it looked terrible, I was that hungry that I devoured everything in less than five minutes.

As I picked up the tray to take back to the hatch the bowl fell to the floor, and then was when I first saw the note that had been hidden under it. Picking the paper up I unfolded it and stared at the words before me.


Screwing the piece of paper up I went to drop it into the small toilet but, just as I was about to let go, I changed my mind. Thinking before I acted, for once, I realized that this note could help get me out of solitary, and maybe even the prison, before I was due to be released and all I needed to do was get it to someone on the outside who could take it to the authorities.

Taking the note back over to the bed I smoothed it out as best as I could, before slipping it under my mattress. As soon as I got out of solitary, and was allowed to send letters, I would send the note to my ex, he would know just who to take it to.

For the first time since being put in solitary I allowed myself the briefest of smiles and banged on the hatch.

“What the fuck are you banging for?” someone said from the other side of the door, eventually.

“Finished that muck you call breakfast,” I replied. “Thought you might want the plate, bowl and cup back.”

The hatch was opened angrily and, as I held the tray near to it, I saw the first face since being locked in the cell, I just hoped he wasn’t the owner of one of the cocks that I had been made to suck the night before. Judging by what bit of his face I saw he looked like he didn’t take too much pride in his appearance, his face was unshaven, his teeth yellow and cracked and as or his hair, well that looked like it hadn’t seen a brush or a comb in years.

Instantly I began to feel physically sick and hurried towards the small toilet, as the guard burst out laughing.

“Wished I had been on duty last night,” he called through the hatch. “Sounds like the guards that were here had a very good night.”

“Fuck off cunt,” I shouted towards the door, relieved that at least he hadn’t been there.

“That’s no way to talk to anyone is it boy?” the guard shouted. “Maybe I should open this door and teach you a fucking lesson.”

“I reckon that maybe you fucking should to,” I called back, my temper starting to get the better of me.

I heard the keys jangling, and one inserted into the lock and prepared myself for when the door open but, before the door swung open, the guard started to laugh loudly.

“Do you think I’m as fucking stupid as you?” he called through the door. “No I think I will bide my time and wait until later.”

With that the key was removed from the door, and the guard walked away howling with laughter, leaving me alone yet again and I spun around and let fly with my fist against the wall, wincing in pain as I connected. Looking at my fist I saw it blackening rapidly as blood seeped from the grazes on my knuckles, and I cursed under my breath.

I knew I shouldn’t let my temper get the better of me, that is what led me to The Quarry in the first place after all, but I just couldn’t get the niggling feeling that something more was going on here than just rehabilitation.

Blood dripped from my knuckles to the floor and I tried to clench my fist but the pain that tore through my hand was unbearable. Using my good hand I pulled my vest top over my head, wet it in the basin and wrapped it around my fist, hoping the cold dampness would bring out the full swelling rapidly.

With nothing else to do I sat back on the bed and reached for the not under the mattress. After reading through it a few times I slipped it into the sole of my shoe, and then banged on the cell door.

“What’s all the fucking noise?” A guard said when he finally arrived.

“I need to see a doctor,” I replied. “I think I’ve broke my hand.”

“And how the fuck did you manage that?”

“I fell and landed on it,” I lied.

“Step away from the door and I’ll have a look.”

I stepped back as I heard the keys slotted into the lock. Slowly the guard pushed the door open, presumably to make sure I had stepped back like he had ordered me to, and entered.

“Let’s have a fucking look then,” he barked.

Slowly I unclenched my fist and held it out. Without warning the guard grabbed my wrist, causing me to yelp out in pain, before bending to look at it closely. It would have been so easy for me to bring my knee up, into the guard’s face, if I wasn’t in excruciating agony.

“Looks fucking broken,” the guard said. “Guess that means a trip to the doc.”

The guard took his radio from his belt and called another guard to come and take me, shutting me back in the cell to wait for their arrival.

By the time the other guard arrived half an hour had passed and the throbbing in my hand was getting more and more unbearable, but eventually I was led through the prison and into the doctor’s office.

“What have we got here?” The doctor asked, looking at me extremely swollen hand.

“Reckons he fell on it while he was in solitary.”

“Okay leave him with me,” the doctor told the guard. “I’ll call when we’re finished.”

As soon as the guard had left the doctor turned back to me, and smiled.

“Okay now tell me how you really did it,” the doc asked.

“Punched the wall,” I replied.

“Why on earth did you do that?”

“Because since I have been in solitary all the guards think it’s their right to stick their dicks into the cell for me to suck them off,” I said my anger rising again.

“And have you been?”

“Only because I fear for my safety down there yes.”

“Okay well let’s get you x-rayed first,” The doc said. “Then we can decide what steps to take.”

Putting my arm carefully in a sling the doctor led me through a couple of rooms before we arrived at the x-ray department, well I say department in reality it was one small room with an x-ray machine. After the radiographer took a number of pictures, from different angles, I was told to wait outside until the films were ready, and once they were I headed back with the doctor.

Sitting behind his desk the doctor held up each of the images before putting them down and looking at me.

“Well it is definitely broken,” he said. “So I think I shall get it casted and then have you on the hospital wing or a couple of days.”

“Well at least I’ll be away from those sex starved solitary guards,” I said trying my best to make a joke out of the situation.

“True and if I didn’t know better I would say that’s exactly why you did it,” the doc said. “To get out of doing your time in solitary.”

“Well I shouldn’t have been there in the first place,” I said. “And wouldn’t have been if the quarry boss had any balls of his own.”

“What do you mean?” the doctor asked sounding intrigued.

“Oh nothing it doesn’t matter,” I replied, not wanting to say too much.

“Your choice but maybe I could help,” the doc said.

“I doubt it,” I said. “Besides I don’t know how much I can trust you either.”

The doctor looked at me and said nothing, instead he just encased my hand and lower arm in plaster, and then led me to the hospital wing.

“I’ll be back later to see how you are,” he said before walking away.

As he went, leaving my lying in a freshly made bed, I started to wonder if I could trust him or I he would just be like all the other members of staff. Not letting it bother me too much I lay back, enjoying the softness, and cleanliness, of the bed.

Looking around at all the empty beds, there were seven of them, I couldn’t believe that there was no-one else on the ward but assumed they probably tried to get prisoners in and out as quickly as possible.

Eventually I began to drift of but as I did a shadow loomed over me and I opened my eyes to come face to face with the doctor again.

“How’s the hand feeling?” He asked.

“Not too bad I guess,” I replied.

“Good that’s probably down to the painkillers at the minute,” he said. “Wait until they wear off then see.”

“Okay I will do.”

The doctor started to walk away before turning sharply on his heels and coming back over to me.

“I’m afraid the governor is a bit concerned about you being on an open ward,” the doctor said. “He would prefer you to be in one of the side rooms.”

“So move me then,” I said.

“I just had to make sure you weren’t going to kick off,” the doctor said. “The governor will be around to see you in a while.”

“What for?” I asked.

“Just too make sure you are okay,”

Not bothering to answer I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and stood up.

“Let’s go then,” I said.

The doctor led me to the end of the ward and opened one of the side doors.

“You’ll be here for a couple of days then taken back to solitary,” he said.

“Whatever,” I replied the doctor’s voice beginning to get on my nerves, even though I found myself starting to get attracted to his good looks.

At first I didn’t really pay much attention to him, thinking that I would hardly see him, but the more he was around the more I started to notice just how handsome he really was. His neatly cut dark hair, chiseled features, slim but well packaged body and his genuine niceness to me started to have an effect and I began to wonder if, just maybe, he would be the one person that I could trust in this prison full of sexual degenerates.

As I continued to stare at him my cock started to stiffen rapidly inside my trousers, and I just wanted him to leave the room so I could masturbate while thinking of all the things I would like to do to him. The thing was that as I stared he must have noticed because, without me realizing it, he silently closed the door behind him.

“What are you thinking about Julez? He asked snapping my out of my thoughts.

“Oh nothing really,” I lied.

“Come on Julez there is no need to be shy,” he said. “I saw the way you were staring at me.”

“What sorry I never meant to,” I said the hardness in my trousers almost unbearable.

“It’s okay Julez,” he whispered taking a step forward. “I understand exactly.”

“Understand what,” I said the need to wank growing stronger by the second.

“Understand that being locked up can get frustrating.”

He took another step closer, and I felt his breath on my face, which really didn’t help my raging hard on at all. I closed my eyes hoping, but not expecting, something was about to happen, but when it did it still caught me by surprise.

The doctor’s breath got closer and I felt his hot lips brush against my cheek lightly, before his hand went behind my neck and he pulled our mouths together and forcefully pushed his tongue into my mouth. Relaxing against his touch I allowed my tongue to snake past his and into his mouth, gripping the back of his neck like he was mine.

We continued to kiss passionately and as we did his hand gripped my hard cock through my trousers, and began to massage me slowly.

Gasping into his mouth as he fondled my cock expertly, I let my hand run down his back and gripped his tight ass in my hand as I heard, and felt, my zip being lowered slowly. The doctor slipped his hand into my trousers, and boxers, and wrapped his fingers around my thick, hard shaft before pulling his lips away.

“Fuck Julez your cock feels amazing,” he said releasing it from the confines of my clothes.

Slowly he began to stroke my hardness, more than once almost bringing me to climax, before he looked down and dropped to his knees. Gently holding my aching cock in his hand he slowly flicked his tongue over my swollen, purple head, sending shivers of ecstasy through my body, before he slowly took my whole length in his mouth.

As he sucked me slowly, and I held his head, the doctor massaged my balls, occasionally stopping sucking to take them in his mouth. The way he was gicing me head was similar to the last lover I had had, not a doctor in prison and, after sucking all the thug guards, it felt really good to be the one receiving, and receiving from such an expert cock sucker.

Taking his mouth from my cock the doctor looked up at me, and smiled seductively, before returning to my cock, only this time slipping his hand between my legs and beginning to stroke the crack of my ass. I gasped and gripped his head tighter as I felt his finger work its way in between my cheek and start probing my tight hole, sending me almost over the edge.

“Oh fuck yes,” I gasped. “Please don’t stop doing that.”

Letting one hand drop from his head I placed it between my legs, on top off his, and kept it there as he slowly slipped his middle finger gently into my willing hole, and began probing and massaging until he reached my g-spot. As soon as his finger brushed over it I couldn’t control myself any longer and, with a loud groan, began to cum. As jet after jet of my thick, white, milky liquid erupted from the end of my cock into his mouth the doctor continued to stroke my prostrate all the time swallowing as fast as he could.

It wasn’t until I was completely drained, and my legs felt like jelly, did the doctor let my cock fall from his mouth and look up at me. The smile on his face showed how much he had enjoyed swallowing my seed and I suddenly felt desperate to see his cock, and feel it inside my loosened hole.

“Fuck doc that was great,” I gasped. “Guess it’s my turn.”

“Not if you don’t want to,” he answered surprising me. “And my name’s Matt you can’t keep calling me doc.”

“Okay Matt,” I said. “And believe me I really want to.”

Matt looked at me, a look that wasn’t pure lust and smiled yet again.

“Okay Julez I you are sure.”

“I’m sure,” I replied. “Sit on the bed for me.”

Matt did as I asked and this time it was my turn on my knees. Lowering myself, careful not to bang my hand, I undid Matt’s zip and released his cock. Gasping as I saw it for the first time I wrapped my good hand around his thick eight inch shaft and began to stroke him slowly, never taking my eyes from the swollen purple head.

As I continued to stroke Matt’s cock slowly he sat on the bed moaning softly, obviously enjoying the feeling of being wanked gently, and as soon as I spied the first drop of pre-cum seep from the slit in his cock I lowered my head.

Running my tongue up the full length of his shaft, and over the pre-cum covered head, I felt my own cock hardening again quickly. As soon as I flicked my tongue over the pre-cum Matt moaned and begged me to suck his cock.

“Please Julez suck me, make me cum,” he whispered breathlessly.

I looked up at him as I continued to stroke his cock and smiled.

“I’ll suck it Matt but not until you cum,” I said.

“Why not Julez?” he asked looking slightly confused.

“Because I need your cock in my ass that’s why,” I said as I lowered my mouth around his shaft, eager to get it wet enough to slide easily into my ass.

I sucked him quickly, stroking my cock as I did so, until I had finally reached the point where I had to let him fuck me. I let his cock fall from my mouth and stood up slowly.

“Fuck me Matt I need you in me right now,” I gasped still stroking my cock.

“Are you sure Julez?” Matt asked.

“Just fuck me Matt,” I said climbing onto the bed and pushing my ass back.

Matt moved behind me, and slipped his trousers down, before gripping his cock and moving forward. I gasped as I felt the wetness of his cock against my ass and reached behind myself, with my good hand, and pulled my cheeks apart.

“Do it Matt,” I almost screamed. “Fuck me and fuck me hard.”

Without saying a word Matt pushed his thick eight inched straight into my ass, causing me to wince a little, and he began to thrust back and forth slowly.

“Oh fuck Matt that feels so fucking good,” I gasped and pushed my ass back onto his cock.

Matt’s thrusting became quicker and more urgent as he got closer and closer to his ejaculation, and I felt him tense his body after only a couple more minutes.

“Fuck Matt that’s it,” I gasped breathlessly. “Give it to me give me everything you’ve got.”

With one final, hard, thrust Matt buried his cock as deep into my ass as he could and I felt it twitch violently, before he gasped.

“Oh fuck Julez I’m Cumming.”

“Yes Matt fill my ass with your thick cum,” I almost begged as he continued to pound into my ass furiously.

“Yes yes yes!” I screamed out, relieved that no-one could hear us.

Eventually though Matt’s thrusts slowed to a standstill and, surprising me, he ran his hand up my back slowly.

“Fuck Julez that was fucking amazing,” Matt said breathlessly. “I can’t believe we just did that.

“Neither can I Matt,” I gasped back before collapsing onto my stomach Matt’s cock still in my ass.

“That’s the first time I have ever fucked an inmate,” Matt said.

“Do you expect me to believe that?” I said looking over my shoulder at his sweat covered face.

“I know you probably won’t but it is true,” Matt said. “There’s something about you that I really like.”

“Well you are fucking handsome yourself,” I said.

“Look now will you trust me?” Matt asked.

“I really want to,” I said. “I need someone I can confide in.”

“So why don’t you?”

“Because how do I know that you won’t just go to the governor and tell him anything I say.”

“That bastard you’ve got to be kidding,” Matt said. “I fucking hate how he runs this place, and how he treats you cons but daren’t speak out for fear of losing my job, and I really need the money.”

Rolling onto my back causing his soft cock to fall out of my ass, along with some of his seed, I looked into his eyes and could see that he was serious about the governor.

“Tell me more about your hatred for the governor,” I said. “And why you need the money so bad.”

“Can I trust you Julez?” Matt asked. “After all you still don’t know whether to trust me.”

“If we can help each other then yes you can trust me,” I said. “But cross me and you will find out just why I got put in here in the first place.”

“Okay Julez it’s a deal.”

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