I was sitting on the couch watching TV when Jenny, my 18-year old daughter, came into the room wearing her sweat shorts and tee shirt ready to go to bed after saying good night to her mom and dad. Jenny is a gorgeous little girl and being a former high school tennis player she had, what I call, a slightly over-developed body for her age. She has incredible thighs, 36C breasts just like her mother, a flat tummy, and golden brown hair. She is my princess and I love her with all my heart and soul. Since she turned 18 and started at the local community college I don’t get to see her as much as I used to. So these Friday evening family times were very precious to us.

Jenny walks in, says Hi to her mom, walks over to me and says: “What’s up ‘old man? Hey can we talk about my class trip to Europe dad?”

She sits on my leg but slowly slides into my lap like she has always done. She starts telling me about her day and plans for the next day and any juicy news. On this particular night she spent most of her time talking about why I should pay over ten thousand dollars for her to go to Europe for two months during summer. All the while she is squirming and wiggling and moving around in my lap. She does not sit still. She also knows that her daddy will do anything for her when she sits in his lap and bats her eye lashes and pouts her lips. Even at 18 it works on her dad.

My wife, Jenny’s mother, comes in the room wearing only a long tee shirt and panties and never a bra. This is my favorite outfit on her. She sits down on the couch opposite to us and proceeds to watch TV. A few minutes later she is more into watching the daddy-daughter interaction than the TV. My hands slowly stroke Jenny’s hair as my other hand slides around her waist and rests on her cute tummy. I involuntarily pull Jenny towards me. She snuggles into my lap deeper. I can feel her round butt in my lap and her whole body on me. Jenny loves to rest her head on my shoulders while I am contemplating a decision for her or she wants to be extra sweet to me.

As I have my small talk with Jenny she gets comfortable in daddy’s lap with little squirming, a bit of wiggling and some snuggling into me. My hand caresses her tummy, her gorgeous white thighs and just about any part of her body daddy feels need caressing. I look over to my wife to see if she has any opinion on her Europe trip but instead I see her having a flustered look on her. She looks all worked up. Her hand is snug between her legs pressing gently and she is slowly opening and closing her legs. She bites her lower lip a few times and I realized that she is getting turned on watching our baby girl sitting in her daddy’s lap. I smiled at her and got “oh daddy I love you” look back from my wife. Coincidently, just then, Jenny softly turns around, looks at me and says:

“I love you daddy.”

Did she notice her mother’s reaction? Did she somehow understand her mother’s unspoken words of lust towards her husband? Those words out of Jenny’s mouth simply melted my heart and made my cock harder.

I was nervous but I wanted to do more with Jenny. Show her how much I love and care about her. I also wanted to test my theory about my wife and started to take it a bit further and asked Jenny if she was enjoying sitting in daddy’s lap just like old times. Jenny said that she always loved sitting in daddy’s lap and that it makes her feel comfortable and real good. She looked back at me smiled.

Jenny: “Daddy I love you daddy.” and kissed my cheek. I said:

Me: “I love you too pumpkin,” and gave her a peck and then a kiss on the lips.

Jenny: “Oh that was a good kisses daddy.” And she giggled.

Me: “Only for my baby girl. And if you are a good girl, daddy will give you kisses like that every day.”

When I looked over at my wife hoping that she really enjoyed this additional interaction between daddy and daughter, I was surprised to see that her tee shirt was almost up to her crotch, and her legs were slightly open and her hand was pressed up against her pussy. Also her cleavage and half of left breast was almost exposed and hard nipples sticking out. She probably fondled them when I was talking to Jenny. Seeing my wife getting all worked up while watching Jenny wiggle and squirm in daddy’s lap made me very hard and it painfully pressed against my shorts. I am pretty sure that at this point Jenny could probably feel something hard and large poking her underneath but she didn’t say anything.

I continued to talk with Jenny and let my hands roam around her sweet body while keeping a sharp eye on my wife. She now had put a light soft throw over her knees so she would not accidentally expose herself to Jenny. However I could tell by the movement under it that my wife probably had her hand inside her panties and was rubbing herself fast and hard. Her eyes were slightly open and she was looking in our direction, her lips were quivering and she was breathing heavy. After about 10 minutes of intense workup my wife got up and went up to our bedroom. By this time, Jenny had already wiggled so much in my lap that I had a wet spot on my shorts, her shorts and panties were bunched up on one side and she was breathing heavy as was I. I kissed Jenny hard on her cheeks and neck and I walked her up to her room. We stood in her room facing each other. I gave her a tight hug that lasted over two minutes. My full body including my raging hard-on was pressed against her. I told her that she is an amazing baby girl and that she is daddy’s princess. After I heard, ‘I love you dad, you are awesome” from Jenny, I looked deep into her eyes and then gave her a kiss on her lips with our bodies still connected. After about a minute of me kissing her sweet gorgeous pink lips I looked into her eyes and whacked her cute butt a couple times and we both laughed. After I put Jenny to bed, I went to my bedroom where I found my wife standing there looking at me with the sexiest look I have ever seen. She was wearing a large tee shirt and no panties or no bra. She had let her hair down. I could see her hard nipples poking out of her thin tee shirt material. The room had a certain smell of sex all around.

Wife: So did you tuck Jenny in? Was she okay?

Me: Yes she is okay. She is a good girl.

Wife: Oh she is a very good girl I just lover her to death. Our angel. But she is a daddy’s girl first and foremost.

Me: She is a cutie pie. But you know how girls are. They adore their dads. I love her honey she is my princess.

Wife: Yes I know Mark. She loves sitting in your lap and wiggling that ass of hers for sure, and you seem to not complain. (Gleaming eyes, big smile)

Me: Are you jealous? Do you want to sit in daddy’s lap too?

Wife: (Serious looking) Yeah I do daddy. Are you going to disappoint your baby girl daddy or are you going to have her sit in your lap right now?

Me: (Looking deep into my wife’s eyes I give her a big grin and my cock is now raging hard) I am one never to disappoint my baby girl. Come here sweetie, come sit in daddy’s lap.

I removed my boxers, kept my tee shirt on and sat down on the chair. My wife smiled and walked up to me. She lifted her large tee shirt up around her waist exposing her sexy tight around ass and smooth pussy and sat down in my lap facing her back to me just like Jenny was earlier. She started wiggling her butt in my lap and calling me big daddy and giggling like a schoolgirl. I was getting harder feeling my wife’s hot ass on my cock. She lifted herself up from my lap long enough to put her own hands under her butt spread them wide and sit back down onto daddy’s cock. As my fat cock slid inside her tight crack, a moan escaped from her mouth and mine at the same time. She kept saying,

“I love you daddy” as she continued to wiggle her ass in my lap.

My thick cock was nicely snug in the crack of her ass and it felt great. The rubbery swollen tip of my cock was poking her ass hole and my balls were pressed up against her wet pussy gushing juices. My mind kept going back and forth between images of my wife and Jenny. I’d close my eyes and imagine its my sweet princess Jenny and then switch back to my wife just as I was about to cum. I couldn’t take it anymore I pushed my wife off of me, took my tee shirt off while she jumped into bed. That night she kept calling me ‘daddy’ and I fucked her at least for an hour before we fell asleep.

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