The Photo Album Ch. 02

Please read Chapter 1 before this next section.


Photo 1

The camera is behind the chair as soft daylight fills the spare but elegant room. The blurry background clock says noon. A large black anal plug is on the seat of the chair.

Photo 2

Profile view: S. is sitting in the chair, grimacing as if the plug is now fully embedded in her ass. She is wearing a charcoal gray, lacy European quarter bra that exposes her gorgeous tits, and matching stay-up stockings. There are no panties, bikini briefs or garter belt. Now that her tits are no longer semi-covered by the baby doll she wore in the morning, they show faint marks, as if from a cane, switch or whip. She is wearing black heels.

Humiliatingly, M, her master, has not permitted S. to clean up since breakfast. Her formerly glossy black hair is a dull mess, clotted with gobs of dried semen. It has dried into flakes across her face and on her tits, flakes which fall off and come to rest on her lacy stocking tops.

Photo 3

Looking down at the table top: the camera depicts a bowl of black fettuccine on the table, the kind made with squid ink to get the dark color. M. has poured a huge amount of “sauce” onto the pasta from the same pitcher that appeared during breakfast, an obscene version of Pasta Alfredo.

Photo 4

Side view: standing on the far (left) side of the chair and not in focus, M. is pulling S. forward by the nipples, his blunt fingers stretching the dark stalks till her face is almost touching the food. As before, her face is rotated right, away from the food and facing the camera. Although her expression is one of pain from the nipple torture, one wonders whether her refusal is only a pretext for punishment.

Photo 5

Close-up: heavy chrome alligator clamps have been attached to the base of S’s massive nipples, connected by a weighty chain.

Photo 6

Extreme close-up of a clamped nipple, the dark nubbin extending over a half-inch beyond the clamp jaws.

Photo 7

M. has tightened the nipple clamps, compressing the stalks. The top of each nipple has swollen into a much larger size than in the previous shot.

Photo 8

Close-up of a fork, holding a modest mouthful of fettuccine but drenched with cum.

Photo 9

Close-up of S’s mouth, sucking the coated pasta into her thick lips. Her chin is greasy with spunk.

Photo 10

Side view: S. is kneeling on a leather ottoman placed alongside the table, leaning forward, hands bound together at the wrists with a leather cuff and resting on the table edge, the broad fingers splayed. The nipple chain has been separated into two independent lengths with sizable weights added, stretching the agonized nipples to an amazing 1 1/2 inches.

M. stands behind her, out-of-focus at the left edge of the shot, apparently fucking her cunt. He is pulling back her head so it’s facing up in the air. Her face is contorted with pleasure.

Photo 11

Side view: M. is cumming. A long jet of spend has arced into the air above S’s back and over her head.

Photo 12

The angle is from the table, facing them head-on: M’s massive ejaculations have splattered onto S’s hair, face and chest, extending onto the table.

Photo 13

Side view medium close-up: M. has spun S. around, facing him on her knees as he shoots into her open mouth. Her face has been freshly drenched, the skin surface totally obliterated like heavy a frosting, the hot jism dissolving the encrusted layer already there from breakfast. Layer cake.

Photo 14

Table shot: M’s cock is resting on the rim of a juice glass, filled with several final shots his copious ejaculate.

Photo 15

Close-up: S’s mouth is wide open, filled beyond the maximum with M’s hot spunk. Two wide streams flow out of the corners of her lips, flowing onto her tits and flooding the clamped nipples.

Photo 16

Side view: S. is again kneeling on the ottoman, her face above the table, where she has finished licking all the cum from the surface, leaving residual smears where there had been gobs and pools.

Photo 17

S. is leaving the dining room, pulled by the taut nipple chain held by M. For the first time in this sequence, we see her from the rear, her arms held behind her back, each wrist tied with black cord to an opposing elbow. Her thighs, taut ass and back are crisscrossed with thin marks. The thick long plug remains fully embedded in her ass.

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