Martin backed up against the door and looked at the Baron setting on the bed wearing his blue robe and a smile.

“You look beautiful tonight,” the Baron said standing up and uncuffed Martin’s wrist.

Martin started to move away as he spoke. “Listen Baron. I’ve had a long day, and it hasn’t been a good one. My asshole and my feet hurt and my balls also hurt, and if you really do love me like you say you do, you would spare me reliving last night all over again. Just because I’m dressed like this doesn’t mean I’m offering myself up to you tonight.” he backed away nervously as the Baron approached him. The Baron took Martin’s hand and kissed it. He admired Martin’s red fingernails, spreading them in his hand. He then took Martin’s hand and put it inside his robe. Martin felt the Baron’s pubic hair and immediately tried to pull back but was forced to then touch the Baron’s semi hard cock. Martin’s hand was guided around the massive cock and the Baron had him now stroking it. Martin cringed at holding another man’s cock in his hand and stroking it. He was uncertain of the Baron’s intentions were.

“Oh god, what’s he want?” Martin thought to himself. “Is he sparing me and my ass, by having me stroke him this way?” Martin thought he may have reached him after all. Martin stroked the cock and felt it getting bigger and harder. Martin looked down at the cock as the Baron tried to kiss him just to avoid his lips. The uncircumcised beast was now oozing out the tip and the head was reddish purple. “Am I just preparing this thing for my own butt fucking?” he thought. His head was pulled up and the Baron kissed Martin deeply and passionately. Martin let go of the Baron’s cock and pushed on the Baron’s chest trying to create some distance, only to have his hand directed back down to stroking the Baron’s cock again. Martin wrapped his manicured fingers around it and stroked it up and down while they kissed. There was no aspect of physically being with the Baron that Martin could find acceptable. Even kissing and masturbating him made Martin feel ill.

Martin was startled from his thoughts as the Baron suddenly picked him up in his arms. He smiled and gave Martin a kiss as Martin turned his head away. Martin was carried over and put in the bed and the Baron slid in next to him.

“Now Baron…….I really don’t….” Martin was cut off again as the Baron kissed him. Martin struggled as the Baron positioned himself with his legs over Martin’s.

“Owww! Stop pulling my hair.” Martin said as his hair was pulled back and the Baron kissed his neck and began a new hickey on the front of his neck. These hickeys were aggravating to Martin to receive and degrading to show.

“What is it with you? You think you are in high school?” Martin said sarcastically. “Quit sucking on my neck you piece of shit.” But the Baron continued as Martin stared at the ceiling while waiting for his newest and darkest hickey yet to be completed. The Baron looked into Martin’s eyes.

“I love you,” he said passionately.

“WHAT? Get off me.” The Baron’s face was close to his. “I find you disgusting. Don’t touch me anymore you overgrown faggot.” Martin yelled at him trying to squirm out from under him, but the anger that passed through Martin’s red lipsticked lips could not sway the Baron as he gazed into the “come and take me” eyes that Leanne had so expertly painted on Martin’s face.

Martin was able to slip out and sat on the edge of the bed. The Baron stood next to him rubbing Martin’s shoulder. Martin realized the Baron’s stiff hard cock was now in front of his face. The Baron was stroking it and the bumped it on Martin’s forehead a couple of times. Martin jerked back and looked at the Baron.

“You like what you see?” the Baron said smiling.

“NO! YOU BASTARD! I don’t like what I see. I don’t like where I am. I don’t like what we’re doing and most of all I DON’T LIKE YOU!” he angrily said only to have the end of Baron’s cock hit his lips.

“STOP IT!!!!” He yelled.

The Baron persisted as Martin twisted his head back and forth as the head of the Baron’s cock was smearing across Martin’s face. Martin put his head down and reached out and grabbed the Baron’s cock with his hand. Martin put his fingers around the cock and began stroking aggressively. He was desperately trying to jerk off the Baron before that cock could do anything. Jerking him off was better than any other thing running through his mind. The Baron allowed Martin to continue, taking deep breaths and moving his hips into the motion.

“This is disgusting.” Martin said under his breath as he continued the masturbation of his husband. Martin tried to keep stroking as the Baron moved closer and took his cock in his own hand.

“No.” Martin said softly looking down trying to hold onto the cock and stroke it as the Baron was pulling Martin’s hand away.

Martin’s hair was grabbed aggressively and the Baron slapped Martin’s face hard with his cock several times. Martin had his hands flat on the Baron’s stomach trying to keep distance but the Baron was too strong for Martin. He pulled Martin’s head up by the hair.

“OWWW!!!” Martin looked at the cock and shook his head. “No. I can’t do this.”

“You are my wife. I want to enjoy your affection for me.” he said kindly.

“There is no affection here for you asshole. Just let me go.” he whined for the first time. The cock was put in front of his lips and offered to him. Martin shook his head again.

“I don’t want to do this. ” he was losing control of his emotions now. “Please……… I don’t want to suck your cock. OK? I’d rather get butt fucked again.” Martin couldn’t believe he said that, but it was how he was feeling right now staring at the massive cock desiring entry between his red lips.

“What is wrong my sweet. You seem very uptight?”

“Uptight? Your trying to put your cock in my mouth. Why wouldn’t I be uptight.” Martin fought back.

” AUCKKK……..”

Martin’s face reddened and his jaws strained as the Baron’s cock filled his mouth. As the Baron pushed in deeper Martin gagged as he tried to pull back. Martin caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and was overcome with shame. His red lips strained around a huge cock and he just sets there unable to change a thing.

“UUMMPPHHHHH!!!!!” Martin squealed continuously, as he tried to stop the inevitable. Though Martin’s hands were on the Baron’s thighs, his red fingernails sunk in, he couldn’t stop the up and down motion his head was being forced to perform on his husbands cock. Martin’s body was tense as he was used, the Baron giving groans of delight and closing his eyes, as Martin also made muffled groans of disgust and desperation. The Baron suddenly gripped Martin’s hair extremely tight above his ears, and pulled Martin to him forcefully. Martin gagged as the Baron’s cock hit his throat and stayed there. Martin’s legs kicked out in desperate attempts to get relief from the non stop gagging. The Baron yelled as he shot his cum into Martin’s throat causing a convulsive gag. The Baron pulled back slightly and shot a huge amount of cum into Martin’s mouth. Martin gasped for air and inhaled some of the cum causing him to cough and some of the Baron’s cum actually drooled out his nose. It was a disgusting experience for Martin as he pulled away bent over coughing and screaming at his husband.

“Get away from me. How can you do this to somebody?” he was actually crying with his head on the bed, gasping for air. The Baron rubbed his back and Martin pushed the Baron’s hands away. The Baron got in the bed and spooned up behind Martin and rested.

“Let me go.” Martin kicked at him. “Get away from me.” Martin said with a quivering voice that the Baron didn’t hear. They lay quietly.

Martin awoke with the Baron on his knees, straddle Martin’s face and his cock ready for entry. He had no chance to stop it as the the Baron filled Martin’s mouth again and holding Martin’s hair with one hand, humped his face forcibly. Martin’s heels kicked the bed and his legs flailed about. He tried pushing at the Baron and even tried slapping him several times in desperation, but the steady rhythmic humping of his mouth continued unabated.

“Uhhh……Gaawwkk…….Uhhh…..Gaawwkk…..Uhhh……Gaawwkk….” were the humiliating sounds that came from Martin’s throat as he endured the steady back and forth thrust of his husband. The Baron was rough in his enjoyment of Martin, his eyes closed enjoying the feeling of Martin’s lips around his cock. Martin had insisted his first wife let him do the same thing to her. She had always hated it also. She always complained when he did it, but she would lay still, pissed off, showing no emotion at all, staring straight ahead, while she was face fucked. But this was different. He was a guy after all.

After a long slow, face fucking, the Baron pulled out. Martin’s jaw was slow to close from being stretched open to such an extreme for such a long time. Martin resisted, even fighting back, but was quickly turned over on his belly. Martin was twisting and voicing his objections as he was pulled up on his knees and a pillow put under his hips, with his forehead pressed into the bed. Despite his struggles, the Baron entered him and pounded Martin’s butthole till he had an enjoyable orgasm. Martin’s face stained with cum and tears looked back at him.

“Why are you doing this to me?” he was sobbing softly and turned on his side where his husband slid up beside him again.

“You are my wife. I would have no one else. I show my love for you.” he said kissing Martin’s head as he closed his eyes to sleep again. Martin lay staring at the wall. “It’s hopeless,” he thought to himself.

Martin found himself once more in the Baron’s embrace. Martin was on his back this time. His legs pulled up on the Baron’s shoulders, his arms pinned down at his side, receiving a morning quickie from his husband before it was time to get up.

“OOOWWWW!!! STOP!!! …………AAGGHHHHHH!!!!!” Martin cried as his feet bounced in rhythm with the Baron’s thrust. His legs over the shoulders and his high heels in mid air.

With enough frustration, degradation, and humiliation to fill two lifetimes, Martin just screamed the entire time his husband was tenderizing his butthole. The air was filled with the sounds of a young actress auditioning for a part in a B-horror flick. Then it was over. Without a word the Baron got up and put his robe on and left the room. Martin was on his side hugging a pillow. The Baron’s cum still running down his butt cheeks when the door opened and Leanne entered the room.

“Time to get up Mrs. Vargos. You have a big day today with the in-laws,” she opened the drapes. Martin lifted his head and looked at her. His lips were swollen. There was dried cum all over his face and he had hair stuck to the side of his face and ear in the dried cum. She looked at him a moment and then smiled.

“Oh…….well, we do need to get you cleaned up don’t we,” she said as she came over to the bed.

“C’mon. Time to get up. Bathroom first, your morning walk, and then we can get you bathed.” she bent over and put the pair of pink 5″ spike heels on the floor he used for his walks.

“Put these on and let’s get these clothes off of you. At least what’s left of them.” she smiled. “C’mon Mrs. Vargos, the treadmill is waiting.” she smiled unfastening his bra.

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