I tipped the remaining contents of my beer down my throat and placed the empty bottle on the cottage chair armrest. The small flames from the tikki torches surrounding the patio danced pleasantly about us as we enjoyed a moment of silence. It was late in the evening, and our ‘team-building’ day with the staff in our office was coming to a close. We had spent it at the Director’s cottage: a secluded piece of island property an hour south-west of the city.

The only employees left on the porch were me, the finance guy Simon, the manager Carmen, program assistant Sarah, and receptionist Natalie. The rest had either returned home or had retired for the night. The spacious cottage could accommodate a number of guests, and I had decided to stay for the night. My decision proved to be a highly rewarding one.

“Who wants to join me for a sauna session?” I asked, breaking the silence.

“Sorry people, I’m done for the day,” said Simon. “But help yourselves to drinks and snacks, and I’ve shown you the sleeping arrangements, so enjoy.”

“I’m going to bed as well,” said Carmen. “Good evening all.”

I was a little disappointed. Carmen was older—about 35, but had a body to die for. We had all spent a lot of time near the lake throughout the day, and Carmen’s bikini left little to the imagination. It allowed me excellent views of her massive, firm, round breasts. They were glorious. Very large, perfectly shaped, and they hung beautifully on her thin frame. More than once during the day I was forced to conceal a massive erection after observing her sunbathing.

I looked hopefully at Sarah and Natalie.

“I’ll go,” said Natalie.

I was mildly surprised. Nat and I were not particularly close, and had only exchanged pleasantries in the office. She was two years younger than me, French, and married. I did not get the impression that she disliked me, but she had not warmed up to me as much as Sarah had. Sarah was also married, but we got along rather well both in and outside the office. We played beach volleyball together and had gone out for drinks a number of times. In fact, I had the impression she had a crush on me, and did not seem overly concerned about hiding it.

“Great! Sarah?”

“Sure. Just let me get changed and I’ll meet you down there.”

“I’ll join you,” added Nat.

We bade goodnight to Simon and Carmen and parted ways. I grabbed my towel from the porch railing and walked to the sauna. It was a small, cosy cabin with a woodstove with rocks on top, and worked rather well. We had used it earlier in the evening and did not require much stoking. Minutes later I heard the girls’ voices approaching and stepped to the side as the door of the sauna opened.

“Hey guys. It’ll be nice and hot in a few minutes. I’m going to jump in the lake first,” I said. The girls agreed to join me and we made our way down to the dock. There were tiki torches on either side of the dock, and I lit them to give us some light. I pulled off my shirt and looked over at the girls. I had watched them swimming and sunbathing throughout the day, but was excited for another view of them in their swimwear.

Sarah was thin, with straight dark brown hair just past her shoulders. She had eyes to match her hair, and pale skin to contrast. She had a gentle curve at her waist, long toned legs, and medium-sized breasts being cradled by a lime green bikini.

Nat was slightly shorter than Sarah, with straight dirty blonde hair about the same length as Sarah’s. She was a little heavier than Sarah, with a cute, round face and deep blue eyes, but she carried the weight in all the right places. Her curves were much more voluptuous, giving her body a delightful plumpness without being overweight or under-toned. Her ass was round but firm, her hips curvy, and her stomach flat and soft—but her most notable feature was her bust. Her breasts were round, plump, and massive. They were so large that they made her body look smaller, and they made it extremely difficult to look anywhere else.

Unfortunately she dressed quite modestly, and the only chances I got of beholding her bountiful bosom was when she was leaning over to collect files from the cabinet and happened to be wearing a scoop-neck top. Her bathing suit was not much better. It was a one-piece that fastened around her neck instead of having straps over her shoulders. My disappointment at her lack of bikini, not to mention an entire lack of any cleavage whatsoever was nearly palpable. However, I did manage to get a few side-boob glances throughout the day, especially when she was lying on her stomach. Not to mention the tantalising sight of her erect nipples showing through the tight black material of her bathing suit. Sarah was more of an exhibitionist. I enjoyed watching her tits bounce around in her bikini and the sight of the material of her bottoms gathering between the cheeks of her ass.

I stood at the edge of the dock as the girls undressed. I dove in, feeling the cool water against my skin. As I emerged, I turned around to see the girls wading into the water at the side of the dock where the rocks faded gradually into the water. They were waist-deep, and I saw the light of the flames tracing soft lines around the curves of their breasts and waists.

I felt a stirring in my shorts as Nat pressed her arms against her chest due to the coolness of the water, pushing her massive breasts out from the sides of her suit. Sarah’s nipples poked sharply from the middle of her bikini cups, and her shoulders were drawn up, creating a sensuous gulf between her tits. I climbed out by the ladder at the end of the dock, making no effort to hide the suction of my bathing shorts against my semi-erect penis. As I walked past the girls, I glanced at their faces. Both staring intently at my groin, mouths slightly agape. I smiled to myself.

“See you in the sauna, ladies.”

I grabbed my towel on the way, and entered the now-sweltering sauna.

I sat on the top bench, my back against the hot wood wall behind me, my eyes closed. I could hear the girls approaching again, speaking in hushed tones. The door creaked open and they entered hurriedly, trying not to let too much hot air out into the night. They were wrapped in their towels, and noticing how hot it was inside, placed them on either side of me. I had sat strategically in the middle of the main bench, ensuring there was not enough side on either side of me for both of them to sit. There was a side bench, but it was very close to the heat of the woodstove, and was fairly dark, since the dim light was fixed on the opposite side of the cabin. Now flanked by the two co-workers I fantasised about most, I was excited and horny. We made idle chat as beads of perspiration began to form on our bodies.

“I think I hurt my neck swimming today. It feels really tight.” Nat was rubbing her neck and tilting her head back. I saw my opening.

“If you turn to the side I can give you a massage, if you want.” I offered. Both Sarah and Nat looked at me.

“Don’t worry Sarah, I wouldn’t want you to feel left out. You can massage me.” I laughed. They joined in, breaking the tension. I played my next card carefully.

“Hey, I know you’re both married, I’m must offering as a friend. I totally understand if you’re not comfortable with it.”

Natalie smiled. “No, I’m cool with it. Do your worst.”

She turned her back to me and put her hair over her shoulder, exposing the soft skin of her neck and shoulders. I glanced briefly at Sarah trying to read her reaction. She looked on silently, her brow faintly knit, her mouth curving almost imperceptibly downward at the corners of her mouth.

“Come on Sarah, hands on. I’ll do you next.”

She brightened a bit at my comment as I turned my back to her. I gently massaged Nat’s back and shoulders, as Sarah placed her hands tentatively on my shoulders. Again, we chatted about various things, office matters, current affairs, as we loosened each others’ muscles, enjoyed our alcohol buzz, and soaked up the heat.

“You won’t be able to reach my neck with this bathing suit. Let me adjust it,” said Natalie. She reached back and unfastened the neck clasp and pulled it forward. I leaned forward to attempt to get a look over her shoulder at her breasts, but she held the bathing suit material in place with her forearm. Disappointed with the view, but pleased with the new development, I moved my hands to her neck and rubbed gently.

“Mmmmm, that’s it. Right there,” moaned Nat as her head rolled forward.

I felt Sarah’s hands on my back knead my flesh more urgently. I could sense the tension. I ran my fingers up and down Nat’s bare back and let my fingers graze the sides of her bulging breasts. As my fingertips brushed them, Nat’s flesh erupted with goosebumps and an audible sigh escaped her lips. I could feel my cock beginning to swell, as I imagined gripping handfuls of Nat’s glorious breasts.

“Okay, now it’s my turn,” said Sarah.

I was disappointed that I did not get to go further with Nat, but now was my chance to put my hands on Sarah’s fit body. I tried to wait as long as possible to get a view of Nat in her unfastened bathing suit. While she made no attempt to re-fasten the clasp, she kept her hand across her chest, holding the suit up. I looked at Natalie and noticed she was flushed. She smiled at me sheepishly.

As I faced Sarah, I noticed she was leaning forward, reaching to the foot of the bench we were sitting on. Her bathing suit slid down slightly, and I admired the crack of her backside. As she sat up again, she held a bottle of coconut oil.

“Look what I found. Feel free to use it on me.”

She handed me the bottle and was quick to untie the neck of her bikini, as Nat had done. Her jealousy was obvious, and I had no intention of letting her down. I poured some oil into my hand and passed it back to Natalie. After rubbing my hands together, I placed them on Sarah’s back and began distributing the oil on her soft skin. She began to relax as my hands did their work, while Nat began coating my back and shoulders with the oil. The smell was tantalising, and I was enjoying myself so much I hardly noticed that Nat had stopped massaging me. I started to turn my head to see what she was doing, but she placed her fingers on my cheek and faced it forward again. As she did this she leaned so close to me I could feel her breath on my ear.

“Don’t look, just feel,” she whispered softly.

I felt Nat place her hands gently on my shoulders, but did not move them. Next, I felt warm flesh against my shoulder blades, expanding slowly outwards. She was pressing her bare, oiled breasts against my back. I could feel her nipples become erect against my skin as she breathed heavily in my ear.

She slid her tits down, then back up, resting the heavy mounds on my shoulders and sandwiching my neck between them. Before I could turn my head to the side, she had slid them back down and was moving her hands down my sides. I shivered involuntarily and gripped Sarah around the waist just below her bikini string. Sarah moaned softly, losing herself in the sensation, arching her back.

I decided it was time to make things interesting. I moved my fingertips towards the centre of her back where her bikini made a bow. Holding both ends, I pulled slowly until the bow popped loose. Sarah had her hands on her thighs and her head tilted backwards—she made no reaction. I lowered my hands, still holding the strings, until I saw her bikini top fall loosely onto her lap. She curled her shoulders inward quickly, but just as quick I put my hands on them and resumed massaging, assuring her that I was not after her breasts… yet. She relaxed and allowed me to continue, still unaware that Natalie was rubbing her tits on me.

My cock was throbbing fit to burst, and was causing my swim trunks to tent dramatically. After a few minutes, I decided to test the waters. I moved my palms to Sarah’s sides and let my fingertips brush the sides of her breasts. Suddenly, Nat pressed into me, grabbed my hands roughly, and placed them directly on top of Sarah’s boobs, forcing me to squeeze them firmly. Sarah was as surprised as I was, and let out an alarmed cry. She pushed our hands away and spun around, now cupping her tits with her own hands.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” she yelled, brought abruptly out of her stupor to confront us with an angry brow.

“Sarah, I’m sorry, Nat grabbed my hands—”

“You took off her top, I was just moving things along.” Nat interrupted. I could say nothing in reply; I simply sat and looked stunned.

“Besides, you can already tell how much you’re enjoying this.” Nat’s comment was directed at me.

Sarah could not see that Nat was half-naked behind me, but her eyes did drift downward. My cock stood at full attention under my trunks.

“I’m sorry Sarah, I did get excited. But Nat also had something to do with it.”

I stood up to reveal Nat, who quickly crossed her arms over her chest. Her suit had been pulled down to her waist and her cleavage glistened with coconut oil.

“I don’t know what you’re being so shy about, Nat. You were rubbing those beautiful breasts all over my back.” I blurted, blushing as my tenting trunks were made even more obvious.

Sarah still said nothing, but continued to stare at my crotch.

“Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cross the line. I’ll just go back up to the cabin.” I began to cover myself with my hands when I heard Sarah speak.

“No. You’re not going anywhere. You’ve got us topless. Now we want to see you. Take off your shorts,” she was looking directly into my eyes, her expression dead-serious.

I looked at Nat who grinned devilishly at me, then looked down to my groin.

“No sense being shy about it,” I said as I pulled my shorts down by the waistband.

As it passed the tip of my dick, it sprang up and was still wagging up and down when I straightened up, placing my hands on my hips.

“There you go. What do you think?”

Both Sarah and Nat were enraptured. They stared for a full five seconds, their mouths open in shock.

“Fuck that’s big.” Nat was first to break the silence.

“Very nice,” Sarah managed to say, quietly, her eyes as big as saucers.

“Well, screw modesty. I would like nothing more than to fuck you both right here, right now. I understand, however, that being married you may not want to do that. But at the very least I would love to see you both naked. You can even watch me jerk off if you want.” I gripped my cock demonstratively.

“In any case, I’m horny as hell and I’ve fantasised about you two so much—individually and together. You’re both so hot and I’ve wanted you for so long. I’d love to do some crazy things to you tonight, you just say the word.”

I felt silly, vulnerable. I’d just offered to jerk off in front of my two married co-workers, and they hadn’t even showed me their tits yet! The silence was unbearable, and it felt like an eternity before anything happened.

“I love my husband with all my heart,” said Nat. “But look at that magnificent cock!” I smiled at her, then looked over at Sarah.

“I think you know how I feel about you,” she said to me. “I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since I met you, husband or no husband. There is no way I’m wasting this opportunity.”

She was the first to move. She stood up, her arms moving to her sides. Her breasts were shaped perfectly, with small, dark areolas around her rock-hard nipples. She had a nipple ring on the left one which glinted in the warm orange light. She stepped forward, putting one hand around my shaft and the other behind my head, pulling me to her mouth. She pushed my dick down and put it between her legs as she reached back and gripped my ass and pressed her titties against my chest. I reached down and roughly pulled her bikini bottoms down over her toned buttocks, and took a cheek in each hand, pulling her against my cock. She moaned and rocked her hips forward even more, pressing into my pelvic bone.

All of a sudden, she moved quickly backwards. I saw that Natalie had pulled her by the waist away from me. Sarah spun towards her and the girls exchanged a fiery gaze between them, halfway between anger and lust. Nat’s hands were at her sides now, her fists balled. I looked down and basked in the glory of her bust. Her melons were full, round, plump, bulbous, buxom. They were perfectly spaced high on her chest, and hung ever so slightly. Her large areolas were a soft brown surrounded by pea-sized perky nipples. They shone with oil, and heaved with her every breath. I was hypnotized.

Nat broke the spell.

“You like them?” she asked, cupping them with her hands and pushing them together.

“They are fantastic.” I uttered, moving towards her. My right hand gripped her left breast as my left arm circled her waist and pulled her towards me. I squeezed her tit gently as my tongue probed her mouth. I felt her hand on my balls, rolling them in her palm. My cock twitched. Our mouths finally parted and I looked down upon her mountainous bosom. I kissed and licked my way down her neck until my tongue was directly between her jugs. I squished them against my face and licked vigorously, shaking my head from side to side. Next I took an overflowing mound of tit in each hand and pushed them together. I alternated between the stiff nipples, licking, sucking, and gently biting them until I heard Nat start to moan. Her hands found their way to my head, pushing it into her cleavage.

My hands left her breasts and travelled down her sides, slick with oil. I found the sides of her bathing suit, gripped it on either side and yanked ferociously downwards. Nat gave a little yelp of surprise and jumped. Her titties bounced as her hands flew down to cover her womanhood. I pushed her backwards and she plopped down on the bench, her arms moving back to catch herself. I was treated once again to a terrific bounce of her breasts.

Gripping her knees, I spread her legs apart and was pleasantly surprised to see a freshly shaven pussy. Her cunt lips were parted slightly to reveal a moist slit of soft pink flesh. My mouth was watering in anticipation, and I was on the verge of diving my face into her smooth mound when I heard a moan come from beside me.

In my frenzied, lustful stripping of Nat I had almost forgotten about Sarah. I looked to my right and saw her facing us, the fingers of her right hand disappearing behind the green fabric triangle of her bikini between her legs, her left hand pinching her right nipple. She was rubbing her clit rapidly, enjoying the show Nat and I had put on.

“Keep going,” she urged, “Eat her pussy. I want to watch.”

“Not just yet, Sarah. I want to taste you first.”

“What?!” exclaimed Natalie angrily. “No! I’m ready for you. Lick my clit!”

She put her fingers on her pussy lips and spread them apart, exposing the hard bud of her swollen clitoris. She was soaking wet, and her eyes pleaded with me to pleasure her, but I had other plans. I wanted to drive them both crazy with desire, and I knew just how to do it.

“Natalie, I want you to play with yourself while I get Sarah’s fingers out of her pussy and my tongue into it. But don’t worry, I’ll get to you soon.”

I winked at Nat, kissed the inside of her thigh, then knelt in front of Sarah, inches from her sweet-smelling sex. I looked up at her and slowly withdrew her hand from her bikini. Her fingers were coated in her juices, so I put them in my mouth and sucked on them, enjoying her taste. Next I took the top of her bikini bottoms in my teeth and pulled it down slowly. It came off quite easily since I had already yanked it down over her ass. I lingered at her pussy, the thin strip of dark brown pubic hair tickling my nose. I pulled further, until her bikini bottoms were at her knees, then let them fall to the bench on which she was standing.

“Put your leg up on this bench so Nat can see,” I said to Sarah.

She placed her foot on the top bench, right beside Nat’s knee and looked down at me. I looked up at her spread pussy lips, my mouth watering. Sarah was soaking wet from her fingering, and her juices had begun to drip down the top of her inner thigh. I lapped them up eagerly, then spread her lips further with my thumbs. Her ripe clit was fully exposed, the hood pulled back. I flicked my tongue over it a few times, and felt Sarah jolt from the intense sensitivity. I continued to tongue her clit with my head turned slightly so Natalie would have an unobstructed view.

In my peripheral vision I could make out Nat’s spread legs and her hand moving rapidly between them. She was breathing heavily. I stopped tickling Sarah’s clit and flattened my tongue, then placed the tip at the bottom of her vagina, where the lips joined. I applied pressure, and licked slowly upwards, tasting her sex, until I was directly over her clit again. At that point I brought my lips inwards and sucked her swollen bean into my mouth. I suckled it greedily and looked up at Sarah. Her stomach was sucked in and she had placed a hand, fingers spread, on her abdomen. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut and her mouth was open in an ‘o’ shape. As I continued to suck, she put her other hand on the back of my head and moaned loudly.

“Ooooooooooooh yeeeeaaaahhh! Suck my little clit.”

I then brought my right hand down, extended my middle finger, and probed her fuck hole. It slid in easily thanks to my saliva and her lubrication, and I finger fucked her slowly while I released my hold on her clit and began tonguing it again. Next, I moved my left hand up and stroked her clit with my thumb. With my right hand I spread her pussy lips far apart, then flicked my tongue around her opening.

“Put it in, fuck me with your tongue!” she urged.

I obliged, driving my tongue as far as it would reach inside her velvety warmth and swirling it around. This drove her crazy, and she emitted a low, desperate moan as she shoved my head into her pussy. My face was now mashed into her sex and my thumb worked her clit madly. I felt her legs begin to tremble as she approached climax. As her breathing quickened and her hips began to thrust, I pulled away with difficulty, moving her hand from the back of my head.

“Don’t stop, you asshole, I was about to cum on your face!” she cried.

I stood up quickly and pulled her against me, feeling the sweat on her body and seeing the tangle of wet hair stuck to her face. I put my arm around her waist, picked her up, and plopped her down beside Nat on the bench. Her face had a mixture of shock and frustration.

“Now you have to watch me taste Natalie,” I said.

Nat’s face brightened, and she spread her legs obligingly in anticipation. Sarah was still stunned by the sudden change of plans, and could only stare incredulously. I wasted no time with Nat. She had been fingering herself while I ate Sarah’s pussy, so she needed no warming up. I tongued her clit as fast and hard as I could, and inserted two fingers into her wet cunt, curling them up slightly to feel the rough patch of skin inside her: her g-spot. Like Sarah, she placed a hand on the back of my head and forced it towards her soaking mound while the pace of my finger-fuck quickened. I let my mouth envelop her clitoris and moved my head to assist in the tongue-lashing I was giving her.

“Oh yes, that’s it! More! More!” she cried.

Without removing my fingers from inside Nat, I stood up and looked at Sarah. She had resumed rubbing her clit with her fingers, and was leaning on her left arm to get a better look at Nat’s moist reclining form. Her tits were pressed together, the longer strands of her hair sticking together in her cleavage. I reached for her knee and pulled it outwards, then traced my fingers down her thigh to her pussy lips. I inserted my middle finger as I had done before, but had slight difficulty fitting my ring finger in with it. Sarah moaned and her fingers quickened.

I stood between the girls, finger-fucking them both at once as they lay back with their eyes closed and mouths open, breathing hard, sweating. I sped up my pace to a furious speed as the girls moaned louder, clutching at their hair, their breasts, their thighs, their legs in the air, accepting the thrusting of my digits.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming!” screamed Sarah.

“Me too! Aaaaaaaaaah, ooooooouuuiiiiiii!!!” Nat followed.

I watched delightedly as Sarah and Nat convulsed, their tits jiggling, their backs arched. I felt their pussies tighten on my fingers and their juices flow. I was in heaven.

I slid my fingers out of their pussies and tasted their juices. My cock was rock hard and pulsing with anticipation as I looked at Nat and Sarah, just recovering from their powerful orgasms. They leaned back against the sauna wall, their legs no longer raised, but still slightly spread. Sarah caressed her peach breasts with her arms and purred softly, while Nat pulled her hair back from her face, her perfect tits pulled deliciously upwards making them perky and round. Beads of sweat covered their bodies and I watched several drops roll sensuously from Nat’s throat, over the inside of the swell of her breasts, and down her soft stomach.

She stood up and put her arms around my neck. The tip of my erect penis touched her stomach. It twitched violently, involuntarily. I shuddered as it came to rest against her again. She licked her lips and looked me straight in the eye. I looked down and saw that her erect nipples were nearly touching my skin. I ached to feel them against me.

“You really love my breasts, don’t you?”

With difficulty, I looked away from her gorgeous jugs and into her eyes. She was grinning devilishly. “I could suck on them all day and that still wouldn’t be enough. They’re absolutely perfect,” I said. I slid my hands up her sides.

“Stop,” she said. “I’m going to tease you like you teased me. Don’t touch my tits until I say you can.”

“I don’t care, Nat. I’ll jerk off right now and cum straight away if I can just look at them.”

This time my hand moved down towards my cock. It stopped as I felt a hand squeeze tightly around my wrist. It was Sarah.

“You’re not jerking anything.”

She stood up and lifted Natalie’s arm from my shoulder, placing it around hers. She nudged Nat with her hip my dick slipping off her tummy, leaving behind a tiny trail of pre-cum. Now it bobbed between the three of us, still pointing slightly upwards. I put my arms around the girls’ shoulders and pulled us tightly together. Sarah right tit, and Nat’s left tit were pressed together, their other tits against my sides.

The girls were looking down at my thick member. I put my hand on the back of Sarah’s head and forced her mouth onto mine. Our mouths opened instantly and our tongues danced, playing with each other. I broke off and turned to Nat, who was already leaning in to receive me. I licked her lips first, then sucked on them, nibbling gently. I could feel Sarah’s breath on my neck, then her tongue. She licked her way up to my cheek, and I move my head backwards, pushing on Nat and Sarah’s heads. They resisted, and looked at me angrily.

“Come on girls. You’re not curious? It would be so hot to see you make out.”

“I’ve never been with a girl before,” said Sarah timidly.

“Neither have I,” said Nat, “but it would be pretty hot. You looked so sexy when he was licking your pussy.”

Sarah bit her lip and looked at me, then Nat. I stepped back as Nat took Sarah’s hands and put them on her breasts. Sarah looked surprised, but also mesmerised. She stared at her hands, and began fondling Nat’s bust. Nat then pulled her by the neck towards her and their lips met. Reluctant at first, Sarah quickly relaxed and opened her mouth willingly. Their tongues flicked against each other as Sarah pressed her body against Nat’s, still gripping her boobs. Nat moved her arms down Sarah’s back and found her ass. Grabbing it tightly, she pulled Sarah’s crotch into her upper thigh and ground it roughly.

“Ooooh!” Sarah was getting excited again.

“Sarah, Nat… sorry to interrupt, but my balls are going to explode if I don’t do something soon. Can I watch you make out and jerk off to it?”

“Oh, sorry, I was getting carried away. You’re right, Nat is fantastic,” she gently pinched Nat’s hard nipples. “But I want that big dick in my mouth. Nat, I’m sure you can lend a hand… or a mouth.”

“I’d be more than happy to help,” she replied.

She girls parted, and picked up their towels, folding them and laying them on the bench where I stood. Sarah knelt and gripped my cock at the base of the shaft. Her eyes widened as she placed her other hand above her first, gripping the middle of the shaft. She opened her mouth in surprise as she stared at the two inches of my penis that extended beyond her second fist. Her fingers barely touched around the girth of my pulsing rod.

“Holy shit. I can’t believe how big you are,” she began stroking her fists over my dick head and down again.

I sighed, loving the sensation of her tight grip. Meanwhile, Natalie had crouched beside Sarah and was watching intently at Sarah’s stroking.

“That is a huge dick. I don’t even know if it will fit in my mouth.” Nat remarked.

“Oh, it’ll fit. Let me show you,” said Sarah.

She continued to grip the base of my shaft, but released her second hand. She moved her head towards me, and licked the exposed length of my penis. Her tongue lingered at the tip, flicking back and forth over the underside of the head. I felt my cock twitch and swell.

“I can feel you getting even harder. Oh, I am so turned on right now,” she wasted no time in popping my dick head in her mouth and sucking avidly.

I moaned and Nat looked up at me. I looked down on her, admiring the massive swell of her tits visible on either side of her chin. I noticed she had put one hand on my thigh, while the other disappeared between her legs.

“Oh yes. I love watching you play with yourself, Nat. Feel free to lick my balls.”

Nat giggled, and extender her tongue. I felt it stroke against my tight scrotum before her lips joined in and she suckled my left nut. Sarah began stroking my shaft as her head bobbed, taking more of my penis into her mouth.

“Girls, this is amazing! I could cum any minute.” I said.

There was an audible wet ‘pop’ as my head was released by Sarah’s expert lips. She spread her saliva over the entire length of my cock with quick strokes of her hand.

“You haven’t seen what I can really do. You’re really massive, but I’ll give it a try,” she said.

“Try what?” I asked.

She looked up at me and chuckled softly. She reached over to Natalie and took her chin, pulling her away from the tonguing she was giving my balls.

“I think you might want to watch, Nat,” she said.

Placing the head of my penis on her tongue, she moved her hands to my hips. Ever so slowly, she moved her mouth down on my cock. I watched in amazement as inch after inch disappeared between her soft lips. I felt my cock touch the back of her throat and tighten convulsively. Sarah’s brow furrowed, and she paused, but only momentarily. After suppressing her gag reflex, she continued to take my cock down her throat. I was in ecstasy as I watched the last inch of my cock vanish into Sarah’s mouth. Her lips were touching the base of my cock and my balls were resting on her chin. I gasped as she held her pose and looked up at me through watery eyes.

“Oh… my… god..,” said Nat.

Her eyes were as wide as saucers and her jaw was dropped. Slowly, and with a slurping sound, Sarah withdrew my cock from her throat until it was fully unveiled again. Strings of spit hung between the tip and her still-open mouth. She coughed a couple times then regained her composure.

“Well, that’s definitely the biggest thing I’ve deep-throated. But I did it. How did you like it?”

“Please, Sarah, do that again. I want to fuck your throat,” I begged.

Her mouth opened wide and she slid my organ down her throat again, right to the base. This time, she pulled it out half way, taking a quick breath through her nose, then deep-throated me again. She repeated this motion rhythmically, and soon I found my hips moving forward in a thrusting motion each time her head bobbed down my shaft. I moaned loudly as she continued. Nat was rubbing her pussy and staring in amazement at the professional blow job I was receiving.

“Come on Sarah, I want to try!” she said.

Sarah slowly withdrew my cock from her mouth and slurped up the strings of saliva that were left over.

“He’s all yours,” she passed my cock to Nat.

Natalie eagerly gripped my dick and began sucking on the head. Soon she was bobbing her head in time with the strokes of her hand.

“Try to take it all, Nat,” said Sarah.

“I don’t know. I think it’s too big. I’ve never deep-throated before,” Nat said warily.

“Just relax your jaw and when his dick hits the back of your throat, repress you gag reflex, then push further.” Sarah’s tone was reassuring.

After a nervous glance at Sarah, then me, Nat opened her mouth and took me in. She got nearly half way before coughing and she spat it out. After blinking rapidly and recovering her composure, she tried again. This time she made it further. She reached a point at which I thought she would stop, and I felt her throat muscles squeezing my dick head tightly. Suddenly, Sarah grabbed the back of Nat’s head and pushed it into me. Nat’s eyes widened and I could feel her throat convulsing, but she did not resist. Her lips were almost touching the base of my penis and I was thoroughly enjoying the sensation of her spasming throat.

Then, to my astonishment, I felt her tongue slide underneath my shaft and gently prod my balls.

“Oh yeah, Nat! Now you’ve got it!” I exclaimed.

Sarah, her hand still on Nat’s head, pulled her backwards as gobs of spit dripped from my gleaming cock onto Natalie’s tits. Sarah then forced Nat’s mouth onto her own, and they twirled their tongues excitedly. As they kissed, Nat guided my cock with her hand to their mouths and I pushed forward, separating their lips with my wet dick, and placed my hands on the backs of their heads. Now I guided my penis between them in slow, even strokes, letting them kiss at the end of each stroke when I was farthest away.

“Jesus, you girls are going to make me blow my load,” I said.

At this, Sarah gripped my cock and quickly deep-throated me until her nose was pressed into my abdomen, then withdrew and passed my dick to Nat, who took me almost all the way. The girls were taking turns sucking me and I felt my orgasm building.

“Oh my god, you’re getting even bigger!” Nat noticed.

“I want to swallow all your cum,” said Sarah.

She sucked ferociously, dismissing Nat’s efforts to get my dick back with a bat of her hand.

“Aaaahhh, here is comes.”

I felt my balls twitch as Nat gently squeezed them.

My cock was buried in Sarah’s throat as the first shot of semen traveled the length of me and erupted into her esophagus. Sarah’s throat swallowed reflexively as she pulled back slightly.

The next load was as big as the first and Sarah caught it in her mouth, her eyes locked with mine.

Nat had let go of my balls and put the tips of her fingers against the lower lip of her open mouth. She was kneeling like Sarah now, her other hand absentmindedly rubbing her nipple. Pulling my cock from Sarah’s willing mouth, I turned towards Natalie, pointing my cock straight at her. I couple quick strokes of my shaft produced a cum bullet that struck Nat just above her left eye. It ricocheted off her eyebrow with a spray, and Nat jumped in alarm, inhaling sharply.

My second shot went directly into her open mouth, which produced a short cry of surprise, followed by her spitting the semen out over her chin. I felt another wave of pleasure as a stream of cum flew from my cock, arched gracefully through the air, and landed on top of Nat’s head, the white trail extending onto her forehead.

By this point Sarah had swallowed her load, and was now giggling at Nat’s bombardment.

“Holy shit, you’re cumming so much!” said Sarah, her eyes wide.

Nat recovered quickly and cupped her boobs and pushed them together, making a perfect, soft, bulging landing pad for my sticky wad. Nat looked up at me expectantly as I aimed my cock downwards.

A second later a weaker stream of cum spilled from me and poured onto her heaving chest. It oozed down between her cleavage and ran between her tits, disappearing between them. My orgasm finally abated and I sighed heavily. Sarah was now looking at Nat’s cum-glazed tits lustfully.

“I want to taste it again,” she said.

She leaned over to Nat and licked a thick glob of cum from her chin. Nat responded instantly and locked lips with Sarah. After making out for a few seconds, Nat took Sarah’s head between her hands, sat up, and let my cum dribble out of her mouth and into Sarah’s. They shared my cum between them a few times while I stood with my hands on my hips, the last drips of cum falling from the tip of my cock, looking down at the girls.

They were soaked in semen, sweat, and saliva. Nat was presently drooling cum onto Sarah’s pert breasts, lingering to twirl her tongue around her dark nipples. Sarah soon pushed Nat off her and buried her head in Nat’s bosom, slurping the cum from between them.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” I said.

“You have quite the cum factory in those balls of yours,” Nat said as Sarah sucked her tits clean.

She lifted her head, her face framed in cum drops.

“I love swallowing cum. That’s my protein for the next week!” she laughed.

I offered my hands and the girls took them and stood up. I ran my fingers over their breasts, collecting a few drops which they proceeded to suck off.

“Let’s take a dip in the lake, shall we?” I suggested.

The girls reached to pick up their bathing suits.

“Ah-ah-ah, no clothes allowed,” I said, grinning.

I turned and strode out into the cool night air. After being in the sauna, stepping outside was quite cold at first, but I made no effort to cover up. I turned around and waited for the girls.

“Don’t worry, the coast is clear,” I reassured them.

The door opened and the girls stepped out, instantly crossing their arms over their chests as the cold hit them.

“Brrrrr! It’s freezing!” said Sarah, trembling.

“Quick, let’s jump in.” Nat was off towards the end of the dock, holding her tits to stop them from bouncing.

I followed, my cock rebounding violently off my thighs. I jumped in next to Nat’s splash and felt the cold water on my sweaty body. After surfacing, I turned around to see Sarah in mid-air, her breasts high on her chest as she fell into the lake. I swam to the shallow area beside the dock and was joined by Nat and Sarah.

They were busy washing my semen from their bodies. I watched, enthralled, as they splashed water on their stomachs, breasts, and faces. They dipped their heads in the lake and then tossed them backwards, running their hands through their hair as the lake water glistened on their bodies in the light from the tikki torches. Their nipples were hard and erect in the open air and I began to feel the blood filling my penis. I approached them and put my hands behind their waist, gripping a butt cheek in each hand and pulled them towards me. I kissed Nat first, then Sarah. Then Sarah and Nat kissed in front of me.

I broke the silence.

“You two are so beautiful. Your bodies are fit and curved in all the right places. Sarah, your ass is so firm and tight, and Nat, I have never seen breasts as full and round and soft as yours. I just want to touch you and kiss you all night long.”

“Who said we were going to stop?” said Sarah. “You haven’t even fucked us yet. You think we’re going to let you off without even penetrating us with your thick cock?”

“Damn right! I want you inside me while I taste Sarah’s pussy. I’ve never been with a girl before, but it’s such a turn-on,” said Natalie.

“Wow, you girls are wild. I never thought you’d be so naughty. I mean, I’ve dreamed about this moment, but never in a million years did I think it would come true; especially with you both being married… Sorry, didn’t mean to bring that up.”

“Listen, Frank’s cock is three inches, ok? I didn’t marry him for his sexual prowess,” Sarah said as she put her hand on my neck and slid it over my chest.

“Then how did you get so good at deep throating?” I asked.

“I did have other boyfriends, you know. And my dildo collection is extensive, as you might guess. I’ve just always wanted to have a huge cock down my throat. It gets me really wet.”

“You seemed to like drinking cum too,” observed Natalie.

“Yeah, I’ve always liked the taste of cum, and feeling guys’ hot loads on my body. Tell me it didn’t get you off when he came on you,” she replied.

“I was pretty shocked at first, but after getting my tits soaked I started to like it. Your cum does taste really good. And as for my husband, he’s not bad in bed, but he certainly doesn’t have a dick like yours. I’ve also caught you looking at my breasts at work, so I know you wanted to fuck me. I bent over in front of you on purpose you know. Now, speaking of fucking…”

Nat reached into the water and found my erect penis, stroking it gently.

The three of us walked out of the lake and grabbed some extra towels off the dock. We went back inside the sauna and I stoked the woodstove a bit to get the heat going again. After pouring some water on the hot rocks, I turned around to see Sarah and Nat kissing on the top bench. Their hands were rubbing each other’s pussies slowly and before long they were both moaning softly. I stood up on the lower bench and stroked my cock a couple times before loudly clearing my throat. The girls looked at me with half-open eyes and smiled playfully.

“So… who wants to go first?” I asked.

“Nat, lean back a bit. I’ll get him ready for you,” said Sarah.

She gently pushed Nat backwards until she was leaning against the cabin wall with her butt on the very edge of the bench, legs spread. Sarah climbed down and sat on the lower bench between my feet.

She took my member and guided it into her waiting mouth. I reached forward and put two fingers in Nat’s soft hole, feeling the warmth and wetness.

This did not continue for long before Nat pulled her legs up and said,

“Please, I can’t wait any longer. Put your cock inside me!”

Sarah pulled my dick from her throat, leaned back, and looked up. My glistening prick was standing at attention inches from Natalie’s dripping pink sex. I leaned forward and put the head against her parted pussy lips.

“Oooooooh,” she moaned. I pushed gently, enjoying the pressure from her sex. I pushed more and watched the head vanish into her softness. Both her and I were well lubricated, which allowed me to slide fully half my member into Nat with ease. I pulled it out nearly all the way and repeated. Nat opened her eyes and looked down as I entered her.

“Oh my god, you’re only half in!” she exclaimed.

“Do you want more of me inside you?” I asked.

“I want you all the way in,” she whispered sensuously.

I pushed harder and felt Nat’s muscles tighten around my length. We both watched as my cock disappeared up to the hilt between her smoothly shaven pussy lips.

“Aaaaah! Yes! That’s it!” said Nat.

Her hand was on her abdomen, as if to feel my penis inside her through the skin. Suddenly, I felt a tongue on my balls. Sarah was licking me from below.

“Ooooh yeah!” I said. I felt my cock swell, as did Nat—she smiled and her eyes rolled back. I pulled out again and saw Sarah’s upturned face below my cock. She licked the shaft as it came out of Nat.

“Nat, you taste amazing,” she said.

I bent my knees and gave Sarah another taste by sticking my prick down her throat. She gobbled it enthusiastically, savouring Nat’s pussy juices.

“Put it back in! I need you to fuck me!” Nat begged.

I put the head right at her entrance and thrust hard.

“Ah! Fuck…” shouted Nat.

I was balls-deep again, and had watched her tits bounce with the force of my thrust. My balls had struck Sarah’s forehead.

“You might want to get out from under there, Sarah,” I said.

She crawled between my legs and sat on Nat’s right side, her hands on her thighs. She leaned over Nat to get a good view of my dick in Nat’s pussy. I pulled out again and began a slow rhythm of thrusts, not quite entering her all the way.

Settling into some steady fucking, I looked at Nat and Sarah. Nat was up on her elbows gazing at her pussy at it was stuffed by my thick cock. She breathed through her mouth in time with my thrusts, occasionally moaning.

Sarah was leaning in, mesmerised by my slick shaft as it vanished between Nat’s soft pink labia. The three of us were nearly hypnotized by the spectacle. A drop of perspiration fell from my nose and splashed onto Nat’s smooth abdomen.

This seemed to break the spell, as Sarah leaned down and licked it up. She remained with her cheek against Nat’s stomach and slowly licked her way downward across Nat’s shorn pubis, until her tongue gently played with the exposed clit.

“Aaaaaaahn! Aaaaaah! Ooooooh, ooooh, ooooh! Haaah, haaah!” Nat’s cries became louder and more emphatic as Sarah continued to stimulate her with her lips and tongue.

She tossed her head back and grabbed overflowing handfuls of her bosom. I put my left hand on the back of Sarah’s head and took a fistful of her wet brown hair. I gently pulled her head back and withdrew my cock from Nat’s cunt. With my right hand I gripped my shaft and slapped the head rapidly against Nat’s clitoris.

“Ooooooouuuuu, I like it!” she cried.

Next, I pulled Sarah’s head towards my dick. Sarah understood, and opened her mouth to receive me. I thrust my cock down her throat, making sure that my balls slapped against Nat’s soaking wet pussy. I withdrew with a new coating of Sarah’s saliva on my rod, and slapped Nat’s clit a few more times, before plunging my member back into Nat’s waiting mound.

“Oh!” cried Sarah suddenly.

I looked up and noticed that Nat had reached underneath Sarah with her right hand and was presumably playing with her pussy as I continued fucking. Sarah licked Nat’s clit a few more times before deciding to change things around.

“Nat, your fingers are good, but I want to see what your mouth can do,” she said.

She deftly stepped over Nat’s reclined body, straddling it, and looked between her legs. She then shifted herself backwards until her cunt was directly above Nat’s face. Sarah was still leaning on her hands, so I could not see what Nat was doing, but Sarah’s reaction was instantaneous.

“Oh my god! You’re sucking my clit so hard. Oooooh I love it!” Sarah gasped.

“Kiss me while she sucks you,” I said.

My hand was still holding her hair at the back and she looked at me lustfully before pushing her lips against mine. I held Nat’s thigh with my right hand for traction while I fucked her as Sarah and I explored each other’s mouths. Sarah used her right hand to hold onto my waist and pull me into Nat with every thrust. Our tongues probed and writhed against one another ferociously as I we found a comfortable rhythm. All three of our bodies moved together: Sarah’s pussy against Nat’s mouth, my thick shaft inside Nat’s pussy, and Sarah’s and my mouths locked together.

After a minute, I broke off from Sarah.

“I’m getting close again. Fuck, you girls are making me crazy.”

“Don’t cum yet. It’s my turn to be fucked next and I don’t want to wait,” said Sarah.

“Ok, then help me make Nat cum,” I replied.

Sarah sat up and slid her hand from my hip, down my thigh, and up Nat’s leg to her pussy. Using her index and middle fingers, she began rubbing quick, small circles on Nat’s swollen clit. Instantly, I felt Nat’s vaginal muscles contract on my member and she began moaning even louder.

“Ooooh yeeeeaaah, mmmmmmpf!” her moans of ecstasy were muffled by Sarah as she forced her wet cunt onto Nat’s open mouth.

“God damn, I’m going to blow my load,” I said between breaths.

“Mmmmm… uuuuuhhh, aaah, (gasp) yes! Cum inside me!” Nat shouted as she forced her head to the side, leaving a wet trail of Sarah’s pussy juice across her cheek.

“Don’t you dare! Don’t even think about cumming until you’ve fucked my cunt!” shouted Sarah in response.

I knew I would not be able to contain my spunk if I kept my cock inside Nat’s queezing honeypot, so I pulled it free of her labial grasp, grabbed Sarah’s wrist and pulled her hand away as I smacked my dick head against Nat’s erect clit as rapidly as I could.

“Aaaaah! Aaaaaah! Oooooooooh ouuuuuuuoooooouiiiiii!” Nat was screaming as she came hard.

Sarah stepped off her and watched enraptured as Nat squeezed her big tits tightly, the soft flesh bulging out between her fingers. Her head was back and her legs spread, sticking up in the air, toes curled.

I continued to smack my cock against her so quickly that it became a pink blur. Seconds later I noticed a fine spray was flying off my swinging member and the smacking sound it made as it collided with Nat’s quivering pussy became louder… and wetter.

“Uuuuuuuhhhhh, hnnnnnnaaaaaah!” Nat’s guttural moans continued as I realised that she was having a squirting orgasm.

She began convulsing uncontrollably, her tits bouncing and jiggling, her fingers grasping at her thighs and stomach, her eyes rolling. I stopped smacking my cock on her and watched the last few small squirts of clear liquid spurt from her wet lips.

“Oh my god! You made her squirt! Look at her, she doesn’t even know where she is. Oh please, please do that to me!” Sarah looked at me pleadingly.

“Holy shit… yeah, I’ll give it a try,” I said, watching Nat writhe, gasping.

I reached my hand to my mouth and licked Nat’s juices off.

“I think there’s some for you to try down here.” I wagged my dick back and forth suggestively.

“Sure, gladly!” Sarah nearly lept at me and slid her hands down my chest and stomach as she took her position on her knees.

She put my dick in her mouth and licked the head in circular motions. Before I knew it, her lips were touching my pubic hair and her tongue was prodding my balls.

“Aaah! Jesus! Careful Sarah, or you’ll make me cum to soon. I barely made it fucking Nat.”

She pulled her head back and sucked the spit and pussy juice off my length.

“You’re right. Sorry, I got carried away. Now get your ass on the bench. I want to ride your fat cock.”

Sarah stood—nearly jumping—in front of me. Her taught body glistened with sweat. I admired her tight stomach, toned legs, and firm breasts. I cupped them gently and pulled at her nipples. She giggled and bounced my penis off her palm a few times.

I sat on the top bench and looked at Nat, prostrate next to me, her legs dangling over the edge. She had regained some composure and was looking at me with her eyes half-closed. One arm was lying lazily across her breasts, and the other was moving up and down her stomach, playing with the pussy juice pooled there. She tasted it absent-mindedly.

“Wow. I have never had an orgasm like that. You two are incredible,” she sat up and put her back against the side of the cabin, facing me. She opened her legs and smiled.

“I’m just going to watch you two for a bit while I recover. I’m sure you’ll get me hot again in no time. Sarah, get ready for a magnificent fucking.”

I laid down on my back on the bench, my head pointing towards Nat. Sarah stood on the lower bench and pumped my cock a few times before straddling me and crouching on her haunches. She held my shaft and pointed it towards her pussy, hesitating.

“What are you waiting for?” asked Nat.

“I’m… I’m pretty tight. I don’t know if it will go in easily,” she said.

I looked up at her, seeing her anxious expression.

“Here,” I said, finding the coconut oil and squeezing some into my hand.

I rubbed it liberally onto my prick, then placed my hands on Sarah’s thighs, pushing down gently. My dick head made contact with Sarah’s outer pussy lips and they parted easily, lubed by the oil. However, her hole was less willing. My cock met with strong resistance at Sarah’s tight opening, and I felt it bend under the pressure. I tried pushing upwards but my dick still would not penetrate her cunt. Sarah let out a short yelp.

“Sarah, honey,” said Nat, “just relax. Breathe deeply, loosen those pussy muscles, and let his cock slide in.”

Sarah nodded to Nat and looked at me.

“It’s ok Sarah, I know you can take me inside you.”

I reached up and rubbed the oil on my hands over her firm tits. They glistened and shone in the light, and I gently tweaked her nipples and grinned. Sarah smiled back and looked down at her sex. She drew a deep breath, closed her eyes, tilted her head upwards and pushed down onto my cock while slowly exhaling.

At first I thought my dick was going to buckle under the pressure, but suddenly, with the help of the oil, it popped past the tight ring of Sarah’s opening. Her eyes flew open and she gasped. I gasped as well, since now my dick head felt like it was in a vice. It felt incredible.

“Ooooh yeah! Jesus Sarah, your pussy is so tight! I feel like cumming inside you right now.”

“No, not yet! I need to get you all the way inside me.”

Again I felt the pressure, and I watched as another inch of my shaft slid slowly into Sarah’s mound. I closed my eyes tight and tried to think of something unpleasant so I wouldn’t cum, but all I could see was glimpses of Sarah and Nat’s bodies covered in oil and water.

I looked at Sarah again. She was biting her bottom lip and concentrating on our genitals. Another inch went inside, and just before I thought I was going to spurt my man-juice into Sarah, I felt the pressure lessen and saw that she was pulling me out. Sighing deeply, I put my hands on her waist, and when the bottom of my cock head started to appear at her pussy lips, I pushed her downwards—pushing up with my pelvis at the same time. Fully half my length slid inside her with only moderate resistance.

“Let’s try working you in with just the first half of my cock, ok?” I said.

“Ok. I’m not as tight now. It feels wonderful!” Sarah replied.

Soon, we got into a comfortable rhythm. Sarah’s juices were flowing freely now as her tight pussy bobbed up and down on my length.

We fucked for a few minutes, when I heard a wet sound behind me. I tilted my head back and saw Nat (upside down, of course) rubbing her pussy and caressing her breasts. Sarah, her hands on her knees, continued bouncing on my cock and had also noticed Nat’s arousal.

“Come here and sit that wet pussy on his face,” she offered.

I heard movement behind me as Nat’s knees appeared beside my head. She shuffled downwards until she was kneeling directly in front of Sarah. I had a magnificent view of her plump ass as she and Sarah kissed passionately.

Then Nat sat on her haunches as Sarah was doing, and slowly backed her ass towards my face until her neatly shaven pussy appeared just above my mouth. I lifted my head and probed her pink wetness with my tongue. I felt Sarah put her hands flat on my stomach as she leaned in to kiss Nat again. My hands roamed to the tops of Sarah’s thighs and I applied gentle downward pressure when she reached the apex of her thrust. She descended more quickly onto my cock and I arched my hips up slightly to meet her. I heard her gasp and her nails dug into my stomach as another inch of my cock found its way into her opening. Nat sat more heavily on my face and her pussy lips spread over mine. I probed fiercely with my tongue, but was soon short on air.

“Yes, eat my pussy! Take it!” cried Nat.

I shook my head from side to side, catching quick gasps of air as I did so. Nat’s juices covered my lips and cheeks. I nibbled her clit with my teeth and she raised her cunt in response.

“Aaah! Whoa, I’m still really sensitive. Be careful down there,” she said.

“Then let me have some air,” I laughed.

My cock was throbbing at this point, and I wanted to fill Sarah up completely. I could feel her thighs resisting my pulling hands.

“Sarah, take all of my cock. Take it all inside you.”

“Oh, oh, oooh! You’re so deep already, I’m not sure if I can,” she said.

Natalie, got off me, and stood beside Sarah. She took Sarah’s right arm and draped it over her shoulders, resting it on her tit. She put her left hand behind Sarah’s back and placed it on her shoulder, working with Sarah’s up-and-down rhythm. With her right hand, Nat played with Sarah’s bouncing tits, letting her nipples run across the insides of her fingers.

“Oooooh my gooooooood…” Sarah moaned.

Nat looked at me and winked, just as Sarah’s pussy reached the tip of my cock. I saw the rim of my dick head poke out from behind Sarah’s tightly grasping pussy lips. She hovered for a split second, her legs taught, her eyes rolled back, her chest puffed outwards, full of air. The hand on Nat’s right tit had a firm grip, creating divots where her fingertips dug into the soft flesh. Her left hand was in mid-air, palm facing my stomach, about one inch from touching it. The veins on my cock stood out and my shaft was slick with Sarah’s lubrication and the oil.

I knew what Nat was going to do, and I couldn’t wait.

The moment hung in time, suspended, poised. I saw Nat’s fingers on Sarah’s shoulder press in hard, and Sarah began her descent. Her pussy slid magnificently over my cock with the full force of Nat’s downward pull. I watched every inch of me vanish into Sarah’s wet, pink, velvety softness as she hit home, her one free tit careening downward along with the hair around her face.

Her eyes were the size of dinner plates and her mouth opened in a silent “Aaaaaaaah!” Her right hand squeezed Nat’s breast with such force that plump, taught, scarlet flesh ballooned from between her white-knuckled fingers. Nat winced, but was still smiling, and returned the tit-squeeze. Sarah’s left hand flew to her chest and caught her titty on the rebound, clutching it in a vice-like grip. Still propped on the balls of her feet, Sarah’s legs involuntarily snapped shut, slapping together above my stomach.

Her orgasm was immediate and ferocious. Her pussy champed my cock as if a vice had been attached. The only thing that stopped me from blasting her womb with my semen was the mild pain of having my organ squeezed so tightly. Her eyes travelled to the back of her head, as an animal moan escaped her lips.


Her guttural utterance was pure pleasure, as she lost herself completely. Nat and I watched as her body shook, first in a sustained tremor, then in short, intense, spontaneous bursts. Her pussy continued to clench forcefully, as Sarah’s gasping breath returned.

Her hands released their grips and reached in the air aimlessly as her head fell forward. Slowly, and still twitching, she moved her knees down and let her legs rest on the bench. She brought her arm from around Nat’s shoulders, leaned forward, and put her hands on either side of me. I lifted my hands to her face and pushed her hair over her shoulder. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

“H-holy shit. That was..,” she trailed off.

I ran my hands down her shoulders, over her chest, and cupped her breasts. She sat up and ran her hands through her hair, her eyes closed. I slid my fingers over her firm stomach and tickled the insides of her thighs. She jumped.

“Oooh, god! I’m tingling all over.”

Nat put her hand on Sarah’s cheek and pulled her in for a kiss. Their lips met softly, and they gave each other small pecks for a few moments. After parting, Nat looked down to where our genitals met. My cock was firmly planted to the hilt in Sarah’s cunt. Nat used her fingers to spread Sarah’s pussy lips, revealing a red, swollen clit.

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