The Photo Album Ch. 03

Please read Chapters 1 and 2 before this next section.


Photo 1

The wall clock says 7 pm. The chair holds a large black penis gag with leather straps.

How did S. spend the afternoon? Did she rest in bed as thick pieces of dried spunk on her face, tits and belly cracked and fell onto the expensive sheets. Did she relive the day’s degradations in all their sordid detail? Did she groom herself for the evening onslaught, brushing her hair and applying fresh makeup to her lips and eyes?

Is she proud of her toned body, her hot looks, and curious to see whether the photos do her justice? Or will M. have to force her to view them, documentary evidence of her shameful lust and the demeaning depths she’s sunk to?

She’s already been abused at breakfast and lunch. How much more of this can she stand? Or is her appetite insatiable?

Photo 2

Silhouette view: the now-obedient sub we know as S, looking rested, sits in the chair, her lustful sensuousness coming through the double layers of her young Dom’s sperm juice. She is dressed as at lunchtime: a lacy dark gray European shelf bra and matching stockings, except the stockings are now supported by a garter belt. Still no panties, but she now wears a two-inch wide black leather slave collar. The expensive imported lingerie is an ironic contrast to the blotches of dried cum coating her face, torso and thighs above the stocking tops.

Her hands are clasped behind her head, thrusting the mistreated breasts up and out. Her newly subservient expression is one that welcomes discipline and control.

Photo 3

Close-up looking down at the table top: on the ebony wood stands a large, beautiful martini glass, filled with hot spunk. A wisp of steam arises from the surface.

Photo 4

Close-up: M, S’s young master and possibly her nephew or son as well, is slapping fresh steaming cum onto her nipples with the leather flap at the tip of the crop. The nipples are extended and already dripping.

Photo 5

Medium close-up: thin black leather shoelaces have been looped around both big nipples, binding them. The laces hang down to her belly. M’s thick spunk is oozing out from between the encircling strands of shoelaces.

Is she afraid to be a single woman on her own? Has she grievously offended or actually damaged the young man who controls her?

Photo 6

Close-up: the martini glass has been drained. Strands of thick cum streak the sides.

What would motivate a hot MILF to accept ongoing bondage and discipline like this? Was she like this during her married life? Did she enter the BDSM scene as a teenager? Who introduced and trained her? Does she feel trapped, yearning to get out and go vanilla? Or is this lifestyle of humiliation and servitude the only one that excites and fulfills her?

Photo 7

Full frontal medium shot from the table top to the chair: S. has slid down in the chair so her shaved groin is more easily accessible. Her legs are spread, the ankles are tied to the base of the chair arms, and her heeled shoes are resting on the seat cushion. M. has wound a third leather shoelace around her cum-covered, bulging clit. Two tiny clamps are also torturing each side of her clit hood, exposing the swollen clit stalk.

The thick labia are enclosed in wide chrome clamps. But the slippery lips are not only clamped, they’re also grotesquely stretched. Black cord extends from the clamps to metal rings sewn into the stocking tops, where the laces are tied off. A dark dildo pries apart her clamped and pulled sex lips.

Has she been to sex and swingers’ clubs? For all we know, she’s been used by men – and women – at these venues. She’s certainly hot enough to take them on. With an incredible body and capacity like hers, she could even have been one of the onstage “guest” performers at a bondage club.

Photos 8–14

Close-ups: a flexible drinking straw rests on S’s stretched right nipple. Due to the close-up, we can see that the heavy, transparent straw has been filled with sand and wrapped in a coarse grit of sandpaper. The subsequent photos depict both nipples being whipped on all four sides with the homemade bondage toy. By the end of the series, the nipples have ballooned in size.

Was she trained to be a slave at an exclusive, expensive estate in the country. If so, who paid for her? A domineering boss? A former husband? A leering uncle or wealthy guardian?

Photo 15

Close-up: the tawse hovers above her mound.

Perhaps her sense of self-worth comes only from subjugation to a master and pleasing him.

Photo 16

Close-up: her cunt is engorged and inflamed from a pussy whipping with the tawse.

Maybe she’s a sophisticated player who left the intensity of an urban scene for a quieter life in the ‘burbs, where her predilections could be hidden?

Photo 17

Side view: M. is kneeling on the chair, face-fucking S. while his right hand pulls the nipple shoelaces and his left hand tugs at the clit lace while twisting and bending the clit hood clamps.

Photos 18–20

Head-on close-ups of the bound nipples and clit being bent and tugged.

Could she have been an ambitious, fast-track career woman and single mother who was so overwhelmed that she ignored her fatherless son for years, forgetting birthdays, missing soccer and softball games? Showing up late for parent/teacher conferences? Deeply guilt-ridden, is she now atoning for her sins, welcoming pain and submission to cleanse years of bad behavior?

Photos 21-25

Side and frontal views: M. spurts his cream into his sub’s waiting mouth. Once it’s full, he shoots individual streams 5–10 seconds each onto her tits, belly, stockinged thighs and pussy, the jizz pooling around the black shoelace still mercilessly straining her clit.

Should M. actually be her son, is he punishing an oblivious, absentee mother for years of carelessness, incompetence and disappointment? Has his hurt festered for years into the justifiable severity of a dom? Is he a young man who worshiped his sexpot MILF but feels he has every right to punish her for years of self-centeredness and prolonged neglect?

Photo 26

Medium shot: the black dildo is all the way up her pussy. M. has tied the nipple shoelaces to the clit lace and also fastened them to a ring in her collar, pulling all three to the maximum.

Photo 27

Close-up: S’s lips are bulging around a big ball gag that M. has strapped onto her head. Cum and saliva are leaking from both corners of her mouth.

If so, the high school student wants to not only punish the bad MILF but humiliate her, make her grovel in depravity, rub her face in the tawdry debasement of a cum and pain slut.

Photo 28

From an angle over M’s shoulder: S. is kneeling on a wide bench, knees spread, her head resting on the black leather surface. M. is standing, but supported by the table behind him, his hands with their extra-wide nails pointing his thick cock at the dusky bud of her ass. Her own stubby fingers are visible, pulling apart her ass cheeks so the lubed opening is gaping open, above the dildo rammed into her cunt.

Is she ultimately expecting absolution? Or will the satisfaction of bearing M’s mistreatment, of satisfying his voracious and twisted sexual appetite, be enough solace for her?

Photo 29

Close-up: M’s cockhead is inside her sphincter.

After giving her to friends and neighbors, will he stop? Or is that just a steppingstone to teachers and coaches and counselors, to his uncle and cousin?

Photo 30

Close-up: his prick has pushed all the way into her ass.

Photo 31

M. is striping her ass with a one-foot switch as he fucks it.

She’s been at this so long, her drawers and closets filled. Did it began long ago? Was she initiated as a voluptuous young teenager by an older brother, or a rapacious father? Or was it the other way around? Was she so oversexed, so hungry that she seduced her brother and father with the guarantee that they could do anything to her curious and resilient body?

Photo 32

Medium shot directed down at her face, M. in the background, his arm with the switch raised to strike her again. S. appears to be screaming with pleasure through the ball gag, her eyes defocused, as she cums from the whipping and the two simultaneous cocks.

Is she imagining her first orgy at home as a teen on a sweltering summer afternoon and evening, with her father, uncle and brother indoctrinating her in all the abuses and delights?

Photo 33

S. is lying flat on the bench, front down, her knees spread wide till her legs hang over the sides. We see fresh livid weals, covering not only her ass but also her sweat-drenched thighs. M. has removed the dildo from her pussy, which gapes wantonly, dripping with her juices. Her dark rear hole is also distended, a thick stream of fresh cum pouring out and mingling with her cunt juices, the two substances pooling on the black leather.

Dinner has been served. We are excused.

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