Laura didn’t work; I don’t think it was in her nature. While I frittered away my life as a drone at a mid-size financial planning and investment firm she whiled away her days smoking pot, hanging out with her deadbeat mates or just sitting at home having cyber sex with whoever happened to be online. To tease me she’d sometimes send me webcam shots of whatever raunch she was engaged in at the time, usually bent over, her big ass high in the air with some black rubber dong halfway into her hungry pussy. Sometimes she’d just send me a picture of her latest bowel movement, some enormous turd floating in the bowl, “shots from the log book” would be the title. It wasn’t because I had a thing for shit or anything; she was just like that. She loved to make me squirm, loved to shock me.

The early stages of our relationship, consisted of an almost continuous sex act that really only stopped to resupply (food, pot, or beer). The first time she asked me to lick her asshole she waited until my tongue was firmly planted in her hole and then squeezed out a long deliberate and pretty pungent fart, she laughed as she did it, not an embarrassed titter, but a sadistic cruel chuckle that I would come to know well. Another time, after riding me to orgasm she collapsed on my chest, her large breasts crushed against me and her head resting beneath my chin, I was basking in the post-coital bliss, my cock still thrust firmly into her quim slowly growing flaccid, when I felt warmth spread over my thighs and liquid running over my balls, she was pissing over me, over our bed, and she laughed that laugh, that dirty laugh.

So yes that’s Laura, 25 years old, long sandy brown hair, she stands around 5 and bit feet tall, a little tubby I guess but not fat, with fantastic firm round breasts and a glorious ass that oozes (often literally) sex. She likes Hip Hop and black guys, booze and drugs, big cock and dirty sex. Me I’m early 30′s tall and slim, broad shouldered I guess but not particularly muscular, average endowment I guess, Laura says she loves it but none of our extensive dildo collection is less than 2 inches longer than me and much fatter. I can’t stand hip hop, I’m intimidated by black guys, but I guess we agree on pretty much everything else on the list, yes even big cock.

The toilet had broken Tuesday, I don’t know what was wrong with it, the tank just wouldn’t fill with water and so in order to flush the toilet you had to fill it with a bucket from the bath, I organised a plumber myself after Laura “forgot” to get around to it for three days in row. For three days I would come home and lift the bowl to find Laura had left another of her “gifts” to dispose of, for her it seemed a tireless source of amusement. I’d found a local plumber online and asked if he would mind coming over Friday to take a look. His name was Tony, and over the phone he sounded like a fairly typical Aussie tradesman, coarse alpha male type bloke.

When I arrived home Friday evening Laura was asleep on the couch in front of the TV, wearing only a long pyjama top (which she probably hadn’t changed out of all day, she had no underwear on, and with her knees tucked into her chest her pink pussy protruded lewdly from the twin ivory orbs of her fleshy succulent ass. Since Laura masturbated pretty much constantly while at home (and did little else) I didn’t find it unusual that her pussy was pink and swollen and the fur matted with drying fluid.

I changed out of my suit into my lounging about clothes and went to the bathroom to take a piss, as I stood over the bowl (thankfully empty today) waiting for the flow to begin, Laura came in stumbling sleepily, she wrapped her arms around my waist and lent her head against my back and sighed contentedly. Of course this made it harder to pee, and so we stood there for a while as I tried to focus, picturing waterfalls and sprinklers etc. Finally after I finished I pushed the flush, and nothing happened….

“Did Tony come?” I asked, annoyed.

“Yeah but he needs some bit he didn’t have, he’s coming back tomorrow morning”.

“It’s Saturday tomorrow, does he realise that?”

“Is it? Yeah I guess he did”.

I shook my head, wondering at the incompetence of tradesmen, and we left the bathroom. That night we ordered Pizza, drank a couple of beers and smoked some pot.

We started watching a movie, some never ending Terrence Malick epic, but Laura grew bored, she lay her head on my lap, and fondled my balls while languidly mouthing my cock, in no particular hurry just a long luxurious blowjob you’d only dream about, it must have lasted most of an hour and ended with me spurting a prodigious amount of cum into her warm mouth. We dozed for a while on the couch, her holding my shrivelled but well loved member as she did most nights and snoring softly, in the early hours of the morning we made it the rest of the way to bed.

I awoke to the sound of voices in the house and mid morning sun streaming through the window. Laura was already up and about which was unheard of, she normally didn’t surface until midday and only then under duress. I heard a man’s voice, and Laura’s dirty laugh. I got up, pulled on some shorts and a tee-shirt and went to investigate.

I entered the bathroom to see Laura perched on the bathroom sink, still in that night shirt, her legs together but still clearly naked underneath, her nipples clearly visible through the thin light blue material.

“Morning honey”, Laura looked up and smiled at me, “the man is here to fix our toilet”, the way she emphasised “man” was troubling and the smile had a distinctly mischievous bent to it that put me on edge.

So this was Tony, bent over the toilet with his arm down in the tank a wrench or shifting spanner or some such chrome tool in the other hand. He turned, to me, wiping his wet hand on his shorts before thrusting it out to shake. “Morning champ”, he said with a sardonic smirk on his tanned and stubbly face. Of course he was one of those assholes who love to show how much of a man he is by crushing your hand, that it was still damp added to the unpleasantness of the whole experience. He was wearing a black polo shirt with his company logo on it, the obligatory football shorts, and steel cap boots. He was shorter than me, but not by much and he made up for it in bulk, he was stocky, solid but with very little fat, his black hair was curly, probably Italian back a generation or so.

“Make us coffee please baby?” asked Laura in that cutise childlike voice she used to arouse or piss me off.

I was annoyed, Tony had already exerted his alpha-maleness on me, and now Laura was making me get him coffee. “Black” said Tony, “no sugar” before I’d even agreed. I stalked out, a dark, impotent little storm cloud. I heard Laura giggle behind me.

I put the kettle on and dug around in the back of the pantry for the nastiest old instant coffee I could find, fucked if “Tony” was getting the good stuff, and fuck Laura too. I took my time, making myself a cup of tea and finishing some toast before bothering to return to the bathroom with the now lukewarm mugs.

When I entered the bathroom, Laura was on her knees beside the toilet rifling around in the tool box; Tony was standing over the tank again, one knee on the closed toilet lid the other down the side for balance. It was then I noticed what seemed impossible, protruding slightly from the bottom of his footy shorts was the circumcised head of his cock… his shorts were short, but still…

“I’m helping Tony find his tool”.

I rolled my eyes at the ridiculous innuendo. Humiliated I snapped something back about how if she was so good at it maybe she could get a job.

It was a clumsy retort that reeked of pique and frustration and I knew it had instantly made things worse,

“Oh baby, don’t be like that, don’t be jealous. You’re still my little man.”

Laura stood up and walked over to my side, her hands brushed against my crotch as she reached for the cooling mug of shitty coffee, and looked back at Tony, who watched us, that same superior know it all smirk. I was out of my depth here, this guy was twice the man I was, we all knew it.

I reluctantly offered out the mug, while he sat on the closed lid of the toilet, legs straddling either side, making no effort to hide the ludicrous bulge in his shorts. The mouth of the pant leg hung loosely around his muscled legs displaying glimpses of his enormous junk.

“You’ve got smooth hands” he said, as I passed him the mug, “they’d love you in prison”.

Laura tittered and moved back towards Tony, she stood over the collection of tools and parts beside the toilet again, “Tony says the problem is that we needed a new ballcock”. She bent over, causing the shirt to ride up revealing the bottom of her ass cheeks.

“I’m sure he does” I said, rolling my eyes, “Is that even a real thing?”

“Sure is, I don’t think the old one was up to the job” said Tony. At this he placed his hand on Laura’s night shirt lifting it to reveal her pale round ass. He drained the mug in one draft and placed it on the tiles. Then he stood up, his free hand cupping the bulge in his shorts, and lifting, the long thick slug behind the fabric shifted up, the head nearly reaching all the way across his thigh. “Luckily I have one that should do the trick”.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I asked, through gritted teeth, white with rage.

“Your Missus needs a real man, and from what she tells me, so do you, Don’t be shy big fella, Laura tells me you love the cock. She reckons you can’t get enough of those big rubber dongs you’ve got under the bed”.

Laura feigned shock, slapping his hand. “I told you that was a secret” she said to Tony.

Despite my humiliation I felt my own cock stirring in my underpants, it was true I had a thing for anal fucking, receiving more than giving, and I love to fuck ass as much as the next perve. Laura teased me about it, called me a faggot, but it was our secret she was happy to play that way, as long as she was getting her fair share too. Her favourite pastime was fucking herself with her favourite 9 inch dong while I fucked her in the ass.

And now our very private sex life was the a source of amusement for this arrogant prickly, drinking my coffee, fondling my girlfriend, and probably charging me for the time. How could I compete with Tony and his rough manly hands, and his huge trunk like legs and arms, and that cock, that magnificent cock, He’d pulled aside his shorts now and exposed it flapping it idly as it slowly swelled. The fat purple head of his dick was smacking softly against the flesh of his hairy thigh. The skin of the shaft far darker than the skin of his legs anchored in a the coarse black bush of his pubic hair. A single tear of pre-cum oozed from the slit.

“Isn’t it beautiful honey?” asked Laura, “Don’t you just want to eat it all up?”

Despite myself I was transfixed, unable to tear my eyes away as he hypnotically beat it against his leg.

Tony pulled the night shirt over Laura’s head exposing her large fleshy orbs. He cupped one tit and began licking and sucking at the nipple roughly. Laura groaned and her eyes rolled up to the ceiling as her hands embraced Tony’s head. Tony slapped his meat against his thigh again, and before I’d thought about what I was doing I’d stepped close to him and dropped to my knees.

Inches from my face his cock and balls were the whole world, unlike my dick the head of Tony’s was the same thickness as the shaft but that was thick, really thick, it was shaped like loaf, he was hairy and smelt of sweat, and sex, the strong smells of semen and pussy. I reached out and wrapped my hand around his heavy cock, my fingers not actually reaching the whole way around the shaft. He’d let go by then, taking a fistful of my hair and pushing my head into his crotch.

My mouth struggled to envelope the enormous head of his member, luckily I still gripped half of it in my hand otherwise I would have choked almost immediately. Pulling my head back and forward he fucked my face, incredibly I realised that his cock was only partially erect and has he thrust in and out of my mouth it swelled and stiffened even more, filling my mouth as I struggled to breath through my nose. I had to keep my mouth open so wide to avoid scraping the shaft with my teeth that within minutes my jaw ached.

“You’re a good match you two, a right little pair of sluts.” Tony muttered between mouthfuls of tit. “I want it” moaned Laura and I felt her move in beside me, Tony’s legs widening to accommodate the pair or us, he slid his ass forward, trying to get to his balls.

“Get out of the way faggot”, urged Laura, and after several more hard thrusts deep into my mouth Tony pushed me away so roughly I fell back on my ass. Laura greedily moved in swooping onto Tony’s massive thick veined rod, and wasting no time began gobbling it like the cock sucking pro she was.

I looked up, short of breath and gasping, Laura was on her knees her face buried in Tony’s crotch her ass high in the air, her pussy and asshole exposed and inviting.

I moved in behind on all fours, horny now, beyond all reason. Between Laura’s thighs was a glistening matted mess, flushed pink, engorged with blood and on inspection I could now see the dried knotted hair was stiff with dried cum. The hair around her puckered crinkly asshole thick with a mix of fluids.

I feasted on her, bathing her cunt and asshole, softening the dried cum and whatever else was smeared over her dripping snatch and slimy brown hole.

Laura’s juices ran down my chin, and down her legs, as I worked my way over her bum hole I felt her tense and knew she was pushing out… A wet fart escaped her anus and grey semen, Tony’s cum from yesterday apparently, oozed out of her asshole onto my lips and tongue. I was beyond caring and wild with lust. I sucked on her anus, clearly still recovering from what must have been an almighty buggering the day before it opened easily and I plundered her asshole like a lunatic.

“Mmmph mmmph” she began to squirm writhing, but unable to speak with Tony’s enormous rod jammed down her throat, she rocked back and gasped as the rigid pole slid from her mouth. Tony slapped it across her face as she composed herself and then said, “I really need to shit”.

Tony, with that smirk that seemed permanently plastered on his arrogant face stood up slowly teasingly slowly. Laura had closed her legs and wriggled uncomfortably. As soon as the toilet seat was free she flipped the lid back and sat down. A series of sloppy farts preceded a loud plop and Laura released an audible sigh or relief.

“Thanks honey” she said gazing up at Tony who stood over her watching amused. At some point whiled I’d been gorging on Laura’s nether regions I’d shed my pants and was jacking my painfully swollen cock, kneeling there on all fours, ignored, my face smeared in cunt juice and muck. Pre cum flowed freely from my cock, I was a pathetic sight, and I had never been this aroused.

“Look at the little bitch” said Laura cruelly, seemingly remembering I was there again. “Come here faggot, Mama has a little present for you”. I padded forward a few feet so my face was close to her pussy again, I could smell the nasty stink rising out of the bowl from between her legs, overpowering the copious fluid that covered her thighs and pussy. She slid forward thrusting her pussy out and pulled my head into her snatch; I attacked her pussy again as she ground herself against me roughly.

I felt something wet and warm splash into the cleft of my ass cheeks and then a rough finger smear up and down my crack. Without warning Tony pushed his fat sausage finger into my asshole, he spat again directly onto my ass and I realised Tony was kneeling behind me now. He wiggled it around and fucked it a little before forcing another finger inside.

Laura stood up and turned around before sitting down again, straddling the toilet seat her ass was directly in my face.

I heard Laura laugh that cruel chuckle and felt his thick rod slap against my ass cheek. I was nervous now, I’d been fucked before by Laura and her toys, but that had been with a lot of lube and preparation and patience… Tony didn’t have lube, he certainly didn’t seem to have patience and it looked like a rough fingering and a slap of his meaty loaf against my cheeks was as close to preparation as I could expect,

He pushed me forwards my face wedged into Laura’s cheeks,

“Lick me clean you shit eating fag”, Laura cupped her cheeks, spreading them wide. The newly laid greasy smears around her cheeks now adding to the smell rising from the bowl.

My mind was soon distracted from the thankless and gut churning task of cleaning Laura’s ass, as Terry began forcing the massive tool into my willing but under prepared ass. Thankfully my anus was no stranger to oversized albeit simulated dick and as he slowly pushed in I opened willingly needing to be fucked. I moaned as I was pushed further into Laura’s sweaty greasy crack.

Tony’s pace was quickening, he was close, and he grunted and slammed forward hard, so deep I felt him stab up into my colon. I felt his cock pulse through my abused sphincter, and knew he was dumping thick loads of cum deep into my bowel. He kept it in me for a minute or so, buried to the hilt, I felt so incredibly full, I remained there wedged mewling and whimpering between Laura cheeks and Tony, my cock rock hard weeping pre-cum. When he slid out, my knees gave out and I collapsed on my side.

But Laura wasn’t done yet and as Tony stood up, his softening but still impressive member wet with slime clutched in his hand she slid forward on the edge of the toilet seat, I rolled onto my back, face up, I saw Laura reaching for Tony’s dick, licking her lips and preparing to suck some life back into his might tool, with one hand she reached between her labia parting them with two fingers, she released a stream of piss over me, frigging her wanton clit as she emptied her bladder over me and the bathroom tiles.

Laura kept sucking on Tony’s cock for ages while I lay beneath them jacking my cock in a puddle of Laura’s piss, once she was in the zone she could spend hours on a blowjob. Eventually though she had enough, “Fuck me” she demanded of Tony.

They changed position, Laura turned around, and lowered herself onto my dick, her cunt was cavernous and more wet than I had ever known it, her eyes met mine, her face was messy covered in streaks of saliva and fluids from the head job she’d just given then. She gave me a little wink, and spat a thick gob of whatever accumulated smegma she’d gathered off Tony’s dick onto my face. We kissed and licked at each others faces like maniacs. Tony moved in behind Laura and I felt him playing with her bottom, the strange sensation on my dick of fingers moving about in her anus through the thin membrane between her pussy and ass. She was groaning as he finger fucked her working 2 and then three fingers into her hungry anus.

Then he was up and pushing into her with his dick, Laura sighed and whimpered and I felt the crush of his cock sliding pushing up against mine through the walls of her colon, threatening to squeeze me out. I thrust up, knowing if I came out now it would be nigh impossible to re-enter her once Tony got going. He slammed down in answer and Laura bit back a scream, spurred on by a chance to get some of my own back on Laura I began answering Tony’s thrusts with my own and we worked up a steady rhythm of fucking that soon had Laura sobbing in ecstasy, she came repeatedly, actually squirting cum over me adding to the puddle of filth I was lying in. I couldn’t last though and within a few minutes I felt my balls tense as they emptied into her gaping quim.

Tony kept slamming into Laura, far from done; she was biting my bottom lip, I could taste blood in my mouth, tears rolling down her face, sobbing in ecstasy. Finally after long minutes of brutal fucking he grunted and slammed into her for a final time. Tony remained pushed up against her buttocks’ breathing deeply, recovering. Laura nestled on my chest now; eyes closed, shuddering as waves of orgasm receded. She was full of cock and covered in the products of our fucking.

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