I walked into work Monday morning, and when I entered her office Sharon jumped up, ran over and wrapped herself around me. She then planted a super sized kiss on me.

“Walter you dog; I have been getting calls all weekend from satisfied women. The only ones who have been left out are Carla and I, and I am so horny I’m dripping. It will drive me crazy, but I am going to let you have tonight to recover and regain your strength. Come on over to the house for dinner tonight and then tomorrow night I’ll bring it over to you, and stay the night; if that is okay with you that is.” Sharon had a little unease in her voice.

I had to step back and give her and evaluating look. “Of course it is dear heart. I just feel that you are being shortchanged is all. Everyone else has gone out on a date with me and you haven’t. Will you be able to go to the theater with me this weekend? There is a little place in Burlington that should be fun.”

“Thank you Walter; that sounds like it will be something new for me. I have never seen a play performed live. Is it a musical?”

“I don’t even know dear, I heard that they were in business, but I don’t have any more details. I’ll find out and let you know.”

I leaned down and kissed her again. This gal could kiss.

“Hey you two, get a room. This is a place of business you know.”

“Shut your trap Dexter, or it will be a place of someone else’s business asshole. Walter is coming to dinner tonight so you had better be on your best behavior.”

“Take it easy mom; I was just pulling your chain. I think Walter here is good for you and I am pleased that you have been having fun for a change. See you at dinner Walter.”

The work day was calm as I only had two installs and one warranty repair to do. I was back at the shop in plenty of time to go home to get ready for dinner.

Dinner was good and the conversation was very interesting. Dexter and Carl Jr. were there and Carl brought his cute little wife Bernice. She was a round little black girl with a bubbly personality and a very pretty face. I was surprised when Carl brought up the lessons I was giving him and his brother.

“I appreciate what you are doing for us by teaching us the service techniques Walter, but I think that you should concentrate on Dex here. I am not really comfortable with the idea of doing it on my own, but Dex should be able to do it well. Figure out what I would need to make delivery easier, but that is all. I know you saw that I would not do very well at the job, but you weren’t going to say anything were you?”

“You could do the job Carl, but it was obvious that Dexter would be better at it. You needed to see that for yourself though or you would resent me and Dexter. You have a lot of respect from me for your attitude Carl.”

“Thanks Walter, mom says that I’m to get a helper and Dex can work with you more.”

After dinner, I sat and watched TV with the family. Sharon was hiding nothing as she sat on my lap and teased me all evening. Bernice was beside Carl on the love seat and teased him as much as Sharon was with me. Poor Dexter was looking frustrated in the recliner, and after a couple of shows headed off to his room.

“What gives with Dex Sharon? Why doesn’t he have a girlfriend?”

“He is just a little too picky Walter. He says that all the girls he meets are either coarse sluts or so self centered and shallow that he can’t talk to them. He needs someone a little more mature. I hope he can find someone who suits him as well as Bernice suits Carl.” She looked over at them and saw that Bernice’s bra was on the floor and Carl was buried between her massive tits.

“Bernice honey, why do you even bother wearing a bra? Every time you do Carl just takes it off.”

“But that’s half the fun momma Sharon. Besides, when I don’t wear a bra I can’t get anything done. Carl won’t leave them alone.”

“Wish I had that problem. Without a bra mine just flop onto my belly, no one wants to look at that.”

“Yours are just fine Sharon dear. I like you just how you are.”

I demonstrated by lifting up her shirt and latching my lips onto a nice dark nipple.

“Walter, stop that in front of the kids. You can have your fill tomorrow night.”

“But it is so much fun dear; you react so nicely to my touch. Oh well, if I have to wait I will.”

I went home at a decent hour and slept well.

Tuesday was a good day. At about two, I got a call from the guy who had the Caddy. He said that it was ready for pickup and the final price was $3,500.00. He had done a tune up, brake job, transmission service and coolant flush. The seat came back from the upholstery shop this morning and I was good to go. I asked Sharon to take me over to get it and we left early.

At the dealer’s, Albright’s on 49 south, was sitting a very nice black Cadillac STS with a Northstar V8. It had the euro styling with no chrome. There was a red pinstripe on the sides and back.

“Here you go, it is all inspected and my wife is a Notary. All you have to do is go to the license branch to get a new plate and the title transfer. There is a temp plate on it that is good for 30 days. I was going to take this to the auction just to get out what I had put into it; but when Bob called, I went ahead and spiffed it up a bit. I used the dual point platinum plugs and Quaker State synthetic oil. The exhaust is in good shape and I did a brake job on it yesterday, to include new rotors. You should have a lot of trouble free miles from this car. Is this what you had in mind?”

“This is exactly what I wanted. My truck only takes two and I wanted something that my date would not be ashamed of getting out of at a good club. How about it Sharon, want a ride in my Cadillac?”

“You sweet talker you, you talked me into it. Follow me home and you can take me over to get Carla.”

The dealer looked at Sharon with wide eyes. She played it up big and wrapped herself around me. Black women with white men were not real common in North Carolina, but they were frequent enough that no one said anything. I wasn’t worried about it in any case; Sharon was too much fun to be with to be concerned about bullshit like that.

As I followed her home, I realized just how nice a car I had gotten. This thing had power to spare and just hummed down the road. The road feel was tight enough to keep me aware of everything. This was definitely not the big boat Cadillac of old. It compared very favorably with a BMW I had driven a few years ago.

When we got to her place, Sharon went in to change as I catalogued the conveniences and options on the Caddy, determining how to work the stereo and lights and such. Sharon came out after a few minutes, dressed in a nice red summer dress with flat sandals. The color seemed to make her dark skin shine. She was very consciously giving me a view of her red panties as she settled in the passenger seat.

“Very nice. Is that a tease or a promise dear?”

“Oh very much a promise Walter, very much a promise. Carla says that she is already at your apartment getting dinner ready, and would like us to join her. She says that Mary picked up Lita to stay with Melissa so she is free tonight.”

I fired up the Caddy and we were off. Sharon complimented me on getting such a nice car. “Did you get this so that you don’t have to keep borrowing our cars to go places with us Walter?”

“Yes I did. I just didn’t seem right that we could not go out in my vehicle. I wanted something that you would all be proud to be seen in with me as well. I’ve always wanted one of these too, so we all win.”

“This only holds five, so if we all go somewhere with you we’ll need another car, but that would be the case unless you bought a 9 passenger van anyway. Carla said that we should pick up some white wine, unless you have some hidden at the apartment.”

“Okay, I’ll stop in at Harris Teeter here and get some.”

When we got to my place Carla had a Mexican chicken dish ready for us that I could not pronounce and completely loved. The Barefoot chardonnay went very well with it and the salad. Before I sat down to dinner though, I stopped at my stash in the bedroom closet and got out the necklaces for Sharon and Carla. They both gave me very enticing kisses and thanks and proudly wore them at the table.

After dinner, I convinced the ladies to go for a ride with me to check out the car. I took them to Greensboro and just drove around for a while looking at the stores and such. A stop at Baskin Robins in Friendly center ended the evening and we went on home to my place.

Sharon was ready for action and didn’t even bother with stopping at the sofa; she took my hand and led me to my bedroom. Sharon and Carla teamed up to undress me, and then as I sat on the bed they slowly and enticingly stripped. Sharon had the advantage in that all she was wearing by then was the red dress and panties. Carla had on a peasant blouse and wraparound skirt with bra and panties in white. Some say that white is not erotic, but they haven’t seen it on a brown skinned beauty like Carla.

Carla drew her panties down and joined Sharon and me on the bed. The two ladies teamed up to make me excited, kissing and caressing me all along my body, but leaving my center out. I had my hands busy wherever they could touch. The contrast between the plush Carla and the trim Sharon was very nice.

Sharon climbed up, and with Carla’s help lowered herself onto me. She sighed and slowly began to move back and forth. Before long, she was bouncing up and down with ever greater speed. It felt so good to be in her tight, wet, snatch. When she went off for the first time, I was not even close. Sharon paused for a bit after her climax, and I rolled her over onto her back and started to thrust into her. I pulled her legs up and hooked my elbows under her knees pushing them to her breast. Carla was rubbing all over both me and Sharon and Sharon was yelling and screaming for me to fuck her harder and harder still. I was trying to keep from filling her so that I would still have something for Carla. It was getting close as Sharon screamed her release.

I held Sharon to me as she recovered from her climax. She was trembling and sobbing into the crook of my neck.

“Are you okay dear? Is there some problem?”

“No Walter, there is no problem. My emotions are on a rollercoaster and tears were the final result. I enjoy this so much. Didn’t you come Walter?”

“Not this time honey, I want to make sure that I can take care of Carla too dear.”

Carla sat up from where she had been lying and helping Sharon. “Thank you Walter. There is something that I wanted to ask you tonight. Would you do what I asked you about before, you know, back there?”

“If you are sure you want me to Carla, I would love to do that.”

“Would you please get the lube I have in my purse Sharon?”

“Lube? Do you mean that you want him in your ass?”

“Yes, Juan did it as punishment, but I started to like it. I never told him that of course, but I want to see what it would be like with a loving man like Walter to do me there.”

“Oh yeah baby, I gotta see this. I may even try it sometime. I wouldn’t let Carl do me that way, but Walter isn’t quite as big as Carl was and it may be worth a try. Here is the lube honey, you get our man ready and I’ll do you.”

Sharon put a good sized squirt into Carla’s hand, and then turned to the Latin lovely’s rear.

Carla rubbed the lube all over my dick and began stroking to keep me hard. The thought of slipping into her plush ass kept me up. She started moaning at the action of Sharon lubing her up.

“You’re all ready hon, get back here Walter; let me guide you in.”

I moved around to where Sharon was and put my hands on the luscious brown behind pointing at me. I reached down and felt that she was very wet in anticipation. I shuffled forward a bit and Sharon took hold of me and pointed me at the slick hole.

“Are you ready Carla? I’ll be as easy as I can.”

“Go ahead Walter, I want this badly. You don’t have to be too careful; this is not my first time after all.”

Damn! And I thought Jennifer was tight; without the lube I don’t think I could have done it. I pressed forward until I popped through the sphincter muscle and slowly slid into the hot vise that was Carla’s anus.

“Are you sure that you’ve done this before?”

“Oh yes Walter, take it easy till I get comfortable, that’s it yeah, fuck my ass.”

I slowly built up speed and as I did I could feel Sharon rubbing Carla’s clit and playing with her pussy. It didn’t take long for Carla to go off the first time; which is a very good thing because I was not going to last very much longer in this tight hole.

I was right and very quickly I felt that sensation at the base of my cock telling me that the end was near. Hah; what a play on words, I was in the end, Carla’s end. I saw Sharon disappear under Carla and Carla’s moans ramped up another level, then Carla screamed and I let out a yell and flooded her bowels with as much white gold as I had ever produced. She clamped down with her anal muscle and almost stopped the flow of my cum as I buried myself in her.

I rolled to the side away from Sharon as we slumped to the bed.

“Goddamn that was the hottest thing I have ever seen! You are going to have to do that for me sometime soon Walter; I know Carla sure got her kicks from it. I better get a towel, your stuff is already starting to leak out of her ass Walter. I felt the pulses as you pumped her full, so I’m guessing that it was pretty good for you too.”

“That was an incredible experience ladies. I hope you want to do it again Carla, and I would be happy to let you try it as well Sharon; I could really get used to that. It will never replace pussy, but it sure is fun.”

Sharon brought back a towel and washrag from the bathroom and cleaned Carla and me up as much as she could. We finally had to help Carla to the bathroom to empty herself out, and then we fell into a very deep sleep.

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