Waking up knowing very well that I had the whole week off work and knowing that the weather was meant to be warm and sunny all week soon had my juices flowing as the thoughts of finding a hot girl on the beach had me laying back onto my bed and starting to nurse my throbbing member, imagining a hot tanned brunette lapping at my cock bringing me to the edge.

As I laid back stroking my shaft and feeling the rush of a Monday morning orgasm racing towards my now throbbing bell end was an amazing start to a week off of work, feeling my thick 8 inches throbbing hard as the first shots of hot cum began to run down from my piss slit all over my bell end and down my shaft meeting my fingers as I continued to wank and drain my balls.

Suddenly my mobile phone started ringing and thinking I’m not answering that as it was more than likely my boss asking me if I could cover somewhere or the other, it was always the same especially when the sun finally decided to shine over my home in Bournemouth.

Leaving my mobile to ring I decided to let my body slowly relax from the excitement of my orgasm and as soon as I felt I could get up and about I grabbed a towel off of my sideboard and wrapped it round my waist, but as I opened my bedroom door my mobile again began to ring.

This time I decided it was tough luck and with that I walked out of my room and headed straight toward the bathroom for a hot shower, the whole time I stood in the shower with the warm water cascading down my body and especially around my fat bell end making sure I was spotless as I was determined to get a hot girl lapping at my cock by the end of the day.

As soon as I was ready I headed back into my room and started to dry myself off making sure my privates were in pristine condition and trimming back any unwanted pubic hair as I was always as smooth as possible, standing in front of my closet I picked out a pair of shorts that sat just right showing off my package along with a bright coloured T shirt.

As I applied my deodorant and aftershave my mobile again started to ring and thinking the boss wouldn’t try that hard to get hold of me I decided to check who it was, picking the mobile up and checking the screen it was a good friend I hadn’t seen in ages.

Turns out that Tim also had the day off, he was a self employed photographer and wondered if I fancied heading down to the beaches with him, Tim was always eager to go on the pull for hot young women but he was also a nightmare at times as he was so hyper active all the time.

As I hadn’t seen Tim in ages I agreed to meet him at a café in the town centre where I knew lots of the girls who would be heading towards the beach would either be having their breakfasts or passing by to get the best spots on the beach.

As I got all my stuff together for a day on the beach including the high factor sun tan lotion as I burn easily, jumping into my car and instantly dropping the windows to let some air blow through I found one of my favourite chilled out house albums and put it into the stereo. As soon as I pulled away I suddenly thought where am I going to park in town.

That was always a problem as either I would have to pay out a fortune on a car park or risk a ticket on one of the backstreets. Quickly calling up Tim I suggested we go to the other side of the bay round to where it was slightly quieter but still had plenty of girls around and a pub nearby that was owned by friends of mine so I could park there all day if I wanted.

Tim seemed keen so with that I pumped up the music in the car and headed towards the café not only for breakfast and to pick up Tim but also to see if there was any decent looking girls in there I could convince to come across the bay with us, especially as where I had planned to go was right next to the nudist beach which was always busy with pretty girls making sure their tans were perfect all over.

Reaching the café I was in luck as there was a space left right outside, the street parking was on a meter but I had no intention of paying as I could see the car from where I was having breakfast anyway, ordering a coffee latte and scrambled egg on toast with salmon as I decided to treat myself.

Soon breakfast was over and done with and as the local girls were all checked out I decided to go warm up the car as Tim waited for a cute little blond girl he had met the night before in one of the towns nightclubs, soon both of them were clambering into my car with Tim’s latest girl making herself comfortable in the back seat.

Turning to her and asking if she minded fast drivers she smiled and said I love going fast and with that Tim piped up with a chuckle yeah hard and fast huh Chloe, the one thing I didn’t think he was expecting was the slap he got round the side of the head sending him into one of his manic moments which I wasn’t going to put up with so with a simple shut up Tim I cranked the engine over and pumped up the music and got back onto the road.

Soon we were pulling up at my mates pub and the car park was already getting busy as was the pub itself, wandering inside with Tim and Chloe following I went to find my mates and have a swift pint before I headed down to the beaches if nothing more than to thank my friends for letting me park up all day and promising I would be in for dinner once the sun began to fall hopefully with a fit girl on my arm.

Wandering down to the beaches I had already spotted a few nice looking girls but none that really got my juices flowing, finding a spot near to where the beach was separated in between the family beaches and the nudist beach Chloe suddenly asked are we not going onto the nudist beach.

To be honest I only picked the family side because she was with us, normally me and friends always went off to the nudist beach when the town centre was going to be so busy.

Walking across the sand hills and onto the nudist beach it seemed still very quiet and as I saw the lack of women around my heart almost sank but as we walked on to find a suitable spot I thought its still early and it should pick up yet.

Besides we did have Chloe with us and if Tim went off at some point I was pretty sure I could get what I wanted from her, she didn’t seem the type that would turn down a nice big cock in her pussy if she could get one or even two if I didn’t get lucky as Tim and me had shared a slutty girl a while back and filled her up at both ends.

As we settled in our spot on the beach I first let Chloe strip down so I could see her body in full, she was quite cute at around 5 feet 3 or 4 tall with a slim waist and flat stomach but with gorgeous full breasts and her long blond hair pulled back into a ponytail falling between her shoulders.

I had to admit to myself if I got chance I would fuck her, but as she turned and I saw her shaved smooth pussy with a piercing through her clit I felt my cock twitching at the thought of filling her pussy and hopefully arse up with my thick 8 inches.

Slightly stalling to strip as I was harbouring a semi hard cock Chloe looked over and said come on then Mike lets see what you got, standing and removing my T shirt to show off my slightly flabby stomach that I was trying to suck in Chloe was urging me on as she said now get your cock out with a playful giggle.

As I lowered my shorts and my thick cock dangled semi hard between my thighs I saw Chloe’s eyes light up, I could only imagine what she was thinking as Tim had obviously fucked her the night before and he was very well endowed as well.

As we laid there letting the sun do its work I kept applying more lotion and eventually found myself grabbing 10 minutes sleep as the sun drained away any energy I had left, waking and feeling hungry I decided I would walk up to the visitor centre where there was a snack bar. Asking the others what they wanted I chucked my trainers back on and plodded off with my shorts in my hand carrying them as I decided to take the long route to see if there was any hot looking women around.

As I wandered down the beach there were a couple of groups of girls but none that really caught my interest although I like to think a few had a good look at me especially with my large cock swinging between my thighs in time with my stride.

Reaching the end of the nudist beach I suddenly saw the girl, the one I was after or at least the type of girl I go for a gorgeous slim but classically hot brunette with long slender legs and long hair cascading down her back in a long ponytail. She too was putting back on her bikini and increasing my pace I managed to get close and pull on my shorts.

Wandering past I simply commented how hot it was and asked if she was going to the snack bar, to my relief she replied yeah a little too hot today so off for an ice cream. Now as I had broken the ice as such I introduced myself and asked her name, she replied my names Abi or Abigail as only my parents would call me and with that we walked along together chatting about random nonsense really but I managed to find out she was single and alone as all her girlfriends were working.

As we got to the snack bar I bought Abi’s ice cream and my friends and with that we turned back, wandering back across the dunes we soon got to the entrance to the nudist beach and asking Abi to hold the ice creams and drinks I dropped my shorts before taking her ice cream from her as Abi took off her top, but there she stopped at my disappointment.

Teasingly Abi stroked her long nails across my chest leaving a line in my sun tan lotion and giggling, so teasingly I said you only taking your top half off then and feeling guilty that I had asked Abi told me I don’t do full nude in public unlike someone close by it seems.

Apologising for asking Abi told me its no problem and you seem nice so I don’t mind, besides you have a nice cock from the look of it. With Abi blatantly flirting with me and her beautiful body with her small but pert breasts on show she leant into me and kissed my cheek, now I was really fighting my raging sex drive and I was well aware my cock was starting to stiffen.

I knew she was the one I wanted to possibly take home but get to fuck by the sun went down so I asked her to come and join me and my friends, wasting no time she agreed and as I wrapped my arm round her waist she snuggled into my side like we had known each other for years.

Reaching Tim and Chloe unfortunately Tim was wide awake and obviously a bit hyper as he jumped up and came running over to grab the drinks and ice creams off of me, as he bolted back to Chloe I explained to Abi that Tim was quite hyper most of the time and she just looked at me and said don’t worry about him.

As we sat and the girls chatted Tim came and sat the other side of me and said quietly Abi is quite stunning mate, you done well again. Thanking him as mates do I said yeah she is hot but Chloe is quite sexy to mate, and that was it Tim couldn’t help himself as he told me how he had met her then how and where in his flat he had fucked her in her pussy and arse as I expected.

Then as Tim always did he went to Abi’s side and started to tell her how sexy she was and how Mikey as he always called me had a big cock, telling her I bet he wants to fuck you. Watching Chloe’s movements she knew the score and got up and dragged Tim off for a walk down the beach.

As soon as he was gone Abi moved up to my side and as we both sat enjoying the sun we both felt that strange feeling you always get when you know someone is just right for you, with Abi cuddling up to my side I looked across at her and soon we found our lips meeting as we kissed gently at first.

As Abi laid back I thought it was my chance to try my luck with her and as I leant across her slowly running a hand up across her stomach then up to her breast slowly running a finger up till it met her nipple, grabbing my hand I thought I had messed up again but as Abi pulled me into her our lips met again this time much more passionately.

Before we knew it Tim and Chloe were back and looking up it was clear Chloe had been very busy with Tim up past the dunes where it was always quiet, Tim being Mr tactful as usual said out loud mate Chloe don’t half blow cock well which just left me and Abi laughing so hard it hurt.

I knew there was a reason I didn’t see Tim much and now I was starting to remember why as he once again opened his mouth and said so Abi you going to suck Mikey off then?

Thinking she would tell him where to go or just ignore him she took my fat cock in her hand and looked at me as she slowly started to massage my shaft and balls, although I didn’t want her to stop I had to make her so standing up I pulled Abi to her feet and took her off from our little group.

Wandering up into the dunes and finding a quiet spot I pulled her tight body against mine and kissed her, showing her experience Abi sank to her knees and took my bell end in between her lips slowly lapping at my bell end and wrapping her pierced tongue round my bell end making me instantly rock hard.

Breaking away from my cock Abi looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes that had me fixed on her as soon as I noticed her eye colour, as I said to her you have gorgeous eyes babe she replied and you have a very yummy cock and I want your spunk Mike so give it to me please babe.

Slowing pushing her head back toward my cock Abi pulled out her hair band and let her wild long dark hair loose as her wet mouth took my thick cock inch by inch lapping at my bell end each time she pulled back, I knew there was no way I could last long as she really knew how to suck cock.

As she once again near swallowed all of my 8 inches I noticed she was playing in her bikini bottoms so as she pulled away I said lay back for me Abi and I will pleasure you, as she laid back with her bikini bottoms still in place I got down so I could lick out her pussy.

As I slid her bikini aside I suddenly got a view of a small cock, only a couple of inches and as I went to touch her Abi rolled over and got to her knees pushing her butt in my direction, I had plenty of experience of T girls so with no argument I pulled apart her butt cheeks and pushed my experienced tongue into her puckered anus lapping at her boy pussy making her moan with pleasure so as she got moist for me I slid a finger inside her butt as I continued to lick and suck at her bum hole.

Soon Abi almost bucked and looking down I saw she had cum hard and as she reached round and pulled her bikini back into place she turned to me and asked did you realize im a transsexual Mike?

I told her no Abi I cant say I did realize, but im not surprised as I have lots of experience. Before I could finish my sentence she said you do indeed have experience I have never had a guy make me cum that hard before, once again I stood and this time helped Abi to her feet and as I held her we kissed gently and turned to go back to my friends.

To my surprise as we approached my friends Abi grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards the water and whispered to me I need your cock in me Mike do you have any condoms?.

Breaking away from her and running back up the beach I fished around in my bag and found my condoms and tore one from its foil packet, running back to meet Abi in the water we were soon in deep enough and with that I pulled Abi towards me and as she got up close to me she pulled herself up and wrapped her long legs round my waist.

Kissing her passionately I was soon again rock hard and as soon as Abi felt my prick standing proud she wrapped my member in the condom and eased aside her bikini, playing with her cute little fuck hole she was nicely relaxed for me and with no effort Abi lowered herself onto my cock taking most of my shaft deep into her ass pussy and riding me as best she could.

Feeling her breasts rubbing against my chest and her tiny girly prick now stiff against my stomach was making me horny as hell and soon I was bouncing her on my cock like a porno star that’s had no cock in weeks.

Lowering her back to her feet Abi turned her back on me and as I wrapped my arms round her waist she eased back and once again took all of my thick 8 inches deep into her butt, as we stood with Abi fondling her breasts as I kissed at the nape of her neck I slowly slid in and out of her tight little anus emptying her before pushing back in and filling her butt with my thick cock but soon I felt my body raging again as my orgasm flooded through my groin and out my cock filling the condom with ease.

As I slid from Abi’s butt she expertly squeezed the condom as she removed it so not to loose any of the warm cum inside the used condom, then as she pulled it up out of the water in front of everyone who must have seen what we were doing and drank my spunk from the used condom before turning and kissing me hard letting me taste my own spunky load in her mouth.

Walking back out of the water hand in hand and back to my friends Tim just smirked and as Abi sat between me and Chloe the girls started their usual chit chat and all I remember was waking up an hour or so later as the weather began to cool with Abi cuddled up at my side.

Soon we packed our stuff up and as I promised my friend all four of us went to the pub and had a few drinks with our dinner before making our way back home.

Once we got back to Bournemouth I didn’t know if Abi would want to stay with me but on route she asked to pop home to get some bits and with that we all headed back to my place to spend the evening together and have more fun but that’s for another day.

To Be Continued:

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