It was late and I was tired. I had spent the night in watching movies and doing little else. I had the night off from my job as a waiter and my girlfriend was having a girls’ night with her friends. I took the opportunity to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

It was about 9:30 or so when my phone rang. It was Rae. I hadn’t heard from her since the afternoon when we she confirmed her plans for the evening. I didn’t want to bother her during girls’ night and didn’t plan on talking with her until the next day but I was pleasantly surprised to see her name come up on my phone.

When I picked up I heard so rustling and some barely audible noises. She had pocket dialed me again. It was annoying but it happens so I let it go and was about to hang up when I picked up the sound of voices on the other end. I got curious as to what they might be talking about and decided to take the opportunity to listen in on what girls’ night conversation was all about. There was giggling on the other end and more rustling around. I imagined the girls were having some wine and laughing about something. Then I could hear Rae’s voice.

“Oh yeah, that’s it. Oh just like that”

The rustling noise turned to a smacking sound. It was a sound I knew. It was the sound of flesh hitting flesh. I checked my phone again. It was Rae. I put my ear back to the phone thinking maybe I had made a mistake identifying the noise or maybe I didn’t hear correctly or maybe I caught it at the wrong time.

The sound of flesh crashing together continued. Rae’s voice got louder. “Oh fuck me! Yeah fuck me!” I had made no mistake. I knew what I was hearing.

A man’s voice quickly followed Rae’s. “You like that? You like it when I fuck your pussy like that? Take it you little slut”

“Fucking give it to me Steve. Harder, Harder! Oh fuck yeah!”

I could hear it clear as day. I was listening to my girlfriend getting fucked by another guy. Girl’s night was just Rae’s night to get fucked by Steve. We had only been dating for 3 months and I had no idea who Steve was. I didn’t care. I was pissed. I didn’t know what to do. Should I go over to her house and confront them? I didn’t even know if they were at her house. I hung up the phone and set it down. I felt an anger in me that rarely showed itself. I needed to cool down.

I slammed a beer and went out for a quick walk before deciding I should just go to bed. Maybe tomorrow she would call me crying about what had happened or maybe even not cry and just tell me she had met someone else. After all, it had only been 3 months and I would get over it. We would see in the morning.


The next day I woke up and took a shower. It was about noon before my phone rang. It was Rae, checking in for the morning.

“How did girls’ night go?” I asked, wanting to open the door right away for her confession. She didn’t take the chance.

“It was ok. I mean, I had fun but Tiff had too much and got sick so I had to put her to bed but the rest of us had fun.”

“Who was all there?”

“Just me, Tiff, Amy, and Kendra.”

She clearly wasn’t going to admit to anything on her own. She had no idea that I heard everything and she was going to try and play it like nothing was going on. I invited her over that night and told her I missed her and wanted to spend some quality time together. She said that she would be over about 8 and that she was looking forward to seeing me. She was good. It almost had me convinced except for the soundtrack that wouldn’t leave the back of my mind.

I spent all day thinking about it. Thinking about what I would say to her. Wondering if she was with Steve when she called me this morning. Did she even tell him about me? Was she going to fuck him again before she came to see me?

I could have driven myself mad asking myself questions. Instead, I decided, I needed to once again relax and cool down. I got myself a drink and turned on the TV.


Rae arrived just after 8. She was wearing a short jean skirt the came up her thigh and shoes with a little bit of heel. Her legs seemed long and her skin looked soft. The tight, low cut shirt she wore formed to her curves and almost made her C cup tits pop out of her bra. She had dressed up for a night in.

“I have something for you” she said as she came in and kissed me. I let it go, trying not to think about her lips and tongue being on some other guy’s dick.

“A surprise?”

“I’ll show you later. What are we having?” pointing to the drink in my hand.

“Captain and cokes. It’s my day off.” I said with a smile. I went and mixed her a drink. A strong drink. I too had a surprise for her.

After a number of drinks, I had started to get her drunk. I asked her what the surprise was that she had in store for me and she grinned. Rae told me to stay seated as she got up and went over to my iPod that plugged into the stereo. After a minute or two of searching through my playlists, she found one to settle one and started it. Rock music began to pour out of the speakers and she turned towards me.

“Strip for me” I demanded. I didn’t care if that was her plan or not. I was in control and the forcefulness of my tone let her know it. She did as I told and slid her shirt over her head as she danced. Her shirt had left little to the imagination. Her tits were flowing over the restricting bra and it wasn’t long before she unclasped the black, lacy number and released her tits from their cage.

If she was trying to blind me from her actions with sex, it wouldn’t work, but her efforts were yielding results. I could feel my blood start to pump as her hips moved and her hands explored her body. She was putting on quite a show. Rae made her way over to me and mounted my lap. She put her hands on the back of the couch, one on either side of my head. She tossed her dark, wavy hair over me and lifted her tits to my face. She moved her chest and brushed her nipples over my face.

I could feel myself getting harder. She leaned back, and wrapped her arms around my neck. I could feel her grinding her pelvis into my crotch and her hips rock. I grew even stiffer and I wanted to see more. I put my hands on her thigh and slid the up to her ass, pulling her skirt up over her pussy. It was hidden behind her matching black, lace thong. She stood off me and seductively dropped her panties to the floor, leaving her bare pussy still hidden under her skirt. I grabbed her hand and pulled her into me. She crawled back over me ready to finish the stripper role play she probably had in mind.

I put my hands on her ass and moved her up the couch, positioning her pussy by my face. Rae braced herself on the back of the couch and lifted her skirt, preparing herself for my tongue. With my hands still on her ass, I lowered her pussy onto my face and met her with my mouth. I toyed her clit and licked up and down her lips as she began humping my mouth. Her wet pussy was all but dripping down my face and I slid my thumb into her with ease. She let out a moan. One that I was familiar with. I slid my thumb back out of her as she picked up speed, fucking my face. I didn’t move it far and rested it on her asshole.

She was an anal virgin and had never let me penetrate her ass. That didn’t stop me as I put pressure on her with my thumb. She let out a light gasp as the tip of my thumb slipped into her. I pressed in deeper and her moans got louder. My tongue was working her clit and I had gotten all but an inch of my thumb into her tight ass when she started to cum. The juice from her pussy gushed down on my mouth and I was licking her clean as she came.

I slowly pulled my thumb from her and felt her tighten as it came out. I moved out from under her. She stayed resting on the couch, lowering herself so she was now kneeling on the cushions, bent over the back. I stood behind her as her soaking pussy presented itself to me. I did away with her skirt and mounted her from behind. I grabbed her hips and lined my cock up to her pussy. She pushed herself back into me and I watched as my cock slid into her.

I gripped her hips and pulled her back into me and set my pace, fucking her from behind. As I plowed into her, our bodies smacked together and I immediately recognized the noise I heard on the phone the night before. In that moment, I knew how it happened. I knew exactly how she had given herself to him. I knew that she had bent over while he fucked her from behind.

“Oh Yeah!” she screamed out, solidifying my theory “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

My mind went blank. My heart iced over and I obeyed her command. I pulled my cock out of her and slid it up to her asshole. Greased from her soaking pussy, I pressed the head of my cock into her tight asshole. She let out a whimper and looked back at me. We had never done this before. It was something she had never tried and couldn’t understand what had gotten into me.

“I know about Steve”

She looked like she had been hit by a freight train and in a split second, she understood. She knew what this was. This wasn’t me getting carried away. This was punishment and she took it.

I thrust myself into her sending my cock deep into her tight asshole. She let out a cry as I penetrated her. But it wasn’t just pain she was feeling. She was excited by this. It was dirty and it crossed her boundaries, just as fucking Steve had. It hurt, but she found a hint of pleasure in her punishment. I wasn’t gentle as I started working my cock in and out of her ass, going deeper with every thrust.

Rae pressed her face into the back of the couch letting out moans and whimpers as I pounded her ass. I reached up and ran my hands through her hair, taking hold on the back of her head. I pulled her hair, forcing her head back as I thrust deep in her ass. My cock was throbbing and her tight hole was more than satisfying. She moaned and she felt me completely fill her. I could feel my cum squeeze out of her with every pump. Her muscles constricted and her legs shook as I emptied myself in her.

It had been such a mix of excitement and pain that the feeling of cum shooting deep in her ass, sent her spinning into an orgasm she had never felt before. I pulled my soft cock out of her and watched as what was left of my cum drained out of ass and down over her pussy.

Rae paused for a moment on the couch before getting up. She dressed herself and made her way to the door. I didn’t know if I had opened her up to a whole new experience. I didn’t know if she had enjoyed her punishment or not. I didn’t care. I was done with her. For now.

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