Chapter 1: Tied Up In The Woods

It was a beautiful day. The sun sat quietly above the distant mountain peaks, illuminating the trees around us with gold flecks. Mark was leading the way up the winding and twisted path. I smiled as I looked at his sweaty back. We’d been together for three years and he was just now trying a whole exercise kick to get in shape and feel better about himself, as well as keep me interested. He didn’t need it to have me. He was a great guy and always treated me well. He also was incredibly handsome. For a boyfriend I couldn’t ask for anything more. We met in high school and it had been love at first sight. I was fortunate to have found him so early in life. Lost in thought my shoe splashed into the water and I squeaked, jumping back.

Mark looked back with a smile and kept walking. I pulled the strands of blonde hair out of my eyes and kept walking, my mind wandering to the past once more. We were hiking up Mt. Hood. It was the middle of the week so it was quiet on the trail. The peak proudly stretched above us. As we turned the bend we came upon a nice overlook and decided to rest. I started stretching out, limbering up after the long hike so far. I knew Mark was checking me out, he was a guy and couldn’t help himself, so I went a little deeper, bending at the waist. The spandex shorts I was wearing stretched, giving him a great view of my full, round booty. I then intertwined my arms above my head; letting my 32 C breasts hang low in my white t-shirt. Mark loved my hourglass figure, even at a small 5’4. He showed just how much when his arms slid around my waist and he started to nibble my neck gently.

His hands drifted up to my breasts, massaging them through the sports bra, his fingertips twirling around my tits. I moaned slightly. Mark was the only man who I had had ever had sex with and he knew exactly what to do to turn me on. His hand drifted down into my spandex shorts.

“Mark! Right now, really?” He just kept kissing my neck. His hand massaged around my pussy, never actually touching. I ached for his touch; my clit was starting to throb. My t-shirt was pulled over my head and tossed on the ground. I tried to turn around and reciprocate but he wouldn’t let me. One hand continued massaging my breasts; the other inched closer and closer to my pussy. We stood surrounded by nature’s quiet chirps and sounds, two lovers. My spandex shorts were tugged down, a cool breeze blowing past my booty. I shivered despite myself.

“I’m not going to be the only one naked here. Take someone off too.”

He just smiled and continued massaging my now half naked body. All I had left were my sneakers and sports bra.

Then suddenly his hands were gone. He guided me back to a tree with low hanging branches. Dropping his bag to the ground he started rummaging through it. He looked at me, forest green eyes matching my sea blue. Then he was pulling my arms together over a low branch in front of me.


I looked at him with confusion.

“Jo, you asked for some new kinkiness.”

I was now handcuffed to a tree half naked. I loved it. I had to stand slightly bent, leaving my legs apart. He pushed down on my back, my breasts pressing against the tree branch. The sports bra protected me from getting scratched. Then my world went into darkness as he tied a blindfold around my eyes. What must have been a large ball gag fit into my mouth. He went all out. My pussy was soaking wet. I moaned slightly. I couldn’t wait for his dick to fill me up. To pound me and make me cum. Then Mark started cursing.

“What happened?” I tried asking around the ball gag, immediately worried.

“I left the key for the handcuffs in the car.”

“You want?!” I sputtered.

“It’s okay, I know it’s there. Let’s have some fun first, then I’ll go get it,” His hand drifting back to my thigh. I started yelling incoherently through the ball gag and he relented. I was so mad at him. This wasn’t fun anymore at all. He promised he would be back and I heard him run away.

A moment passed and then I cursed. The blindfold and gag were still in place. What had almost been so fun had turned into a disaster. It would take him almost two hours to get down and back. I tried to wrap my arms around the huge branch to get the blindfold off to no avail. Giving up, I just leaned against the tree in defeat. Goosebumps rose on my ass as the sun dropped lower in the sky. My mouth ached from the ball gag and I desperately wanted the darkness to go away.

What felt like an eternity passed with everything quiet. Then I heard footsteps approach. It had to be Mark, we were off the normal trail and no one else would be coming down this way. I sighed in relief. The footsteps got closer and stopped a few feet from me. I squirmed, trying to get blood flowing again. My whole body writhed as I tried to get movement back. I attempted to call out from the ball gag but it didn’t work. My mouth was painfully dry and my legs hurt from standing. Suddenly hands were on my ass. That bastard was going to still try and fuck me before letting me go. As he gently massaged my ass I relented — I couldn’t be that mad at him. He was trying to be romantic and spice things up. My legs almost melted as his tongue trailed up my thigh, looping around my pussy lips. His nose buried itself in my pussy. I was immediately horny again in a way I hadn’t felt before. I moaned loudly and came immediately, the cum trailing down my leg. The tounge obediently licked it up. He retreated, and a moment later I felt his cock’s head at the entrance to my pussy.

I couldn’t wait. I thrusted my ass back onto his cock, his member filling up my pussy.

Immediately I knew something was wrong. This didn’t feel like Mark’s cock at all. It was much wider and not as long. I panicked and screamed through the ball gag. The stranger behind me started to fuck me faster. I twisted and bucked, but his strong arms kept me in place. His balls slapped against my ass with every thrust. The smell of sweat and man washed over my nostrils. I imagined the sight. A man hiking alone sees a naked girl tied to a branch, who instead of panicking, allows his touch and he takes full advantage of it. Only he wasn’t alone. I heard more footsteps approaching. Now I really panicked. I bucked wildly. The man obliged and pulled out of me, leaving my pussy still soaking. There were whispers I couldn’t make out and then I felt many pairs of hands on me. I was picked up off the ground and lifted well into the air. The hands carried me forward — until my handcuffed hands came free from the branch. Then I was set down. My shaking legs immediately gave out and I sank to the ground. A hand reached down and removed my blindfold. Blinding light left me dumbstruck. As my sight returned I gasped and looked around. I was surrounded by six strange men. One had his cock out already and I could see my juices still on it. I moaned through the ball gag. Mark was nowhere in sight.

The man with his cock out stepped forward and crouched in front of me. He smiled warmly.

“Hello little girl, my name is Adam. What are you doing out here all alone in such a…precarious situation?”

I tried to talk through the gag but all that came out was a moan.

“You’re obviously too hot in all this clothing, that must be it, right?”


A knife popped out and I tried to pull away. Strong hands kept me in place as the cold metal pressed against my sports bra. In one clean cut it was done, my breasts falling into the open. I heard an inhale from the group around me. I was now naked in front of a group of strangers. My nipples stood at attention. I strangely felt…excited.

Adam smiled again. “See fellas, this is a true whore right here. Letting strangers come and fuck her. Its beautiful really.”

I started shaking as a breeze gently swept by.

“Aww, my now she’s cold. Why didn’t you tell us, we would have kept that bra on? Here, let’s warm you up.”

With that I was lifted onto my feet and six pairs of hands roamed my body. They caressed my breasts, ass and pussy. A hand slapped me in the face and called me a little whore.


My tits, pussy and ass her hit over and over again. I moaned again.

“Alright miss, now everyone is going to take your pussy. Come on now, you’re the life of the party.”

Hands grabbed my nipples and painfully pulled me back onto my knees. The largest man there slid himself underneath me, his belly pressing against my pussy as he guided me back to his cock. My hair was pulled and I dropped until my face was right above his. He licked his disgusting lips and pushed down on my hips, forcing my pussy to envelope his cock. I cried out again as his cock entered me, the head gently pressing against my G-Spot. My ass was spanked again and again until I started to bounce up and down. The entire time the other men spanked my, belittled me and fondled me. Finally I could feel the big man’s cock start to pulse.

NO NO NO. That was too much. I tried to get off put his arms pulled me down firmly, his cock all the way inside me. He moaned aloud and warm cum filled up my pussy. He pulled his limp penis from me and got out from underneath me.

“Tight little cunt.” He laughed and stepped away. Another guy replaced him, his cock a smaller size. He started to fuck me slowly and methodically. Cold liquid trailed between my cheeks. Lube.

Then another cock pressed against my asshole. I panicked and bucked like crazy. Nothing had ever been in my ass, I had forbidden Mark from doing it. I was spanked over and over again until I stopped squirming. I looked up and saw a camera lens pointing right at me.

“Smile, baby.” Adam said from the side. I came. It was too much. Everything felt so good. The degrading just made me even more turned on. I looked over to the left and there standing in the trees was Mark. He was quietly watching, his arms crossed. He nodded to me. This was planned. The ultimate fantasy I had confided in him with.

The man in my pussy grunted and his cock throbbed inside me and seconds latter warm cum filling me up. I moaned loudly. With Mark nearby I felt safe. My hands reached for another cock, finding one instantly.

“I think she likes it fellas!” Adam cried.

The cock was back at my tight ass, another at my pussy. Lights exploded as it pushed into my hole. Both men fucked me hard and fast. I had never felt so full in my life. My ass felt like it was on fire. My tits bounced up and down as I was taken.

I came again, cum squirting out of me, drenching the man underneath me. I kept cumming over and over again, my body convulsing until I fell into a blissful state of unconsciousness.

I could feel the ground under me moving…like I was flying away.

I came to on a bright, colorful bed. My arms and legs were tied spread eagle and I was still naked. Why was I still naked? My ass was sore. It was all very real. Taking stock of my surroundings I saw on the wall across from me a large TV. On it was an image of an email inbox. Confused, I looked up into the corner and with surprise I saw it was my own email account. The mouse moved and opened a new email. From the TV snaked a long cable that left out the open door in front of me, disappearing down the hallway. Someone was broadcasting what he or she was doing, and somehow they were on my account. Mark. Why was he doing this, the fantasy was over. I looked back to the TV. The new email had a picture attachment. Of me. Naked on the bed, still unconscious. It must have been taken minutes ago.

The text read, “Haven’t you always wanted to do whatever you wanted to me? Now you can. Come find me and have your way. Anything goes. Bring friends.”

An address I didn’t recognize followed. Then I noticed the “To” section. It was my entire list of friends and family.

My heart stopped. This couldn’t be real.

Then I heard footsteps approaching from the hallway.


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