This story is a transsexual fantasy.

What if it were possible for a hypnotic therapy, in this case we’ll call it deblock therapy to allow the mind to become truly self actualizing and coherent and in so doing unleash the full force of what is called the law of attraction allowing the mind to co-create what it most desires?

Where might that lead?

In this story one such possibility is explored………

“Imagine starting to believe in yourself and your infinite possibilities. Imagine believing you deserve everything you want out of life. Imagine getting everything you want out of life.

Once you apply the ‘Law of Attraction’ everything is possible.”

My name is, or should I say was, James (now Jamie), and there I was, a 30 year old guy, who was a virgin, sharing a New York, rent controlled apartment with a 25 year old lesbian, Ashley, and she was a hot looking lesbian at that.

Ashley, although a lesbian had started to help me explore my feminine side, and it was becoming clearer to me with each passing day that Ashley was starting to fall in love with me as a woman.

I had mixed feelings about this because although from the moment I laid eyes on Ashley I fell for her, I felt that in the end our relationship could only ever be a disappointment to Ashley as I was not a biological woman.

Then in a surprise gesture Ashley had paid for a very expensive therapy for me called deblock therapy, and this therapy was supposed to help me realize my true potential, and indeed my art had suddenly become much more inspired, and soon an exhibition of my work would be shown pushing me onto the international stage.

Strangely, physical changes had started occurring to my body giving me a much more feminine appearance, and Ashley had recently capitalized on this getting me a job working as a waitress with her as a female.

Now as I was working as a waitress, spending time in the apartment with Ashley and preferred to paint in feminine attire I was actually spending more time in female form than male.

But it was in male attire that I went to a doctor’s appointment that morning, particularly conscious of my rapidly growing breasts under my shirt.

As soon as I was led into the office, I exposed my breasts to the doctor, who I had known for a long time.

“Look at these Bill,” I said, “they have been growing a few weeks now.”

“Hmmm…. They are quite beautiful aren’t they?” Bill commented, “Can I touch, just professional curiosity of course.”

As Bill felt my left breast, my nipple hardened automatically. “Well I see they are fully functional,” he said.

“Ok, let me take some blood tests and urine tests, and I will get back to you,” Bill said.

For the next few minutes I provided blood and urine samples to the nurse, and left.

That evening, as usual while Jeff was away we were joined by Ashley’s bisexual friend Jackie. Jackie loved to get eaten out by Ashley and myself, and showed her appreciation by returning the favor to Ashley and giving me a blow job.

So there I was flat on my back, being taken to heaven by the magic of Jackie’s expert mouth on my dick while I took long loving tastes of Ashley’s pussy with my long tongue. Ashley was writhing about on top of me and her pussy was very wet filling my nose and mouth with the smell and taste of sex.

Somehow Jackie was able to keep me on the edge of orgasm for prolonged periods without me actually coming whilst Ashley was coming in waves of orgasms one after another.

Finally I came strongly in Jackie’s mouth and she somehow managed to swallow it all, after which I lovingly ate Jackie’s pussy, bringing her to orgasm.

As we all lay exhausted on the bed, Ashley said, “That was incredible I just came nine times.”

“Hmmmm….”, Jackie said, “Jamie is certainly very talented with her tongue, I think we should reward her.”

At this Jackie and Ashley each took one of my tits in their mouths and started to suckle them.

As Jackie was suckling my left nipple, she stopped for a moment and said, “Jamie’s breasts are almost the size of a young woman’s now, and they look incredible.”

“Yes they do,” replied Ashley, “I am very pleased with them.”

“Look at how her nipples are so hard,” Ashley continued, “her tits are very sensitive.”

“You know what I would like to see?” Jackie asked.

“What?” Ashley and I asked in unison.

“I would like Jeff to cum all over Jamie’s beautiful tits, so I could lick it off them.”

“Euww,” said Ashley, “that’s gross.”

“I know it’s not your thing,” said Jackie, “but could you let Jeff and I have Jamie some time to indulge my fantasies.”

“Of course,” said Ashley, “we’re all friends here.”

I couldn’t understand why Jackie was asking Ashley for permission to use my body, but for some reason I liked the idea.

The following day I had a meeting with my artistic agent Annabel, about the upcoming exhibition of my art, which if successful would be shown nationally.

I arrived to see a very masculine looking guy leaving Annabel’s office as I arrived, the guy looked really pissed to me.

As I entered her office there was a question in my eyes, and Annabel answered my unspoken question saying, “I just broke up with him, he is a jerk, but I am a succor for a muscular physique.”

Annabel and I shared history, and was the only woman I had been on a date with that was still in my life. Like some other women I had had a date with, she had pointed out that I was not manly enough for her, even a bit effeminate. However in this case she had said that she understood it was my nature, and did not hold it against me, for that reason we still remained friends.

As I was reflecting on what Annabel had said, she suddenly interrupted my thoughts, saying, “I was thinking that maybe I should try somebody like you.”

“What!” I replied, “but you always said I was not manly enough.”

“That’s the funny part,” said Annabel, “you always did look like a pretty boy, but recently you look even more feminine, and that is what I now find attractive. I have always been bi curious, and while I never did more than kiss a girl in high school, I clearly appreciate an attractive female body, but of course I crave cock.”

There was something almost predatory about the way Annabel was talking that I found almost intimidating, but I quickly put this idea out of my mind as we planned my exhibition, two months in advance.

I had no vehicle myself so that day and so Ashley came to pick me up. I saw the signs of unmistakable attraction between Ashley and Annabel, and as we left Annabel gave Ashley her number, imploring Ashley to give her a call sooner rather than later.

Jeff returned from his business trip, which unfortunately brought Jackie’s nightly visits to an end and I resigned myself to not getting my nightly blow job. A few days later however I was surprised to learn that Jeff (my male role model), wanted Ashley and myself to come over and join Jackie and himself for some fun, as he called it. He also made it clear that he wanted me to come over as Jamie.

My initial reaction was to be angry at Jackie for telling Jeff about my feminine persona, but when I thought about it I realized that in any state of undress, the increasing size of my tits would be immediately obvious.

Ashley immediately agreed to us joining Jackie and Jeff, saying it was the least we could do for having the pleasure of Jackie’s company over the previous two weeks, and as I fondly remembered Jackie’s blow jobs, I could hardly disagree. So it was agreed that we meet up with Jackie and Jeff that evening.

That afternoon I got a call from Bill, my doctor, about my preliminary blood and urine tests.

First he assured me that I did not have any critical health problem, and then explained to me that what I had was a hormonal imbalance called ‘estrogen dominance’ explaining to me that both women and men could produce estrogen. He told me that while the estrogen levels I had in my body were uncommon for men it was certainly not unheard of and that further tests would be done on my samples to try to establish the underlying cause.

“In the meantime what do I do?” I asked.

“Well judging by the way your hardening nipples suggested you were becoming aroused when I touched them,” he said, “I would enjoy your beautiful tits while you have them.”

That evening Ashley dressed us both in matching short white sundresses, and paid extra attention to my makeup and styling my hair, we also wore matching strappy white shoes with 4″ heels.

On arriving at Jackie and Jeff’s apartment Jeff was amazed about how I looked.

“You make a shit hot girl Jamie,” he said, “like that you and Ashley look like twins.”

After a few drinks we retired to Jeff and Jackie’s bedroom where Jackie explained what she wanted to happen. Jeff had a fantasy where he wanted to see two lesbians and a shemale together, explaining that she wanted me to fuck her while I ate out Ashley.

It suddenly dawned on me that I was going to get to fuck Jackie, not just have her give me a blow job, but actually fuck her.

When we were all naked Jackie pushed me on the bed and then took my dick into her glorious mouth, and as she did this, Ashley covered my mouth with her now wet pussy. Looking over to where Jeff was sitting I saw the look of lust in his eye as he was slowly jacking himself watching us together.

Now that I was getting nice and hard, Jackie let my cock out of her mouth and prepared to mount my dick, at this point Ashley was already coming from the insistent flicks of my tongue on her clit and in her love hole.

Now Jackie slowly began to tease the head of my dick by rubbing the lips of her pussy against it, and then she started to ease my dick inside her. At that moment it felt like I was in heaven, my first experience of being inside a hot, wet, pulsating pussy. At that moment I was no longer a virgin.

I had been worried about my performance but I needn’t have as it turned out. In that position on my back Jackie was in total control of our fucking and she was expertly riding my cock keeping me at the verge of orgasm without me coming. Also as if I needed turning on any more Ashley’s insistent pussy, on my face ensured that I had to concentrate on eating her out and had no time to reflect on any insecurities I might have had about it being my first time.

Now I became aware that Jackie and Ashley were kissing each other passionately, their pert breasts pushed against each other, as their love holes were filled respectively by my dick and tongue. Knowing this only served to make me harder inside Jackie making me even more sensitive to the feel of her wonderful pussy.

After both Jackie and Ashley had come twice, Jeff who had been slowly wanking himself all this time as he watched us cried out, “I’m about to cum,” and Jackie dutifully removed my dick from her and went over to the edge of the bed, to finish Jeff off in her mouth.

Then as Ashley continued to ride my face with her pussy, I watched out of the corner of my eye as Jeff came inside Jackie’s talented mouth and Jackie swallowed all his cum.

Once Jackie had completely licked Jeff’s dick dry, I expected her to return and finish me off the way she had Jeff, but Jackie had other ideas. She got on her hands and knees and wanted me to fuck her doggie style while she ate out Ashley.

Now I became a bit worried about my performance again as this time I would be in charge of the fucking rather than Jackie, but Jackie was very understanding and did all that she could to put me at my ease. Firstly she put her hand behind her taking my rock hard dick and putting it inside her dripping snatch.

Then as I eased inside her wonderful passage I found that Jackie was able to help me with fucking her by rhythmically backing onto my dick. She encouraged me saying, “Just take it nice and slow Jamie, let me set the rhythm,” then, “hmmm, that feels delicious.”

Once Jackie was satisfied that I was comfortable fucking her, she got to work taking loving tastes of Ashley’s pussy, causing Ashley to thrash about. Jeff, despite having been drained of cum only minutes earlier, was already beginning to harden again being so turned on by the sight unfolding before his eyes.

Fucking Jackie was incredible but for some reason I didn’t feel in any way manly. I was crying out in my new girly voice and as I reached down to take Jackie’s pert tit in my hand, I was well aware of my own developing tits rubbing against her back.

Looking at Jeff as I fucked Jackie, it was clear that he also saw nothing masculine in me as he watched a beautiful girl fucking his girlfriend while his girlfriend ate out her lesbian play mate. Then finally after both Jackie and Ashley had several multiple orgasms, I came hard inside Jackie flopping exhausted onto the bed.

Jackie however was not done with me and lay back on the bed insisting that I clean up my own cum from inside her by sucking her cunt clean and as I did this Ashley rode Jackie’s face to another orgasm as Jackie herself writhed about under my tongue.

By this time Jeff was rock hard again from watching us and I was hard again from sucking my own cum out of Jackie’s cunt.

Ashley exhausted, now took a break, and now Jackie wanted to be spit roasted by Jeff and myself. Jeff knelt before Jackie’s face on the bed and Jackie took his large dick into her mouth again whilst I pushed back inside Jackie’s warm pussy again, grabbing her left tit as I fucked her.

As Jackie was getting fucked at both ends, my eyes wandered over to Ashley who was vigorously rubbing her clit as she watched us together. Then after Jackie had had two orgasms, Jeff announced he was ready to cum and Jackie pulled his cock out of her mouth and had me ease out of her and kneel in front of Jeff, then grabbing his big dick in her hand she vigorously wanked him until he came all over my tits.

As the hot cum landed on my pert breasts I heard Ashley crying out as she came over watching the scene in front of her. And after cleaning up Jeff’s dick in her mouth Jackie proceeded to lap the cum off my breasts, my nipples hard and standing to attention as she teased them with her tongue.

Then after she had finished cleaning up my tits she Jackie moved down to my still rock hard dick, taking it into her mouth, and as she did this, Jeff hard again from her cleaning his dick and watching Jackie lap his cum off my breasts pushed into Jackie’s waiting pussy as she sucked me off.

Now Ashley wanted to get back into the action again and pushed her pussy in my face, offering it up to my tongue. Then as Jeff fucked Jackie, who sucked me off, who ate out Ashley, we all came together in unison.

That night, Ashley and I curled up together exhausted in Jeff and Jackie’s spare bedroom.

Ashley whispered, “You know something?”

“What,” I replied.

“At first, I was pretty disgusted at the idea of getting cum all over your breasts and Jackie licking it off, I mean I would never want cum on my breasts and certainly would never want to lick it off. However seeing your tits get sprayed with cum and Jackie licking it off you really turned me on, even the way you fuck turns me on, it is so girly.”

That night I fell asleep very contentedly, knowing how much I could turn on my beautiful Ashley.

The next morning as we ate omelets together Jeff was full my praises saying what a beautiful woman I made and how sexy I was.

He was saying, “You know, I always thought you were a nice guy, very shy but a nice guy, but as a girl you are one hot chic, so fucking sexy it’s amazing, and you certainly made a big hit with Jackie. I mean I am not sure I would like Jackie to fuck another guy but with you it’s different, I don’t see you as a guy at all anymore.

I mean with your tits, your long hair, your rounded ass, your smooth unblemished skin, even your face and features seemed to have softened and become feminine, when you are naked I see a dick but I still see you as all woman. And don’t take this the wrong way but it’s a dramatic improvement.

I mean I always thought you were a nice guy like I said, but you didn’t really cut it as a man, your whole demeanor was too effeminate, as a girl you are a hot piece of ass though, I think all along that being a woman was your destiny.”

Then Jackie came in, “When I got to know you as Jamie I wanted to fuck you, something I have not felt with a guy since I met Jeff, I have sucked some of Jeff’s friends off in front of him, and some of my bisexual female friends have sucked him off, so sucking you off was no big deal.

But as for fucking you, I wanted Jeff to be ok with it and have him there. I told him about you and said that you were a shemale, and he could decide if he was ok with it. As soon as I saw the way he looked at you as Jamie, I knew it was ok.”

Finally it was time to leave and Ashley and I said our goodbyes and returned to our apartment.

The following day, working my shift as a waitress I could not help thinking about what Jeff and Jackie had said to me. For 30 years as a guy, I had had no luck whatsoever with women and had resigned myself to dying a virgin.

Now after a few months of opening myself to my feminine side, I got to eat pussy every night had received several blow jobs, and had just had the type of sex that many people only dream about, sometimes life was very hard to understand.

The only thing for certain was that I felt much happier in my own skin, although nowadays it felt very much a female skin. Yet I liked the clothes, the feminine way I walked, my new mannerisms, my gentle female voice. Working as a waitress, I liked my pretty uniform with the short skirt and high heels, displaying my long unblemished legs and getting looks of desire from men and quite a few women.

That night as I returned to our apartment I was feeling really good about myself. Then I discovered that Annabel was there with Ashley. I suddenly thought “oh fuck, she can see me in my waitress uniform,” but as Ashley introduced Annabel to me, as Jamie, it was clear that she didn’t recognize me.

Ashley continued, “Of course you know Jamie already.”

“I do?” Annabel replied.

“Well you see her regularly about her art work,” Ashley said in an amused tone.

Now Annabel took a closer look at me and suddenly it clicked.

“James?” she said hesitantly, “Christ, you’re beautiful.”

Ashley then said, “It’s funny, Annabel came here with 2 proposals for me:

1. That I help feminize so you can promote yourself as a female artist

2. That you in your feminized form and I become her lesbian lovers”

“As for the first,” Ashley said, “I think that you would agree Annabel that the task has been accomplished?”

“Fuck yes,” said Ashley, “she literally takes my breath away.”

“As for that second,” Ashley continued, “Well Annabel needs a cock and I need pussy, and I am sure you would not say no to getting sucked and fucked Jamie.”

Annabel went on to explain how all this had come about, it had all arisen when she began to notice my gradually evolving feminine look and mannerisms and this had got her thinking along two lines.

My art clearly came across as being feminine in nature and it appeared incongruous to have a male painter, and Annabel had come to believe it would be easy to feminize me for public appearances.

Her other thought was to fondly remember her lesbian experiences as a student, and with me feminized she could get both female look and cock at the same time. Seeing the beautiful Ashley arrive to pick me up had clinched the deal, with Annabel thinking she could have both cock and pussy and 2 women, but she had never imagined that I could look so good.

“You haven’t seen the best of it yet,” Ashley declared, “wait till you see Jamie naked.”

Soon we were in Ashley’s bedroom, and it was with a sense of great anticipation that Annabel waited for me to strip off my clothes, Ashley and Annabel were already naked.

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