I bowed my head as the judge stared down from his chair to me.

“I cannot believe that somebody without any previous convictions could have snapped the way you did over one small comment,” he began.

“But sir…” I started to reply.

“Silence!!” The judge roared. “No matter what he said, or did, you had no right to leave him fighting for his life in hospital.”

“So you’re saying it was okay for him and his friends to try doing what they had planned?” I asked my rage starting to boil over.

“You and your friend should have walked away and gone for help,” The judge continued. “Instead you used excessive violence and for that I have no choice but to hand you the severest sentence that this court will allow.”

I stared at the judge, the veins in my neck throbbing with rage, as I waited to hear what his sentence would be. I just hoped that he took my previous flawless record into account.

“The only thing that has managed to reduce the sentence I am handing you,” the judge began. “Is the fact that you admitted your guilt at the earliest opportunity.”

I held my breath as I waited for his next sentence.

“So taking everything into account I sentence you to three year’s hard labour at The Quarry.”

Quickly raising my head I stared at the judge.

“You have got to be joking,” I said my body trembling with rage.

“I can double it if you would like me to,” the judge roared down at me.

“Three years, no parole, and maybe in the future you will think before you do anything like this again.”

As soon as he had finished speaking two large, tattooed, security guards appeared, from out of nowhere, either side of me.

“Take him down.”

Suddenly my arms were clamped in the vice like

grip of the guards and I was dragged from the dock, out to a waiting van and bundled into the back. There were two other people, one man and one woman, already in the van and as the guard handcuffed me to the restraining bar I noticed them both staring at me, silently.

It wasn’t until I was fully restrained, and the guards had claimed into the front of the van, that either of them spoke, and then it was the woman.

“What did you get?” She asked.

“Three years at The Quarry,” I replied.

“Fucking hell man,” the male prisoner said. “What the fuck did you do to get that?”

I stared at him, sizing him up before deciding whether to tell him. He was a scrawny looking man with long straggly hair and he was skinny as hell.

“Put someone in hospital,” was all I said.

“Must have been bad,” the man responded. “Normally The Quarry is eighteen months maximum.”

“So what about you?” I asked him.


Turning away from him as he put his head down I looked back at the woman. She was muscular, had long golden hair, immense breasts and tattoos down both arms and on her legs.

“What did you do?” I asked her. “The name’s Julez by the way.”

“I’m Sabrina,” she replied. “And I you must know I murdered a man that was trying to rape me.

“So where are you being sent?”

“Same as you, only the woman’s side, but he’s right I only got eighteen months there then I’m getting transferred to a regular woman’s prison.”

As she spoke I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The thug I had battered was still alive yet I got double the length o time that she had, it didn’t seem right.

“Where are you going?” I asked the man looking back at him.

“Rehabilitation for six months,” he replied. “At the new drug rehab place this government have had built.”

During the rest of the journey the three of us sat in silence, my mind racing as to why I had been punished as severely as I had, until we came to a screeching halt and the back door opened.

Two men dressed in hospital whites climbed into the van, took the man out roughly and slammed the door shut again before the van started up again. The rest of the journey took about an hour and when we finally pulled up I stared out of the window, at the imposing stone walls that I saw before me.

The doors were thrown open and the two guards that bundled me in stood there, an evil smirk on their face, and then climbed in to unshackle Sabrina and me, before pushing us out into the blazing sunlight.

As we walked towards the entrance the large wooden door swung open and two more guards, this time female, came out and took Sabrina in one direction while I was led the opposite way.

“Make the most of her,” one of the guards said. “That’s the last woman you’ll see for three fucking years.”

I smiled to myself at the thought of the guard thinking not seeing a woman for three years was going to bother me, they had no idea that being locked up for three years with men would normally be my idea of heaven.

The thing was the reason I had been sent to The Quarry was because some homophobic thugs thought it would be funny to try and get me and a straight friend to fuck each other in the streets, getting nasty when we refused, and I had given the ringleader the pasting that had left him lying in a hospital bed.

Trudging along white corridors I was led to what was named the welcome suite and told to sit and wait to be formally signed in. The guards then walked away, muttering to each other, leaving me alone in the room.

Looking around I was impressed with how clean and tidy everywhere was. The things I had heard about this place gave me images of a dark medieval style prison, run by violent thugs that either broke the inmates or killed them.

Eventually a well dressed, cleanly shaven, man walked into the room and over to me. He looked me up and down without saying a word before he finally spoke.

“Stand up and strip,” he ordered as he turned to the table behind him.

Doing as he asked I slipped my boots, socks, jeans and t-shirt off, leaving me in front of him in just my boxer shorts. When he turned back around, and saw me standing there like I was he smiled.

“When I said strip I meant everything,” he said. “NOW FUCKING DO IT!”

Taken aback by the sudden outburst of anger I hooked my thumbs into the boxer shorts waistband before sliding them slowly down my legs.

“See that wasn’t fucking hard was it?” The man said slipping his hands into a pair of latex gloves.

Walking over to me he began to check my head, running his fingers through my hair roughly, before lifting my arms and giving those a thorough examination as well. Once he was satisfied with my upper body he dropped to his knees, pushed my legs apart, and ran his hands up them slowly, getting closer and closer to my cock. Looking down it would have been so easy for me to grab his head and force myself between his lips, but I resisted the urge, although the thought had started to stiffen my cock a little too rapidly.

As he lifted his head he couldn’t help but notice my state o excitement and he looked up at me.

“Impressive cock,” he said. “I can see you being very popular here.”

He laughed out loudly once he had finished his sentence, before flicking the swollen head of my dick hard with his finger, causing it to soften quickly.

“Turn the fuck around and bend over the desk,” he said standing back up straight. “And open your legs.”

Cautiously I did as he said and, without warning, felt a cold, sticky liquid squirted onto my ass before he rubbed it into my hole and roughly inserted a finger.

“You would be surprised what some of you people smuggle in here,” he said as his finger worked around the inside of my ass, brushing over my prostrate, and instantly hardening my cock once again.

As he continued to probe, far longer than I thought was really necessary, the throbbing in my cock got worse and a small amount of pre-cum leaked from my cock’s slit. Finally he removed his finger, turned back to his table, and began to write.

When he turned back around he told me to go through to the net room, pointing at the door in the corner, and I did as he asked without saying a word, desperately trying to make sure he didn’t see the effect his anal probing had had upon me.

The next room was just as clean as the first only there were already four other, fully naked, men standing in a line with their hands protecting what little modesty they had left. Joining the end of the line I waited as one by one the men in front slowly moved forward, through an x-ray scanner, which after the anal intrusion I assumed we had all gone through I didn’t think needed, but kept my mouth shut.

Once we had all moved through we were ushered through yet another door, into what turned out to be a shower room. The five of us lined up and, without warning, the showers were switched on and a jet of freezing cold water cascaded down over our bodies, eventually warming up just enough.

None of us spoke as we washed ourselves all over quickly, but I noticed a couple of the other men looking at each other with a look of longing I their eyes. Slowly the other two and me left the shower, leaving the two that were staring at each other alone, moved to yet another room, and dried off.

As we began to walk through the next door I could hear the moaning and groaning of the two that we had left behind in the shower, and smiled to myself as it was obvious what was going on.

The next room looked totally different to the crisp, clean whiteness of all the other rooms so far, instead this was dark, smelt damp and was where we were to be handed our new clothes for the duration of our stay.

Walking to the counter, where two large men were handing out the clothes I was handed me a pile of clothes and a pair of boots.

“Put them on and be quick about it!” the man ordered.

I stepped back from the counter to the benches behind me and placed my clothes down, before beginning to get dressed. At least the clothes all looked new, there was no way I would have worn some boxer shorts that had already been used and I stepped into them, before the socks, jeans and vest top followed quickly.

Once I was dressed I was ordered to leave the room by a door at the far end and as I did I found myself greeted by yet another guard in a long corridor.

“Follow me,” the guard said. “And you better keep up.”

I did as he said until he stopped in front of a door, knocked and then swung it open.

“In there,” he said pushing me in the back roughly.

I was about to turn and say something but a door opposite opened, and in walked what I assumed was the governor.

“You must be Julez,” the man said.

“Yeah that’s me,” I replied.

“First of all when you speak to me you will address me as sir,” he said before sitting behind a large mahogany desk. “Secondly your say here will be as pleasant for you as possible providing you don’t cause any trouble.”

I shuffled in front of the governor, trying to keep my eyes on the floor, a task I was finding increasingly difficult considering how handsome he was.

The governor had a large muscular frame, was clean shaven with short, dark hair and film star looks.

“I think it would be polite if you actually looked at me when I was speaking,” he said, snapping my mind away from the thoughts that were beginning to enter my head.

Looking up at him I felt the first stirring of yet another erection in my jeans and was grateful that they were quite loose around the crotch area.

“You will start earning your keep tomorrow, at 7am,” He said. “Today you settle into your room and make sure you understand the rules of this place.”

With that he walked over to me and handed me a thick book with an image of the walls I first came through on the front.

“Follow everything in there and your next three years will fly by,” he told me. “If not then what happens will be your own fault.”

As he walked back to his desk I stared longingly at his ass, the outline perfect in his tight trousers, and my cock grew a little more.

“That’s all for now,” the governor said. “Don’t let me see you in here again. GUARD.”

“Thank you sir,” I said keeping hold of the book.

The door flew open and the same guard that had brought me to the office came back in.

“Take him to Block C.”

“Yes sir,” the guard said and led me out of the room.

As we walked I kept my eyes fully alert, checking out every inch of the place seeing, what each room was called until we finally arrived at Block C, where I was handed to yet another guard, who proceeded to take me to my ‘room’.

Pushing me through the door I looked around. The room was no bigger than eight feet square, with just a bed and wash basin in. the bed was just a standard metal framed single bed and the sheets and blankets were folded neatly on top.

“Get the fucking bed made and start reading,” the guard said before pulling the door closed behind him and locking me in.

Putting the book on the side of the wash basin I made the bed quickly, before picking it up again and lying back. If this was to be home for the next three years I thought I might as well get myself comfortable and began to read.

Although I was trying to read my mind kept wandering back to the governor, and his hot tight ass, and I felt my cock harden rapidly. Kicking my boots off I slipped under the covers and, holding the handbook in one hand, slipped my other one under the cover and opened the zipper and button of my jeans.

Slowly I wrapped my fingers around my thick, hard shaft and began to stroke myself slowly, all the time listening out for anybody coming. I continued to stroke slowly, thoughts of the governor wrapping his gorgeous lips around my hard shaft filling my head and I began to move my hand quicker, the feeling of imminent ejaculation rapidly filling my body.

Tensing my legs I gripped my cock tightly and stroked really fast until I couldn’t hold back any longer, the first jet of cum erupting from my cock onto the sheets next to me. I continued to stroke, milking every last drop that my body had to give, not caring about the state I was getting my sheets into until I was finally spent, and not a moment too soon either.

I heard the door out on the wing open again and just managed to get my cock away as another guard walked past, with yet another new inmate. Breathing heavily I went back to the handbook but it was no use, I just couldn’t concentrate so I got of the bed, made sure I was all zipped up correctly and dropped to the floor, where I proceeded to do some press-ups.

By the time I had done fifty two or three more guards had walked past my cell, with new inmates, and soon all but one of the rooms, the one directly opposite me, was occupied and the noise on the wing began to get louder and louder. I listened carefully, trying to make out anything that was being said, but it was virtually impossible. All I could make out was the sound of sobbing coming from two rooms down from mine and I walked to the front of my cell.

Placing my arms through the bars I rested my head against them and began to wonder if anything other than being locked up was going to happen during the day, as I could see myself going stir crazy.

Soon though the shouting, and two cells down’s sobbing had stopped, and all that could be heard was the sound of breathing and pages of the handbook being turned. Deciding I ought to continue with the handbook I was about to turn back to my bed when the door at the far end of the wing flew open and two guards came into the room. Striding past my cell they continued to the last cell on the opposite side of the room.

“For fuck’s sake Jeff can’t you keep away from this place,” one of the guards said to the person behind the bars.

“You know why I can’t,” the man called Jeff replied.

“Surely you can find someone on the outside,” the other guard said.

“Why would I when I can get all I want here?”

One of the guards took a quick look around and I stepped back so he didn’t see me.

“Okay tell us what you want Jeff,” the guards said.

“You know what I want,” came the reply.

“We want to hear you say it Jeff,” the other guard said. “NOW SAY IT!”

I listened and couldn’t believe what Jeff next said.

“Please sirs let me suck your dicks.”

“That’s better Jeff,” one of them said as both guards proceeded to unzip their trousers and take their, already, rock hard cocks out for Jeff.

“You know what to do now Jeff.”

I watched, amazed, as Jeff reached through the bars and took both of the guards cocks in each hand and began to stroke them slowly. As he did the guards turned to face each other and began to kiss each other passionately, their hands reaching forward and stroking Jeff’s face as his hands continued to work their cocks.

“Get on your knees Jeff,” one of the guards said once he pulled away from the other one’s lips. “Get down and suck my cock.”

Jeff didn’t need telling twice and I watched as he dropped to his knees and brought his head forward to the cell bars. Slowly he wrapped his lips around the guard’s thick, swollen cock and began to move his head back and forth, all the time continuing to stroke the other guards cock as he sucked.

My own cock was rock hard again but I was too afraid to do anything, in case they all heard me, so I just continued to stare, but wished that it was me with a mouthful of hard cock.

Suddenly, and without warning, the guard being sucked let out a loud, audible moan and pulled Jeff’s head as far forward as possible with his hair and bucked his hips aggressively.

“Oh fuck Jeff that’s it,” the guard moaned. “Swallow it all you dirty little cocksucker.”

Jeff’s head moved quicker I it was obvious that the guard had finally cum, and was filling Jeff’s mouth with his thick, white, milky liquid.

“Fuck Sam hurry up,” the other guard said. “I need to fuck his tight ass hard.”

With one last thrust into Jeff’s mouth Sam groaned loudly, before withdrawing his cock.

“You heard him Jeff,” Sam said. “Stand up, drop your pants and turn around.”

Without saying a word Jeff did as he was asked and I watched as the guards gripped his shaft and guided it slowly between Jeff’s ass cheeks before thrusting forward quickly, which caused Jeff to cry out.

“Oh yes your ass is so fucking tight Jeff.”

“That’s it Mark fuck him and fuck him hard,” Sam said still stroking his cock.

Placing his hands either side of Jeff’s hips Mark began to thrust quickly back and forth, Jeff moaning with each forward thrust, until he couldn’t hold back any longer. Reaching into the cell he grabbed Jeff by the hair and pulled his head back.

“I’m cumming Jeff,” Mark said breathlessly.

“Oh fuck yes do it, fill me sir,” Jeff called over his shoulder.

With a final thrust forward Mark grunted loudly and both he and Jeff started to moan as he unloaded his seed deep inside Jeff’s ass. Once Mark was fully drained he pulled his cock free and quickly zipped himself back up just as Sam, who had been furiously wanking while Jeff was being fucked, came again, his cum splashing against the cell bars and Jeff’s ass.

Once both guards had put their cocks away Jeff turned to face them.

“Thank you so much sirs,” Jeff said his breathing slowly returning to normal.

“Here Jeff we will see you tomorrow,” Mark said as he handed Jeff a packet of tobacco.

“Oh I hope you do sirs.”

With that the guards turned away and, as I backed up onto my bed, began to walk back up the wing towards the exit, before Sam stopped outside my cell.

“Hope you enjoyed the show new boy,” he said staring at me. “Who knows you may just be lucky enough to get the same treatment while you are here.”

He then walked away and left me, alone and with a massive hard on, to think about what he had just said. As hot as it had been watching the two guards have their way with Jeff, and seeing them unload their muck into and onto him, neither of them were the sort of men I ever went for, and I just hoped that they would stay the fuck away from me.

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