As work had been short of late I had been into town and signed up with a hand full of recruitment agencies offering temporary contracts to basically anyone who wanted work and wasn’t bothered about what it was or where it was. Unfortunately after wandering round town for hours I finally got fed up of dealing with the consultants and answering the same questions time and time again only to be told that if anything came up they would call me but they had nothing I could do right now.

Feeling annoyed and a bit down I decided I definitely needed to take some time out so opening up my phone I called a old mate who I knew worked through the agencies himself and arranged to meet him for a few beers in our old regular pub in town, around 5 pm I found myself sat in a corner waiting with a pint in hand my second already as I tried to drain the feeling of being completely useless from my system when my mate suddenly appeared and joined me before putting another pint down in front of me.

As we sat chatting the main reason for our meeting was soon apparent as he asked me “so what’s up mate?”

I explained the agencies seem useless mate, I can’t get work around here for love or money and I don’t give a shit what I do but I need money.

Quickly he told me I know one of the agents as I have been screwing her on and off for a few weeks I will sort you out bro. He wasn’t my brother but since we had met when I moved into the area we had always been best mates and therefore we were brothers, there was only one thing I hid from him and the world we lived in and that was my sexuality as a bisexual man I would have been beaten or worse on our estate.

Soon enough both of us were blind drunk again just like the old days on the usual Friday night pub crawl and as we both decided it was home time we staggered off to the bus station to get a KFC takeaway and fall onto a bus. Soon I saw the darkness of the Moor estate looming and remembered why I never ever got the night bus home alone as the bus ventured deeper into the estate.

Sure the Moor estate wouldn’t be considered bad by some but as night fell the crime rates soared and I personally knew of two lads who had been hospitalised walking to the local shop and back, it’s definitely not the kind of place you go letting people know too much just in case they decide to use it against you. I wasn’t a popular guy locally anyway and I never had been for one reason or another my face just didn’t fit and never had so it was good to have friends who lived on the estate.

As we stepped from the bus my mate shook my hand and as we separated I quickened my drunken pace to get back to my front door before I ran into trouble of one sort or another, minutes after I got in and flopped onto one of the big comfy sofas in the lounge my mobile rang and it was my mate just checking I got in as he hadn’t heard from me.

Telling him yeah i’m in no problems buddy, don’t forget to tell that little tart of yours to find me a job and as he chuckled he said no worries bro give me a day or two and I will get you something.

Before I knew it I woke still on the sofa as the movie I had been watching came to an end so I decided it was time for bed and without knowing it I dragged myself upstairs and collapsed still dressed onto my bed and fell into a deep drunken sleep, I must have been pissed as I woke with the sun blazing through the still wide open curtains and saliva running down my cheek where I had drooled in my sleep all over my pillows.

All of my indiscretions from the night before were now just drunken flash backs as I decide to crawl back downstairs to nurse my hangover with some dull television and that’s how I ended up for the next few days. Weekends were usually pretty quiet until Sunday when the football was on and this weekend my team was playing so I decided to invite the boys round for a few beers and the game on my big flat screen television.

As usual my best mate was in attendance as he supported the same team as me and with him he brought a couple of large bottles of cider and a short hung over looking blonde girl who I recognized from one of the agencies I had visited. As we all sat round she sat going on about how nice my place was and as I got drunk I couldn’t help but tell her it would be better if some agency consultants bothered to find people work.

As I looked across to my best mate he just sat laughing at the look of shock across her face and as he regained his control he said to the blonde bit of tart this is my mate the one who needs some work as soon as possible, instantly she recognized me and said you came in Friday didn’t you?

I replied yeah I did and you lot were no use what so ever just like the rest making it clear that no one messes me around and I don’t accept bullshit from people only interested in themselves and their commission.

As soon as I had finished she piped up I think I may have something for you, I will ring you Monday morning if you want to give me your number again, telling her you better not mess me around I wrote down my number on a scrap bit of paper and passed it over before refilling my pint glass with cheap strong cider and getting back to the game on television as my team went 2-1 up.

As soon as the game had ended and everyone went on their way I decided I could not be bothered to cook tonight so I just went off back to bed and watched a few movies before once again crashing out and sleeping like the dead. Unaware of the time and sleeping straight through my alarm I awoke around midday on the Monday and saw I had several missed calls on my mobile but as I had no phone credit left I couldn’t call anyone back and I didn’t get any more money for another two days so couldn’t top up either.

Fortunately it seemed my luck must have been in today because as I stumbled downstairs to make a coffee my mobile rang again and I recognized the number as one I had missed earlier in the day, answering it and trying to sound awake the girl on the other end said it’s the dumb blonde from the weekend I did say I would call you Monday. Suddenly snapping into life I apologized and said I was probably drunk so I do apologise I’m not normally like that, but as the words fell lifeless from my mouth she replied no worries I know the score with agencies.

Once we were on better terms she explained to me that she had a vacancy for a store assistant at a local home wares store on nightshift 4 nights a week with a decent hourly rate and if I fancied it she would set me up to start tonight, of course I jumped at the chance of any work so decided I would give it a shot and see if it was to be of any good to me so as soon as I agreed to take it on she gave me all the details of where it was and who I was to report to.

Thanking her for the chance to get back to work I hung up my mobile and quickly dialled my mate and thanked him also to which he simply said no problem bro anytime, he then told me stay on the right side of Claire too as she was a damn good fuck and would spread her legs for most of the lads who worked through the agency. Chuckling to myself I told him yeah no problem bro, maybe I will nail her sometime not letting on I actually preferred fucking cute looking gay or bi guys and tgirls and only ever a occasional bit of pussy if I fancied which was rare.

As the day passed by I did as little as possible to save my energy for working all night but soon found myself drawn to my favourite websites with lots of free she male porn on offer, before I knew it my trousers and pants were down as I sat and slowly got harder and harder. I hadn’t had a fuck in weeks so my sex drive was out of control again and within minutes I felt the first quiver of an orgasm racing through my body and finding its way out all over my tightly clenched fist.

As I sat and recovered my mind turned to I wonder if there is any fit guys or girls at this new job that I could maybe hook up with in more than a work mate kind of way, I mean I had plenty to offer a new job my own flat and car and a huge cock with a tight arse that loved cock. Pulling myself together I realised the time and as 6 o clock rolled round I chucked together some sandwiches and headed for my car and programmed my sat nav to find the store as it was on a large industrial area I wasn’t familiar with.

Soon I was well on my way and forgetting the time of day I had to struggle through rush hour traffic to the outskirts of town but as soon as I started to get close I felt nervous at who may be there or what I may have to do. Pulling up outside I cautiously wandered into the store and headed for the first member of staff I saw a pretty looking brunette in her 40′s I would of guessed but definitely fit and well worth a good seeing to if the occasion ever arose.

As the brunette led me off to the staff room to meet my supervisor I had to ask so what’s it like around here and her answer shocked me a little as I was told day shift is boring and the nightshift, well you will see. Asking what she meant it seemed she wasn’t going to let me into the secret just yet and pointed toward a heavily tattooed guy with a grade 1 crop in the corner and said that’s your supervisor have fun before turning and wandering off.

Wandering over I approached him and said “Hi i’m the new guy”, his response was kind of what I had expected as he turned and looked me over and said no shit didn’t think I had seen you before. I don’t know why but I kind of chuckled at his comment but he obviously was not the joking type in fact quite the opposite as he turned to me again and said you can work with that bitch you had your eyes on already, have fun and with that he wandered off.

Obviously new people round here were not popular and so I quickly left to go and find the brunette again and after wandering round most of the huge warehouse I ran into her coming to find me after the supervisor or more like thug had sent her. Finally I found out who she was as she stretched out a hand and said i’m Laura reciprocating her gesture I said i’m the new meat or Mike whichever you want to call me and as she chuckled gently she said Mike will be just fine for now.

Working with Laura was indeed a treat in itself watching her cute butt most of the night as she showed me the routine, I had to admit I had a semi on for hours and was gagging to drag her off somewhere quiet and fuck her brains out. As soon as we had started shift it seemed to come to an end as most new jobs do and I was now eager to do my next shift just to see Laura again and try to get to know her a bit better for obvious reasons.

Night after night we worked together and chatted about things as you do with your work mates but the more time I spent with Laura I felt there was something different about her, something different but kind of good and still enormously sexy too. The other thing that always became apparent was that not one of the other guys ever tried it on with her so I presumed she either had a husband boyfriend or maybe a girlfriend and that’s why they left her alone.

Around a week later I was working the normal duty along with my now good friend Laura and as the week got toward the end she caught me completely off guard and asked me so what you doing Friday this week.

I told her straight I wasn’t sure even though I knew I would be down my regular bar in town with the lads.

Instantly Laura said “well I kind of have these tickets to a gig in town and my friend has let me down so I wondered if you fancy taking me as we like the same music and all that adding I don’t expect anything for it just company so I don’t look like a loser.

I didn’t waste any time in saying yeah sure Laura I will take you and as I did I felt my cock begin to throb deep in my groin and my mind went into overdrive as I thought about taking Laura out and hopefully fucking her after if I got my chance.

As soon as we had arranged where to meet up and what time we exchanged mobile numbers and went back to our mundane daily duties of checking stock and loading up shelves with even more cheap rubbish that only a fool would buy.

Soon enough though Friday night came round and as soon as I stepped from the shower my mobile began to ring, picking it up it was Laura and the thoughts of bringing her back to mine and fucking her all night soon entered my head. Answering the phone with is that my sexy work mate Laura quickly answered well maybe.

As we got chatting she soon turned the subject to you think i’m sexy Mike? I couldn’t deny it I had a thing for her and just chatting to her was making my cock slowly stiffen at the though of her wet pussy wrapped round my thick 8 ½ inch cock pounding her in orgasm after orgasm.

Answering her Yeah I kind of like you Laura, you just seem the type I go for to be honest and to my surprise she replied yeah me too. I think you are kind of cute but in a good way and then quickly changed the subject again back to the band we were going to see that evening and how she had all of their albums if I ever wanted to drop round and see.

By now it was obvious we both liked each other and tonight was going to be amazing, I had been trying to get tickets to see the band playing for ages and every time I had missed out. Quickly I told Laura maybe I will come to yours first then and we can check out that collection of yours, wasting no time Laura agreed and gave me her address that I was desperately trying to remember as I stood naked lathered in soap bubbles with a throbbing hard on just from the thought of seeing Laura let alone getting to fuck her.

Making sure I looked good but suitable for a rock concert I grabbed my phone, keys and wallet and headed out the door.

Within minutes I had plugged Laura’s address into my sat nav and oh boy was I glad I did, as I worked my way through town passing the shops and bars and into one of the areas not so great estates. Driving deeper and deeper into the estate I was starting to think I really should have got a taxi as I half expected my alloy wheels not to be on the car when I came back out.

Suddenly my always sharp tongued sat nav said you have arrived and as I looked over Laura’s place looked quite nice considering where it was, giving her a quick ring just to make sure I had the right place Laura answered and as she did I saw the curtains pull aside and as they fell back into place I went to get from the car and Laura came running out to tell me to park on the driveway.

Pulling up onto the drive Laura stood in the doorway looking stunning with her long dark hair tied back and cascading down her spine, stepping from the car and walking towards the door Laura beckoned me to give her a cuddle and as I did she lent in and kissed me gently before breaking away and walking inside, as I followed her in I prayed she didn’t spot I was now packing a hard cock in my jeans for her.

As we got into the lounge I was suddenly confronted by another girl who was just as stunning as Laura but blonde with big breasts and a chubby but cute build. Laura told me to take a seat on her sofa and as I did the blonde said hi i’m Emma, reciprocating I said I’m Mike and instantly she said I know Laura has been talking about you.

Well now I knew she wasn’t gay or married so I had to ask Emma how she knew Laura, replying Emma said we are housemates, just the two of us here alone.

Last thing I wanted was to play with Emma too as she just didn’t do anything for me at all, just in time I thought Laura came back and made herself comfortable by my side. Wasting no time I put an arm round her pulling her tight against my side and as I did she snuggled tight into me and asked so do you fancy me then Mike?

I was going to waste no time and I told her I had fancied her since the first time I saw her and with that we were suddenly face to face and kissing more passionately than before, as we relaxed I noticed her mini dress riding up just enough to show her stocking tops off and with that I slid a hand up her thigh and as I did she began to slowly rub at my crotch well aware I was hard and ready to take her in front of her mate.

With that Laura stood up and set her tight mini skirt back into place and said well lets get out of here and go have some fun, presuming she meant that we should go to the concert I stood gave her a quick cuddle and took her hand leading her out of the door and towards my car.

Thinking it would just be me and Laura going to the gig I was surprised as her friend Emma came out as well, not saying anything I just thought she must have a ticket to come along and as I turned the key and backed off the driveway.

As soon as I could I hit the power button on my stereo system that I have filled with my albums from the band we were going to see, as I tried to concentrate on getting out of the estate Laura slid her hand onto my inner thigh letting me know exactly what she expected from me. Just the feel of her beautifully manicured nails running around near my groin was making me exceptionally aroused.

As we got into town again and found a car park I decided that as Emma had got a free ride then she could go get the parking ticket from the machine that I had made sure was a good walk from the car, as she stepped out I lent across to Laura and began to kiss her again as she gently rubbed at my rock hard cock through my flies.

I really wanted to take her but as she took a good grip on my manhood Emma reappeared and with that it was once again over, as we stepped out of the car Laura obviously was fed up with Emma being around already as she made a bitchy comment in her direction. Both Laura and me knew what we wanted and if her friend hadn’t of been around we would of ended up fucking in my car.

As Laura stepped round the car to come to my side I saw her properly for the first time, standing around 5’9 tall in her 5 inch stiletto heeled ankle boots with black fishnet stockings, a short tight black mini dress showing off her curves with a gorgeous pair of pert C cup breasts and her long hair now pulled from its hair band and let to fall free.

She looked amazing and I still couldn’t figure what it was about this stunning girl that kept all the guys at work away from her.

Wrapping my arm round her we walked down to the gig and at last on route Emma saw a few people she knew and decided to leave us together to enjoy our night, as she left Laura said to me I am glad she has gone, I want you all to myself tonight.

Before we knew it the gig had started and finished and we were heading back to my car, just this time it was me and Laura and there would be no interruptions. As we slid back into the car I leant over to her and kissed her gently but long before pulling away from her and telling her how gorgeous she looked, wasting no time Laura lapped up the compliments and blew me away as she said well your place or mine.

Not wanting to go back to hers and possibly run into Emma and her friends again I asked Laura if she would stay at mine with me, replying she told me either way I want you to fuck me and enjoy my body for your pleasure honey.

I wanted her so bad and as I leant in to kiss her again I felt my flies pulled down and Laura’s hand slipping in to massage my stiffening shaft again, I wanted her and as our tongues met she pulled at my belt so with my free hand I pulled my belt loose and undid my jeans just enough for Laura to pull my cock out.

As we continued to kiss Laura slowly massaged my thick 8 inches of meat but as I broke away from her she did just what I had been wanting all evening, wasting no time she lowered her mouth down to my throbbing cock and soon her pierced tongue and beautiful red lips were sliding up and down the length of my shaft.

I have always adored fucking older women and as she sucked me like a professional porno girl I was starting to loose control, not wanting to cum just yet I had to ask her to stop and as she pulled away she lapped up my pre cum from my now throbbing bell end and pulled back to put on her seatbelt.

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