My master has issued me orders. I am to wear the corset with diamantes on and the grey tights with the hole in the crotch. I am allowed to wear black panties over them whilst at work — but have to remove them immediately upon arrival at home. Over this I have to wear a black pencil skirt and grey blouse. I am also told to wear black leather boots.

I arrive home and take my knickers off, as usual. The hall door is closed with a note stuck to it. The note says to remove the skirt and blouse and to put on the blindfold left on the hall table. Alongside the blind fold are two silk scarves. I look at the note again to see that I must bind each breast with a silk scarf. Once complete, I am to knock on the door. I shiver with fear and lust and do exactly what the note tells me.

I knock on the door and wait in the cold for my master to come for me. After waiting for a while — I can’t tell how long, as I’ve lost all sense of time – but my skin is cold and my nipples are hard from the cold. Eventually my master opens the door and says “Slave you are now in use for my pleasure, if you are a good slave it will be for yours too. Do not defy me, follow every order and do not speak unless I ask you a direct question.” I nod in agreement.

I feel something clipped onto first one nipple and then the other and feel a jerk and move forward towards the motion. I’m thinking that He must have my nipple attached to a chain somehow. He pulls me forward and I feel an obstruction in front of me. He pushes me over and lays me over what seemed to be a table and tells me to stay there.

I hear him move around the room and He then ties one arm down to possibly the leg of the table and continues until my arms and legs are completely tied. This is uncomfortable and the nipple clips are digging into my body as I lay against the table. At the same time I’m on fire with expectation and anticipation and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

He feels my stockinged legs, rubbing up and down, almost like a drum beat, very rhythmically feeling my legs, covered in nylons. Slowly He unzips my boots and breathes very deeply, the leather smell on my feet immediately makes His dick jump and stand to attention. He continues to smell and lick my feet for ages, getting harder and harder and suddenly He shoves my boots back on my feet, zipping them up with force.

He moves towards my head and I hold my breath. He kneels down and gives me a wet kiss leaving my mouth sodden with His saliva. He stands up and takes my hair in His hands and moves my mouth to His cock. I open my mouth and let him put His dick inside. It’s semi hard and He tells me to “suck it nicely slave, make me hard and above all you are to take it — do you understand?” With my head hanging over the table with His cock in my mouth, it’s hard to face up towards Him, so I breathe out around His dick “Yes Master” and began sucking and licking His cock with all my effort. As my mouth gets wetter, my Master starts to slowly fucking my face, in and out moving deeper and deeper. He lets my throat become accustomed to His cock which was by then thick and hard. Slowly He starts moving faster and faster with His hard dick; hitting the back of my throat until I gag.

Suddenly He stops and pulls out, leaving me wanting more. By this time my pussy is so wet; it’s dripping all down my legs. My Master moved behind me. He wiped my juices from my legs and feels my hot wet slit with His fingers and laughs. He puts three fingers in my hole and fucks me for a few seconds and then leans over and shoves His hand in my mouth. My pussy tastes like pure lust and I so badly wanted my Master to fuck me, but dared not ask. I hear him pick up something and suddenly feel a sharp sting on my butt followed by a soft rub and again the sting and then the soft rub. He’s spanking me! This goes on a few more times and then He opens my pussy lips and smacks me right on my pussy and follows this up with a lick. My body was freaking out – it feels pain and then pleasure within a second and all my clit wants to do is cum — one touch and I’ll be gone.

I hear a vibrator turn on and it’s put straight up my pussy — only once – and then my Master puts it on my anus and I tense, this isn’t something he’s done before. He continues playing with my sphincter, pushing in and out slowly, and letting it relax my arse. He gently pushes against the muscles. He pushes it in a little further each time until my arsehole is open and taking it. And it’s making me so horny that I want him to fuck me with it and move my hips to encourage Him. I feel a sharp smack on my arse cheek “Stop it! Do not move until I tell you.” I immediately cease my squirming. He pushes it all in, very slowly. I can’t believe it! It’s a vibrating butt plug. He lets me feel the sensation for a while and then turns it off but leaves the plug in place. I am so horny at this stage I can just scream and beg Him to fuck me but I hold back and just whimper and groan letting him know I’m close to the edge.

He notes my fervour and says “You’re such a horny bitch.” I say nothing. I feel movement around me and feel him untie me. It’s only then that I notice how uncomfortable I am and how sore my nipples are. I yelp in pain as He unclips my nipples and kisses them and then me. He licks and sucks them until I’m moaning with pleasure. Then slowly He put the nipple clips back on. Oh the exquisite pain and pleasure — it makes my pussy jump. By my tits He leads me through to another room and reties me — onto the sofa this time I think — with my legs and arms spread out wide. He then stands over me and again slips His dick in my mouth and give my face a quick fuck. He pulls out and squashes my bound tits together. He seems to clip my nipple clamps together so that they are pulling my tits to squash together. “Beautiful” and then shoves his dick in between and He fucks my tits, squeezing and bruising them and pulling on the clamps, making me feel every movement of His hands and His dick.

He then steps back and turns the vibrator in my arse on. He first puts the setting on low; moving slowly on to medium and then firing up onto high. He then plunges His hard cock into my hot and desperate pussy; and kisses me hotly on the mouth and pulls at the chain holding my nipples and starts to fuck me hard. I immediately started to cum hard and long, He continues to fuck me long after I came. Harder and harder with my pussy sucking on his dick, soaked in cum.

He slows down and moves His cock from my pussy into my mouth and fucks my mouth until He spurts, spilling His seed all over my face and tits, with me lapping up everything I can. Suddenly, He steps away from me again and says “This is not over slave, you have one hour to get cleaned up and to make Me something to eat. In exactly one hour I expect you to be sitting on a chair I will place in the lounge, dressed as you are now.”


Authors notes: This is my first, what do you think? Should I submit Two?

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