I was a little worried when I received the phone call from Naomi asking if I could call in at the Loan Company. I hurried over and arrived a little out of breath. Naomi met me outside her office and welcomed me in. She obviously has some Asian blood in her ancestry, resulting in lustrous black hair and a hint of a darker complexion.

“There’s no need to panic, just a couple of signatures I need.” I heaved an obvious sigh of relief. “There’s no need to be like that about it.” She said, rounding her desk and sitting opposite me. I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and could barely mutter a sorry. She flashed a smile at me and pushed some papers across to me, showing me where I had to sign. As I handed her pen back, our hands met. For some reason I didn’t want to let go of her hand. She looked up into my eyes in surprise. I recovered myself and apologised again. “No, it’s alright.” She said, coming round to my side of the desk and sitting on the edge next to where I was seated. When I had come in I had barely noticed what she was wearing, but now as I inhaled a whiff of her scent, I took in everything I could about her. She was wearing shoes with a moderate heel, a tight, mid-calf grey skirt which accentuated the curve of her thighs and hinted at a panty-line, and a checked grey blouse, only buttoned to just above the delightful mounds of her breasts. Between the buttons I could see hints of a white lacy bra beneath.

Now she caught me looking at her in this overzealous way.

“I knew you couldn’t be that perfect.” She said, going to her office door, a satisfied smirk on her face.

“Naomi, I’m sorry.” I apologised for a third time.

“Don’t be.” She replied, locking her door and turning round to face me. “It might be just the heat, but I had to see you again.” She said, advancing on me and beginning to unbutton her blouse at the same time. She kissed me full on the lips, pushing me down onto her desk. Momentarily I was confused enough to try and push her off me, but instinct soon kicked in and I responded to her kiss, and began to pull her blouse from her shoulders. As I relieved her of it she did the same for me, removing my shirt and then planting kisses on my neck and chest before moving even lower. Now her hands went to my belt and quickly she had my trousers and shorts around my ankles and my growing cock in her hand. She slowly began to jerk me off, then changed her mind and dropped to her knees before me and took me in her mouth. Her tongue and teeth teased the shaft while her hands played with my balls.

“Please Naomi; it won’t take much of that to make me come.” I almost begged. She stopped and pouted, and then I saw a wicked gleam cross her face.

“Okay then, lie back.” I did so. Naomi knelt over my still throbbing dick, her knickers thrown to some corner of the office, her skirt hiked up to her hips. Her pussy looked dark and inviting, my knob twitched as if with a mind of it’s own. Naomi reached down and held it still and then lowered herself onto it. I watched fascinated as her obviously wet cunt slid down over my cock, easily accepting the whole length. Then she began to ride me, arms braced on my chest. I reached up and slid my hands into the cups of her bra, holding the gorgeous coffee-coloured mounds, feeling the dark nipples in their centre stiffen. She leant forward, hands on my shoulders, her dark hair cascading into my face, still riding my now rampant tool.

“God, I’m going to cum.” I cried out. She stifled my cry with her mouth, but continued to move up and down my shaft. I could hold back no longer and shot off my seed deep inside her.

“This won’t do at all will it?” She asked, stopping. “I still haven’t come and you’ve made a real mess down here.” She pointed to her crotch, where my cum was seeping from around my cock still in her pussy. “I think you should clean it up, after all you are a binman and you should tidy up behind you.” She lifted off my knob and straddled my face instead, her dripping cunt above my mouth. I needed no more encouragement and began to probe it with my tongue, swallowing down the mixture of juices that this produced. Meanwhile the little minx was not idle and again took my cock in her mouth and my balls in her hands and starts where she left off. It didn’t take Naomi long to get me back to my full hard-on. She sat back, satisfied, and got my nose probing her ass. “That will have to wait.” She said, climbing off me. “I think it’s time you did some of the work.” She continued, lying down next to me and opening her legs. I kicked my trousers and shorts off and positioned myself between her legs. The pink inner skin of her cunt contrasted beautifully with the darker skin and black hair of her pubes. I plunged deep into her and went straight into a metronomic rhythm that has stood me well for years, but it wasn’t enough for my newfound little raver. “Faster, deeper.” She pleaded.

“Turn over then.” I said. Naomi quickly responded, and I renewed my rhythm, reaching around and cupping her now freed breasts, tweaking the dark aureoles. Soon she was coming herself, her cries became loud as she thrashed about. I had to stop.

“Why… Stop…. Now?” She panted out.

“Because my beautiful little sex maniac, everyone will hear us if you keep on like that.”

“No they won’t, I’m the only one left.” She gasped out. ” Now, I want to be fucked in the ass. I’ve never done it like that before.” I looked at how wet she was and how beautiful her arse looked, still framed by her skirt, and agree.

“Okay, but you may need some sort of lubrication.” In answer she plunged three of her fingers into her cunt, and then rubbed her own juices into her asshole. I rested my knob up against her butt and gingerly ease apart her cheeks, slowly pushing my length deeper into her back passage. Unbelievably she took all of me straight up her ass, grunting with the effort, clenching her fists and screwing up her eyes. I don’t begin to fuck her immediately; I waited until she was ready and then eased out and then back into her virgin butt.

“Good, that’s so good.” She crooned. “Now go for it.” I needed no second bidding. Holding onto her hips I thrust long and deep, faster and faster. Naomi’s sweet body was soon bucking with orgasm after orgasm, climax after climax. I slowed down again, just on the verge of coming for a second time. “I want you to come in my face.” Naomi almost whispers as I stopped.

“Why not?” I replied. She rolled onto her back again and this time I knelt astride her heaving chest and slowly began to wank off. I looked down into her deep brown eyes once more as I rolled my fingers up and down my cock. I kept looking as the stream of hot, white cum spurted out and covered her face, her hair. I dropped down onto the floor and kiss her cum covered face. “Anytime you need something signed, just call.”

She smiled back.

“There might be something else by next week I suppose…”

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