Chapter Twenty-Two

The lights of the library snapped on at once. Amanda sucked in air as the sudden change of scenery sent chills through her as her body readjusted. The book she had started to read lay at her feet, almost in the condition she found it in. She was dressed as she was before, but wrapped around her left hand, and tied at her wrist with a knot was Mark’s favorite necktie! The realization of what she thought was her imagination which was suddenly real sent a jolt of adrenaline through her! Her eyes focused more sharply on the tie on her left hand while her right hand went between her thighs to feel the warm wetness of Bobby’s ejaculate on her mound and abdomen. She held her hand up to see the creamy goo on her palm and fingers, “What the fuck?”

The uncertainty of the situation set her into a panic and her body began to shake. She ran up the stairs and to the door, which was now closed, and slapped at the door with her open hand before it easily pushed open for her. She emerged in the bathroom and quickly closed the library door.

Amanda stripped naked and turned the shower on and quickly got inside, forgetting that the tie was still wrapped around her hand. She let the shower water fall around her, soaking her hair and skin. She finally untied the tie from her hand and wrist and flung it over the top of the shower stall. “What just happened to me?” she said to no one there. The shaking of her body slowly began to subside.

“It was so real!” again she said to no one else but herself.

She turned to look and see if there were any evidence of what had happened on her behind, since that seemed to be the favorite target of the two paddle wielding terrorists! Yup, sure enough, there were marks! She opened the stall door and grabbed the cracked bar of soap and washed herself and stopped.

“I have no idea how this just happened,” her mind tried to reel in what she had just experienced.

Finally, after calming down, she examined her own feelings to find if she was feeling molested or just freaked out by the library and it’s unexplainable abilities. She admitted to herself, that she never felt in danger at any time. They did give her a word to use if they got too intense on her. But she had to know what it was that she just discovered in Mark’s house! That was what she was reacting too! What is this crazy room and could it explain what happened to Mark! That was the reality that gripped her even as she rubbed her sore, paddled ass.

Chapter Twenty-Three

Amanda, emerged from the shower and discovered she had to walk around the house dripping wet and naked in search of bath towels! The idea of wearing a robe, that had been hung behind the bathroom door and not been washed in about two years didn’t quite give her the sense of cleanliness she was wanting at that moment, so she passed on wearing it as she searched for a towel. She found them in a hallway closet and walked back into the master bedroom’s bathroom and finished drying herself off. She kept her dress off, but put her shoes back on and opened the door to the library again. The lights snapped on immediately as the door cracked open. She paused at the libraries stairs to question if she wanted to experience it again. She resolved herself to uncover the mystery and slowly stepped into the library, waiting for anything to happen.

Nothing moved, flickered or even made a sound. It was eerie, knowing what could occur here, but comforting to know that nothing was coming at her either!

She went back to the same aisle where the book about bondage lay on the floor, right where she had left it. Her blood raced in her as she reached and picked it up again. She took a deep breath and turned it around and began to read again. The library vanished around her and again, instead of bookshelves and reading material, she found herself in the not-so-comfy confines of the same dungeon. Again, she found herself bound, but this time she was bent at the waste, on her knees and in the doggy position with a small but sturdy couch like cushion between her and the floor. Someone or something was being pushed into her ass in a slow steady pace, “MUSTANG!” she cried out at the top of her lungs.

Immediately the pressure of the penetration, stopped, but did not remove him or itself from her rectum. The Master’s voice returned, “Something the matter, Initiate?”

“Mustang,” she said to him.

“You want to be released?”

“Yes Master,” she said softly. “I have to know something, my Master.”

She heard the tear of velcro and the movement of whatever it was invading her ass was being eased away. “I notice that you still have the marks of recent training. What brings you back so soon?” the Master said civilly as he continued to undo her straps that kept her pinned down.

Amanda, once free, stood up and again noticed she was wearing her own shoes but also wearing the same mysterious corset and latex hosiery from before. “Yes Master, I just left here thirty minutes or so ago.”

His head tilted but his face was still obscured by the black leather mask, and he said, “That’s odd. I don’t remember you being here then.”

“You initiated me with Bobby and Mistress Vanessa. Then after Bobby came all over me, you whispered something to me and tied a necktie around my wrist and I left! Don’t you remember?”

“You say Mistress Vanessa and Bobby were here? . . . Thirty minutes ago?”

“Yes Master.”

“Is that why you’re here, to find them again?”

“No Master. I want to know why you gave me that tie! What this place is? How is it that I begin to read, appear here, then go back to where I started from! I want to know what’s going on!” she demanded.

The Master said, “Did the tie look like this?” From a leather strap above him the exact duplicate of the tie she returned with hung suspended from the strap.

“Yes. That’s the tie!”

“That is my Master’s tie. He owns me and all that you see here! Are you not the Initiate Amanda?” he asked.

“Yes I’m Amanda. But who is your Master?”

“My Master has instructed me to give you this tie and to tell you he is well and wants you to find him! But you must be taught and conditioned first.” The Master looked her in the eye and said, “If you’ve seen Mistress Vanessa, then you’re lessons here are done. I’d suggest you find your next lesson in the same manner in which you’ve found this one.”

“In the library?”

“Is that the origin of here?”

“For me it was,” she said.

There was silence between the two of them for a long moment when he said, “Master is alive and well, and is waiting for you!”

The news caught her breath and she whispered loudly, “Mark?”

“Does this ‘Mark’ own a tie such as this?” he pointed at the tie hanging above them.

“Yes,” she said as she nodded her head.

“Then we speak of the same.”

Amanda shifted her hips and asked, “Why do you call him ‘Master’?”

“Because he owns all that you see, including me. But he does not own Mistress Vanessa or Bobby. They were here before him.”

Amanda put two and two together, “The owner of the book?”

“I know of no book.”

“Master, this is important. Was there ever a time that Mistress Vanessa and Bobby were your Master or Mistress or whatever it is you’d call them?”

“Yes, of course! But they choose to stay here with me, instead of going on,” he answered.

“What does ‘Going on’ mean?” she pressed.

The Master answered her, “It means, they like it here! They didn’t need to find anything better for themselves.”

“They are ‘Masters’ who have decided to stay,” she looked to the dark ground and said softly, away from his steady gaze still trying to make any solid connection.

“Master, are there others?”

“Other what?”

“Are there other Masters or Mistresses that have decided to stay?” she inquired.

“Why of course, but they have moved to other parts of the dungeon.”

She needed a straight answer, “What do I have to do to stay or leave?”

“That decision is not yours to make yet!” he advised. “First you must find the Master. If then you decide to stay, you may. But if you decide to ‘Go on’ you can, and leave the Master to what he has chosen for himself.”

Amanda looked at her Master, “When I want to leave here, or anywhere, what must I do?”

“You must gratify, and too, you as well must be gratified! When both of those obligations are met, you can return to where it is you are from.”

She raised her eyebrows, “So you’re saying I have to fuck my way out?”

“That and more.”

“What’s more?” she asked.

“Don’t forget, you must be a giver and a taker! Not be a giver or a taker, and also you must take the Master’s gift.”

“I think that’s what I said, isn’t it?”

To that his slap paddle made sharp contact to her rear and he said with what appeared to be a smile behind his mask, “No, it is not. Your time here is not restricted. You have done what you were obligated to achieve. If you wish to stay, you may for a short time more. But you will be made to obey, when that choice of yours is to be made. You are able to leave, when you decide to leave, but you must take the gift from my Master with you, everywhere it is that you go, here or elsewhere, there is a gift to receive and it is to go with you.” He pulled down the tie and wrapped it around her left wrist again and tied it securely. “After you find my Master, the one you call ‘Mark’ is when you no longer will need his gifts for travel.”

“So I can stay here indefinitely? Can you tell me where I will find Mark?”

“No to both. You referred to a book, and like a book, the last page must be turned to finish the book.”

“That’s pretty philosophical for a dungeon master, don’t you think,” she dared to say sarcastically.

The smack of his paddle came sharp and quick, his demeanor had changed. He approached her sternly and bellowed, “I am the Master to you! You will NOT address me in that manner!” He pointed to the ground with his paddle and demanded, “On your knees Initiate!”

She said, “I don’t think so this time. I’m outta here!” The Master’s paddle again made its incredibly fast travel to her ass cheek as the dungeon dissolved and the library reappeared. Her breathing accelerated like she had jogged a mile, and she felt something similar and passing almost like an abrasion on her butt cheek. She checked it and saw nothing there that wasn’t there before. She was glad she got out of there when she did! That one was going to hurt, and of that she was sure! She looked down between her patent leather pump clad feet and saw the book and decided to leave it where it was, splayed open in the walkway.

She remembered the tie and untied it from her left wrist and draped it around her neck. Both sides fell across her nipples, it hid the barbells she was wearing there. She climbed the stairs up to the library door and found it closed again. She opened it and peered on the floor of the bathroom, the other tie was no where to be seen. From there she heard her cell phone ringing on the bathroom counter.

“Hello, this is Amanda,” she said into the small phone causing a slight echo.

“You sound like you’re in a bathroom,” Sylvia said from her end.

Amanda smiled and dipped her chin, “That’s exactly where I am. Am I late?” she pulled the phone away from her ear and took a quick peek at the time display. It said 5:15 pm! ‘That means that what happens in the library is real time! Wow!’ she thought.

Sylvia was saying, “Hello? Amanda? Are you still there?”

“I’m sorry, I had to finish a thought. Let me get freshened up and I’ll see you at the mall in about half an hour, okay?” Amanda said.

“Okay sweetie! Are you okay? You sound really distracted!”

“Sylvia, you haven’t got any idea what’s going on, but you’re gonna love it and think I’m nuts all at the same time!”

“Amanda, you know I love you, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Good, so you should also know that I already do think you’re nuts and it shouldn’t hurt your feelings, right?” Sylvia said with a smile.

Amanda feigned indignation, “What? How dare you! I’ve got a ton of money now and for that you get to buy my dinner tonight! Take that you meanie!”

“See you in thirty minutes?” Sylvia asked.

“Yup! Bye!”

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