The Photo Album Ch. 01

An album of black & white photographs has been selling privately. Untitled, it’s known as The Photo Album or simply The Album, divided into sections according to the day’s three meals. There is no text, just 6″ x 9″ photos, printed on heavy, glossy, high-quality paper stock, shot with beautiful soft lighting and fine detail, taken with an excellent camera. The book was available only briefly and is now out-of-print. The following is a text-only description of the images:


Photo 1

An empty dining room. An armchair is at a matching dining room table of dark wood. The spare background is out-of-focus, but slanted light, as if early morning, enters the room. A small wall clock says 7:00 am.

Photo 2

An extremely pretty and sexy woman, mid-thirties, sits in right profile in the chair. But even more than being highly attractive, she exudes a carnal sensuality. Her eyes are hooded, as if she’s wary about what’s to come but doesn’t know the details. Her glossy, straight black hair is cropped tomboyishly short. She has full, dark eyebrows and thick, meaty lips, slightly parted.

She is dressed in a dark gray sheer baby doll that extends to mid-thigh. Her right foot, clad in a two-inch slipper, is positioned outside the front chair leg, indicating that her thighs and legs are spread as widely as possible in the confines of the chair.

For convenience, let’s call her “S.” It stands for slut, submissive or slave – whichever you like.

Photo 3

The camera looks down at a cup of coffee with milk on the table.

Photo 4

We are back to the profile angle of Photo 2. A young man’s arm is pushing the woman’s back and shoulders forward so her face is hovering an inch above the coffee. A big 34C tit hangs forward, straining against the filmy baby doll. Her face is averted from the cup, turned 90 degrees to the right, fully facing the camera for the first time. Her eyes are blazing, stricken with a look of humiliation and defiance.

What is the relationship between the two? Is the young man a neighbor’s son? A student of S.? Coworker? Gardener or pool boy?

Photos 5–13

A new angle, as if the camera is on the table facing the hot S. in the chair. Number 5 is a close-up of her chest, where we see the young man’s muscled arm again. He seems to be 18 or 19, his bronze skin well tanned. Let’s call him M., for Master. M’s left hand is cupping the woman’s left breast, lifting it. The baby doll fabric is transparent, exposing a big, gorgeously shaped tit with a large but not huge, dark aureole. Capping it is a massively thick charcoal gray nipple, about a half-inch wide.

M’s thumb, visible resting on the front of the tit, ends in a thick, wide, blunt and stubby fingertip. His right hand is holding a black leather tawse against the right side of the woman’s tit. In the upper left corner of the frame, her mouth is visible, tautly set in resignation of her discipline.

In the following four photos, the tawse appears at the left, right, side and bottom of the tit flesh, whose skin darkens in each shot. In the fourth, the tawse is poised to impact the nipple head-on.

At first, S’s lips have parted, the teeth clamped together in pain, but then her mouth opens as if she’s gasping in response to the blows. Then the series is repeated with four exposures showing the same punishment to her right tit. By the end, both of the huge dark nipple stalks have begun to harden in excitement, growing to a half-inch in length.

Why does she submit to this abuse? Is she simply a cum- and pain-slut, or is there some sense that she has transgressed and deserves to be punished? If so, what was her bad behavior?

Photos 14–20

The camera has returned from a full frontal to the profile view. A close-up of her head includes M. grasping her short dark hair and pulling back her head with one hand, while his other pours the coffee and cream into her gaping mouth, long tongue extended.

Rapid exposures depict the coffee and cream pouring into her mouth, splashing from her tongue onto her face. She gulps desperately. But the white substance is not milk; it is some kind of cream or clotted cream, which dribbles out the corner of her lips and falls onto her right tit and shoulder, staining the dark baby doll.

One image completes the coffee sequence. We see this stunning woman full frontal, her head slightly lowered as if in submission to M’s will. Her eyes are half-hooded, the pouty meaty lips covered with sticky cream that has smeared over the smooth, tawny skin on her face. The entire front of the babydoll is spotted as well.

Photo 21

The camera has returned to its original viewpoint, directly facing the rear of the chair with the table behind it. S. is kneeling on two widely separated cushions, facing M, who is standing with his buttocks resting on the edge of the table. He wears only a T-shirt. She still wears the baby doll, but it has been gathered at her waist where it’s held by a black leather belt. Her taut rear is exposed, revealing a darkly ringed asshole and the base of a black dildo embedded in her cunt, spreading her dusky, thick pussy lips.

Is she an accountant or bookkeeper who grew greedy and was discovered stealing by M? Is she a high school teacher who can’t keep her hands off her M, hot young student? Is she a lawyer who acted inappropriately, coerced into being M’s slut in order to avoid disbarment?

Photo 22

Profile view. S’s left hand is grasping M’s thick shaft, her thumbnail directly facing the lens. It is noticeably wide and stubby – exactly the same as M’s unusually blunt digits. She does not wear a wedding ring. A huge amount of precum has emerged from his slit.

Considering their similar hands, does that mean they are related? She must be twice his age, so she can’t be his older sister. Half-sister? Perhaps. Aunt? Unlikely.

Or his mother?

Photo 23

Full frontal. The submissive slut’s forehead, cheeks, lips and chin have been smeared with a thick coating of M’s copious precum. Her eyes are full of desire for the young hard dick.

Is she being coerced into this servitude? If she is being blackmailed, what with? Did M. catch her acting dishonestly at the workplace? Did he guess her computer password and discover nude photos of her on her hands and knees, servicing other men? Or videos of her sucking cock and being DP’ed? College photos of her getting gangbanged?

Photo 24

She is worshipfully licking the dick, from the head to the base and down to his tight sacs. His belly is toned and tanned.

Does her servitude have a duration? Does she have to submit to him for a day, a week, a month, a year?

Photo 25

The thick lips and wide mouth that look perfect for cocksucking are wrapped around the M’s glans, her cheeks deeply hollowed as she sucks. The precum on her face glistens in the increasing morning light.

Maybe she’s given up on men her age, tired of their lives and games, preferring the lifestyle of a cougar, even if M, who looks eighteen, is age-inappropriate for her in her mid-thirties.

Photo 26

The cock is covered with thick white goo as she strokes and pumps the lubricated shaft. Her other arm descends down to her pussy, but we cannot tell whether she is stroking her clit, pumping the dildo in her cunt – or both.

Or maybe she’s submitting to this hot young guy because M is a natural dominant, the only type whom she’s attracted to – unlike the men her age she’s dated?

Photos 26–30

A mix of profile and frontal angles, so there must be two cameras at work. Still kneeling on the floor, her head is now a couple of feet back, resting on the edge of the upholstered chair seat as M is about to climax. Her feet are up against her thighs, her legs spread so we can see her mons, shaved except for a one-inch wide, two-inch tall strip of closely cropped hair. Three fingers are embedded in her cunt, the long dark labia spread wide and shiny with her juices, while her big thumb is stroking her bulging clit, as oversized in thickness and length as her nipples.

We know she wasn’t cheating on a husband, since she wears no wedding ring. Is M. her permanent master? Is she a hardcore slave or simply a submissive? Perhaps we’ll never know.

In No. 27, the fast camera shutter has captured the first hit as an extended stream of thick cum explodes from the cock and hits S. in the forehead, spraying into the air above her head. Her face is completely covered from just one of the lengthy discharges.

The photo album contains several sections. Is the next part more of the same, with blowjobs and facials and dildos? Or do their scenes become harder?

No. 28 (frontal): S’s face, hair and baby doll are already splattered as a second cumshot strikes her open mouth, her thick long tongue extended to take the load.

Are you too disgusted by these sordid descriptions to turn to the next section? Or are you excited and curious? Will the obscene behavior descend into even crueler humiliation and domination, using more bondage, sex toys and pain?

No. 29 (profile): A third blast lands on her tits, completely hosing the heavy globes. Her head is arched back in ecstasy, the strong neck muscles tautly extended.

What will the young master do next? Shove a gag between S’s thick lips and into her big mouth? Bind, clamp and suction the fat nipples, add weights to her labia, whip her pussy, use an anal plug her ass, and then fuck her dripping cunt?

No. 30 (frontal): The dildo has been pulled from her cunt. With both hands, S’s fingers are firmly pulling her long greasy labial lips apart, their dark coloring in marked contrast to the glistening redness of her inner lips and cunt. Each of the stubby fingertips is visible as the fourth stream of young spunk strikes her naked pussy, flooding the opening with hot gunk.

Do you want to see S’s body modified, the already wide long nipples stretched, the meaty labia hanging lower? Would you like to see M’s thick dick push past the dark ring of her rosebud and sink all seven inches into her ass, as cum bubbles are pushed out of her moaning mouth? If he whips her, is it enough to strike her ass? Or do you want him to whip her tits and pussy as well? And will you be satisfied with her silky smooth, tawny skin turning red, or do you really crave long-lasting welts marking her front and rear?

No. 31: A wide shot of the subjugated MILF sprawled on the floor, her legs askance, nipples protruding by a full inch, cum trails and splotches covering every limb and area of the sopping baby doll. Like a stepped waterfall, the drops and trickles fall from S’s head, eyebrows, nose, chin, tits, pussy and even her knees to a black plastic sheet beneath her, where the spooge accumulates in little pools.

Do you prefer that M. keeps her all to himself, or are you turned on by the prospect of him ordering S. to serve his friends, schoolmates and neighbors? Will she balk at being used by others? If so, how much punishment will he need to inflict before she learns the discipline to obey, and to perform vigorously?

Photo 32

Last in the breakfast sequence. The camera is pointing down at the tabletop. The plastic sheet extends into the corner of the frame, its surface streaked with the residue of the cum, which has been mostly removed. On the table, a cream pitcher is overflowing, gobs of fresh cum streaking its sides and accumulating around the base, waiting for S’s next degenerate meal.

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