We had been working together for a few weeks before it started. I was new to the job and she was friendly. That’s how it all begins.

We worked at as waiters in a local restaurant. It’s a college town so there were plenty of young, attractive women waitressing and bartending to pay for school. Where we worked was full of them. They were all mostly party girls. They were the ones who would all go out after work and close down the bars. I’m not huge into bars, but that’s not to say I didn’t drink or didn’t like to party. I have always been more of the small party type, into more intimate settings.

Sydney and I became quick friends. She was friendly to me when I started and I was friendly to everyone. Being single in a sea of attractive women was like working in heaven. After a few weeks of working together, I was being invited out after work for late night drinks, small house parties and just to grab some food.

Sydney was always there and we started to bond quickly. She was shorter than me, standing about 5’3 and had short brown hair which only hung down to her neck. Her big brown eyes and warm smile completed her kind and almost innocent look. When we went out after work it was usually after a quick shower and we didn’t try that hard to dress up for each other. The nights were filled with undershirts and sometimes just sweats.

After a few weeks of group activities, Sydney and I began going out after work alone. Some nights it was because the others weren’t up for it and quickly it became where they weren’t invited. I started bringing Sydney around my friends more often. They almost all women and were small group drinkers too. We were an over sexualized group. A few of us and fooled around and we were all close. We frequently cracked dirty jokes and played games to see if we could get each other turned on.

Sydney thought it was great. She joined in on our games and jokes right out of the gate and I couldn’t have been more pleased. I was surprised though at how quickly it happened. She had a boyfriend of 3 years and didn’t seem to show it one bit when she was with us.

I was talking to her one night after work and she began to tell me about him. He was a few years older than her and how they had been together for some time. As of lately though, things have been in a slump. He was being distant yet somewhat controlling and the nights that she got to spend with me and my friends seemed like the only nights that she could let loose. After our chat I invited her to what my friends and I were calling pizza and porn night.

It was Cassie and Emily’s idea and Sydney surprised me again by excitedly agreeing. We met at my place Friday night after work. I had just gotten home and finished showering when Sydney arrived. I invited her in and showed her around. It was shortly after that Cassie and Emily arrived with their movies and some vodka.

“We’re skipping the pizza and drinking” Emily said with a big smile as she handed me the bottle.

I looked at Sydney who also had a big smile and I got to work mixing drinks as the girls put in the movie and made themselves at home. I brought the drinks in and took a seat on the couch between Sydney and Cassie. The movie was started and we started drinking. By the first sex scene we had slammed our first round and I got up to mix another. After a few more drinks, we were all starting to get pretty tipsy. Sydney cut herself off so she could drive home but the rest of us kept on. We watched the movie mocking the girls and their painfully obvious fake tits. We kept joking and asking each other if the scene did it for us or what we were into. Cassie would occasionally grab my dick over my pants and check to see if I was hard watching the movie. Every time she did, Sydney would look over and smile. The movie didn’t turn me on but Cassie’s hand on my cock was starting to give me a little wood. Before I knew it, Sydney said she had to get back to her boyfriend and left, thanking us for the night. Emily too said she was tired and was going to head back to her place, just up the street.

Cassie stayed, as she had a few times before. We never dated but over the course of our friendship, we had messed around from time to time. We were the best of friends with benefits. We even laid down some ground rules over it. So from time to time when we needed a little relief, we felt that it was our friendly duty to help one another. Tonight was looking like one of those nights.

After they left, I got Cassie another drink. When I got back from the kitchen, she had taken her shirt off and had the movie on one of the earlier sex scenes.

“You don’t mind if I watch this one again do you? I think the girl is pretty hot and it’s the only one I really liked.”

“I don’t mind at all” I said. “Is there anything I can do for you? Feeling a little wound up?”

“Will you rub my shoulders?” she asked as she slid off the couch and on to the floor in front of it.

I took my place behind her and started rubbing her neck and shoulders. Her eyes stayed on the girl on the screen as she got fucked by the landlord that she owed money to. Cassie let out a little moan as I found the knot in her shoulder that she wanted me to work on. She took another long drink and set her glass off to the side. As her hand came back from the glass, it found its way to her tits and began massaging them as she started to moan a little more.

I kept working on her shoulders and she kept working on her tits. Soon she started moving a hand down and started to rub her thigh. It didn’t take long before her hand moved up and slid down into her shorts. She started to rub her pussy while she watched the girl in the porn start taking the landlord’s cock in her ass. Cassie’s moans started to get louder as I kept one hand working on her shoulder and reaching the other to work her tits. She stood up and slid her shorts down before sitting back on the couch. She laid back and spread her legs giving her hand more room to work and giving me a clear view of her neatly shaved pussy.

As she started to rub her clit, she reached over and grabbed my cock through my pants. I returned the favor and went back to rubbing her tits as she pleasured herself. She was rubbing her clit with one hand and rubbing my cock with the other. She expertly maneuvered her way around my belt and unzipped my pants. I helped her slide them down and let me cock out of its cage. She stared intensely at the screen while she rubbed her clit and worked my cock with her free hand. I positioned myself up a little more, propping myself up with my knee and facing her so my cock was aimed at the tits I was rubbing.

I couldn’t take much more and got down between her legs. I had been watching her work her shaved pussy and I wanted a piece of her pie. I got on my knees in front of her and wasted no time diving my tongue down onto her wet pussy. She grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her, tightening her legs around my head as she began to thrust.

“Oh god yeah!” she exclaimed. “That’s it! That’s what I need! Oh fucking lick my pussy!” she yelled out as I could tell she was getting closer to the edge.

I could feel her legs begin to tighten around my head. Her grip on my hair firmed and her muscles began to seize. She was cumming on my face. I gripped her legs, around her hips and pulled her in even tighter as a kept working her clit with my tongue.

Her hold on me began to loosen as the juice from her pussy dribbled down my mouth. She took a moment as I got off the floor. My cock was rock hard from the work I had just down and she knew what I wanted from her in return. And she was happy to oblige. After letting out a sigh of relief and joy at the built up tension that she was just able to release, she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth.

It was a scenario that we had played out a few times before. Our sexual tension had been built up over the past week or two from not having anyone to fuck, until it explodes on one another. She had just exploded her tension on my tongue and I was about to explode mine in the back of her mouth. She was sucking and jerking my cock, working it the way she knew I had enjoyed before. It wasn’t long before I was at the edge. She could feel my throbbing and knew my signs. I was about to unload. She took my cock as far into her mouth as she could. I could feel myself begin to slide into her throat as she opened up to me and I started to cum. She took each spurt of warm cum like she needed it. The first full load slid right down her throat and each after that, she let sit in her mouth until she had drained me. She let my cock go and sat back, playing with my cum in her mouth for a second before tilting her head back and letting the rest of it slip down the back of her throat.

The next time I saw Sydney, she told me that she had a lot of fun with us on our little movie night. I told her when we did it again, I would be sure to invite her. She surprised me with what she said next.

“Maybe next time, I won’t have to leave the party so early”

And it grew from that. We began flirting at work more and more. We would hint to one another about a shared desire. When we worked together, she would check to make sure I was looking before she bent over for things. Every time we went out, she would wear increasingly revealing shirts to catch me gazing at her. She loved the attention. One night when a group of us from work went out, the topic of significant others came up and I found out why she had enjoyed the attention so much. She wasn’t getting it at home. She said that it had been weeks since she had gotten fucked let alone gotten off. She was craving it the same way I craved it. Except she didn’t have a Cassie. Not yet at least.

It was the very next weekend that Cassie, Emily, Sydney and I got together again. This time there was no porn. There were still plenty of drinks though and the air was thick with sexual energy. Having heard Sydney’s confession, earlier this week, I couldn’t get it off my mind. I couldn’t suppress the images of her looking back at me before bending over and thinking about the needs that she had.

The four of us teamed up for some drinking games. Cassie was quick to claim Sydney for her team and I had no problem with Emily as a partner. I knew she could how her drinks like a champion and we were sure to win the night’s championship.

After the slitting wins in the first two games of beer-pong, Cassie said she wanted to up the ante. The game would now be strip-pong and every cup that is lost, so is an article of clothing. Emily and I were quick to jump on board and we all looked to Sydney for final approval. She smiled and said they got to shoot first.

The game was close and we were dropping clothes left and right. The first thing to come off was my shirt and Emily’s top, then our pants. We were quick to bring the game back to even though. When we sank two shots, forcing Cassie and Sydney to take their shirts off, they seemed pleased to finally get in on the action.

“Finally!” Cassie said

“I was worried that you two were going to have all the fun tonight.” Sydney said as she started to lift her shirt over her head. She winked at me as she pulled her shirt over her tits and her eyes disappeared for a second.

I knew that Sydney had a nice body before she uncovered it. I had sneaked peaks at her at work. I checked out her ass before and sized her up a few times when we had been out but she did a great job disguising herself. She packed DD tits behind her bra and hid them under her shirts. But as she pulled her shirt over her head and revealed her bra struggling to keep her big tits in, I struggled equally as hard not to get hard. The girls could read my excitement as if it had been drawn on my face with a sharpie. Cassie let out a giggle and grabbed her partner’s luscious tits. Emily shot next and not being as distracted as I was, she managed to sink another shot forcing Cassie and Sydney to drop their pants. Cassie wasn’t shy and turned around and did a little dance for us as she dropped her pants revealing the ass I saw so many times before but never saw enough of. Sydney didn’t put on much of a showed as she unzipped her pants and dropped them to the floor revealing a skimpy red thong. She kicked her pants to the side and did a little turn for her audience.

The girls taunted me by slapping each other’s asses and grabbing each other. I couldn’t hit a single shot. Emily seemed to be distracted by it too. Cassie sealed the game for their eyes were on us. It was time for us to get naked. Emily and I never fooled around like Cassie and I did, but we had seen each other naked before. She had watched Cassie and I pleasure ourselves and each other before and we had seen her take her top off at amateur night before she gave us a private dance. She had a nice body and I never minded seeing it. After she got naked, she did the little spin and showed off her C cups and her full ass. She turned to me as did Cassie and Sydney. I dropped my boxers and Emily let out a celebratory shout. Cassie whistled and howled as my cock came out. I looked over at Sydney who didn’t say anything with her mouth but her eyes were fixed on my semi-erect cock. Her eyes did all the talking.

We put our underwear back on and that was all. We all spent the night in our respective underwear drinking and hanging on one another. Emily and Cassie started making out after a few more drinks as they liked to do. Sydney came over to me as I sat and watched the two girls start to get swept up in each other. She sat down on my lap and watched them with me. Her legs were warm on me and I could feel her tight ass press into my cock as it got a little more firm. We sat there watching Cassie and Emily kiss and grab each other, Sydney starting to grind into my cock as I got harder.

Before they got too carried away, Cassie and Emily broke off their session and decided to call the night. They headed into the spare bedroom for the night.

“I suppose you better get back to your boyfriend.” I said

Sydney turned to me with a grin on her face and whispered in my ear “I told him it was going to be a late night.”

She grabbed my hand and led me to my room. She kept the lights off and sat on my bed. The moonlight that was streaming in illuminated the room just enough for me to see the glimmer of her body on my bed. I didn’t even bother shutting the door behind me. I just made my way over to her. She didn’t bother with any prelude to what she wanted. She reached out to feel my now almost fully erect cock. I could make out a smile on her face as she felt me and said “I like what a saw, and I love how you feel.”

I dropped my boxers for the second time that night and let her take my cock in her hands and she began to gently stroke me. She reached behind and unhooked her bra allowing me to finally see the large tits I got to peak at all night. They were big and firm and her nipples were hard and begging to be touched. They brought me to my knees and I grabbed them taking one in my mouth. I licked them all over flicking her nipples with my tongue. She leaned back in pleasure and put her hand on her thong, touching herself over the thin fabric. I licked my way over her tits and down her body. She stopped touching herself and as I got down between her legs, she pulled her thong to the side and removed the barrier to her now wet pussy.

“Cassie told me about you.” She said as she oozed excitement “She said I need to try you out.”

I didn’t say a word. I started to go to work. I teased her pussy licking her lips and brushing her clit with my tongue. She squirmed as I got closer to what she wanted. I rubbed a finger between her lips and soaked it in her juice as I continued to tease her. I held my finger at the opening of her sweet pussy as I started to lick her clit. She thrust her hips forward, pressing my finger deep into her pussy. She let out a loud moan as I could feel her taking my finger in. She was tight. I could feel her grip my finger and thrust into it harder as I worked her clit with my tongue. She came almost instantly. She had missed this attention for too long and she soaked my hand when she came.

She laid back and got rid of her thong all together. After throwing them to the side she rolled over onto her stomach and lifter her tight ass into the air. I stood up to the edge of the bed and met her waiting pussy with my rock hard cock. I pressed it into her. She was so tight I had to force my cock into her inch by inch, with her letting out moans the whole way. By the time I fit my cock in her, I could feel her pussy stretching and taking me in. I gave it one more thrust, rocking her forward as she let out another loud moan and quivered as she came again.

There was a noise behind us. Sydney didn’t seem to notice but I took a quick glance back to the doorway I had left open. Cassie was standing by the doorway peaking in. she was watching me take Sydney from behind and she was enjoying it. Cassie had braced herself on the doorway and had a hand down on her clit rubbing in pleasure. I enjoyed the sight and she didn’t care I knew she was watching.

My focus went back to Sydney as I began to pump my cock in and out of her pussy. With each thrust, I could feel her tight pussy clamp down on me and she pressed her face into the pillows so she could scream in pleasure. I grabbed her hip with one hand and grabbed her hair in the other setting the pace of my thrusts. She was building to another orgasm and I was getting there with her. Between her moans, I could hear Cassie rubbing her clit faster and she let out a whimper. She was about to cum too. I thrust harder and deeper than before as I shot my load into her tight pussy. She screamed in ecstasy into the pillow as she too came again feeling my cum pump into her.

We collapsed and caught our breath. Cassie was gone from the doorway. She had satisfied herself with the show we put on. Sydney’s tight pussy had satisfied me and the fucking she had longed for had more than satisfied her. After resting for a minute she got up and gathered her things. She went to the door and looked back at me and thanked me. I told her the pleasure was all mine.

“Not all yours, I had quite a bit of it.” She said as she left to return to her boyfriend. My cum was surely dripping out of her on her way.

It wasn’t the only time she decided she needed satisfaction from me. It was the first of what would become frequent rendezvous. She admitted that after our encounter, her boyfriend wasn’t enough for her anymore. He didn’t fill her the way I had. He didn’t take her the way I did. We met in secret for a few weeks. Every couple of days we would get together after work or whenever she couldn’t wait any longer and she would work her tension out on my cock. She wanted, and needed to be taken and I filled her void in every way she needed. I would eat her out, fuck her from behind, even fuck her DD tits and cum on her face and chest before she would return home to her boyfriend.

She was turned on by my answer when she asked me if I was still helping Cassie out. I told her that she would still come over whenever she needed me and I was happy to help a friend. She said that she wouldn’t mind if Cassie joined us some time.

“I have fucked girls before. Nate wanted another girl to join us so I asked this girl I knew and we fucked one time. He’s wanted to do it again but I want to have two guys first. “

There was a pause before she continued. “I asked him if I could have another guy join us. He didn’t want to do anything like that but I talked him into letting a guy join if he didn’t have to do anything gay. So I want you to join us.”

I told her I would but I had the same rule as he did. The two of us wouldn’t touch but I told her I had no problem doing her in front of him.

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