After leaving my friend’s house after a two hour get together of with food and fun, I decided to take the long way home. Instead of taking the highway back to my house I drove along the old county road. They had just finished building a new fireworks store, and I figured that since I had nothing else to do for the rest of the day, it wasn’t a bad idea to take a look around. The store was so new that they hadn’t yet completed the parking lot. The rest of the parking lot was empty except one other car. Must be the person working on this hot summer day I concluded.

Pulling the shop door open I get hit by a wave of cool air from inside. Stepping inside, I blink to clear my eyes. Noticing that the lights were off and the only light was coming through the glass doors, there were hundreds of fireworks on the shelves I started to walk around looking at the different items. From the back of the store walks a very cute young girl with jet black hair. “Can I help you?” she asks. Giving here the once over, I notice that she is wearing a tight black v-neck tee shirt, black short shorts which hugged her ass nicely, and flip flops. Her hips were swaying back and forth in a hypnotic rhythm which allowed her ample tits to bounce to and froe like a pendulum on an old grandfather clock.

Trying not to stare too obviously, I stutter “Oh, hi. I’m just looking. I haven’t ever been in here before. Do you mind showing be around?”

With a great big smile she starts walking the aisle in front of me. I really wasn’t paying to much attention to what she was saying. That ass of hers was just to tempting to pull my eyes away from. I noticed that she was starting to turn around and quickly lifted my eyes back up, but I just wasn’t as fast as I hoped. She caught me and grinned with a knowing look. Noticing that there were some Roman Candles on the lowest shelf I asked not so dumbly, “Do you have any large Roman Candles around? I haven’t seen any in here so far.”

“Sure we do,” she stated. “They’re right down here.” With that she reached right over without bending her knees. The fabric of her shorts strained to stretch around her tight ass. I noticed that she was taking her time pulling them off the shelf. Just turning enough to ask, “Is there any particular style that you are interested in?”

While looking into her eyes, I replied “The bigger, the better.” When she started to turn back toward the shelf I took a quick look down her shirt at her massive firm breasts. I noticed that she was wearing a lace lined black bra. I wonder if she is matching today, I thought with a grin. Again she reached towards the bottom shelf which she strained to reach the back portion for the best Candles. I was so tempted to step behind her and start to fuck her from behind.

Again she started to turn back towards me and I was quicker this time in adjusting my glance. The fireworks girl stood back up with her giant globs gently swinging and bouncing. Holding a selection of Roman Candles, she started to show them to me. I asked some questions and started to joke around. The girl started to move her hand up and down the length of the Candle as if she were slowly stroking a cock. Noticing this, my dick started to grow at the sight. Afraid that I would be caught, I switched the subject back to another type of firework that was over on another shelf. “Do you have any mortars?”

“We sure do!” She exclaimed. As she rotated to head off towards them, the girl took a quick look at my crouched and her eyes sparkled. As we walked down the aisle, I asked her the girl her name. With a twist of her head she said her name was Jen. We approached the mortars I notice that there we some on the top shelf. Pointing to them and asked if I could see them. Jen approached the stack and standing on her tippy toes, reached for the pack I had indicated. With her shirt riding up and her tits rubbing against the shelving, I quickly shifted were my point indicated and directed Jen towards the new item. “I can’t reach it,” she said “Do you mind trying to get it?”

Walking behind Jen, I had to press myself to her to reach. If my dick hadn’t settled down before, I was going to get into trouble now since it jumped to attention faster than a professional sprinter. Stretching out both my cock as well as my arm I was able to grab the box. As I lowered my arm, Jen stepped back to turn around, my shaft threw my shorts, slid between her tight cheeks. Jen must have realized where my cock had ended up and stopped turning around and pushed back into me with intent. My hand holding the box still, “accidentally” brushed her right breast and I noticed that she shivered.

Knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to stand there all day, I stepped away just enough to let her turn. Jen twisted around to face me, dragging her breasts across my chest. Sliding past me I looked down and noticed that her nipples were pocking through her black top, standing erect the same as my cock. With the back of her hand she gently brushed against my crotch. “Is there anything else you needed?” Jen asked while biting her lip in a very seductive manor.

“Do you have anything else in the back?” I asked with a grin.

“Well I might have some other thing you might like in the store room.

We walked past the front door. As Jen led me past it, she quickly flicked the lock on it closed. Continuing towards the back store room, my eyes couldn’t be pried from that ass swaying with intent. Going past the cash register, and pushing the store room door open, “You’re more than welcome to come see what I have in here.” Jen waved me in. With a flick of the light switch the store room illuminated. Boxes were stacked on shelves and all over the floor with some lockers in the corner with a table and some chairs. Jen let me past her and shut the door behind us. I turn to face her as she walked over to me.

Jen laid her hands on my chest and leaned in to me for our first kiss. Rapping my arms around her waist, I pulled her tightly towards me. With those massive globes pressing into me, we started to explore each other’s tongue. Jen lowed her hand to my crouch and started to rub my dick through my shorts. Moving my hand lower, I unsnapped her shorts and snaked my hand into her waist band and slowly started to massage that fine ass. Jen was wearing a thong and I wasn’t complaining.

Continuing to kiss passionately, Jen slid her second hand up my shirt rubbing my chest. Breaking our tongue play, she removed my shirt with intent. We joined at the lips again briefly, and with speed, I lifted her top over her and off. Getting a great look at her tits, they must have easily been 36 Cs, straining to be free of their confines. With a flick of Jen’s fingers, my shorts popped opened. I kicked off my shoes as she pulled my shorts down. I stepped out of them and kicked them to the side.

Jen started to rub my cock threw my boxers. My dick was so hard that I thought I might explode right then. She then knelt down so her beautiful face was eye level to my crotch. While she looked up while biting her lip, I had the best view of her great tits. Oh those tits will look great with my spunk coating them I thought. Jens hands pulled my boxers down with a flash. Taking my cock in her hand, she bent forward and kissed the tip. Parting her glossy lips she took my cock into her mouth and stated to bob back and forth.

“Oh, that feels great,” I growled, “Don’t stop”.

Picking up her pace, Jen continued to work my dick. Using her hand she fondled by balls while working the lower part of my shaft. I started to push back into her, fucking her face. Jen looked up with her beautiful smiling brown eyes. She slowed down and pushed my cock down farter than she had before. My dick continued to disappear between her lips. The tip of my dick pushed into her throat as Jen buried her nose into my crotch. Jen then started to lick my shaft with my cock still deep inside here throat. “Shit! That is the most amazing feeling ever. Don’t you dare stop,” I commanded.

Pulling my cock up and out her throat and out between her lips she started to jerk me off. I lifted her off her knees and pulled her in for another deep kiss. Our tongues against played together. Unsnapping her bra which fell to the floor, I started to work her breasts over with experienced hands. I played with her nipples. Pulling them and rolling them between my fingers. Breaking the kiss, I lowed my mouth and sucked in her little nub of a tit, and rolled it around with my tongue. Jen grabbed the back of my head and pushed it into her chest. “Don’t stop,” she hissed. With my free hand, I moved my hand between her open shorts and her thong. Massaging her pussy, the moister was soaking her crotch like a waterfall. Jen tilted her head back and moaned in ecstasy. “Fuck! I can’t take this anymore! Get your cock inside my pussy NOW!” She demanded.

Without missing a beat, I pulled away from her giant globe and leaned over. Jen kicked off her flip flops and I inserting my thumbs in her shorts and thong. With one smooth motion the cloths were off and kicked away. Leading me over by the cock, Jen leaned over a stack of boxes, and guided me into he sweat little honey pot from behind. Gently I pushed into her. Her vag was so tight that I was having trouble getting my thick cock into the small hole of hers. Backing up and trying again, I slid into the wettest pussy ever. Jen started to push back every time I went forward. With a quickening rhythm, I grabbed her hips, and slammed my cock harder and harder into her. With ball slapping sounds echoing through the store room, Jen moaned out in pleasure.

I reached forward and grabbed her left tit, massaging it. Removing one of her hands that she was using to stabilize herself with, Jen grabbed her other boob and started mashing it. She whimpered with pleasure. All of a sudden Jen arched her back farther and started to shake with her first orgasm. Jen shock with pleasure as the waves crashed over her. With a great sigh she pulled off my cock and turned towards me, “Now it’s your turn.” Grabbing my cock she lead me over to the table and sat on it. With her feet on the two chairs, and her legs spread apart, she again guided me into her love hole.

Slamming my cock into her, she grabbed my balls and started to play with them. Jen then used her other hand to press her figure against my taint. Cum started to build in my balls and caused them to tighten up. Jen felt this happened and pulled my cock out and turned herself around. She leaned herself over the table and yelled “Don’t you dare cum yet!”

With agony, I yelling back “Why the fuck not!”

“I want you to fuck my ass before your wood disappears”

With a shocked look on my face, I spread her tight ass cheeks apart, stuck my figure into her pussy to get some natural lube and spread it on her tight little starfish. Jen moaned as I rubbed my fingers across her tight pink hole. Lining my dick up, I pressed gently in to her. Jen shook with pleasure. Finally after some time, I was in far enough that my balls were on her ass. I slowly pulled out and pushed back in over and over again. My balls started to tighten up and I was getting ready to cum again. “Fuck, I am going to cum!” I barked.

“Fill my ass you son of a bitch!” she growled back.

“Ugh!” I grunted, releasing the biggest load of spunk deep into the firework girl’s tight ass. Spurt after spurt I filled her cavity till cum started seeping out around my cock. Jen leaned her head around towards me with a grin. Shaking her ass to catch every little drop, she looked pleased with herself. I pulled out of her ass with cum strings following and landing on the floor.

“Well, thank you for making work some much more fun. By the way, what’s your name?” Jen giggled.

“My name is Tom. Nice to meet you Jen,” I laughed back.

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